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Our county judge and our District Four and District Two magistrates have done us in. We had a decent, paved road when they took office. They let the gas company tear it all to pieces. Now, neither the gas company nor the county will fix it. It’s been this way since Jim Ward, Keith Adams and Archie Banks took office. These three need to keep up their job with the gas company, because we sure don’t need them in office again.

There’s two things in Letcher County I would like to see changed because they are a complete waste of money. First of all is the magistrates. I hope in the next election someone will do something. I would say get rid of them all. Let the people elect a county road foreman to take care of all the roads and put that money on the roads. Second is the fire departments. We need one central fire department for this county that is well staffed and run well instead of wasting all of that federal money with all of these that never get here when you need them. I would like to see one unit run right in the county. If anyone agrees with me, speak your piece.

I’m writing to the one that left the message in Speak Your Piece last week that you like to see them clean or dirty every night. Who are you referring to?

My respect for the current members of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District has fallen so far it has now hit rock bottom.

I think there should be a law against young women dating older men.

I would just like to say to a certain woman that lives in Carbon Glow that I think it is a shame that while I am out working every day and your husband is out working every day that you are sitting at my house with my husband. I am going to tell your husband if that little truck doesn’t stop dropping you off or you don’t quit driving. You think my neighbors don’t tell me this stuff, but they do. If it keeps up I will find your husband and I will tell him. I don’t know where you live in Carbon Glow, but I know what you look like. So you better stay away from my house.

Is anyone in our county government going to stand up and stop the natural gas companies from destroying our roads, land and our drinking water? I own my land but have no right to stop the gas company from traveling, digging, pumping chemicals into the ground and trespassing. They have destroyed my drinking water and claim that they had nothing to do with destroying my water system. Can anyone give me legal advice on how to stop the gas company? The USA is free, but communism exists in Letcher County, apparently with the approval of our county officials.

I would like to say congratulations to Clas Coal Company of Partridge for earning and receiving the highest safety award given in the mining industry for 2008. As a retired coal miner for 40 plus years and doing every job from general labor to superintendent, I know that this prestigious award is earned. And it shows that the owners, management, supervisors and employees of Clas Coal Company put safety first even above production and progress. Kudos to everyone.

I feel so sorry for this poor little goat that is chained up. It doesn’t have a goat house. It has no shelter from the wind, the rain, the cold, the snow. It is located down on Whitco, across the bridge over there around those churches. Your concerned neighbors feel so sorry for that little goat. So please, please would you like to be out in the middle of the weather with no house? So will you please give your goat a goat house? From your concerned friends and neighbors, we love your goat but would you give it some shelter. From your concerned friends and neighbors.

Psalm 84:10: Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God then to dwell in the tents of wicked.

What’s wrong with working people and taxpayers having health care? If it’s socialism for the working people to have health care, are economists socialists? Are our state workers socialists? Politics shouldn’t matter if you are in need. They should take care of the working people first.

Love me. Hate me. Say what you want about me. Everybody knows you wish you had a girl that looked like me.

Dear addiction: Last night you took another life from us and hurt an innocent person really bad. I would have never imagined as a child what an impact you have had on my life. You have caused me so much sorrow throughout my life. You have caused me to let loved ones go due to death. They have either been in fatal accidents, causing innocent people to die, or have taken too much of you leading to their death. Please, I am begging you to let my loved ones go. Let them break free from you. You have no idea of the times I have sat and cried over you or the times you have caused me to get hurt verbally and physically. I will never forget the times I got to know you. You caused me to not be able to eat. You have caused my bones to be broken and bruises on various parts of my body. You have caused my loved ones to steal, cheat and lie. They have even become sex slaves due to their addiction of control. You have owned them. I have always thought my loved ones were tough but to let you take control over their lives you have made them so weak because they cannot tell you no. I know it is I bad to have so much hate it my heart. I will never miss you when you are out of my loved ones’ lives. I don’t understand why you have been in my life. I want you out of my life. Please go away and leave my loved ones alone.

To the girl that is nicknamed Cat: Why don’t you give me a call and let’s end all of this now? Are you too chicken?

Will the members of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board ever do the correct thing or will they continue to sit back and let the Board Chairman and County Judge/Executive make them look like puppets on a string.

The opposite of socialism is fascism, not capitalism. Fascism is a system where big business controls the governments. You study that in basic political science.

Many hospitals and nursing homes are restricting children under 18 from visiting until the flu season is over. Hopefully others will follow their example. Thank you.

Hey, chick. Wanted you to know while you are in town taking care of your business, I am in the camper taking care of your man. We always enjoyed that camper. Don’t you get it? He will always be mine because we have been married too many times. Ha, ha, ha.

I would like to speak my piece about a certain situation that has been going on for years with a guy that has been talking between both families. I’m not bothering any of your folks. Don’t intend to. I just pray that the Lord will show you one day who really started this trouble because I am not worried about it. I have asked the Lord to forgive each one that was involved with it. From here on I am going on and living my own life and living for the Lord. It is left up to you all and whatever you want to do, I don’t intend to bother you.

Crackheads lives. It’s a shame you and your mom are crackheads.

Mountain Pride Apartments at Goose Creek better start fixing the apartments up. They look awful up here. Everything is falling apart. If my stuff doesn’t get fixed then I am going to talk to HUD. HUD got so mad and aggravated with the apartments at Whitesburg, they took it over on the spot. They’re starting to re-floor and put new stuff in everywhere there. That’s what Mountain Pride Apartments need to do. They need to hire a new maintenance man. They need to get stuff up here done because people’s apartments are falling down and they don’t care. Some people pay rent. I think they ought to fix the apartments.

This is a message to the person that talked about the little woman that was making fun of her because she is a small person: I would much rather have a small body and be a decent person than to have a mind to try to put somebody down. I don’t deserve to be put down, because I am just like you. I have my own body and I have my own mind. I’m glad the Lord has got my mind than the devil. I’m looking for a better place to go one day, no matter what you think of me. God will be my judge, honey. Thanks anyway.

You can lie to your husband about nobody driving your car. You know Red knows better, don’t ya?

I just wanted to warn everyone about a certain church in the Deane area. Everyone who attends is a hypocrite.

To the little, short, fat man in Jenkins that looks like a toad about to bust: You are always saying you are going to make somebody pay. Well, believe me, you are not forgotten. When your time comes you are going to pay and pay big time. Just watch your step.

Come on somebody, run for circuit court clerk. They close that office down there every workday for lunch, sometimes for more than an hour. I work in the mines and we don’t shut down mining coal to eat lunch. We need somebody else to run for that office to get it straightened out.

This is to an inmate in the Letcher County Jail: I would just like to say that whatever you do to people always comes back to you. You stole from my neighbor’s daughter and took her stuff. You abused my son who was your good friend, or I thought was your good friend. You just used him. You took his money and let him pay for everything while you just sat there. You never work. You are a thief. You always will be. Don’t ever come around my family again.

I was involved in a hitand run accident during the Mountain Heritage Festival. Someone was kind enough to leave a note. If that was you, could you please call 633-7668. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

To the person crying about the telephone number: If you hadn’t have called my house and left it on my caller ID trying to make a prank call, I wouldn’t have your number. As far as you kicking my behind, anytime you want to take a chance at it, pal, come on.

To Peewee Back, chairman of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District: How is the fox guarding the hen working? Has the fox caused anymore Christians to quit,? How does it make you feel to be the instigator who has caused three Christians to resign or quit?

As far as you talking about someone having problems as you put it, you should know. You and your brother have been eaten up with them since you was kids.

As I was driving through Whitesburg the other day I was certainly glad to know that the two billboards in front of the funeral homes were blank. Every time I drive through there and I see that they are blank it makes me feel so good inside.

I’m hearing a lot of sounds but I sure am having a trouble decoding it. What did we do, borrow billions from China and they are waiting for us to buy stuff from them? Maybe I am interpreting it wrong. I do know one thing. Thank God this is America and we know who is in charge, his Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God have mercy on us all.

Hey, next month is Christmas. What are you going to do with your friend’s money this time? Are you going to spend it, give it to her or what? I think it is a shame the way you are doing her.

I think younger women shouldn’t go out with older men and older men shouldn’t go out with younger women.

I think it is a shame when a certain place closes early on a Friday night, but on Saturdays when a certain person plays it is open bar all night. I just think they are jealous.

If Operation UNITE, Kentucky State Police and the Letcher County Sheriff ‘s Department think they have put a dent in Letcher County drug trafficking, they are wrong. Just take some time to visit Linefork on Highway 1103, Highway 160, Highway 463, Highway 510, and you will find a booming business. It’s a shame that the citizens pay taxes to the state of Kentucky and Letcher County, and this goes on day and night. It’s a disgrace they have taken a kiddy park and made it into a drug flea market.

I’m proud to see that Veterans Day has become such a treasured holiday in Letcher County. I am just certain that all of our county, state and federal employees spent their day off work last Wednesday giving thanks to our veterans for all of the freedoms they enjoy.

I have written so many unsent letters, but this one will make it. Over 23 years ago three men killed Ed and Bessie Morris, then killed Tammy Acker and tried to kill Dr. Acker. All anyone has heard was no fair trial, lawyer wasn’t good enough. I was abused as a child, my mom married five times. Hodge got married so many times. This never ends. Soon it will, I hope, after all of the appeals are over and after they get finished whining and crying. A few things have upset me about these three killers. They didn’t get a fair trial? Well at least they got a trial. Tammy, Ed and Bessie didn’t get a fair trial; they got death. And the lawyers the three killers hired weren’t good enough, even though they hired them with Doc’s money? Hodge, Epperson and Bartley killed three people and tried to kill Doc, no ifs, ands or buts. Bartley will die in prison. The only way he will get out is in a body bag. Now we wait on Hodge and Epperson to get finished with their whining and crying. In a few years, if they don’t die first, they will get the lethal injection. Next it will be cruel and unusual punishment, but it’s like putting a dog to sleep. I don’t believe lethal injection is good enough for Hodge and Epperson. They need to die a long and hard death and suffer for what they have done. They need to feel every bit of the pain they inflicted upon Tammy, Ed and Bessie. So Bartley, Hodge and Epperson, I hope that when you do die it’s a hard death for you three. By the way, I have to agree, your lawyers weren’t any good. If they were, they wouldn’t have taken your case. Fantastic lawyers come around once in a lifetime, and the sad part was your lawyers went up against the best, James Wiley Craft and L.M. ‘Mike’ Caudill. I haven’t seen any lawyers who will ever come close to being what they were. Signed, Kentucky Girl for Life.

Benny Hodge will die and rot in hell for killing Tammy Acker. If only people could see the photos of the crime scene they would see what a good Christian Benny is. God needs to be with him because he’s going to burn in hell, along with Epperson. Tammy Acker was a good person. Just look at Bartley, we made sure he’s not getting out and now it’s time to make sure that Benny and Epperson die a hard death. Having a friend like Tammy can never be replaced because of three brutal killers. No one will ever know how Tammy’s life would have been. We will never know about her upcoming marriage to Steve, or how many children she would have had, and how many grandchildren, and all of the good things she would have accomplished in life if she hadn’t been killed by Benny Hodge, Roger Epperson and Donald Bartley. No one will ever know about the Morrises and the time that they could have spent with their family and loved ones. Instead, they were brutally murdered by these men. But one thing is for sure, Dr. Acker always said that his needles were rubber, but for Hodge and Epperson, they will hurt like hell. Maybe if Kentucky can get a governor like Virginia, Florida and Texas, these two men might be put to death. So we all will not have to hear their whining and crying anymore. Maybe one day the victims might finally get their justice. Please never forget the victims in these horrible crimes. God bless the Acker family and the Morris family.

I hope you’re happy, ‘Mr. S.,’ you finally got them to leave their home in Craft’s Colly. Unbelievable. You should be ashamed. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

If anyone is on the Internet and would like a website to help you gain God’s help during these rough times, visit www.watchtower.org. Spend some time roaming around and I’m sure you’ll find something to delight and build you up spiritually. If you want to speak to a human, give me a call. Phillip St. John, (606) 436-785, or email debs63@tvscable.com.

To J.T.: I’ve tried to get over you but I can’t. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t do anything without thinking of you. I know I screwed up big time and you’ll probably hate me forever, but if you ever want to talk, just call me or message me on MySpace. I love you and have loved you since the day we met. I hope you can forgive me. M.M.

I have lost two cats. They’re both males and haven’t been fixed. They’re both about eight months old. They are pretty big. One is named Ramone. He is solid black, no other colors on him. The other one’s name is Old Man Jenkins, but he also comes to Mr. Jenkins and he is striped with black and a tan brownish pattern around his eyes and forehead all the way back to his tail, and white on his lower half. He has some of the same pattern on the back of his left front leg from his knee to his foot, a spot of it on the back of his right front leg on the knee, another on his left back leg on the back of the knee and foot. Ramone is a little bigger than Old Man Jenkins. Ramone is fatter and Old Man Jenkins is more long and lean. They went missing from the Dry Fork area in Letcher County around the 5th of November. They are both big, healthy, friendly, loving cats. Ramone likes to bite. If you are holding/playing with him or you just have your hands around him, he will bite you. He also loves to rub all over people. Sometimes he will rub himself so hard on people he will fall over. Old Man Jenkins will let you pack him around anywhere. He loves it. He tends to lie on his back when you hold him, but sometimes he sits up normal and he will look behind him and hang upside down and reach out his paws. I really miss them. I will give a reward to anyone who brings them back to me alive. Email me at embracesorrow@yahoo.com.

A certain school that is against our coal miners being able to continue to work. They want all mining stopped. Well, somebody needs to ask these city people they are bringing in here to run the place, where do you think your electricity comes from? Where do they think the coal you put in your furnace comes from? The school even heats its water with a coal furnace. How hypocritical can you get? They want the conveniences that coal can give them, then they have the gall to stand up and lobby against mining. Somebody needs to take their electricity and coal and see how well they do without these modern conveniences that our husbands and sons work so hard to bring them. Over 90 percent of Kentucky’s electricity comes from coal. Either support coal or get out.

Just wanted to know if King Daddy has changed his show from the rock and roll show to the heartsick blues. We love you, man. Just get over it and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.

Each week that I read Speak Your Piece, I become more angry that the members of our county water and sewer district allowed a woman I go to church with to be treated the way she was. They should be ashamed and the county judge should also be ashamed for his involvement in the situation.

Happy 37th birthday, Caveman. It’s just you. Love always, your Virginia girl.

I would like to know when Roger Epperson and Benny Lee Hodge are going to be executed for the murder of Tammy Acker. We’ve paid for these two murderers to live on Death Row for 25 years. The people of Letcher County need to speak up to the politicians and let justice be done. Why do we have the death penalty in Kentucky if it is never used? Our representatives are committing a crime by wasting our tax dollars to keep these men alive for a quarter of a century.

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