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I came back home on Thanksgiving after visiting my sister for about two-anda half months, maybe three. Soon as I came back, my next door neighbor gave me dirty looks. Well, honey, go ahead and give me dirty looks all you want, because sooner or later it is all going to come back to you. You think it won’t, but it will. Your sonny boy is going to get what he deserves. One of these days you are going to get in serious trouble for what you have started. You better watch your back, witch.

I went to a dance at the American Legion in Jenkins on December 5. I was also there last year. This year is the nastiest I have ever seen that place look in my entire life. Someone needs to call the health department and have them clean it up. It looks like a pigsty.

To the person who commented in Speak Your Piece on how the actions of Jim Ward and Archie Banks have destroyed our water and sewer district : Your comment was very well-informed, and from what I know about the situation with the water district everything that you wrote was correct. Keep the comments coming. I enjoyed reading this article and I’m ashamed how those two officials have treated the Christians who worked for the district. I live on Colson and have six children who also have children old enough to vote. We will do everything in our power to see to see that Archie Banks does not get reelected. The same thing goes for Jim Ward. The only thing that we have left in Letcher County to stop buffoons from getting elected is free speech, as the bunch currently holding office already have all the gas company money to help them get reelected. Thanks again for that great article. Please keep them coming.

This is for parents who have teenage girls: Beware of one man who doesn’t know how to use protection. Yes, many of our teenage girls are expecting babies. That’s not a good thing no matter what, but all we can do is tell them to be safe. Everyone should know by now that this man has already gotten two teenagers pregnant and now he has found a third victim, yes victim. It doesn’t matter if all of these little girls have said yes to this man, they are still underage girls. He is about 20 years old, and everyone knows who he is. I think he should have been sent off for helping burn a church a few years ago. You grandmothers will have to raise these little ones and love them. If you have any respect for your girls, all three of you mothers would file rape charges against him so that he can’t get more girls pregnant. He is a lowdown, dirty man who targets little girls instead of women. Smart women won’t fool with him, because they know trash when they see it.

Here in North Carolina they just informed us that our power bills will be going up seven percent. Now I know we promised Saudi Arabia nuclear power plants. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Why do they need nuclear power plants? In the ’70s we imported 20 percent of our fuel. Now we are importing 60 percent of our fuel. Here in the United States, seven jobs a minute are being lost. I have this to say: God have mercy on us all. From a concerned Christian.

My darling, blue-eyed beauty: As you read your paper today I wish I could be beside you to see the smile on your face as you read this. I hate not being able to be with you more than I am because things and work keep us apart. But what time we do get together is so much more special when we get to be in each other’s arms or talk on the phone. Your voice can make a bad day so much better. It puts my heart aflutter when I hear your sexy voice. Your lotus blossom misses her sexy blue-eyed gift so much.

Dear Speak Your Piece: The killing of the doctor at the Leatherwood/Blackey clinic is such a sad event, especially when it could have been prevented. We now have a drug to relieve drug withdrawal. This drug is called Suboxone and it should be available at clinics for emergencies. People who withdraw from such drugs as morphine, OxyContin and Percocet should be allowed to take Suboxone in emergency situations like the one at the Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation clinic. We must begin to have a heart with addicts and try to get them off of narcotics.

I would like to wish my parents, Ellis ‘Junebug’ Hall and my stepmother Caroline Hall, a happy belated 12th anniversary. It was on December 8. Happy goings-on, parents. Love you.

I don’t understand why you all have to give Magistrate Archie Banks down the road. He is a good man.

It’s a shame a certain person can still deal his drugs at Dry Fork.

If you want to catch some meth heads, start looking at Sheas Fork in McRoberts.

I don’t know about the climate change they are talking about, but I know the weather has changed in my lifetime. Look at the winds. Look at the rains. We don’t have subzero temperatures anymore. I don’t know what is happening.

Yeah, old redneck got to eat his big turkey dinner this year and he was mighty appreciative of it too. I am pretty sure he will eat his Christmas dinner as well. As far as his Christmas present goes, not having to see your stupid-looking face is a present that will last the rest of your life.

I’m not cutting you anything, buddy. Do you work? Come up here and we will get a warrant on him, sir. Come up to the courthouse and we will get a warrant on him, sir. What is the sir about?

I’ve worked in the coal mines nearly all of my adult life, but I dared my wife to try to buy me one of those Friends of Coal license plates. People who have that junk on their truck might as well include a sticker that says ‘I’m a company suck and I like it a lot.’

John Updike once stated in one of his novels that whenever we set out to do wrong against someone whether verbally or physically, we always inevitably bring sorrow upon ourselves. Think about it.

You got the facing part right, pal. You keep standing around yelling with that big loud mouth, calling my name and watching every move I make where you don’t have any business. You’ve got the facing part right, because I am waiting.

After seeing where that stupid fellow killed that doctor, I hope now our local and state officials from here to Frankfort will take a different view of drugs in eastern Kentucky. If they don’t put a stop to it now we don’t have a China man’s chance.

To the person who called in complaining about the two girls who got in a fight on Elk Creek: Do you realize that under the ‘castle doctrine’ bill that is now state law, a woman has the right to defend herself against another woman coming to her house and bursting through her front door and punching her and waving a finger in her face, threatening her with a kitchen knife. The woman who was the invader is lucky that is all she got. I can tell you that much, because that law states that you can use whatever force is necessary, be it deadly or whatever, when someone is threatening you.

This is Candy’s brother. Come and get your money.

If Sunshine thinks she is the only sunshine this old goat has ever had she needs to be checking it out.

This Christmas I would like to take this opportunity to thank all these wonderful people for making it possible for us to have a fire department and community center at Colson: Worley Bates, Jenny Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Joe Adams, Mike Sexton, Hobert Sexton, Bobby Sexton, Mack Fultz, Carroll Smith, Gus Tolliver and Donnie Morton. Thanks also to Terry Adams and the whole staff. I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

To the drug dealer at Dry Fork: You just don’t know it, but every move you and your boys do is recorded.

You devil-worshipping hypocrite you. You’ve got everybody in that church thinking you are a Christian. You have made trouble all your life in that church. Devil, devil, devil. I’m one of the people that had to leave that church a few years back and my family. Had you not come over we would have still been there.

Hey, ugly face: Do you remember when you would say my clothes were too tight? Take a look in the mirror at your own self. Your clothes really are too tight and it really is a disgrace.

To a girl at Blackey: You are so pretty you make my heart drop. You are so sweet you can call me anytime you want to. You know my cell phone number. This is from your secret admirer.

There was a preacher on the radio Thursday teaching that Santa Claus is holy. This preacher was not called by God to preach. This preacher doesn’t know his Bible. There isn’t but one that’s holy and that’s Jesus Christ.

Do you people want to elect someone to county office who was accused of getting a young girl in trouble? Check it out.

To the person that would vote for anyone but Jim Ward: Let’s do it no matter who runs in the next election. I will vote and campaign for them and hope that you will extend that courtesy to me also. If anyone else feels this way, let’s start a revolution against our county government which is currently oppressing us.

You know what my opinion is about the girl on Hurricane Drive? If the man didn’t push her when he was drunk and if he’d quit partying with certain members of his family that puts him up to stuff, she wouldn’t have to defend herself. I don’t think it is right for a man to get drunk and get mad because he can’t go party with his people and then shove a woman that is pregnant. So in my opinion the man deserved to get hit. Thank you.

The other day I was at my friend’s house. She didn’t have a Christmas tree up or any presents, and she told me that you had not given her what belonged to her yet. I think it is a shame. It is Christmas time and you need to give her money or something else.

I saw on the news where the government workers making $71,000 up to $100,000 are getting a big raise, yet the people on Social Security disability and welfare are getting nothing. Those making $100,000 don’t need a raise. Doesn’t this tell you a lot about our government?

(Oops. You forgot to mention all the other workers — those who don’t have a local, state or federal government job, aren’t entitled to disability or welfare benefits, and didn’t see their paycheck go up even one penny because of a brutal recession that has been underway since at least December 2007.)

To a certain person: How can you live with a certain girl from Blackey with the attitude she has? You can come live with me. From your secret admirer.

To the one who likes the blonde in the Jeep with the Tennessee plates and stickers: No, I am not back with that man in Jenkins. I would really like to know who you are. Maybe we could meet sometime. Give me a hint of who you are in next week’s paper. Thanks. From the girl in the Jeep with the Tennessee plates and stickers.

To a girl at Sandlick: Honey, I am not through with you. I’m just getting started. If I were you I would watch my back. I would stay in the house, because I am fixing to light into you so hard it would take an act of Congress to bring me up off of you. You better remember that.

I see a certain person who got a government homeowner’s loan is now seeking to get a member of the Letcher County Fiscal Court to help them pay off some of their bills. I guess it’s like the old saying goes — when you have friends in higher office you have friends that will do what you want them to do. Come next election, I want to vote some of those rats out of office.

You said lies got you out of your little church, but the truth is what got you out of your church and before long the truth is what will get you out of your big church.

I would like to thank all family and friends who came to David Hall’s funeral. We miss and love David. I would also like to thank Alicia Cook for singing and saying a few words on behalf of David. We thank you and love you very much.

The current members of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District board of directors are gutless cowards and only yes men for Judge/Executive Jim Ward and all the magistrates. Hopefully we can get a new water board after the next election.

To a girl who can be seen visiting Improvement Branch: Are you buying drugs? I see you up in there all the time.

I would like to tell the girl who thought she fell in love that she doesn’t even know what love is. I try not to love. If you love someone, you don’t fall in love for a month or two and then fall back out of love. She just doesn’t know what love is. She needs to grow up and get a life.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that all the ‘Christians’ reading this section of the paper are doing so only to pray for those in need, and not to be gossiping like the Bible tells us not to do.

Hello, dream lover. I was so glad to hear from you today. I miss you so very much. So you never even got the least bit afraid of those photos I showed you? The two with hats looked best, and they’re tall like you, but they can’t even hold a candle to how handsome you are, my darling. To me, you’re the tops. I see that crazy little grin you have and I love it when you do that. I hope December doesn’t get a lot of snow, but then you’ve got a four-wheel drive, so I’m thankful for that. I like it when you call me Sunshine. You hadn’t called me that in awhile. Are you sure you can’t read minds? I sometimes think you can, or you just know me so well. If you can read me that well then you know how much you mean to me and how much I love talking to you and seeing you. Take care my love. Love, hugs, kisses. Your Sunshine always.

To the people who wrote in Speak Your Piece that the judge is to blame because they didn’t get their milk: Well, that’s just fine. I am out of Pepsi; should I call the pop police? Do you people not think there is a reason he hires those workers at your center? But wait, I will call him every night from Jenkins just to make sure he called 400 seniors to see if they got their milk. I am 84 years old, and I milk my own cow. Thank you very much.

The citizens of this county are calling for Judge/ Executive Jim Ward to get something done concerning the situation with the county water and sewer board. Judge Ward is ignoring the fact that records of a drug test were missing from a personnel file, that a vehicle was purchased improperly without taking legally required bids, and that at least two former employees were blatantly harassed. How dare you allow this to go on, Judge Ward? You can either deal with this situation now or wait until the election. I guarantee you that if you wait, you won’t have to worry about dealing with it ever again — the new judge will handle it. Do you really think that this is going to just blow over? It’s not, and I’m not the only one who is sick of these kinds of situations happening on what is supposed to be your watch. You’d best get on that horse and ride right now.

President Obama recently announced a federal initiative to upgrade the aging U.S. electrical grid with high speed interactive components that will improve the overall management of electricity. Called ‘smart grid’ technology, the enhancements will assist regional utilities, and grid managers better coordinate their efforts and thereby gain more efficient control over the requisite supply of electricity (the load) necessary to cover consumer demand. Everyone knows that electrons travel extremely fast. Spikes in consumer demand for power can be steep. Today’s large, centralized power plants are, by comparison, very slow and cumbersome. Consequently, when it comes to significant adjustments in output, accurate anticipation of future demand for electricity is critical. It is this fundamental discontinuity between the comparatively slow ability to adjust power supply in the face of instantaneous changes in demand, that smart grid technology will both directly and indirectly address. Power supply is by no means a mirror image of power demand. Every day, regional utilities play a unique game of cat and mouse with consumer demand. It requires statistically based foresight and lead times measured in hours as the utility constantly shapes a supply of electricity estimated as adequate to cover near-term future demand. Not only must utilities stay ahead of demand with electrical output, they also must continuously maintain a significant percentage of surplus power supply on the grid as a safety margin buffer against unforeseen steep spikes in demand. Of course, if demand ever exceeds supply, you confront a blackout. Blackouts are very expensive to rectify and they tend to upset consumers. In addition, utilities are licensed by the federal government (FCC) to provide ample, uninterrupted service with their FCC-designated region of operation.

Utilities are for good reason very risk adverse when it comes to their power supply. Interactive ‘smart grid’ technology promises more accurate and timely information pertaining to supply and demand, which will assist both regional utilities and grid managers in more efficiently shaping power supply. The potential reductions in unnecessary surplus supply translates directly into significant resource and financial savings. In addition to assisting utilities more efficiently shape power supply, smart grid technology will also assist the consumer in making smart cost-conscious decisions about power usage. This in turn shapes the demand side of the power equation. The cost of electricity is partly a function of classical supply and demand. Price fluctuates throughout the day. For example, power is cheaper in the late evening and early morning hours because supply exceeds demand by a larger margin than during the busy work day. Interactive household appliances (washers, dryers, a/c) equipped with smart grid components can constantly monitor price and automatically initiate or terminate operation at selected, pre-set price boundaries. This is important because price incentives are a powerful tool when it comes to shaving the peaks off daily demands spikes for power. Steep spikes in demand are expensive and wasteful to cover because the utility must ‘power-up’ supply well ahead of the spike and then gradually ease supply back down long after the spike has passed. Once again, it is this fundamental discontinuity between the speed with which demand can change and the much slower ability of utilities to shape output that is a major source of inefficiency. Hopefully, price incentives will motivate consumers to defer some power usage during these expensive peak demand periods and consequently shave the tops off these daily demand spikes which are so difficult to efficiently cover. What smart grid technology cannot do is transform those renewable sources of electricity defined by unpredictably intermittent output into the durable dependable baseload power which utilities can reliably manipulate. The improved smart grid coordination of various power supply assets does not overcome unpredictable intermittence when significant percentages of wind and solar installations are woven into the power generation pipeline. Wind and solar east of the Mississippi is especially problematic because of low ‘capacity factors’ (their average on-line presence is under 30 percent annually). Our electrical grid is designed to generate and de- liver controllable, uninterrupted supply 24/7 for 365 days a year. Industry, municipalities and households depend upon these qualities as do the utility companies. A highly predictable and controllable supply is critical if utilities are to shape supply with any degree of precision and avoid both power surges and shortfalls (grid outages). Remember, when dealing with electricity, supply must anticipate near term future demand. Power usage is instantaneous while power generation is not. Consequently, adequate amounts of electricity must be on the grid wires before it is actually utilized. Wind and solar generating capacity flickers on and off line with changing weather conditions. Even when on line, their output is highly variable depending upon the intensity of wind and sun. This introduces a very problematic element of instability to power supply. In order to safeguard uninterrupted service, utilities would simply use their conventional baseload capacity (mostly coal and nuclear power) to generate a larger surplus margin of power as an enhanced defensive safety buffer against those inevitable, unforeseen and instantaneous off-line event which so problematically typify both large scale industrial wind farms as well as rooftop solar. If aggregate wind and solar output contributions to the grid are kept to insignificant percentages relative to the total load, their impact both as a threat to grid stability and as modes of CO2 reduction is inconsequential. However, when significant amounts of wind and solar-sourced power are added to the mix of generating capacity, a huge factor of instability is introduced to the already tricky forward leaning power supply balancing act. Simply put, wind and solar are not yet ‘stand alone’ technologies. They require conventional baseload safety nets roughly equivalent in size to their projected output contributions to the grid. Not to be misunderstood, I do believe wind and solar will have their day in the future when properly sited and coupled with large capacity, commercially viable storage as a means to stabilize their output. Some solar applications in the American Southwest hold near term commercial promise as dependable inputs to the grid. It is commonly claimed that the wind is always blowing somewhere and that if we build enough wind turbine redundancy in scattered, diverse windy locations, some wind capacity will always be on-line. That turns out to be a big, complicated ‘if.’ The amount of redundancy needed to achieve the certainty and controllability of conventional baseload output is controversial. Also, per kilowatt cost calculations and the sheer scope of windscapes dedicated to industrial wind production escalates steeply with each factor of redundancy. Against the time sensitive backdrop of climate change, the objective is to rapidly displace and replace significant CO2 intensive fossil fuel power generation. Given the urgency promoted in many scientific circles, large scale wind and solar-sourced power (particularly Appalachian wind and solar) does not at this time possess the qualities of durability, reliability and controlled flexibility required to displace the baseload power provided by coal-fired plants.

I know why the county officials are letting the gas company build an area at Fishpond Lake to park campers. It’s so they can party with the gas company officials.

This is regarding the Whitesburg and Cowan basketball game. To the coach who got kicked out of the game: Little children saw the obscene gesture your wife made to the referee. Please set an example and show some respect. Thank you.

To my soulmate, Kentucky Blue: Hi beautiful. Just a special reminder to let you know that I love you and will stand with you though it all. Let him go ahead and think he has you, but I can promise you that will never happen. Yeah, right. I will be patient through it all, but when the leaves turn green again I’ll be able to get what was taken away from 3 1/2 years ago. The past is gone and things will be so much better now that we both have changed. Take care and know that I love you. Kentucky Ridgerunner.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to two twin sisters up at Neon Holiness Church whose dad passed away. Also, Wayne Turner from over Linefork, the same. Now onto more happy thoughts. I’d like to wish all the staff workers and patients at Letcher Manor Nursing Home a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Stanley Pack. Thank you.

It is a sad thing when preachers in the same faith can’t reason with one another. Come let us reason one with another. We do not need bosses in the church or bullies. Jesus is my boss. He who is called of God follows not man. Man makes rules for his house or his church. God makes His commandments for you and I. God does not leave out compassion, He adds. Love one another. What man of God would deny a very sick child of God fellowship because he was not baptized by his preachers? Can you show me in the King James Bible where this must be done? One faith, one baptism, into which we are all baptized. You should start reading your Bible. Turn back to your first love. You gag at a gnat and swallow a camel. I hope that you can read, because you can’t hear. I thank God for Speak Your Piece. You invite one little man to a meeting at your church and four of the elected leaders take turns raking him over and over. Will God move your candlestick?

One of the main reasons I don’t want Sarah Palin to have any political influence is that she’s such a big socialist. Her state owns the oil and gas under its boundaries, a socialist value, and she raised taxes on the drilling and production companies so she could spread the wealth around to all the state’s citizens, even more socialism. Alaska citizens actually get out of paying any state income or property taxes because Big Brother — or should I say Sister — is soaking people who work. No, real America needs to return to our noble values and keep socialists out of our government, especially ones who are quitters.

I hope that my family in Whitesburg (cousin Gary Mullins and aunt Vernell Mullins) and their families have a merry Christmas and New Year. I would also like to pass along some memories of my family growing up. My father (Thurmon Mullins) was born in Yellow Coal Camp, Ky. I think it might be near Vicco, but am not 100 percent sure. I think back then most people lived in or near coal camps, considering it was the main employer. My father moved to Ohio in the early ’50s to live near his sister, Willa Jean Collins, and later married my mother and resided here in the Dayton, Ohio area. We went home to Kentucky nearly twice a month, all the time when I was a little girl until I was a teen. I always knew when we were close to Grandma’s home in Pine Top. I could smell coal burning by her neighbors in the hollow. It’s funny to remember such things as the smell of coal burning. I am sure I was a pest to my grandma when she was cooking. She would make the best meals ever and I would constantly ask questions as to why she would be doing certain things while she cooked. I remember one time, opening a pot of chicken she was cooking, and there was a head and feet poking right out of the water. My grandma just thought it was the funniest thing because I was so shocked. I know I was the weirdest child growing up, because I begged my grandma to cook turnips when I knew we were coming down for a visit. Most kids would have asked for sweets, but not me. I wanted cooked turnips. Ha, ha. It was awesome growing up with family and extended family in Kentucky. We were taught at an early age to help out your family and neighbors. It was something you just did, like breathing. My dad would help sometimes in the fall, with Watts family across the way, with slaughtering a hog. He would not let us kids watch him when he shot the hog, but we would be in the thick of things when it was time to dress it. I think those old time values need to return to the country. Help your fellow man, do the right thing, believe in God, and most important, forgive when life happens. I am rattling on like the old woman I am. Thank you for letting me share some of my memories. I have loads more, ha, ha. Just let me know if you would like to hear about them. I am not a writer by far, but I do love to talk. Ha, ha. Pamela Mullins Krest.

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