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What is up with the county’s garbage collection service, especially in District Five? It’s been days since they’ve bothered to pick up garbage near the Letcher-Pike county line. I’m getting tired of having to set it out each morning before I go to work, only to have to put it up again when I get back home. If they’ve changed the collection day they should let us know.

The kinky kings of the kilowatt are at it again, requesting an outrageous increase in the price of kilowatt hours. If approved, this increase will have a disastrous effect on the economy of eastern Kentucky. Depending on the Public Service Commission coming to the aid of distressed taxpayers is similar to the chicken farmer requesting the service of a fox to protect his chickens. Our elected representatives in Frankfort refuse to take on the power company lobbyists because they are too busy padding their pockets with favors and basketball tickets. Besides that, they are too busy voting themselves huge increase in retirement benefits. It is good that the grand jury will investigate the recent outages, and they should investigate the recent request for a raise in kilowatt hours. The Public Service Commission should be called the PPB — Personal Pals and Buddies of the electricity czars. They will not refuse whatever the electrical institution requests.

The City of Jenkins will not take care of the city streets even though we pay city taxes. I’m getting tired of it and I’m going to start raising all kinds of trouble with them. If I have to, I’m going to start taking pictures and posting them at WYMT. I don’t know why the county grand jury is just going to look at the power company. Why don’t they indict the state highway department for letting all the trees fall onto the state highways? They don’t take care of anything, either. If it’s good for one it should be good for the other.

To a certain man: You can’t change your looks and think they don’t know who you are and what you have done. They do. And you will soon find out.

I understand that the Letcher County Water District is having problems, but the billing system is really messed up. I am elderly and on a fixed income, and I don’t have the money to pay for three months of water in one month.

You would think they were talking about a church organization the way they talk about the water board. The water board is broken down with politics. It doesn’t matter about politics as long as it’s good politics. If it’s good politics it looks like you could get some good water. The water system should be the primary concern. It’s sad that somebody lost their job and it’s sad that the water board is goof balls, but somebody should be worrying about the drinking water.

The United States of America, God bless it. Hitler is exactly where he belongs. When Hitler started dictating, he passed 20,000 laws. The United States legislature has passed more than 40,000 laws governing its citizens. I’m an American, proud to be an American. Land of the free, home of the brave. God bless America.

I see the gas people back on Bill Moore Branch. I guess they’re going to finish tearing our road up. It’s spider webbed all the way down through there. I’ve walked it; you can’t see it if you’re driving. I think we the people of Bill Moore Branch should get a petition asking the county government to force the gas company to pave the road back to the way it was when it leaves. It’s a shame. When our road is all to pieces, the gas company will dust the seat of its pants and go on back to Wall Street.

Buddy Sexton didn’t tell the paper the whole story about the Sandlick Fire Department.

I saw on the news last night where Perry County is getting another big government grant. I thought when Jim Ward got in office he was going to get our county some federal and state grants and loans so we could do some building and bring jobs to Letcher County. Instead, all the money and jobs are going to Perry and Pike counties.

Other than helping the natural gas companies conquer Letcher County and overseeing a decline in nearly every aspect of county government, what have Jim Ward and the other members of the Letcher County Fiscal Court accomplished since they took office more than three years ago? Just take a look around. When is the last time our county has been in such poor shape? A change would do us good.

I wish the people who own this little white dog at Chopping Branch in McRoberts would put him up. Everybody is complaining about him tearing our garbage up, but you can’t get the dog warden to come check it. I just wish the dog’s owners would put him up.

What happened to the fireman at Sandlick? Did the flames get too hot?

To a certain fireman: You called and said there would be a lot of changes at Sandlick. Boy were you ever wrong. Shows how much you know. Ha ha ha.

Congratulations go to Buddy Sexton for retaining his seat as president at Sandlick Fire Department. He showed them how to kick butt the right way. Some couldn’t take it, and they left.

Someone at The Mountain Eagle needs to write a story comparing the accomplishments made during the current administration of County Judge Jim Ward to the administration of former County Judge Carroll Smith. For instance, the writer could compare how many miles of water lines were laid while Judge Smith was in the courthouse to how many miles of water lines have been laid since Judge Ward promised to put all the projects thought of while Smith was in office on what Ward called the fast track. I’m afraid the writer would find that Ward’s fast track has proven to be one slow political blunder.

I would like to leave a message about the neighborly conduct of some ‘Christian’ people: Many people dream of coming back home and move into a neighborhood where it’s quiet and your neighbors watch out for each other. A member of my family recently was able to purchase such a piece of the American dream. My mother went to visit this family member recently in the Golf Course neighborhood, but was unable to get up the driveway because it was too slick with ice and snow. My mother then left her car parked near the driveway and walked to the home, only to find out later that these so-called Christian neighbors had her care towed in less than 30 minutes. Wouldn’t it have been easier for these neighbors to have called and asked my mother to move her car? It’s not like it was blocking a road or anything, they just didn’t want it parked there. This was some real Christian and neighborly conduct displayed by these Golf Course people, and I really want to thank them.

Hey, preacher man. You and your family are trying to sweep everything I did at that church under the rug. Liars, liars, liars. Sin will get you nowhere.

My last comment about people helping themselves instead of blaming others was not meant as an insult. My words may have been a little harsh to some, but being cold and hungry is worse. We all know winter comes each year and some years are worse than others. What good does it do to blame others when you are the one hurting?. True, I don’t live there, but my wife is from there. If I did live there I would prepare for the bad days as I do where we live now. Bet a lot of old timers didn’t complain. They, like me, didn’t have electric power, telephone, television, etc. We got by and we made sure our neighbors didn’t go hungry and stayed warm. Times have changed and not all for the good. So what is the harm in telling people to do something for themselves? Yes, my wife and I do go for walks in the snow and enjoy nature. So much for the Speak Your Piece editor’s smart remark about us smiling. The mountains are beautiful and can be enjoyed in winter also. Now tell me why it is wrong to prepare instead of blaming others.

(There’s nothing wrong atall with encouraging peopleto be prepared for the loss ofelectricity during badweather. However, yourcomment made it sound likeyou were blaming peoplewho were without power foras many as 10 days for thefact that Kentucky PowerCompany has been neglecting its maintenance duties.)

Food companies bring food from China. Food companies bring food from Central and Latin America in the name of free trade. It is untested by the FDA. Drug companies bring in medicine from Singapore, Ireland and Canada without the FDA testing them. However, if a consumer wants to get medicine from a Canadian pharmacy, all kinds of legal things happen. You can tell where the drug companies put their money. By the way, a hillbilly can get pain pills in Florida easier than a Michigander can get arthritis medicine out of Canada. Free trade is selected according to who it benefits. Just ask the car workers who saw their jobs go south to Mexico.

I already knew who the county judge was even before he misused taxpayers’ money by putting his name on the doors of every county vehicle. We could have used that money for our senior citizen’s center. The next time you spend the taxpayers’ money, Judge Ward, spend it wisely and spend it on something more important than your ego.

I think William Farley is one of the best reporters in the state, and his accounts of fiscal court and city council meetings are excellent. I get a better understanding of what has happened at these meetings from his reports than I do by attending, and I don’t have to sit on what may be the hardest benches in the world. I don’t understand how he can garner so much information from what is so often no more than unintelligible mumbling. I’m afraid that inability to enunciate is another of the weaknesses of our leaders, although it may not be as harmful as some of the others. Good reporters and honest newspapers are important to any society, but absolutely vital in a community where the long-standing actions of officials have destroyed all public trust in government for generations to come. People must have something to trust to keep society from unraveling, Good job. Keep it up.

Our number two problem, right below official incompetence, is terrible to nonexistent infrastructure. We have pretty good roads now, and that is certainly a blessing, but the rest of it is a wreck. A lot has been said about the recent power failure and its causes, but what about the water, sewer, bridges and all the rest? I don’t think there has been a time in years when some large segment of the population hasn’t been under a ‘boil water’ advisory, and right now several communities are without water. This kind of thing is unheard of through most of the country. Lots of people, and they are probably wise, don’t drink water from the tap because they don’t trust the water system. Most of us don’t have sewer service, and it looks like the water and sewer that has been promised is bogged down in bickering and dissension among the people who are supposed to be managing them. I don’t think the people in charge are capable of doing the job, no matter what their motivations. When I hear of new industry, or tourism, I have to laugh. How can you have tourism accommodations when you don’t have a sewer? How many companies want to subject themselves and their employees to these obviously inadequate systems? It all goes back to those who are paid to take care of these problems, and who aren’t getting it done. Several have suggested a wholesale turnover at election. I think that is a great idea. New faces may be no better, but they certainly can’t be worse.

I understand that another Christian had to resign from the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board. Heaven only knows why this poor sole had to resign. Can anyone with truthful knowledge enlighten Eagle readers about this resignation?

I wish the county government officials would stop using politics when deciding which roads need scraped and salted. I did not vote for you, but I’m still entitled to the same services as the rest of the county.

The crisis in Letcher County will never transform until we clean house in the next election and elect honest politicians.

The Letcher Fire and Rescue Department has been unethical for years, mainly because of the person who is in charge. I was not shocked to hear that one of the members took another man’s woman. The department head should have put a stop to this type of behavior, but you first have to think about who runs the department.

I wish whoever keeps calling in about the water board would just give it a rest. We’re tired of reading the same thing week after week. It’s obvious it keeps coming from the same group of people. They need to get a life, get over it and move on.

I want to speak about Kentucky Power. They are going to raise our power bill and these poor people around here are on a fixed income. It will hurt us. I’m against them doing that stuff to us. I always thought Kentucky Power was a good company, but now they are talking about raising our power bills up on us. I don’t know what us poor people are going to do.

• Hooray for UK!

Wayne Fleming is not responsible for what the natural gas companies are now doing in Letcher County. I think the Constitution says ‘we the people’ and when ‘we the people’ go out here and sign on the dotted line for these gas companies, you can’t blame Wayne Fleming for that. You people are going to regret that one of these days. These people are going to be talking about you like the old-timers who sold their coal for nothing. Yep, they came in and got their gas for nothing. Remember, you’ve got the opportunity to make big money, but you choose not to.

Richard Brown who cuts hair is not running for magistrate in District One. The Richard Brown who is running did change his politics from a Democrat to Republican to run for magistrate in District One.

Could somebody out there tell me the name of the politician in Whitesburg who is supposed to see to it that land taxes are collected from the people? When you see all the names in the paper of the taxpayers who are delinquent, that lets you know that whoever that person is, they are not doing their job.

I would like to thank Jimmy Vance on Bill Moore Branch for taking his fourwheeler and cleaning the road out for everybody in the hollow. You are a good neighbor, Jimmy. Thank you, sir.

Watch out. Mr. Hall will survey your land and he will claim it.

Bobby D. Lewis, you are a great magistrate in District One. Keep up the good work. Thirty-three roads blacktopped in three years is wonderful. Just keep up the good work.

I would like to say thank you to all the people that helped our family during our time of need when Thomas Halcomb passed away. To the people that helped us get off of the mountain by cleaning the roads off, thank you so much. We would not have been able to go to the funeral if it wasn’t for you guys. Thank you to friends and family who brought food to all of us that were on the mountain. Thank you to the Letcher Funeral Home. The set-up was great and Thomas looked like he did before he got sick. Thomas will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful father, a great husband and grandfather and great-grandfather. We would like to thank everybody that helped out with that. Thank you so much from the family.

Dear sister and brotherin law, when your son tells you he has been to the doctor and he needs $100 for this and $15 for that and $30 for that and he carries his work clothes around in his truck like he has been working, no, he’s not been working. He’s out here buying Lortabs and OxyContin at your expense. There is no good way to tell you this. You wouldn’t believe it no how. Sit around and think about it.

Clean your act up, Isom. And for the powers to be down there: You want tourism to come back to Letcher County? Ha ha ha. Good luck.

Well, well. There goes red legs across the county line. Where are you going today, red legs?

To the Tennessee woman who drives the Jeep with the Tennessee tags and stickers: What is your name? Or just your first and last initials? And to make sure this is the same Tennessee woman, what color is your Jeep? Signed, your secret admirer.

That was a false statement you made. No, I don’t wish I had a girl to look like you. Like the way you probably wish you weren’t given my name, in case you have, whether you like me or not.

We have a few questions we would like to have answered concerning the Letcher County Relay for Life. I think the American Cancer Society is a wonderful program, and we never fail to help any way we can. There is a lot of money collected in a year’s time in Letcher County in the name of the name of the cancer society. I think people who donate, sometimes large amounts of money, need to see on paper a public, published report of how many teams are involved in the Relay and how much money each team collects and turns in to the committee. The money raised through other special events leading up to Relay for Life should also be made public, with an explanation of what the money is used for. Does it stay in Letcher County to help our many cancer patients or does it go somewhere else? I’m not trying to rattle anyone, but if I donate money I want to know how it’s being used. Someone please respond. Thank you.

How many sexual deviates live in Letcher County? Could there be several?

How come so many people are filing to run for magistrate in District One? Either the pay has risen or they are tired of what’s going on.

The cable company is losing a bunch of customers as the patrons are buying systems of their own.

The highway crew that cuts the trees and bushes out of the roads after the storm needs to get some training on how to cut them so that your vehicle won’t be damaged. They cut them off and left three or four feet still sticking out.

I’ve been thinking for awhile about the LKLP program, just how many people they help and the workers who are so friendly. So are the guys who haul the coal. Now on to other matters. I hope that Judge Ward has got plenty of pull concerning our power bills. The public will protest and the so-called higher-ups will raise it anyway. Thank you. Stanley Pack.

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