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I know Al Qaeda appreciates the United States news media announcing that we’re prepared for chemical or biological warfare. It just doesn’t make no sense for us to broadcast this to the whole world. One thing that does make sense is our God’s their god’s God. Amen.

I’d like for someone out there to tell me, “What is a constable”? What are constables supposed to do? Is that a check you can sign up on and draw each month? Because I don’t know. I don’t even know why we need them.

In the number 1 district, we don’t need a man like Kenny Wayne Spangler for a magistrate. Bob Lewis is a lot better than he is. We sure don’t need him. Bob at least is a lot better man. That’s the way I feel about it. We don’t need Kenny Wayne Spangler as a magistrate.

I would like for everyone to know the ARH does have a cardiologist. All they have to do is call Dr. Chandrashakar and he will make sure that he is there in a matter of minutes. Because he is a great, great doctor.

Why don’t you try to give me some of that payback yourself to my face instead of sending your little punks around. We’d see who’d get paid.

Hey, Turtle Boy on Bill Moore Branch. You’re so stupid, you don’t think I know who you are and what you done and when you done it. And you think I’m gonna just let it go. What you caused me to stop doing you better start doing it yourself. You knew who this is talking. And, sir, you know that I am hard to deal with and you know I mean what I say. No, I won’t hurt you to the point of killing you because you ain’t worth killing. But you know who this is, so have a nice day.

Mr. President, Congratulations on a wonderful speech. You put it right in front of them. If they can do anything better, put it on your table. God bless you. God bless America. I say you did a 99.9% job on it sir.

To my sexy blue-eyed baby from Line Fork. I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to have you all to myself. You will be forever in my heart. Love, your baby girl from Neon.

To my sexy blue-eyed baby from Line Fork. I can’t wait until the 5th to start my life with you. I love you and miss you. Your baby girl from Neon.

The Parliamentary Council of Europe is investigating the World Health Organization for declaring a swine flu pandemic worldwide, when at the time the pandemic was declared, there was less than 300 deaths worldwide. A US patent for the vaccine was already in place six months before the swine flu hit Mexico. The Council of Europe also states that the declared pandemic ensured maximum profits for pharmaceutical companies. As I’ve stated before on Speak Your Piece, be sure you research your use of any vaccine or injection you put in your body or your child’s body.

The Republicans that voted with the Democrats to sell out American people will be voted out of office too. The Tea Party, taxed enough already, has attracted about 33% of the Americans in the latest polls. It’s time we take our country back, so call your Senators and Congressmen. Let your voices be heard.

Hello dream lover. Sure did miss not getting to be with you today. I felt so alone and needed to be in your arms so badly. Tomorrow bad weather is due back, and that means not getting to see you for several days. I hope that early next week I can see you if the snow doesn’t lay on. Hope you have some good dreams of us. I know I will. Take care, my love. Hugs and kisses, love always, your sunshine.

As far as the power company is concerned, we ought to all get together and form a citizens’ union – a union like they used in the mines. Candles are cheap. If everyone that don’t have kids would do without power for three or four months, we could teach the power company to take that raised rates on us. It would be our way or no way. They are too concerned with these trees. That’s over with and done with. That’s a one time thing. They’ve cut them. Most of them are out of the way. They need to be concerned about the power rates because that’s going to last forever and get worse. We can’t allow that to happen, so we need to do something with that immediately and quit crying about the trees that fell. They’ve already been cleaned up. That’s in the past. We need to worry about the future. A lot of people out there’ve got kerosene heaters and coal stoves. Buy you a can and let’s do without the power. Let’s start us a union, a people’s union against the power company.

If anybody needs work done on their heating pump, you better not get a certain outfit because they do not know what they’re doing. They are charging you the bill, but they don’t do no work. That’s a sorry outfit.

I would like to say a special thank you to whoever helped put the cross back up at the drill spill. Again a special thank you from his family. Thank you.

Yeehaw. I hope this little piece in the paper finds you, and finds you well. I hope that you will call me back. I’m the one that went on a date from when you worked at the BP station. We went to hillbilly days a few years back, and yes, I was a mess. It took God to straighten my life out. I’ve thought of you often ever since, and wanted to talk to you again. My number’s in the book. My first letter’s initialed in my name. Please try to contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Your kids took karate with me and my kids, and I just hope you read this, remember me, and give me a call. I’d love to hear from you. Just check the phone book. The first letter is initialed.

I’m responding about the preacher and his friend. I think I know who you are referring to. The preacher is a kind man for letting his friend live on his property. Sounds like the good girl is mad because she got dumped. I know the good girl in reference, and I don’t call going to the bar and getting wild being a good girl. I think the preacher’s friend is a very wise man for getting out of a bad situation. He didn’t realize what he was getting into. No wonder he wants to go back to church. He’s a good person.

To the ex-wife: Your ex has the best woman there could be, happier than he ever was. There were more bad times than good. It’s over; nobody cares how you feel. You love yourself anyway. Suck it up, get over it, and stop bringing so much shame to yourself.

I agree with you. Payback is awesome because I’m still better than you. That was stated by a very special man. You know who.

The three stooges in the courthouse had better not get it into their heads that people will not forget their treatment of the people they forced to quit. The Kentucky Power Company fiasco has not turned attention away from you three and how you treat people and allow people to be treated.

Republicans say they are for health care reform and did nothing during eight years under George Bush. Why do Republicans oppose health care for working people or do they want to treat us all like we are Mexican employees? Work us for cheap wages and when we get hurt ship us out. Business is opposed to what’s good for the people and only supports what makes CEOs rich. The CEO of my small insurance company made $19 million last year, and I can’t afford the co-pays for lab work and doctor visits. We don’t need any more insurance, what we need is health care and doctor visits and medicine. My father taught me that insurance companies were the biggest con artists, that’s the reason I coined the term ‘con artist conservative.’

This is to the person who asked someone to explain why we had a week of cold weather in January if we were really suff ering global warming: This is an El Nino year, which means the eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer than normal. This is the cyclical weather pattern that happens every few years, but this year the ocean temperature close to the West Coast was even warmer than usual for an El Nino. The warmer ocean temperature breeds storm just like hurricanes form in the Atlantic in summer when the temperature rises. Those storms cause disturbances in the upper atmosphere that change with the pattern of the Jet Stream (in case you don’t watch the weather, that’s the undulating current of air that pushes weather systems around in the Northern Hemisphere). Strong El Ninos can lead to wetter and colder winters in the southern U.S., and warmer temperatures in the north. That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago, when southern Canada had temperatures in the 40s and 50s, while southern U.S. had temperatures in the teens and 20s. In addition to that, it is January, when we usually have cold weather all month long. This year we’ve had a week of Arctic air. Temperatures otherwise have been in the 40s and 50s, much higher than normal, and are forecast to stay in that area for most if not all of the rest of the month. Global warming refers to the average annual temperature worldwide and the temperatures of the oceans, not the shortterm weather patterns over eastern Kentucky. Climate change is a much more understandable term because the ocean temperatures can cause bizarre alterations in the climate on land. If you’d get your head out of the coal company’s butt and read something other than Friends of Coal propaganda, you might know some of this already.

The power company bought coal last year at premium prices, now the price of coal has dropped in half, and the electric company asked for a 35 percent raise in rates. Let’s hope that the price of coal doesn’t drop any more, because the electric company will want to raise their rates even more. Figure this out if you can.

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