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This is for the people who keep writing stuff about the Burkes on topix.com: Evidently you guys are a bunch of cowards instead of coming forward and telling us what you think. If you don’t mind, why don’t you just leave a message at the house and let us know what is going on and we will take care of it for you.

To the people who the police caught with all the railroad steel in the trunk of their car, the two boys and the girl: One of them has been synonymous with crime, trouble and aggravation in this county for the past 20 years. They ought to send him to the penitentiary for the rest of his life. If that happened, this stuff would stop.

Thank God Thanksgiving is almost here. Finally, we’ll get some real turkey. What has astonished me is the size of the turkeys who are on the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board: Happy Thanksgiving to all the board members, the board chairman and the Letcher County judge/executive.

I’d just like to say congratulations to the winners of the Wing Outlaw Karts and Mountaineer Kartway. First place winner was Josh Dixon, son of David Dixon. Second place winner was Kasey Adams, son of Keith and Tammy Adams. Third place winner was Jared Breeding, son of Tim and Carol Breeding. Fourth place winner was Zach Hogg, son of Greg and Goldie Hogg. Fifth place was Bert Blackman of Chavis. Sixth place was Daniel Wireman of Paintsville. Seventh place was Luther Blackman of Chavis. Those guys sure put on a good show. Look out, guys, next year you’ll be eating some of my dust, because I am just like Matthews, I’m hard to catch. Thank you once again Speak Your Piece for being one of my friends. Your friend always, Timmy John Fields.

This is to United Coal Company on Sandlick: I think it is a shame the way you all have done one of the workers that works there when you know there are others that are doing things they shouldn’t. I hope you all get written up for it.

This goes out to the person that likes to look at other people’s mailboxes: Well, I just want you to know that just because there isn’t anybody around you think you can just get in other people’s mailboxes. The next time you get in mine you might just get a surprise. Just because you don’t see anybody doesn’t mean there isn’t someone around.

I was reading in Speak Your Piece about landlords complaining about having to pay tenants’ water bills. I thought I would respond to it, too. I didn’t think it was right either. I don’t know what to do about it but we need to do something. I am with you all the way.

This goes to the woman that got in a fight at Walmart the other day: You going to jail, I think, is the best thing that has ever happened to you and your husband. You better stay in there because the next time you get out you are going to get into worse trouble then what you got into this time.

I would just like to wish a pretty little red-headed girl that lives in Jenkins a happy 30th birthday on Nov. 6. Heather, we love you and we know that you will always be the fun-loving girl that you always have been.

I’d like to comment on the city charging landlords for other people’s water and sewer bills: I think that is negligence on the city’s part and they are just ripping people off and I don’t think that is legal. I had to pay some myself. I think somebody in Frankfort could tell them whether that is legal or not. If someone figures something out, please let us know.

The Republicans said that Hillary Clinton’s health care plan would cost $200 a month. How easy it would be to pay $200 a month for health care now when we pay much more. Why should government officials, teachers and all those people that have health insurance when the working taxpayers don’t? The people that are opposed to health care reform are usually those that have government subsidized health care themselves. Thank you and have a nice day.

Cotton Top, always remember that we live only one life and it’s short so live for yourself and not for other people. Make no apologies for saying this is my life and this is how I want it to be done or my life will have no meaning or reason for me to be happy on the time I have left on this Earth.

Instead of calling people she devils, my dad always called them sal cats.

Has the incident report that pertained to Tim Reed, the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Superintendent who cursed a Christian woman, been filled out as Phillip Pewee Back had mandated in the board meeting or was that just a bunch of bull in order for him to save face? If he did fill it out is the report open to the public or is that just another secret that the board is trying to cover up?

Do you really think I am going to take heed to anything that comes out of your lying, stupid-looking mouth? You better worry about your soul instead of going around looking like an anorexic and/or AIDS victim. That is what people are saying. You have more problems than your weight problem.

It always takes sacrifices to win anything in this life. Sure I have lost some but I have gained a lot also. I haven’t lost nearly as much as you if you really stop and think about it. I have my youth, my looks and my intellect, which you lack in all three departments, you big old person that wants to be young. You were bored, huh? No wonder you were bored, you nasty garbage. How could anything like you have a life to not be bored? You are right. You did lose a long time ago. You lost when you were born. You are going to win, huh? What a joke. We’ll see if you win. Roses are red. Violets are blue. We’ll see you in the funny pages, you pathetic thing, you.

I just found out something that happened awhile back that I couldn’t believe was actually the truth. My friend told me it was the biggest mistake that he ever made. What I can’t understand is how the skanky lady thought she had a chance with him, that he would leave his pretty, nice Christian woman for the likes of her. No way, ma’am. Next time you need to find someone in your class. You might need to do something with your hair, your teeth, find out how to wear makeup. Oh, I forgot, with your class of people it doesn’t matter if you have teeth. Good luck.

To the doofus woman: No, I’m afraid no married men drive my car but my husband. Thank you very much. You’re just angry because he doesn’t want to mend your so-called broken dream with you. From what he tells me it was a nightmare and he was so happy to wake up and you were gone. Ha, ha.

To the person who called in saying they won and that the other person lost and they won anyway: What exactly did you win, a NASCAR race or something? What were you running some kind of race or something? What exactly did the other person lose so bad? It seems like someone is trying to validate themselves because they feel like they are inferior to the other one. Are you trying to rationalize your situation? You were born a loser. Quit trying to think otherwise.

This is to the big overgrown slime that said try me: Your opinion is like your rump, it gets bigger and stinkier every year.

To P.G., a Letcher County inmate: I’m here for you no matter what. I love you. I hate it that you are there, but I’ve got your back no matter what. I’m sorry I said it is over, but if you don’t straighten up it is going be. I think you need to write me a letter. I love you always. T.H.

I would like to know how come the churches do not help this lady to try to get a wheelchair. She can’t walk.

Woman, you better pray for yourself spiritually because God plays no part in anybody that would wait for a married man. I sure wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. I think I better pray for you.

I think UK sports are a joke. They want us to be behind them yet we don’t get to see them. I think they need to take a little air out of our football coach and especially out of our basketball coach. I can follow and believe in the football coach more than I can the basketball coach. There isn’t anything any different than what little time we have been able to watch them. They are still a joke. I love my basketball.

Free at last. Free at last. Good God Almighty, I am free at last.

Yes, you better beware of a certain beauty salon. I went there and she did my hair. My hair was fried.

Why you adulterous tramp, yeah, you p roved that is what you are. Since you threatened me with warrants in court, I will aggravate you, woman, until you do take me. You don’t scare me. You ought to know that.

It’s a sight what some people on Turkey Creek will do for money.

If you ever call my home again or harass my family what I will do is kick your behind. Let’s go to court. You know who this is.

You little nobody. I have never harassed your family. As for you people, you are going to pay for the aggravation and lies you have told and the trouble.

Bury me, foolish woman? I don’t think so. God above controls life and death and people like you who worship the devil, God can cut your air off at any given second and then you will step into a burning hell. Good-bye, sucker.

They say the economy is getting better. You couldn’t prove it here in North Carolina. More than 490,000 people are out of work. That is something to think about, Mr. President. Why you are trying to run the whole world? Let’s get some jobs back in the United States. God, have mercy on us all.

I think it is a shame how you are treating your friend. She has been good to you and I think you need to give her money back and everything else you have that belongs to her. Thank you.

I got to respond to this water thing in Whitesburg. I think it is a shame they are charging the wrong people for water bills. It is politics. That is all it is.

This is concerning the city water department stealing money from the landlords: I just got taken for about $12, not hardly enough money to mention. But I would also like to get my money back.

A maintenance worker is not all we need at Mountain Pride Apartments, but you can’t work with nothing and he has nothing to work with. We have not had anything done up here for years. If your air or heat is tore up it will be six months before they fix it. If your apartment floods they won’t help you with the water. Some people have been with holes in their walls and no ceilings for one or two years. The laundry room doesn’t work half the time. There are drugs being sold here. The appliances are terrible.

I would like to invite anyone who would come by the Boonefork Senior Citizens Center in Neon to check out our building. One man’s foot has already went through the floor. Our heat pump has been torn up for two years. A bunch of our chairs have fallen with people and are tearing our clothes. The tables have cut people’s arms and legs. The ceiling is falling in. We have to put buckets out to catch water. We were promised new tables and chairs five months ago. The floor is buckled. The kitchen is a mess and our workers deserve better working conditions. Go to the other centers and check them out and help us figure out why our center is always forgotten. Isn’t the money for all centers? We can’t get a straight answer from the judge’s office. Thank you.

Hello, dream lover. So good to talk to you twice today. I love it when I awake and yours is the first voice I hear. I sure am missing you. I will be back on the 13th, and I’m hoping that on the 14 or 15th you and I can have some special time together. It would make for a good dream month. Last November you made it a very nice and unforgettable day, my darling. It’s been 17 months now that we first got together, and they have been a very nice 17 months. Take care, my darling, your sunshine loves and misses you.

This is for whoever commented ‘If you call my house or harass my family you will be in court.’: There’s too much confusion. People threatening and cursing, that’s not me. Give more information about who you’re talking about. If it’s me, I wish you would take me to court, lowlife. When I was through with you they would laugh you out of the courtroom. Why would I want to call a goofy-looking thing like you or harass your family? It kills you to think that I would get close to your family. Well I’m going to, control freak, and there’s not anything you can do about it. I really believe you’re the devil’s advocate. Get a life.

Can anyone offer advice on how to get rid of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Chairman Phillip Back?

You need help. The way you threaten someone you’re going to do this or that. Then you’ll make a prayer request for your enemies, then you’ll make little love mementos to a married man who wouldn’t want you back for any amount of money. You need to be in a padded cell. You are your own worst enemy. Your family needs to get you some help, you’re not smart enough to get it yourself.

I think it’s ridiculous that Martha Jane Potter would have a little pizza party for kids who have missed two or less days of school, then the other kids are left out. There are kids who only miss school when they are sick. Is that their fault? That is downright stupid. The principal should be ashamed of herself for doing kids that way.

To the poor pathetic woman: After I read your poor pathetic comments, it is clear to me you need professional help. But I do pray the Lord will help you find someone to have you, and you love them, for I believe that you are suffering internally for the things you’ve done. One more thing. All you have ever done is hide behind the court system. You have threatened me with court or warrants. Well I’ve got news for you, woman. I wish you would put your action where your mouth is. I’ve been waiting to humiliate you for a long time. What are you waiting for? There’s no time limit. dare you to do so, Miss Pathetic.

I’m never going to be with you, hypocrite. You’re going to split hell wide open. I’m saying nothing else to you in here or anywhere.

This is to the church members: You are failing in your Christian duty by not visiting the sick and shut-ins more.

To Judge Ward and the Letcher County Water and Sewer Board: We are still waiting for the public apology to Jackie Joseph. No Christian person, or anyone else, deserves to be cursed out while on the job, or anywhere else for that matter.

The Letcher County Water and Sewer District board needs to stop persecuting Christians who work for them. Letcher County Judge Jim Ward needs to make sure the persecution stops or he is as guilty as they are.

Did everyone know that we have two TV stars right here in Jenkins and we didn’t even know it?

To the old man who needs a psychological examination: If you really wanted that poor man and his beautiful woman dead, did why would you go around bragging about it to everyone? None of us are impressed. Why tell everyone? You’ve got no backup unless you pay someone. As far as the powers that be, if that means you or the money you’ve ripped off of people for the last 200 years you’ve been alive, well, guess we are all going to see just how deep those pockets go. You know you don’t have friends, not like that. You only scare yourself in the mirror. Sure, you do scare some people, but most everyone knows what kind of coward you are, threatening women and kids and such. If you think for one second that you are in the right about anything, you truly are insane. You need a shrink. You and your boy need a shrink.

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