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I would like to thank G.C. Kincer and WGCK radio for the great community service they provided during the power outage and storm of December 18. G.C. was out on the road giving information about where you could buy oil and kerosene, what stores were open, and the conditions of the roads. He provided a world of service, being the only radio station on the air. The station used to be known as WNKY, 14.80 AM, and will soon become a 24-hour FM station.

(We’ve heard others being complimentary of Mr. Kincer’s work during the power outage as well. Sounds like the old guy picked a good time to get back in the game.)

Thanks, Darrell, Vicki and Mike, for coming back to the fire department. The community needs you. Thank you.

If the weather doesn’t straighten up so that my kids can get back in school I am going to go flippin’ crazy.

Are you still in love? Sorry, baby. He wouldn’t give you the time of day.

I would just like to say thanks to the maintenance man at Goodwater Falls Apartments. If he hadn’t been there, many of us at Goodwater would have been cold through the storm. He took care of us very well.

To my angel and her son: I hope you have a happy new year.

I would like to congratulate Kevin Mullins for being appointed district judge. I would like to thank him for all he has done for us.

Letcher Countians who voted for the politicians who are puppets for the gas companies can redeem themselves by voting the same ones out of office in the next election.

To a girl in Blackey: I hope you have a happy new year. I love you. From your secret admirer.

Remember, anywhere you go, that’s where you’ll be. Jesus loves you.

To a certain person: You better be watching your back. You have a lot of enemies right now. Many people are mad at you right now because of what you have done to a certain person. You think where you’re out in your little hiding place you can do whatever you want and who you want and get away with it. Paybacks are bad.

Every day you are gone I miss you and love you more. I hope you haven’t found someone else. I just couldn’t live knowing you had someone else. I wish things had been different.

It looks like Letcher Fire and Rescue strikes again. A lady who is married started getting involved down there and now she’s divorcing her husband for one of the workers down there. Somebody needs to do something with them.

(Will you forgive me if I tell you the song ‘Ring of Fire’ is playing in my head as I type this?)

I want to thank Cumberland Valley Rural Electric for working so hard to get our power back on after the storm. We were out of electricity for a long time and people were giving them down the road, but I want to thank them for working so hard, especially Hannah Garland, Steve Creech, and Carol Craft.

Wayne Fleming may be the man who sticks up for you, but he also let the gas company come into our county and devastate our land, water and wildlife just like the rest of the magistrates and our county judge. They all are affiliated with the gas companies in some shape, form or fashion, and not one of them deserves to be reelected. Letcher County, we need changes, and it is the responsibility of every citizen to make it happen.

I think we have the sorriest highway department we’ve ever had. I think they should do away with all of them and get new ones in there. We have people slide over the hill and everywhere else, and I think we should get rid of them.

He’s lost track of time. That sweet little brother of mine who lives in Race Track Hollow is 39. Happy birthday.

Is the Letcher County Grand Jury going to investigate why the county and state road departments haven’t cleaned the debris from the roads? You still can’t travel Highway 7 South without having to cross the yellow line to dodge fallen trees.

I have a $50 reward for information regarding a Stihl weed trimmer stolen from Daniel’s Branch. Any information will be much appreciated. Thank you very much. P.R.

I completely understand that Speak Your Piece is for practically anything anyone wants to say, but the 90 percent of it that has to do with the water and sewer district is really getting old. If the problem hasn’t been solved by now it should be dropped or taken to court. It’s been going on for months now.

To the Tennessee woman: Thank God we finally got to meet. I’m so glad we had such a good time. I can’t believe you looked as good as you did 16 years ago. Can’t wait until next date. I’ll call you when I get off work. Signed, I’ve Always Cared About You A Lot And Always Thought Of You Often. Thank God we don’t have to use Speak Your Piece anymore.

My name is Doris Adams. Recently I suffered a really bad fall at Walmart. A wonderful couple and another gentleman helped me to my car and offered to call an ambulance for me. I did not get their names, but I want to tell them thank you for helping me. God bless you. I really appreciate you all.

The Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board still has not announced the date and time of its next meeting on the radio or in the paper. All of the board members are servants of the citizens, so why hide in secret meetings to discuss what should be made public? Why conceal the date and time of a meeting unless they want to keep certain activities secret or they just don’t think the voters in Letcher County are intelligent enough to contribute to the meetings?

We would all like to wish a happy new year to the little black-haired girl who worked the window at Mike’s Drive-In on New Year’s Eve. She was very sweet and nice to all the customers and wished us all a happy new year. Her name starts with a T and ends with an S. We all thank you very much.

I hear Richard Brown changed his politics from a Democrat to a Republican to run for magistrate.

Sorry to hear about the big snow you all had. I can’t blame some of you for complaining about the power company not doing its job. I know you live in the mountains and winter comes there. Sometimes there is a bad snow and things happen. My beautiful Letcher County wife and I live in the north and we get snow also. You have free wood all over the place. It is lying on the ground there for the taking. A little sawing and you could have back-up heat. We buy a little extra food just in case, along with oil lamps and extra water. We do have to buy wood for the fireplace. We bought a generator, so let it snow. Why can’t most of you do something to prepare instead of yelling at the power company? It seems no matter what happens it’s not your fault.

(I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why, but something tells me if you and your beautiful Letcher County woman actually were living here, you would have been calling the power company (presuming you still had phone service) to complain at least once on each of the seven or so days you were without electricity. Then again, I could be wrong, and the two of you may have been content with walking up a steep hillside wearing broad smiles on your faces and singing ‘let it snow, let it snow’ while gathering logs for your >wood-burner.)

What’s up with Community Trust Bank blocking off its very convenient parking spots in downtown Whitesburg on weekends and evenings? Shouldn’t the bank, of all places, be encouraging people to go downtown to shop and eat and otherwise be entertained? If there’s a good reason why the parking places are being roped off, I am willing to listen.

(On the occasions when the parking spaces were blocked off, work was being done on the bank building.)

Archie Banks doesn’t need to be trashed, he merely needs to be voted out of office just like the rest of the Letcher County politicians who let the gas company come in and pollute my drinking water and destroy the county road leading to my house. You would not be so satisfied with Archie Banks and the rest of the politicians if the gas company destroyed your road and water and then got a restraining order on you to keep you off your own property. Think about that, you Archie lover.

I could not believe what I was hearing with my own ears the other day when I heard Rick Pitino, the basketball coach at the University of Louisville, say most kids today have huge egos that are all out of whack. This coming from the same man who still thinks he invented University of Kentucky basketball while he was coaching there? This coming from the same man who used his power of celebrity to get the keys to a popular restaurant after it had already closed for the evening, then ordered his personal driver/assistant coach to walk around a corner while he proceeded to have sexual relations on a restaurant table with a woman who was not his wife? Talk about your out-ofwhack egos.

To the caller who said Letcher County needs to sweep all the politicians out of office: You better get a big shop broom to sweep all the bad officials who are currently in Letcher County offices. If you get tired sweeping you may have to wash them out because of the stench.

We keep hearing about the poor Christians losing their jobs. If it was an unjust firing, what does being a Christian have to do with it? Bet you don’t know religion and Christianity are not the same. Anyone can go to church and not be a true Christian. By law, the water board has to give you a report on all things it does, so get off of your duff and go get one. Some complain about the leaders in the county, yet everyone seems to vote according to family connections. He or she might be a cousin removed 397 times, but they are still family so you vote them in. You end up getting raped, but if it’s family it’s okay. One bunch of politicians is as bad as the other. Read your history. It’s always been that way. This is not saying all people are like this.

The Letcher County Water and Sewer District is a mess and is poisoned. We need someone to go to the Public Service Commission to report the unjust activities that have gone on. The county officials are not going to step in and straighten the mess up. They know what is going on and would not have it any other way.

People talk about tourists coming to Letcher County. Just read the paper and tell me why anyone would want to come and see the dopers and murderers, or a mountain trail that is supposed to be open to the public but is blocked by armed men. There is a saying, ‘You can’t see the forest for the trees.’ Nothing will ever change.

To Kentucky Ridgerunner: Your ex-wife is history and will never get you back. She will have to go through me now, and she just isn’t woman enough. Instead of Kentucky Blue her name should be Kentucky Through because she is so not going to get you back. Let her try. I’ll whip the ugly off of her behind. I am your soul mate, baby. She was just a dingbat. And if she reads this and wants to know who I am, just come to the Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse in Gatlinburg New Year’s night, and you will see me and your man, the Kentucky Ridgerunner, out on the dance floor moving real slow and smooth and easy to the beat of the music. I better not so much as hear about you looking at or talking to him. Keep your two-faced, trashy behind on Linefork where you belong, because if I catch you out I will whip you real good. I am 130 pounds of pure hell, so come and get some. Ridgerunner’s woman forever, Kat.

Krazy Kat: Hi baby, I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic time at the Christmas party. Talk about a Playboy centerfold body. I love you baby, and will see you in Gatlinburg. Kentucky Ridgerunner.

The excellent opinion piece ‘After the Storm’ is must reading for everyone who was involved, whether they were merely irritated and inconvenienced or were put in severe hardship by the power loss. I hope not, but I believe the inconvenience to some and hardship to others will continue, because I think the incredible rate increase the power company is asking for will be granted — has probably already been worked out between the power company and the public utilities officials, in fact. This increase will severely punish those who are living on the edge of their incomes. Their only recourse will be to use less electricity and of course, have less heat. This will affect not just a few, but hundreds and thousands in this area. This should not happen in a civilized society; it is criminal in every sense of the word. The severity of the failure was caused by one thing, and that is obvious to anyone driving these roads. The power lines are snaked through the trees and brush, with some lines laying on tree branches, and other lines supporting tree branches, with almost no clearance for the wires. The morning after the failure there were several places between Eolia and Cumberland where the lines were actually holding up fallen trees. It is surprising that every strong wind doesn’t cause a major failure. This absence of any maintenance is not tolerated anywhere else that I have seen. Why is it here?

The administration running the county, or I should probably say in charge of the county, is just not working out. No one is really running the county; it is just lurching and freewheeling along on its own, going from one embarrassment or crisis to another. The county is getting further behind all the time, and there is probably a point from which it can’t recover. There are people in the county who are qualified to run the county. There is time left to file. Responsible people must consider filling this vacuum of leadership.

When a new county judge comes in, what will it cost to repaint the doors on all the county vehicles? Was this expense and this exercise in egotism really necessary? Anyone who has the slightest interest knows who the judge is. When you consider the way things have gone for the past few years in this county, you have to wonder why he would want to advertise.

I want to wish Wid Page and Minnie’s family a happy New Year. Also, Ed Short, his wife, and everyone else as well. OK? Thank you. Stanley Pack.

To the woman who advised against having an affair: As a psychologist who specializes in marital disputes, in particular those involving extra-marital affairs. I would agree that there is no good reason to have an affair, and the end result is almost always disastrous. The married person who is having the affair is almost always singled out as the culprit. Both parties have something lacking in their lives, and this is seen as a subconscious way to fulfill a need. One particular avenue not frequently studied or documented is that of the victim within the affair. This is most frequently the woman. She has often suffered a past abusive relationship at some point in her life and believes she is involved in this affair because she is in love and she seeks the love of others. The man is most frequently in it for the sex or adventure of the experience. The woman will engage in the sex to please the man that she is involved with, and could fully enjoy the experience at the beginning feeling that this is an expression of love. The man most likely is not feeling love, but is having his sexual urges satisfied. Although we only read the one side to the affair mentioned, by reading between the lines and studying the letter, it most definitely sounds as if the woman was the victim in this affair. This does not negate the fact that it was wrong for either party to have the affair, but she already addressed her knowledge of this by writing to your paper. I write this to further enlighten the reading audience. This sounded like a rather classic case of an affair dominated by the man. The woman was available for the man at any time and from what I could determine, he was able to choose when the meetings would occur. When the woman requested any other time, he most likely made her feel like she was wrong and demanding, further contributing to her feelings of inadequacy. He will often remind her that she is having an affair and remind her that what she is doing is wrong, insinuating that she should not be placing any demands on him. He may have kept his temper under control, but made the woman feel as if she were foolish by losing her temper after being mistreated by him. In the great majority of similar cases, the man will lie both to his spouse and lover, and when caught in a lie, will become irritated at the person confronting him and place the blame on her. He will lie to cover up lies. He lies or tells the lover that he will do something, and then reneges. The woman is hurt, confused and becomes enraged. He greatly contributes to the lover feeling irrational by casting blame on her. This is a common practice for men in this situation. The man will often convince himself that what he is doing is OK. Maybe he’ll talk himself into believing that he is saving his marriage, while in reality he has no intention of providing anything else to his lover other than the exchange of sex. This man was most likely eager to end this affair and lacked the courage to tell the woman he had tired of her. The sex was no longer worth it, as the woman became more attached and expected love out of the experience. As the woman experienced, the more she needed proof that the man loved her, the more he pulled back. Many women in this situation would become consumed by the need to know that the lover would be there for her. A woman will often overreact once a man distances himself to assure her that they have not been involved in an inequitable affair. It is doubtful that the man ever loved her. He knew this fact, but she had not up until now. I write this out of concern, as the woman stated she still loved the man at the end of her letter. She most likely lost her perspective of this affair because of her involvement in it. She may have loved the man, but it looks by all accounts as if she was used. The man may not have viewed it this way, but also lost perspective of feelings once drawn into the affair itself. This is not meant to be hurtful, but the reality is that it is doubtful that the man ever loved her at all. I strongly advise her to completely let go of this man and concentrate on her marriage. She needs to forgive herself, and she may need professional assistance to get to that point.

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