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I would like to put a piece in Speak Your Piece about Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb coming out at 4 o’clock in the morning and helping me start my van. I left the keys locked up in it with the motor running. He got up at 4 o’clock in the morning to help me get it going so I could come back to Michigan. This is Paul Caudill from Taylor, Mich. Thank you.

Everybody wonders why Letcher County doesn’t get grants for anything. Hazard and Perry County and Pike County get all the grants. There’s one thing about it, it’s drugs. Drugs come into Letcher County and they let the drug dealers get away with what they want to. And the only reason why half the drug dealers get caught is because the law in Letcher County doesn’t do a thing about it.

That red pickup truck with the Virginia license tag you were looking for? Well, guess what. I just found it in my driveway. Losers weepers, finders keepers.

To the girl who is pregnant with a kid again and already has three of her own: Let me tell you something. You think you are big and bad hitting on a man. That man didn’t do anything to you. He is good and he sure doesn’t need to be with you. He needs to be with somebody who will treat him right. You’re nothing but trash. You need to get a life and grow up. You are 20-something years old. You need to get a life. This is from a concerned person.

I never did believe he was really called to preach.

Hey, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Are you going to dog Huckabee over letting that cop killer out of jail there like you have done Obama? I don’t think it’s good. I think you all are going to put pudding on top of all that. You all get on there every night dogging Obama. He’s a good man. I voted for him, but I voted for George Bush too. I regret voting for George Bush. I’m going to be watching the television to see what you all are going to saying. I don’t think you are going to be saying much. I think you will sugarcoat it.

What ever happened to Brushy Bill? Did he die? Hey, hoss, if you are still out there give us a hey.

This goes to the girl that lives on Hurricane Drive: If you want to hit on someone, why don’t you hit on me? Meet me at Walmart Saturday at 6:30.

The partisans say that money is speech but politicians say money is speech. Maybe that is the reason that the speech of the insurance companies carries more weight that the speech of the working people who are suffering under the insurance system that we now have. Thank you and have a nice day.

Anyone who testifies to get a drug-dealing child molester out of jail should be shot.

Instead of you buying a new motorcycle she should have had her big nose fixed. Don’t brag.

When this magistrate asked me to haul this gravel and put it on several people’s private driveways I went and borrowed a dump truck and loaded it. I loaded the truck and delivered it, but I didn’t know it was a private driveway until later, so I figured he was trying to get me in trouble. I know now you can’t trust him. Back in the summer he and his wife talked so mean and cursed this senior citizen, which is their neighbor. She is a good woman who doesn’t bother nobody. They tried to claim her land where she has lived all her life. They even stretched so low as to get a criminal warrant on her. Then what got me, he said he owned my mother’s land. His wife should be ashamed of the way she is out campaigning after they way she has treated people.

I went to a ballgame the other night down at Letcher and I ran into an old friend of mine that I used to hang out with. Me and him got to chitchatting and it’s good to know that he is still a friend of mine and I’m still a friend of his. It’s amazing how things can go wrong and all of a sudden time can heal old wounds. I am glad to be this guy’s friend and maybe I can make a few more friends down the road.

You know you may sit there and thank the gas company because it is putting butter on your bread, but what about these people out here that don’t have bread because gas and oil companies now are putting coal companies out of business? And that is our bread and butter. And you know the gas companies are the ones doing the most damage to the properties. Go look at all these mudslides, trees sliding off the hills and see who is doing the damage. Tell the gas companies to go away and bring our coal companies back.

Happy Sweet 16th birthday to Brittany Danielle Collins. We love you, Brit.

This is for all the T.V. Service cable customers that like the Home Shopping Network. They plan on taking the shopping channel off by February 15 unless they get a large number of calls requesting for it to stay on. So if you like the HSN channel, please call 633- 0778 and let them know. If they take it off we may have to go from cable to satellite.

This is to the so-called preacher: You better never bother my friends again. If you do, you are going to have to face me.

Hey, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck. You all are not fair and balanced. Your little buddy there, Huckabee, turned that murderer lose and you all are coddling him. You are babying him. You are giving him the bottle. Nope, you are not fair and balanced.

Parents, do you know what your children are listening to? Britney Spears’s recent number one hit song and video called ‘3’ is so popular. Use your imagination what this is about. Lady GaGa, her song is not about love. It is about blood and death. She has made outrageous and vulgar remarks to the public. Where is the outrage on this? ‘Girls Gone Wild’ is the most vulgar, obscene thing I have ever seen on T.V. It’s on Spike and Comedy. Let your voices be heard on this. How can this even be legal? Parents, stand up and be firm. Don’t let your children listen to this and let’s not let our daughters dress like harlots. Let’s bring some godliness back to our nation.

At least Sarah Palin stands for some godly values, unlike most of the women in politics today. Reproductive freedom for women — what about the right for the baby? There are more laws protecting the animals and even the flowers than the babies in the womb. Oh, I forgot it’s not a baby until it comes out of the womb. It is just a blob of flesh. We have murdered 50 million of our children today in the womb. And I think God’s wrath has been poured out on our nation because of it. You know the people are getting tired of both parties and they’re trying to take our country back. We are going to see civil war in the next year or two. You just wait and see.

Why do you think Kentucky and all the surrounding southern states went solid with Republicans the last election? I can tell you one of the main reasons is the attack on the coal industry by the environmentalists. If you are on life support and you need coal-powered energy to keep you alive, are you going to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow? No. The Democrats are not the same party they used to be. They have been taken over by extremists and radicals. It used to be a working man’s party. It has changed.

I know who you are and what you are. You’re the same little twerp that got hit in the face with a cup of scalding hot water one night messing around where you didn’t have any business. I know how bad you are. You’ve got your family backing you up. A bunch of false witnesses. You run and hide and peek out a window.

Was he really taught to preach or does he use this preaching for his income? Lord, help him.

Hello, dream lover. Best way to start a new month was how we did Tuesday. It’s always so good to get to spend that special time we set aside for just us. For us, the rest of the world doesn’t exist when we’re together. I’m hoping that by the time you read this we will have gotten to have two more special days together if our schedules allow. Hopefully we can have a much better December this year than we did last year when you had to have surgery and got laid up for some time there. Take care, darling. Hugs and kisses. Love, your sunshine.

Hey, City of Whitesburg. How about calling the road department and have them come and fix the road going out to the LKLP office? It’s a shame that the city hasn’t kept a good road out there with all the help that LKLP does for Letcher County. If those in office want to stay in office they best remember if the people can’t get what they need from the officials we don’t vote for them the next time. So call and have the road department come and fix it before December ends. I was ashamed to see that the city had let the road get that bad.

Mr. President, I really feel that you are trying and we thank God that you are trying. But if the government can’t come up with programs to put these people to work and the government can’t turn a profit from working people, then we need to put some people in charge that can do this. All through history in the United States the government has been able to put people to work, pay people decent wages and turn a profit. It’s senseless to go on the way we are doing. God bless you, your family and America. From a concerned Christian.

If you want someone that won’t be Jim Ward’s puppet, Kenny Spangler is your man. We need him as magistrate of District One.

Old redneck, did you get no turkey dinner this year? You may not get no Christmas turkey, either. Where is your Christmas present, old redneck? Ho, ho, ho.

I was calling in about the woman stirring that big hornet’s nest up in Carbon Glow with the old goats, feeding them hot-dog buns and all that stuff. Yeah, been feeding them hot-dog buns and they are still here. You have all of your neighbors mad at you. You have the whole hollow mad at you.

Shame, shame, shame what you have done and talked about your pastor and his wife. Shame. Shame.

Single guy age 31 seeking to find any ladies between the ages of 27 to 31 that are not married and do not have kids. If interested, please respond in next week’s paper.

Hey, Candy. I want my money. I don’t care what you or your brother have to say. Hand me my money or else.

How come eastern Kentucky doesn’t get all those cheap electrical rates like the businesses in central Kentucky? How come our rates are some of the highest in the state? Just wondering.

Could someone please give me the definition of what a gentleman is, because a certain person doesn’t know? Thank you.

To the hot blonde driving the Jeep with the Tennessee plates and Tennessee stickers on it: I saw the Jeep back in Jenkins. Are you back with him or not? Please let me know. I would love to take you out sometime. I hope you are not back with him. It was good to see the Jeep back with you in it. Thinking of you all the time.

Losing all that weight didn’t help me very much, did it? You are still going out with that trash. If I were you I would go ahead and live and enjoy myself.

What a day I’m having.

You must really love him to stay with him and forgive him for him fooling with that trash. I really admire you for your courage. I guess you still have faith in him. Hang in there. Hope you can make it.

Hey, T.I. What’s wrong? Aren’t you woman enough to take him?

People really need to do some background checks before they vote in some of the races for magistrate in May.

Judge Byrd Hogg has been dead and gone for years, but I will never forgive him for what happened to my daughter. A fellow raped her and got her pregnant and he set him free.

I’m speechless. You women need to quit fighting over these good-for-nothing men who cheat, lie, and make you look like fools. Who would want a man like that, let alone fight over him? The men in this town have it made. They just sit back have a beer and laugh over the fact that they can do whatever they want while their stupid, desperate woman actually fight over who gets to sleep with him that night. Women, quit fighting amongst yourselves, gather up some selfrespect and get mad at he person who deserves it — the cheater.

Recently there was a fight between two girls at Elk Creek. One girl went to talk to the other and was mad. She kicked the screen door to get the other girl/occupant to answer the door. She was alone, the girl who lived there had company. The girl who lived there proceeded to open the door and beat the other girl to a pulp. Two severely blackened eyes, a busted nose, and severe lacerations to her throat and neck. People are saying that while this was going on, the other people in the house did nothing to stop this, even as the girl who lived there allegedly told her seven-year-old daughter to get her a kitchen knife. Long story short, the cops show up and let both of them go. Nothing was done over the knife incident. I do not want to mention names, but I know for a fact that a woman who was there and claims to be a Christian did not even try to break up this fight. Interesting.

Hey Kentucky Ridgerunner, how are things going with you? I am so happy that you are free. Please know that I will always be here for you and can’t wait until the two of us can be together. Forget her. She has been unfaithful and you deserve a woman who will truly stand by you. You know who this is. Leather and Lace will always love you and wait for you however long it takes. But you know that. You’re my heart and always will be. I love you darling, forever. Leather and Lace.

The Deputy Dog Hunting Club has a gun-toting member of the Burdine Church patrolling Pine Mountain Stone property. Another part-owner owns property at Raven Rock. He has also blocked Raven Rock Road. Another partowner allegedly works in a high position in the Letcher County Courthouse. Remove the gates and the letters will stop. If not, there will be more information available to the public. Concerned citizens need to contact Leslie Combs, our state representative. A meeting in Frankfort allocated a 100- foot right-of-way for the Pine Mountain Trail, paid for by the taxpayers. The trail has now been blocked by Deputy Dog Hunting Club.

I have watched the Letcher County government fall apart under Jim Ward and these magistrates. Judge Ward has shut the public out of the decisionmaking process. There are too many deals being made in the back room with the gas companies. Judge Ward and Archie Banks have sold their souls to Equitable Resources and any other gas company that wants to tear our land and roads up. All you have to do is look where Jim Ward’s campaign donations are coming from and that tells us the story. This bothers me, but this is not what bothers me the most. What bothers me the most is that early on this fiscal court, and Jim Ward and Archie Banks were dead set on getting control of the water and sewer board. They harassed water board member Donnie Profitt until he resigned and they ignored Mrs. Gish like she didn’t even exist and just replaced her. I don’t know how long Jack Martin and Lonnie Buchanan were on the board, but it is my belief that they quit out of frustration with Jim Ward and Archie Banks’s interference in the water board’s business. I’m sad to say that I was at the fiscal court meeting when Magistrate Archie Banks and Judge Jim Ward treated water board member Seth Long like a dog. I have never seen such outrageous conduct from public officials. Judge Ward and Banks launched a horrible and vicious personal attack on Mr. Long. This was a sad day for the people of Letcher County. It amazed me how Judge Jim Ward sat there and allowed Banks to attack and badger and berate Mr. Long. Instead of Judge Ward calling Magistrate Banks to order, he joined in the attack and heaped insult after insult upon board member Long. If I remember correctly, Mr. Long said something to the effect that, ‘I can look myself in the mirror tomorrow and not be ashamed.’ I recall that someone said that Seth Long had been on the board for many years and had done a wonderful job. I personally know that Seth Long is a very devout Christian man with very strong religious convictions. I wished I could say the same about Ward and Banks. Good, moral men do not treat other people the way Ward and Banks treated Long. I have lost all respect for Ward and Banks, and they both should be voted out of office of their conduct as public officials. Water board employee Jim Murtaugh was the next victim of Ward and Banks. Banks went all over Colson telling anyone who would listen that he was going to have Murtaugh’s job. Judge Ward personally attacked Mr. Murtaugh on many occasions until finally they ran him off. Mr. Murtaugh was also a very religious Christian person with strong convictions of right and wrong. Now guess who gets appointed to the water board and gets appointed as chairman? Mr. Peewee Back, Mr. Banks’s and Mr. Ward’s old golfing buddy. I believe Mr. Back was one of the managers at Golden Oak Mining Co. when Golden Oak undermined everyone’s water wells in Archie Banks’s magistrate district. We’re in good hands thanks to Banks and Ward. I know I feel good about our water district’s future. One of the first things that Peewee, Ward and Banks tried to do was fire Bell Engineering and give all of the contracts to another engineering firm. I’m guessing they wanted UK ball tickets more than they wanted good engineering services. I don’t know why County Attorney Harold Bolling no longer represents the water district, but I remember from The Mountain Eagle’s account that Peewee had said he didn’t like Bolling, couldn’t talk to him, couldn’t work with him, and I believe that Bolling said that Peewee was lying through his teeth and that Peewee had never spoken to him about any water district business. Mr. Back hires Jamie Hatton to advise the water board on legal matters, and the next thing we hear is that the water board buys a new truck in violation of the bidding requirements of the state bid law. That sounds like pretty simple law to figure out. Now, the only person left to get rid of is the board secretary and employee Jackie Joseph, probably the only person at the water board who knew anything about board business. It seems that she got in trouble when she told the board that Tim Reed, a board employee, had removed certain information from his own personnel file. The story goes that Mr. Reed was really upset over Jackie ratting him out, so he goes into the office and dog cusses Jackie, and really treats her bad, and disrespectfully. Jackie Joseph, being a very fine and honest Christian lady, demands an apology and resigns her job because of the abuse heaped upon her by Tim Reed. Now, everyone who was involved in the water district prior to Judge Jim Ward and Archie Banks’s election are gone. Board members, employees, and the lawyer are gone, and now I guess Judge Ward, Archie, and good old Peewee can have their way. Obviously the current water board is gutless to challenge Peewee, Ward and Banks. Where is the Letcher Fiscal Court in this matter? It is pretty obvious that if you cross Ward, Banks and good old Peewee, that you lose your job. I just can’t figure out why they don’t like Christian people. It is so sad that this has happened in Letcher County. I really could believe this if it happened in Knott or Perry counties, but in Letcher County? This makes me so sad and disturbed. What’s with these people? Do they have something against Christians?

Dear Father: As you know, I didn’t say anything. Will you please bless them in their lives and show them that they need to leave me alone? My husband says to ignore them, and that I will do.

For all of you with ‘Friends of Coal’ stickers and plates on your vehicles: Do you know where the money goes from the sale of those things? It goes to lobby for the coal industry. So if a bill comes up to decrease coal dust in the mines, or to do anything else to increase mine safety or water safety, that coal lobby will be spending the money from those stickers to defeat those measures. So just be aware that ‘Friends of Coal’ really means friends of the coal industry. It does not mean friends of coal miners or coal mining communities.

I would like to let all my friends in Letcher County know that my niece Stephanie Combs has had her baby boy today, December 3. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces. This is her first child. Her brother Gearld Combs just celebrated his little girl turning six months. They both make me so proud. I am originally from Letcher County, but currently living in Kansas.

Senator Joe Lieberman represents Connecticut. Connecticut is four counties big. Electric Boat Corporation, the mammoth shipyard at Groton, builds and repairs Navy submarines. If you’ve wondered how the losing vice-presidential candidate from the election that brought us Bush and Cheney ends up bolting the idiotic party that nominated him to support the Bush/ Cheney Iraq slaughterhouse, there’s your answer. War is profitable for Electric Boat, Electric Boat is the largest private-sector employer in Connecticut, and Joke Loserman represents Connecticut. In effect, Lieberman is the U.S. Senator from Electric Boat. War creates its own political constituents, mostly people who make lots of money from war. War burns a lot of motor fuel, requires a lot of bombs and bullets, gets service people, the careerists that never face fire at least, promoted faster, brings grafters loaded with cash who want to sell the Army and Marine Corps defective body armor to Capitol Hill back offices. And now we know war’s constituency includes the President of the United States. One hundred thousand troops won’t turn the clock back to 2001 in Afghanistan. Troops in Afghanistan won’t have much effect in Pakistan, where the bad guys hide out when things get too hot for them in Afghanistan. Soon our soldiers will be kicking doors down in filthy towns no one cares about, and riding around squalid slums waiting to be blown up by homemade pipe bombs, and patrolling on foot in howling wastelands. There will be a terrible meat grinder for a years or some months until enough blood has been wasted to justify holing up in garrisons, like our soldiers are doing right now in Iraq. That’s the best possible outcome from an Afghan troop surge for anyone other than a war profiteer. These wars we are prosecuting are unjust. We went to war in Iraq because an evil President lied to us. The time for military action in Afghanistan has passed. Obama, like the evil ones before him, is playing politics with the lives of our sons and daughters. We have no business in Afghanistan, and no one who thinks we do, no senator or congressman up for re-election next November, or President whose term expires in 2012, ought to be in government. Vote, people.

There are many bright, capable people in Letcher County, and surely at least one of them can be coaxed into running for the office of County Judge. This one has had his chance, and it seems that it just didn’t work out for the county. Now it’s time for someone else to have his or her try at it. I don’t believe the incumbent would do any good against a serious challenger, no matter how much money he raises, so it’s a good opportunity. It also pays pretty well.

Did everyone figure out why the gas company was building an area at Fishpond Lake to park campers? It’s to let their company employees camp on county property and fish and hunt when they’re not working to destroy the land all around the lake. Take my word, they will be there. Just drive by and see for yourself when the project is finished if you don’t believe me.

Is the Letcher County Water and Sewer District board going to change or are the members going to continue conducting business as usual and persecute all Christians that work for the district? Or have they already run everyone off who was religious?

Pewee Back, I was wondering how you got to be over the county’s water and sewer board and when I read the comment in Speak Your Piece it enlightened me. To the person who wrote that comment : I would like to learn more about Pewee and Judge Ward and the dealings they had in the past. For the good of Letcher County, give us more details about those Golden Oak days.

In response to the gas company employee who said his bread and butter was earned from a gas company: I’m happy that you have a good job, but what gives the gas company any rights to rape and pillage my land? When Judge Smith was in office he would have never allowed the gas companies to inflict the destruction that currently is occurring all over Letcher County. Maybe if the current administration can’t change, all the current politicians need to be voted out in the next election.

Why are local law enforcement, Congressman Hal Rogers, the Veterans Administration, and family and community members not checking on our homeless veterans, such as a man at Premium, who gets around $3,200 per month and has to live under porches with dirt floors and take baths in the creek? Why should those two women be allowed without penalty to take this veteran’s government money for their own personal use. One of the women got the veteran to bring her $100 last week, and the man fell and broke his arm and had to lie all night in the cold until he was found by another man. The man contacted the vet’s family, who took him to the hospital. He is now in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. These two women have taken all of his money, including his funeral money, from the bank. There has to be a law against such abuse of the sick and elderly. Thank goodness for Adult Protective Service Unit for responding to offer assistance. Signed, Angel Girl.

We would like to give Blake the MVP award for the Cowan game on Dec. 3. Way to go, Coach. You got a good player.

I don’t understand the water-sewer board situation. There clearly is a major problem there. The conduct of the board, and at least one employee, justifies an investigation. Is anything being done in that direction? Word is that an employee not only failed a drug test, but removed the record of it, and then became hostile when he was caught. If this is true, he and the members of the water board and Letcher Fiscal Court who are tolerating such behavior should all be removed. Water and sewer are pretty important factors here, and it doesn’t sound like things are in very good order. My impression of this county is that, best case, things are just freewheeling along, without any leadership or direction. Worst case, it is crooked machine politics as usual, and not likely to get better soon.

Surrounded by so many girls, now Bub you finally got you a little buddy. Congratulations to the parents. Congratulations Lil Jaz, now you’re a big sissy. Here’s a little something for Gavin.

In your birth hour/ You’ll bloom like a flower…/ My just look what tiny fingers and toes/ You’re as pretty as a rose/ You’re so beautiful/ Like a jewel/ Your life is bright/ Like the sunlight/ Your life is so colorful like a rainbow/ We just want you to know/ We love you sweet little boy/ You’ve brought to our lives such joy/ What a long wait it’s surely been/ Finally we have our little Gavin/ So, welcome home/ Outside the womb, you are now free to roam/ We love you Lil Gavin. From Mommy, Daddy, Mammaw, Papaw, Uncle, Auntie.

This has been a ‘happy hunting ground’ for con men for a long time. I have seen friends and relatives buy roofing at ridiculous prices, house siding that wasn’t needed, trash correspondence courses, and hearing aids that weren’t needed, and didn’t work. The greatest scam ever pulled, though, was getting people to support mountain top removal. This atrocious method of extracting coal reduced employment sharply, destroyed huge amounts of beautiful land and forests, filled and destroyed streams and wetlands, created tremendous pollution, and had a direct effect on the poor health of the people of the region. Amazingly, most of the populace bought it hook, line, and sinker. Incredible.

I hope a real Democrat runs for county judge next year. Come on Letcher County, let’s vote for someone who is not owned by the gas companies and will allow us to receive a newspaper even during election week. I will never forget being denied The Mountain Eagle, and I will always vote against those who were responsible.

Congratulations to the ‘Peace out’ writer in last week’s Speak Your Piece. There will never be a better capsule summary, or analysis, of the deplorable conditions here, and the reason for their existence. That letter should be made to be required reading in the county’s classrooms, and should be framed and hung in every home. The biologist who wrote about streams and permitting was also right on point. Keep those cards and letters coming. I am becoming really confident that, no matter what happens to the economy, there are better days ahead for Letcher County. The politicians and their exploitative cohorts are going to wilt and fade away from increased knowledge and resistance from those they have abused for so long.

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