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I want to say it is a shame how the social workers and Jenkins Police Department can come in and take your kids for no reason. They won’t take the kids that need to be taken, but they’ll take the ones that don’t need to be taken. I am a good parent. I love my little boy. Just because I’m a single mother makes me a bad parent? I do everything in my power for my child. They want to come in and claim I have a man in the house and take my kid from me — come in and get him off the couch for no reason. I’m going to get my kid back and when I do I am going to put the biggest lawsuit on everybody, Jenkins Police Department, the social workers from Whitesburg and the people who have my child. They’re nothing but two-faced people who play a public image. No wonder their son turned out the way he is and no wonder I am no longer with him. The only thing I can thank that family for is my son.

If there is a lawyer out there that can help me? I am a poor person. I don’t have any money, but I have a good case. The social workers came and took my child. If there is a good lawyer out there, please respond.

Our criminal justice system is for criminals, not war crimes. They’re terrorists, not criminals, and should be prosecuted by the military. If we try them in a criminal court, just go ahead and dismiss the charges because none of them had their Miranda rights read to them when they were arrested. Our criminal justice system is fair, and if we’re fair then we will have to turn them loose if their Miranda rights weren’t read to them. God have mercy on us all. In Jesus Christ’s holy name, Amen.

To the Christian lady: Don’t let this family keep you from going to your church. They have done this to families for years. I know this because I was one of them.

To the woman who drives the Jeep with the Tennessee tag on the front and the Tennessee stickers on the back: Even though you are not living with that guy anymore, I miss seeing you ride through Jenkins. I wish you would ride through every now and then so I could see you. Signed, someone who cares about you a lot.

The poor little goat that didn’t have a goat house is now pepperoni in the pizza you will be eating.

I still can’t believe the Letcher County Water & Sewer District Board and County Judge/Executive Jim Ward ran off all the Christians that worked for the water district.

I know the scumbag thinks she is something for what she done to that nice couple. I am here to let her know that I think she woke him up because he realized he almost lost the best thing in his life. She did cause him a lot of problems and I want to say that God is going to get you for that.

Hell’s doors is waiting for all liars. All liars shall enter the gates of hell. I had to leave a church one time because of lies. Be careful of what you say and what you do.

We have trespassers on our property all the time, day and night, in the Mayking area. They come to our pond to fish and we cannot get any help from anyone to help us get them out of there. They have torn our fence up. We have an electric fence and they come over it. We can’t get any help and we are old people. What kind of election do we need to have to get people who will help old people? We don’t have any help now.

Dear Speak Your Piece: Could there be a possibility that the state could pay for these pill-addicted women for tubals so they can’t have any more children? Can the state please pay for that?

Hey, this is from the little short, fat guy that goes around puffed up like a frog. You’re talking about me having to watch my step or I’m going to make someone pay or whatever. Honey, I don’t ever watch my step and if you want to make me pay all you got to do is pick up the phone or let me know when you see me out. Honey, you can make me pay. I have always been known to pay my bills. Please let me know first. If this is who I think it is who is leaving me a message, I would love to pay. Don’t tell Speak Your Piece, tell me.

Mamma Bear, Papa Bear is at it with the little cubs again trying to take over the church. You all better watch out.

Well, it was no surprise to read that the kids are going to have to go school two extra days on their Christmas break. That is what you get when you give them a fall break. There are always emergencies that come up. You’ve got to think about those things. That way they could have been off at Christmas instead of during the fall when they had nothing to do.

This is in reply to the teenager who wrote in The Mountain Eagle last week that the girl that had a baby was nasty and no guy would ever want her again: Hold up there, teenager. She is not nasty. She did have the baby. She didn’t give it away. She did not kill it. Here is something for you to think about. If you have sex at any time and you think you are using protection, protection doesn’t always work, dear. You could end up this way unless you are one of the few waiting for marriage.

I’m glad the higher powers are finally coming forth and admitting to what they are and have always been, a bunch of devil-worshipping thugs.

Lies, lies, lies. That’s all you can here from a certain family. Lies, lies, lies.

Well, I’m wanting some chicken and I’m wanting some beer. Just think, if this was a wet county I could go and get me some chicken and some beer and come back home. Think how that would help our economy here in Letcher County. Since it is a dry county I guess I will just go to the top of the hill and get me some beer and go home.

The Bible says that once you become aware of the truth there is no atonement for sin. You’d think someone that has been going to church for years would know that. Someone that has been carrying something on for seven years and says they are living for God is badly mistaken.

I was reading the comment in the paper about the gas companies coming in and destroying the land, water and streams in Letcher County while nobody is doing anything about the trees and all the damage. These gas companies are giving Letcher County families money which they wouldn’t have had and they are giving out jobs most people in Letcher County don’t know about. Most people over there don’t work. So you all need to sit back and thank these gas companies. I thank them every week, because it is my butter on my bread.

If you really want to know who I am going to whip next, come and ask me to my face instead of hiding in Speak Your Piece like the little yellow-bellied dog that you are. Ask me to my face. Doesn’t matter who you are. And we will sure talk.

This is to the caller on the drug dealers in Pratt Branch and Doty Creek: You are both the same person. I know who you are. You are just essentially a tapeworm. Go to hell.

Hello. I am from Pennsylvania and I would like to say just how thankful I am this Thanksgiving Day for my friends in Kentucky, especially those at Eolia Christian Community Outreach. And, Tony, take care of yourself and get better. Blessings.

To the nice woman who works at Food City in the checkout lane: We were checking out and you asked me for my Food City card and I handed it to you and remember it kind of shocked both of us. I said we must have electricity. I just wonder if you are married or not. If you’re not, please respond in Speak Your Piece.

I just wonder if the nurse that drives the black vehicle thinks she is really hot. She may not be as hot as she looks, though.

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving, and I want to thank God for my son and all my family. May God bless.

Well, it’s official. The world’s scummiest family comes from the Neon area but has branched out to other areas of the county. First, there are two sisters who think more of their image in the community than they do of their brother’s own life. And the son and daughter-in-law that just want the old man to die so they can get all of his money. Then there is the pill-head daughter who only worries about where she can get her pain pills. I just want you scumbags to know that you don’t have everyone fooled.

Hey, I found that little red pickup truck with the Virginia license plates you were looking for. It was in my driveway. I thought I would let you know.

To a certain man: I know your stepfather molested you for many years, but that isn’t my fault. I mean to be kind to you but when you think you are going to run stuff down my collar, you are wrong. You best come talk to me.

Back 20 years ago I had a preacher tell me to go down and spend $100 to get my miner’s card and he was going to hire me. He never hired me and he lives on Kentucky River.

This is in response to the person who was replying to the man that lives at Millstone who said that Fishpond did not have sandy white beaches: At one time it was a nice place up there and it did have a beach-like area with sand and it was very nice.

Hey Marlow. Just wanted to let you know me and the girls are here thinking of you. Hope your day is going good. You’re special to us. Love always, Ditzy.

It is distressing to see that some of the 2010 election races are shaping up in the old familiar manner — giving us candidates that cause us to have to vote for the lesser evil. It is encouraging, though, that an outstanding candidate has announced that he will compete for the sheriff ’s office. Many had thought that office would go uncontested, a situation that should not happen in a functioning democracy. No official should be allowed to hold office for very many terms. It’s too easy for them to start thinking of that office as a birthright, and to become indifferent to the needs of the taxpayers who hire them.

I am delighted with the announcements by several Letcher County officials that they will seek to retain their office, or seek another office. My pleasure comes not from thinking they are good candidates, or good people for that matter, but because their candidacies will give me a chance to work against them and make the few voters who may not be aware of their shortcomings, fully aware. I think I am not unique in this respect; recent volleys to Speak Your Piece show me that people are gaining a heightened awareness of the perilous governmental situation we have here, and that those people will be a lot more skeptical of candidates in 2010 than they have been in the past.

I attended a program at one of the community centers the other night, and saw that the politicians are on their apple pie/motherhood/ American flag monologue again right on schedule, except for a couple of notable exceptions, who apparently think there is some virtue in talking about issues. Most were talking about how great they are and how important it is for the voters to let them lead them on into situations presumably as bad as what many of them have already created. Speaking of bad situations, Hal Rogers’s Congressional district hasn’t been faring very well in national statistics — not nearly well enough for a parkway, which had been named for one of America’s genuine heroes in Daniel Boone, to be re-named for him. If Congressional egos could be bottled up and used for energy, there would be no talk of a cap and trade bill or any need for gas and coal.

I hope the harsh and growing criticism leveled at local officials in Speak Your Piece indicates a permanent and much more critical attitude toward officials in general. We have a number of officials who are illiterate, inarticulate, and embarrassing almost every time they make a public appearance. Others have used their offices to prove their incompetence over and over. Being able to raise huge amounts of campaign contributions from sources antithetical to the best interests of the community should not guarantee offices to people not qualified to run them. A flurry of statistics, published just in the last few days, show beyond doubt how far this region has deteriorated. A head-inthe sand denial of this situation plays into the hands of those who were instrumental in creating it. What is needed is a hard-nosed approach to the next election, and the one two years after that, and the removal of a large percentage of those in office.

To a certain person: You don’t check your mail often, do you? I thought about you during church this morning. You know that God won’t put more on you than you can handle, but for some reason you are getting a double dose. Things in your life are going to change. School is starting back and that should be your focus. Just remember, Lynn loves you no matter what. The high school girls have a home game Thursday night. Hope to see you there.


To the person who wrote to Speak Your Piece on Nov. 11 about people being opposed to health care reform: I’m a state employee and my insurance is subsidized by the state and I’m not opposed to any sort of reform. I would be happy to pay a little bit extra so that people who don’t have any insurance can get a little bit of help.

Lordy, Lordy, that pretty little gal in Race Track Hollow has turned 40.

Concerning the Pine Mountain Trail: I’ve ridden in there since back in the ’70s and it should be open, but we should respect the area and take trash out (like most people do). Great scenery and great trails. Open it up. Politicians should go to Evarts during one of their events or Knott County during one of theirs. Jenkins could be the next boom town. Really.

This is in regard to the coal industry and the environment. First of all, I’d like to say that I have been an employee with the coal industry for nearly 10 years. However, I am not a miner. I’ve worked for the industry and have worked for the state dealing with water quality issues, thus I have seen both sides of the fence. While working for the industry as a consultant, I have seen the manipulative actions of the industry during the permitting process. I personally have walked miles of headwater streams in order to determine the amount of impacts that a proposed mining permit would impact with the associated hollow fills and embankment ponds. These streams were assessed to determine their worth. Yes, an actual dollar amount is placed on the stream. I never favored the industry nor the environment with my assessments. I documented it based on my education. However, being simply a ‘field tech’ (with a B.S. in biology) and not an allknowing mining engineer, if my assessment did not favor my superior’s idea of what the stream should be worth, they would manipulate the data in order to reduce their client’s impact on the environment and then submit their version of the data to the regulatory authorities. The Army Corps of Engineers, who issue these permits, are the people who review this data and, due to limited resources, many times they take the industry’s word for it, although they have called their bluff a few times, which normally results in a hefty fine and lots of scrutiny on future applications. Anyway, the industry is not the environmental steward it makes itself out to be. And take it from someone who has been to these ‘wonderfully reclaimed’ sites and conducted studies to determine their post-reclamation projects, they can never recreate, restore, or build a stream the way the Creator built it. That’s a fact. So to hear the comments flung at the agency during the Pikeville public hearing about drinking water from the silt ponds, they are full of crap. I challenge any mine owner to take me to one of his/her ponds and grab up a sample and chug it. I guarantee it won’t be like the water coming off of Pine Mountain at Mother Nature’s bottling facility, nor will any of the other streams that have existing hollow fills.

I can’t believe all these ‘Friends of Coal’ plates and stickers. Let me ask all you ‘Friends of Coal’ a question: How many of your friends ask you to leave your family and home to work 12- and 14-hour days of seven or eight days in a row for a ‘high-paying job’ while you hump it every day to beat out a living for your family (I commend you for this), and perhaps buy yourself a new bass boat or new home with your hard-earned money? Your ‘friends’ are raking in money off your labor, health, and the sacrifice of your family. When you do get a chance to put your boat in the water, it is between getting caught up on sleep, resting your back, or making it to one of your kid’s ballgames at half-time because you had to hurry home and get cleaned up. That new boat is nice, but remember your ‘friend’ is in his boat whenever he takes a notion. His family gets to see him whenever they want to. He doesn’t have to miss his kid’s ballgames because he is living the good life off your time. The mining companies claim they have your back, but instead are breaking it for you. Both of my grandparents and many of my uncles have worked in the mines until retirement (if they are fortunate enough to retire from a company who won’t file bankruptcy and leave them hanging), and they refuse to buy a ‘Friends of Coal’ sticker simply because coal has done nothing but work them to death for an honest living. You nor this region deserves their health, land and way of life to be used as leverage for some filthy rich company CEO to own any and everything he wants. If they really appreciated what our region has to offer them, then maybe they would act like old school Beth- Elkhorn or Consolidation Coal Company and at least build a self-sufficient town and put a little back into the community instead of claiming that they support our economy with coal severance tax that winds up downstate and pays for Wildcat Coal Lodge or nice office buildings in Lexington and Louisville. I’m neither a tree-hugger nor a coal miner; I’m just tired of the manipulative ways of big coal and its stranglehold on our people, places, and things. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what kind of car you drive or the home you live in. If you don’t have clean water, clean air, and fertile ground, it’s not going to matter in the long run. We’re selling our future one truckload at a time, and we get nothing out of it. We have fueled this nation for the last 100 years with the coal from this area, yet we are considered the sickest, poorest, most uneducated people in the country (based on recent reports and Bill O’Reilly’s educated hypothesis). If the nation’s wealth is right here in our mountains, then why are we being sacrificed for the well-being of the nation? In a recent survey found on Yahoo news, the states of Appalachia are ranked only above Mississippi in the most unhealthy places to live. Kentucky ranks number 47. How’s that for a state who gives so much to this great nation? Remember, when the last lump of coal is mined, the last old oak tree is sawed into hardwood flooring, and the last old catfish is fried with garden-raised potatoes and onions, then we will only realize that we can’t eat money. As Jimi Hendrix once said, ‘When the power of the love becomes greater than the love of power, then we will be at peace.’ Peace out.

To the people who wonder who Phillip Allen ‘Pee Wee’ Back is and how he got on the water board of Letcher County: Pee Wee Back has been associated with Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward since the days when Pee Wee was the warehouse manager for Golden Oak Mining Company before it declared bankruptcy and Ward was an employee of a company which sold mining equipment to Golden Oak. I worked for Golden Oak Mining for many years and remember those days very well. I know Pee Wee shares some of the blame for his actions as board chairman of the water and sewer district, but let’s be honest, the true blame should be on Jim Ward. Jim Ward is the bolt behind the nut. Jim has learned well how to put people in position where he or she can do him some good, because you never know, you might need them later. Pee Wee Back was put in this job not for the good of the county, but to be Jim’s ‘yes man.’

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