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Was it really worth it to leave home and move away from your sick daughter for another man? I guess it was to you ‘cause you don’t have a conscience for all the filthy things you have done.

Mr. Pat Robinson, for you to say what happened in Haiti to all those poor, innocent people was because they sold their souls to the devil takes a lot of audacity for a man to say that, especially one who is over The 700 Club.

I get tired of coming home from work and having to put my garbage up every time the garbage truck runs. I wish they would keep that dog up. He is a little white dog and he tears my garbage up and I have to come after dark and pick my garbage up at Chopping Branch.

Yes, I would like to ask our County Judge/Executive a couple of questions. Maybe he could reply next week. I went down to the recycling center the other day and one of the guys, all he did was sweep and picked up papers while the other guys unloaded cardboard trucks and papers and things of that nature. I would like to ask him what makes that other guy so special. I was down there and one of the guys was working on his personal vehicle on company time. I didn’t think you could do that so I’d appreciate it if Mr. Ward or the county government would answer that. Thanks and have a good day.

I’m sitting here looking at the victory celebration of Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley for the Senate seat in Massachusetts. A Republican has not held a Senate seat in Massachusetts in 60 years. This election sends a resounding message to the Democrats. We are not happy with the status quo. We’re not going to take it anymore. We the people have spoken. We don’t want health care run down our throats. We don’t want federal funds spent on abortion. We don’t want U.S. rights given to terrorists. We don’t want Cap and Trade, which would kill the coal industry in Kentucky. It’s a new year in 2010 and we will flip this house.

I was just wondering if Letcher County has a dog warden and why that the people here in McRoberts can’t get something done about these dogs running loose and tearing up people’s garbage. There’s a white dog and a collie that tear my neighbor’s garbage up every time. I come home from work and have to pick my garbage up. There is nothing wrong with people having dogs. They should keep them tied up and not let it run out in the neighborhood and bother other people. I sure would like for the dog warden to come up here and tell people to keep their dogs up.

I thought that if it was against your religion to buy a chance it would also be against your religion to sell a chance.

To my darling honey bun: I know you have been looking for something in Speak Your Piece from me so here it goes. I hope you realize and know how much I love you. I will stick by you through thick and thin all the way until the end. You’ll always be my baby, my precious, precious baby.

My dear, dear friend Frieda. We sure do miss you around our hellhole. We hope everything is going fine. We hope your mother pulls through. We hope you are doing great. We miss you. Come by and see us sometime at the hellhole.

To a certain person who is running for office: You used to be a nice guy but you let your wife’s attitude change you. Change this and you might win next time.

Vote Hager Trent. If he wins or loses you will have still voted for the right one. He is honest.

To a certain county offi cial: Your woman friend is killing your votes. You need to tell her to stop calling and stopping people in the stores and harassing them if you want any chance of getting re-elected.

This is to the City of Cumberland: You all need to clean up that place. There are old buildings that need to be torn down. It is full of garbage. It looks like a ghost town and the streets are full of potholes. You can’t drive down the street without tearing your vehicle up. Instead of fighting back and forth you ought to clean up that place. I think it is a shame.

This is from the Tennessee woman. To start out with, my Jeep is gray and if you have been reading Speak Your Piece you should know by now that I met my secret admirer and we are having a good time going out. We have been going out for a while now so whoever you are putting that in there, leave us alone. He does work and I work. He clocks in and out just as I do. I don’t know who you are but please leave us alone. We are getting along just fine. Thank you very much.

I just want to thank God that there are more people running for magistrate in District Three this time. Narramore and Gibson haven’t done anything for Craft’s Colly. I doubt they have helped anyone.

I want to tell a very special man that even through our marriage we had, you loved other stuff more than me. I think of you every day and the good times we had, but then I get smacked in the face with the bad. But in the Bible we have to forgive everyone who has ever hurt us so I want to say that I forgive you. Even though our life together is over I want you to know I will always love you until the day I die. I hope you have a happy new year.

Please everybody, let’s elect a diff erent magistrate in District One. Maybe some of us folks can get some help. Thank you.

I want to wish my cousin, Roger Howard, a happy 42nd birthday on Feb. 5. Love your cousin Beulah, even though you seem like a brother. Love you.

I hope Leonard Lawson goes to jail for a long time so his big fat scabies over here at Jenkins can go with him.

It is a shame right before each election the candidates that are in office will call Speak Your Piece and act like they are someone else and brag about what a good job they have done.

If I was a certain man I would be more cautious of my wife. He would be surprised who picks her up and drops her off at the BP at Isom and Dairy Queen. Oh well. He deserves it.

Oh man. Payback is awesome.

To a man in Bear Hollow who likes to shoot other people’s dogs: He couldn’t have killed your chickens. He was in his kennel all day. You could have called and said he was on your property. There is no need for that. He is a dog. He doesn’t know any better. You are lucky I’m not a cruel old man like you because your horses are on my property a whole lot.

You know I really hope sending the National Guard to Haiti will help those who are in need. We needed them in McPeeks Branch Dec. 19 through the 28th. They came up in the hollow only to four-wheel in the Hummers they were in and when they were told by family members not to try to go up the hill in the Hummers because they might blow them up they just replied that it didn’t belong to them. I hope those poor people in Haiti get the help they need. God bless them all because He blessed us through those cold, dark days and nights. It wasn’t the National Guard. Thank you.

Why are so many people running for magistrate in District One? You need only one. That’s Bobby D. Lewis.

This is to who put in Speak Your Piece about the old A&P building: It says read your Bible. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Maybe you need to read your Bible because it’s not in the Bible and I’ll make you a deal. I’ll clean that place up if you find that verse and if you don’t find that verse, you clean it up because, brother, it ain’t in there. Thank you.

To a person at Speak Your Piece who thought I was making fun of the people in Haiti for the earthquake wanting us drunks to not buy any beer but to send their money over there to those people: I’m sorry you thought I was making fun of them. I was just wanting them to take their money and send it to them.

(Thanks for setting the record straight.)

I am writing this to Speak Your Piece because I need to forgive a certain woman for having an affair with my husband. My prayer is for you to not ever do this, ever, to one of your friends again. I thought you were my friend. I trusted you. I also asked you one day if you were a Christian, and you said, ‘Yes.’ My heart has been broken and I am the victim of you and my husband. I am the one who has to deal with ‘Does he want me or her? Where is he now? Does he dream about her? Is he only with me because of the kids? Does he call her? Does she call him?’ God has shown me this morning to write this because I have to forgive, so He will forgive me. In the Bible there is a verse that says, ‘wide is the gate but narrow is the path to those who enter.’ I pray that you will enter the gate and that God will forgive you, and I pray God will forgive me today for my feelings toward you. May God bless you and your family.

I am an American citizen with a photo I.D. driver’s license and a Social Security card. If I go into Mexico today and try to come back an hour later, I will not be allowed to enter the U.S. without a passport. Yet a suicide bomber from a foreign country without a passport is allowed to board a plane and come into the U.S. And, to add insult to injury, this man was on a terrorist watch list. It is becoming more and more apparent that foreigners receive priority over the citizens of this country. It is not always convenient to do spring cleaning in some areas, but in November, we have a chance to do a good housecleaning job in D.C., and it is long overdue.

Hello dream lover. I sure have missed getting to see you. How I miss you and wish you could get back here. I now hate snow more than ever, it keeps you away from me. I worry about you on the road so much. But I don’t like the fact that this weather has kept us from getting to talk so much. I had gotten so used to being able to talk to you two or three times a day, hearing that sexy voice of yours. How I long for you to be back soon, safe in my arms. Take care on the way back to your sunshine. Love, hugs and kisses, your sunshine.

Some people say I should feel flattered that a ‘godzilla skank’ would take such an interest in where I am and what I’m doing. Well, I do. But I also think she should feel humiliated of her infatuation for me. Ha, ha.

Were you looking for me, lunatic? I agree with her, you’ve got serious problems.

The Whitesburg ARH doesn’t have a heart specialist on their staff , or even a visiting one. This needs to be addressed immediately, since this area is known for its higher rate of heart disease. The family doctors may be capable in their fields, but we need the expertise of a cardiologist. Thank you.

Rubby dubby dubby, who needs old Tubby? Ho, ho, ho nor Pitino. UK got in a hurry and hired Calipari. They knew he would not stop until he reached the top. Hooray for UK.

There’s a preacher who has a friend who lives on the preacher’s property, and he controls that friend’s home and life. The Bible says you are to keep your home in order, not to keep someone else’s. Everything he tells the friend, the friend believes. The friend used going back to church to break up with a girl who has a mother dying from cancer. This girl off ered to go to church with him and stand behind him, but he told her no. The preacher and friend stand at the door, knocking her out of entering. The Bible speaks about that, too. She feels like she has been judged by the preacher and his friend. She is a preacher’s daughter and a very good girl and a hard worker. He has promised her a lot and has never done those things. He turned his back on her when she needed him the most. They think that they can go to heaven after what they have done. He has done other women like this and is wearing the backside of his pants out backsliding, the knees out repenting, and the couch out whoring. Respond on what you think about what they have done. Thank you.

I think it’s a shame that Sandlick Fire Department has been used as a storage shed ever since the election.

The gas companies have destroyed our road on Bill Moore Branch and nothing is being done about it. The judge should demand that our road is resurfaced by the gas company that ruined it.

Why would the water board get rid of free counsel from Harold Bolling and pay another lawyer taxpayer’s money? Harold had worked for the water board for years and did not charge a dime.

Can any Mountain Eagle reader tell me how to get in contact with the right person that takes complaints for the Public Service Commission? I have a valid complaint that needs addressed but nobody at the courthouse would give me a contact person and contact number.

Some of the Letcher Fire and Rescue squad are not honest servants of the county but all of them are not bad people, though a few bad apples can make the whole bunch go bad. Get rid of the bad apples, Letcher, before it destroys the whole bunch that we depend on for fire protection.

Congratulations to the person who wrote about the three monkeys in the courthouse last week. Keep it coming. The citizens in Letcher County need to know what type of individuals we have in the courthouse and on the Letcher County Water Board.

The person trying to compare Jim Ward to Carroll Smith needs to be a standup comic.

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