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Ten things to think about: Animals are little people in fur coats. The Ten Commandments aren’t multiple choice. If men could get pregnant abortion would be legal anytime. The quality of a relationship is more important than the gender of the people in it. The community is all of us. Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open. Drug addicts are walking between two worlds — and mostly, both roads lead to hell. What’s popular is not always right — what’s right is not always popular. Will it ever be possible to see peace in this world? Mankind can’t seem to agree on the simplest things, so peace does not look possible, except in heaven. War is never the answer.

Can anyone tell me why the Letcher County politicians fought so hard to take over the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board? I thought politics were supposed to stay out of issues like clean drinking water. What’s in it for the politicians? Could the millions of dollars’ worth of construction projects have anything to do with them taking over?

I’ve got news for you, you piece of crap. Bring it. Do whatever you want, but when I’m through with you, you will wish you had run. Try me and see.

You are wrong about that. She is liked by a lot of people, and she is worshipped by me. I would know, I’m her husband. You’re the one who’s not liked, especially by my bunch.

To the citizens and voters of Letcher County: We need to band together and take up a petition to replace the Letcher County District Water Board. Pee Wee Back was appointed as a yes man, and there has been some kind of upheaval ever since he’s been on the board. As for all the rest of the board members, they didn’t stand up for what was right in the matter with Jackie Joseph. Need I say more?

Well hopefully by the time you read this it will be near my birthday, so I’m hoping that you and I will have a very special day like last year’s birthday. Remember, my love? You made that one a first, most memorable one. New heights for my first birthday with you, my love. I remember it just as if it were a few days ago. Your kisses seemed as light as a feather to start, and then became so intense as you held me in your arms. It was pure magic. The whole evening was so great. I couldn’t believe anyone could make me feel like that, so that’s a big one for you to top this year. I hope you’re sitting and watching our favorite show right now. Dream of me tonight, my love, maybe on the bike or in the convertible or the red outfit you like so much. Love always, your lotus blossom.

Hello dream lover. I had some of those marvelous dreams of us again. They make the nights better, and when I awaken and those wonderful feelings remind me how much you mean to me, my darling. I guess if the weather stays as it has been, the convertible top will stay up until next spring. I liked the dream you had of us in Gatlinburg. I would love for you and me to go through the aquarium together. I can take more pictures, too. I’m determined to get a good one of you and a really good one of us together. I know you don’t like having your picture taken, but you’re so sexy looking I want to look at it when you’re out on the road and not in my arms. How I wish I were in your arms right now. I miss getting to see your face so much at times, and how I feel when I’m in your arms. It’s like the world no longer exists and there’s just you and me alone in a world of our own. According to the weather, next week is supposed to be pretty, so maybe we’ll get that trip to Weak Knee B ranch. Love, hugs and kisses, your sunshine always.

I hope the water district doesn’t actually think this whole matter of a board member cursing out a worker is over. It’s not, not even close. Until he’s gone and the worker is back at her job, we are not going to rest. This stinks, and every board member knows it. Judge Ward, if that were your wife or mother who was treated that way, would he still have a job? I don’t think so. And your job is to treat everyone the same, as if they were related to you. So do your job or step down and let someone willing to do the right thing have your seat.

It’s a shame a Letcher County girl can live in Lexington for at least a few years and still not learn how to dress fashionably. Who doesn’t know you’re not supposed to wear brown socks with black shoes?

To the man in the Letcher County Courthouse who has been messing with my wife: I have accepted my wife back in my bed after she had an affair with you, but I have not forgiven her completely yet. I understand that your wife has found out about your affair and has taken you back into her loving arms. Let me make this clear for the final time: If you even talk to my wife again, your wife and all of her family will know the truth.

I’m sitting here watching the History Channel about Halloween. You so-called Christians need to watch that and rethink things.

I am responding to last week’s caller. Yes, I got cheated also by the city illegally making me illegally pay for my tenants’ water bill. This is not lawful. This can’t be done legally. If anybody else has this problem we need to call in and eventually get together and do something about it.

Yes, I just got robbed from the city water board in Whitesburg. Anybody else have to pay other people’s water bills? They’ve robbed me. Might as well held a gun to my head. Pay it or have your water cut off. That sucks. Bunch of crooks.

Look out, Bristol. Here I come. It’s Bristol, baby.

The state police needs to come to Turkey Creek and break up the drug and prostitution ring.

There’s a song called ‘I’m Winning.’ It’s a really nice song and it’s a really true song. How come every time you win you slip back five miles? And even though you’ve won, it took a lot and you’ve lost a lot, but I still won no matter what. I’ve not seen you anywhere lately. I’m just wondering how you are. It was kind of fun, though. I don’t regret any of it. I was bored and it was fun. Really and truly I lost a long time ago so anything I gain now I have won. And I am going to win. It seems like winning isn’t always easy. I don’t know, maybe it is. I’ve got to go. Maybe I’ll see you some time. Be good and be careful.

The City of Whitesburg is going back years and making landlords pay people’s water bills. I think that is gross negligence on the city’s part. They should have made them pay them from the start and not waited until the water bills amounted to a big sum.

If the state is upgrading Jenkins Independent School System, would Board Chairman Durward Narramore and Superintendent Debbie Watts tell us why our taxes are so high and where are our taxes going?

I see that you don’t seem to be getting the picture that nobody wants to talk about your pathetic life. First of all, the next time you call my house or harass my family we will be in court. I don’t care what anybody is saying that I talked about you. Who gives a crap?

Talking about being intimidated, you better consider yourself lucky I didn’t get a warrant on you, big slob, for threatening me.

I have known Richard Carter for many years and I can’t believe that he would put electing a vice-chairman of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board on hold until all the board members were present, but then with only a few board members present on another issue make a decision upholding the actions taken by a superintendent who abused and cursed a female employee. From what I have read in the paper, it sounds like Richard is guilty of not doing his job in a fair manner. From an old friend who cannot believe his inability to make the right decision.

We know that was you who called in the comment about the naked fourwheeling, buddy.

From the family of Frankie Hall, we would like to thank family and friends and everybody that came and gave cards in time of our mourning. Thank you.

To a certain woman: I bet your husband doesn’t know about the married men out driving that pretty car of yours. Wonder what he would do if knew?

I just want to thank Rep. Ancil ‘Hardrock’ Smith for that piece in the paper. I pretty well worked the same route he did for 40 years and I feel the same way he does. Thanks for putting that in there. It shows a little backbone and I want to say I feel that some way.

Shame on a certain bank for charging a little old lady $10 to cash her Social Security check. Shame, shame, shame.

P.S. It’s a pure old she devil.

To my ex: You don’t have any right to talk about me. You are about the most worthless person I have ever had about anything. You just need to get over yourself because you are nothing special in no way.

To the person that called in and said if you are sick why don’t you puke: Well, that’s easy to do. Every time I see you I throw my guts up.

Every time I read Speak Your Piece I can’t help but notice how many tough guys there are in Speak Your Piece, but then when you see them out in public they don’t say one word to you. I guess it is easier to be tough on paper. You are all a joke.

To the person who called in and said you sure as hell don’t scare us: Well, that is great. I don’t want to scare you. I want to bury you. And so far my plans are working out pretty good. The powers that be. The powers that be, my friend.

I think it is a shame that social workers try to take other people’s kids when members of their own families are on drugs as well. And the drug court thing is just isn’t working. It stresses people out so bad. People that never do drugs, they would drive them to do drugs.

Stan is the man. If he can’t do it, no one can.

To whoever put this in about the woman who lives on Sandlick: I’m not meddling in anyone else’s business. I’m not trash. You are the trash and lowdown skank.

Dorothy and Jeff Collins are renewing their wedding vows on Nov. 19. Everybody is invited.

I want to wish a wonderful, sexy man a happy birthday on Nov. 4. See you soon.

I would just like to put in a comment in about the new beauty shop in McRoberts, Shear Elegance. I would like to say I got my hair done up there and they were great. They were very nice and everyone should go check it out.

Lord, bless those who have been kind to me and have helped me. And bless my enemies and help them spiritually. I’m out.

Hello, Dad. Mom said I couldn’t come by your house on Halloween trickor treating. Sorry, but I love you. I’ll see you on the next visit.

Some people are born with it and some people never ever get it. But I thank God I am a guitar man.

Happy birthday to Connie Nolan of Bristol, Tenn., from your favorite cousin who is also sexier. Lots of love, Tony.

To the ex in-laws: The only reason that we talk to you and try to get along with you is so we can have a relationship with your children and grandchildren. Other than that we’ve got nothing for you. You are nothing but a troublemaker and we know all about what you are and who you want.

It is so bad to live beside bad neighbors that like to go tell lies on you at the courthouse and put you in the jail and the court system. You are the one who needs to be in the jail house for sitting up there drinking your beer and stirring up trouble and making up lies. You trash need to move off somewhere else. You don’t even have witnesses but you like to pull those lies out. Things will come back to you. They always do.

To my grandson, Austin James Duane Coomer: A get well wish.

Deadbeat daddies should have to take care of their kids.

I want to wish Renee Coomer of Isom a big belated happy birthday for Oct. 9. Love always from Mom and Dad. I want to wish Mikey Joe Hurley of Isom a big belated birthday on Oct. 26. Love always from Mom and Dad.

This is to the two people who threw concrete blocks at me: I did not know at the time why you were doing this, but I do now. For your information this is the first time I have called Speak Your Piece since the 1990s, so don’t be so uptight. Find out who is doing what before you take action. I am a Christian person. The only thing I do for my neighbors is to pray for them. However, if you throw one more concrete block at me I will be talking to the prosecutor and I will see you in court. I will see you in court.

What is going to happen next concerning the incident at Millstone? The police stated that two women were injured. Someone needs to put these three in a bag and shake them and see which one falls out first. Boy, you need to wake up. These women are going to get you hurt and hurt bad.

I want to wish my sister a late happy birthday, Renee Coomer of Isom. From her sister Maggie Hurley and her niece Alexis Adams and her nephew Nathan Eddie Hurley. I want to wish her a happy birthday.

I want to wish Maggie Hurley from Main Street, Hazard, a late happy birthday. It was on Oct. 26. From her love.

What happened in Afghanistan in October was a lack of communication, lack of coordination. Our enemies blasted us. We’re better than this. If we are going to send troops in let’s do it right. This is our people we are killing not theirs. God, give us the wisdom and knowledge to do this right. In Jesus Christ’s holy name we pray. Amen.

Happy birthday, Laura.

We always knew Eddie Meade, our deputy judge, was the main brain behind the county judge’s office.

Have a great November. Call your family and friends so you can enjoy Thanksgiving together.

I lost something very important to me at the Whitesburg walking track during the ‘Safe Night’ festivities on Halloween. It was a silver Kodak Easy Share digital camera. I got there late and everyone was leaving. It was around 7:30 p.m. that night. This camera is important to me not only because it was borrowed but because of the pictures saved on it, which consisted of some pictures of my oldest son as well as pictures from the birth of my newborn son. They are the only pictures I have from the event. Memories that can’t be recovered. I would greatly appreciate any information about the camera. If you happen to have seen it and picked it up, please respond next week and we can arrange to meet so I can get it back. I won’t be angry or anything. Honestly, had I seen a camera like this one laying on the ground, I would have picked it up and kept it too, unless someone claimed it. Please, if anyone knows anything, respond to Camera Girl. Thank you so much.

I think about you constantly and wonder how you are. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change how things happened, but I think this process has only made me a better person. I know this time I’ll make things right. I’ve written you two letters so far in the past couple of weeks. If I have to write you a hundred letters before you give me another chance, I will. I’m still in love with you and I’m patiently waiting for our time to be here again. Be careful and know that I’m always here for you.

This is for Ladybug: Tbone and Thief just wanted to tell you that they love you. Yeah, only a few certain people will know what this means. I know not everyone can be special like us. Not everyone can have a sense of humor as funny as ours.

Frog Doctor says that it has been way too long since I have spoken my piece, so here goes. First of all, to the loud people at Mt. Breeze: Can you just be quiet for a change? There is no need to turn your music up all the way, it really isn’t necessary. To some others from the same place: All I’ve got to say is I just don’t like you. You are loud, rude, and just plain-out silly. Nobody cares to even hear you open your big mouth, so take a hint and just be quiet, and don’t talk to people who can’t stand you. Now moving on to someone who is important: I know a person that fell and got hurt and this person’s friend laughed at them. Well, I don’t think that was something to laugh at. Would you want someone to laugh at you if you had fallen and got hurt? No, you wouldn’t, so stop and think before you turn your giggle box on, and make sure that the person is OK before you laugh. To everyone else: Frog Doctor is sending love your way.

I was a member of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District’s board of directors for many years. When I was serving my term on the board, every other member was honest and worked long hours to provide Letcher County with clean water. I have grown to be ashamed of the current board members for the way they have treated the Christian workers that tried to work and do their best for the Letcher County Water and Sewer District. The current board members apparently are puppets whose masters on the fiscal court have encouraged them to run off all the Christians who could be always be counted on to do the right thing. I would just like to ask someone with authority such as Board Chairman Phillip Back or Letcher County Judge Jim Ward to stop this persecution of Christian workers at the Letcher County Water and Sewer District.

I wanted to let my best friend know that I am so glad that you have come into my life. I wouldn’t know what to do without you. You have shown me that I can still enjoy my life and remain the same person that I am, and that I don’t need to change to fit in. You will forever be in my heart. You will always have my unconditional love forever. I love you.

After listening to Daniel Mongiardo recently, I will not be voting for him for the Senate. I plan to support Jack Conway, who is the Attorney General. Conway has backbone, something that Mongiardo lacks.

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