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Are any guys out there missing a crossbow with a red dot on top of it? If you are, ask your woman if she gave it to another man.

To Tony:We are real proud of you for going back to school. Keep up the good work. Hold your head high. You are very well thought of in Letcher County. People here love you. Have a good day, Tony.

To all the people who say in the paper that the girl who lives in Isom is a rat: You need to know who the real rat is. The real rat, the one who ratted the person out in Carbon Glow, lives in Pratt Branch. Also, there are so many drugs being passed around in Pratt Branch that you can’t even get up in the hollow for the people lined up to buy narcotics. For the person in Pratt Branch, your time is coming. You are not invincible.

To the guy who wears a hearing aid at school: Keep your head held high. You are such an inspiration to others. You work so hard. Good luck and keep pressing forward.

If Adolf Hitler were alive today he would probably be proud of the way the Letcher County Water & Sewer District board members and the county judge/ executive persecuted the Christians who worked for the water and sewer district. Hitler had a history of persecuting the Jews, but at least he left the Christians alone who worked and lived in Germany.

Good luck, Dad, with your G.E.D. I look forward to seeing you this Thanksgiving holiday. Dad, I am very, very proud of you. Keep going, Dad.

Yesterday a friend told me they should keep the government out of Social Security and Medicare. People opposed to Obama’s health care plan are also opposed to Social Security and Medicare, but they aren’t saying it. They fight one battle at a time. It is a matter of public debate whether the government should have Social Security or Medicare. Conservatives believe people should save enough money to retire on and save enough money to pay their health care.

To a certain person that drives a pickup truck in the Doty Creek area of Jeremiah: You’re not fooling anybody. Everybody knows what you’ve been dealing. Let me tell you something, punk, everybody knows what kind of pills you sell. Your days are coming to an end, punk.

I’m looking for a red pickup truck with Virginia tags.

To a girl who had a baby: You are so nasty now. No guy is ever going to want to have you again.

This is to Letcher County Judge/Executive Jim Ward: I get my lunch at the Colson Senior Citizen’s Center and we haven’t had any milk for three or four days. If you can’t keep milk in our centers, how can you run the county?

This is in response to the comment saying older men shouldn’t be dating younger women, and younger women shouldn’t be dating older men. As long as two people are happy and love each other, that’s all that matters. There is no age limit and there should be no age limit on a marriage. If it is five, or 10, 20 or 30 years’ age difference, so be it. Everyone in this life deserves a little happiness. So go for it, baby. Be happy. And for those that are so concerned about this, you are just jealous and probably don’t have anyone or a life anyway. So get a life and stay out of other people’s business.

Letcher County citizens, I recommend you take a stand against the gas company and anyone in county government who supports the gas companies traveling on our land destroying what we inherited from our ancestors. A gas company has destroyed my water, raped my land and did not compensate me for any of the damage that was inflicted on me and my family. If we stand by and do nothing they will destroy all the safe drinking water that is left in Letcher County. Maybe we should we rename our county Equitable County. The Letcher County officials will definitely stand by and let it happen and support the gas companies as they have in the recent past. The sad thing is that our county officials will stand by and allow the gas companies to get restraining orders against you to prevent you from traveling on your own land even though they are raping your land.

Someone needs to tell what the young preacher boy did to the elderly woman at church. I think he was mean to her. Would somebody answer my question, please?

Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn. That’s all I’ve heard for the past two weeks. Could someone tell me who Brooklyn is?

Hello, Letcher Countians. I see Election Day is coming up soon and I want to know who put those clowns in the courthouse to begin with. We need to wake up and put new faces across the board. They are building a $6 million building that no one needs. How much more are they going to put on us? Let’s put new faces in the courthouse.

The hospital and Judge Jim Ward need to quit being whiners and quit giving coal severance money to the hospital. They don’t deserve one penny of it. Let them whine.

The talk about the water board and the politics of the water board and that poor woman is like bait and switch. As long as people are talking about that poor woman and talking about politics they are forgetting the main issue. If the water board was doing their job, how come the water system is shut down half the time?

I don’t know who made the comment ‘love me or hate me, you wish you had a girl that looked like me.’ You must look like a dog’s behind to say something like that.

(Maybe she’s just that confident in her good looks?)

I want to wish Gloria a happy birthday.

I think that it is a shame that if you did something 20 years ago and you have changed since then they won’t let you live it down in Letcher County. That is a downright shame. I think everybody deserves a second chance.

This is to the girls who think a certain man is like the hottest guy in Neon: It is so awesome to be his wife. You all have no idea because, well, oh my gosh.

To Earl: Baby, I love you and I always will. Love your wife.

Happy birthday to my dad on November 23. I hope you have a good one and I look forward to seeing you this holiday season. You are in my prayers.

Manipulation. Lies. Sarcasm. Dear Lord, you know where the trouble lies and that is all that matters.

Psalm 18:8: t is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Sarah Palin, there is only one woman in the United States that is qualified to be president and it is sure not you. We have enough bridges to nowhere. Anyway, I figure Mrs. Clinton was running the White House when President Clinton was running something else around the Oval Office. But that is beside the point. Thing is, my children are not the smartest children in the world, but I think it is Sarah Palin who needs therapy. God bless America and God bless us all.

Now that the county judge has decided to run for reelection, probably next year The Mountain Eagle will start disappearing again.

I would like to reply to the Speak Your Piece about older men dating younger women: As long as the couple are two mature adults there is nothing wrong and it should not be a law against the age difference in a marriage. There are plenty of marriages in today’s time where the husband and wife are the same age and it doesn’t work out. Look a little harder and you might find someone a little older to teach you about maturity.

To a certain woman: You think you’re everything just because you are with that one man. Well, let me tell you something, he is coming back home to me and his two sons and the baby that I am packing. The one that you’ve got in your stomach is not his. He needs to wake up and go back home with his family instead of being there with you.

(Seriously, you’re carrying a man’s baby, he leaves you for another woman who is also pregnant, and you’re still willing to take him back? Please tell us you’re just kidding.)

To the man that lives in Millstone and licenses his vehicles in Virginia: You have nothing better to do but walk your white wolf dog and try to find something to complain about. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing you complain. And Fishpond Lake, by the way, has never had sandy, white beaches.

Jerry Collins, I applaud you for the letter to the editor you wrote in The Mountain Eagle. I agree with you 100 percent about all the natural gas problems and wells that have destroyed Letcher County while nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Where are all the environmentalists? Why aren’t they raising all sort of hell because of the trees being destroyed and the mountains being destroyed and the streams being destroyed? Where are the soil conservationists? Why aren’t they doing something about replanting trees and seeing that these hillsides aren’t sliding off? Why don’t they demand the gas companies to do something?

I want to make a comment about these gas companies and the many different people who are upset with Judge/Executive Jim Ward for allowing these companies to come in. Let’s not put all of the blame on Judge Ward. He definitely is a problem in this county, but we’ve got five magistrates who go along with everything he says. The entire Letcher Fiscal Court has allowed the gas companies to destroy this county. Let’s not put all the blame on Jim. Let’s also get the other five. We need to clear the courthouse out again. What we brought in the last election is certainly not working for us. Thank you.

Hey preacher man, who are you going to fight next?

Deputy Dog Hunting Club has closed Pine Mountain Trail. A public trail now has gates and ropes put up behind Pine Mountain Stone. Signs that say ‘no trespassing’ and ‘violators will be prosecuted’ have been posted. We need to contact our state representative and ask why Pine Mountain Trail has been closed. To the members of Deputy Dog Hunting Club: Shame on you. A public trail cannot be blocked. One person is stopping people, while wearing a gun, and telling them that he has leased Pine Mountain Stone property. Concerned Citizen.

We are already aware of who started this trouble, and it was not from this end. You need to go on with your life and leave us alone. We sure won’t be bothering you.

Nicki girl or Nickey boy, long time no hear. I would like to talk to you all, so if you would like to write me, call my mom and she will tell you my address. Leroy.

Enjoy the time spent with family and friends. Don’t let the holidays cause stress.

F & J: Looking forward to having dinner with all of the families. M & M

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Hop and Minerva Gibson descendants. We are a family that appreciates each other.

I enjoy reading this newspaper and all the articles. Speak Your Piece always brings a smile to my face. Why I am writing is because I am extending my thoughts and prayers to one and all this coming Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a holiday to put away our hard feelings, name calling and pure hatred of others. Thanksgiving is meant to be shared with the ones we call our friends, family and neighbors. Some in the community might not have a meal or even a home, invite those to break bread with you, it is that time of year you know. I wish my grandparents were still alive. I would love to have just one more meal with them in Pine Top. Some of my favorite memories are from them and I do so much miss those times. Happy Thanksgiving from Dayton, Ohio, to one and all. Pamela Mullins

A new great hard rock band is rising up right here in Letcher County. I have been listening to them since they have first begun practicing and they have come so far in just a short time. I believe they will be playing live in this area very soon so everyone be prepared to be rocked. Be prepared for Automata.


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