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I want to say thank you to Jimmy Vance for cleaning the ditch lines out on Bill Moore Branch and the road when it snowed over. The county wouldn’t do it until after Mr. Vance did it, and then they made a big mess out of it after he got done with it. But Mr. Vance went back and cleaned up behind them again. Mr. Vance really did a fine job and the people on Bill Moore Branch appreciate you for it. Have a nice day, sir.

We have a certain neighbor at Woodrock who got himself a horse. Now, he doesn’t own this horse, but we know who owns it. This guy has to feed it because the owners don’t. I was just wondering what the deal was. This neighbor of ours used to have chickens, but he got rid of a big bunch of them because they stank like the stinking horse does.

Well, Skank-tater, who’s going to buy you a birthday cake this year? You heard the saying, ‘You bit the hand that fed you?’ That’s what you did. And, have you seen that friend lately? Oh man, she was always pretty but now she looks awful. And that stupid husband of hers, man, he’s hanging on. So, good luck.

Today as I was sitting on the front porch with a dear old friend of mine whose mind left her a few years back. As I sat deep in thought, the sun was shining bright and I noticed a little sprig of grass with a drop of dew on the end of it. It flickered in the sun, a rare jewel, and the wind lightly tossed it to and fro. It had colors of green and red and silver and gold and blue. I thought, ‘God, it’s such a tiny thing, but I know you made it too.’ Then I began to think of what I saw and what they represent. Gold for the sunshine that was shining so bright. The blue for blue sky that hovered over our heads. The green for the green grass that made a softer bed. The blood that was shed on Calvary, it represents the red. The silver for the old lady’s hair that shines in the sun so bright. As I sat there in stillness, as I watched the dew disappear on the grass, I thought our lives are just that simple and we can disappear just that fast. As I broke my silent thinking, I turned around to see the old lady had fallen fast asleep. As I looked silently upon her face, the tiny expression that I read was, ‘I’m only sleeping; I’m not dead.’ As I looked at this little sprig of grass, all of this came into my head. Don’t forget: No matter how great or small, God made it all. And no matter what we see upon this earth, though it may be green or gold, silver, or blue, God made all these tiny things to see just for me and you.’ In memory of Nanny Webb. A true experience written by Wilma Webb, her caregiver the last two years of her life.

Well, well, well. I’ve been noticing something going on in the neighborhood lately. All those Ryder trucks and UPS and Federal Express trucks have been coming to and from a certain house at Jeremiah. This person’s been in trouble with the law and he knows how to get out of anything he wants to, just because his mama goes around bullying people in the neighborhood and doing what she wants to. Well you may think that you got away with everything, but you’re wrong. You’re just wrong. Sooner or later it’s all going to come back to you. Like the old saying goes, ‘Every dog has his day.’ Think about it, pal. Your day’s numbered.

To my sexy blue-eyed baby from Linefork: Why me? I love you more than anything in this world besides my kids. Why haven’t you called or come up? I guess you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. You need to understand and really think about what it is you are throwing away for her. It’s me. I love you. Love, your baby girl from Neon.

What happened to the little preacher who was so mean to a woman over at church? What’d he do? Did the members sweep it under the rug like they did when a bunch was mean to me at that same church?

Happy 18th birthday to Matthew Maggard. From Mommy, Serena and the Hermanator.

I would like to wish my dad a very happy birthday. Randy, I love you, Dad. Happy birthday. Bonnie.

To the boy who thinks he’s a man with the initials E.W.: Boy, you have been exposed.

The people in Letcher County do not want Spangler for your magistrate in District 1.

I see in the paper where people are wanting us to pray for the people of Toyota. Those people in the highup places make millions and millions of dollars a year. Their least employed probably gets $80,000 per year. As far as I’m concerned, they should save that money for a rainy day. If you’re going to pray for anyone, pray for the people at the old folks’ home who have no one to come see them. If you’re going to pray for someone, pray for the people of Haiti or the children at St. Jude’s. I hate it for the people at Toyota, but they’ve had the opportunity to save back money for a rainy day.

I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been having trouble with my electricity going on and off two or three weeks now. I called a certain business the other day and asked them to fix it. They wouldn’t even come up here to my house and fix it for me. The electricity guy decided he was going to take a couple of days off. Well, I think the company needs to hire some more people to do their work instead of just one person.

I work for Sapphire Coal Company on second shift and I’ve got a certain friend of mine I work with. I don’t have far to go to get work, but when the time comes, I go. I have a friend who lives at Blackey that works with me too. He’s a real good friend of mine, but he tells me he can never have anything in his own house because he’s got his in-laws living with him. If I was you, friend, I’d do the same thing that my wife did to our inlaws. A couple years ago they moved in with us and they ate us out of house and home. They never did know when to quit. We gave them a bone and they keep coming right back. Well, I’ll tell you how to do it — get the law to help you get them out of your house and they’ll put a stop to it.

Another Christian on the Letcher County Water and Sewer District Board had to quit. I understand that he was forced out. I go to church with him, but he is unwilling to express his feelings about the situation. Can anyone tell me why those scoundrels would run off an honest Christian?

A certain relative of mine came by my house a couple weeks ago and told me to get rid of my coonhounds and my chickens and other animals, and to get me some ponies or horses to raise. Let me tell you something, relative. I won’t get rid of my animals for a four-legged sack of oats. I can make more money where I am now than what you can in three weeks.

What’s the biggest threat in the Middle East to a nuclear holocaust? These folks think Satan is going to take care of this situation. God have mercy on us all.

To my baby girl: You don’t know how it grieves my heart to leave you in that nursing home. I have tried to be there for you and I always will be. They told me your leg was broken again, and it grieves my heart knowing that it’s not the first time.

I’m still waiting to see what the county judge is going to do about a situation that’s being allowed to continue. I cannot believe that he would allow employees for the county to be treated as the lady who worked for the water company was treated. We’re watching to see if he continues to ignore the situation and will vote accordingly come election time. Not addressing the situation and allowing his cronies to take over jobs that became vacant because of harassment is sending a message to the county. And believe me, judge, we hear the message loud and clear. I will say this, though, you have no idea how lucky you are that the woman who was cursed and treated so horribly is a kind, quiet, Christian woman. I am a Christian woman myself, but am far from quiet. That abusive man would have left that office with a limp had he spoken to me that way. I work for a living too, and have never had to put up with such abuse. Tell the truth in the courthouse, and this is what happens? This is not going away, Judge Ward. Do something about it. This is a part of your job, and ignoring it is going to hurt you in the long run. This is sickening, it really is. The lack of response from the people in charge is as bad as the offense committed against that woman.

Dream Lover, huh? How long has he been married? It’s obvious that he is married by the stupid stuff you put in Speak Your Piece so often. Get a clue, lady, he’s not going to leave his wife for you.

Even more than the snow and bad weather, I’m sick of people talking about the weather. Please, let’s find another topic to discuss. We all know it’s cold and snowing. Let’s talk about spring instead, okay?

Well now, there’s a whole bunch of birthdays I know about this month. To start with, Dianna Barron, it’s already past their anniversary, which was on Feb. 4. Moving on, Jamie Pack, Feb 5, also, Eddie Sumpter the same day, who is 45. I hope you’re okay, Eddie, wherever you are. Feb. 10 is Marie Amburgey, we know that she is my age; Opal Boggs, a longtime friend; Bud Pack, Dad’s first cousin is Feb. 22. Valentine’s Day and the last day of this month are two more nephews. That’s all, folks. Please print this? Signed by Stanley Pack. Thank you.

To Sheriff Danny Webb and the rest of the county law-enforcement officers: When are you going to do something about a certain person in Whitco who stays pilled up and on cocaine. He has no driver’s license or insurance. He eats the pain patches off one grandparent and drives all over the county doped up. Everyone in Whitco knows who he is. He’s abusive to his grandparents.

Studies estimate Letcher County has between 3,000 and 6,000 straight pipes. My question is why does our County Judge/Executive allow this? Is this what we want our county to be known for? How many tourists are going to come to a county with all that raw sewage going into the water systems?

People who have health insurance are under the illusion that it covers major illnesses. However when your sick leave runs out on the job, you may have to pay several hundred dollars a month to keep your health insurance. In other words, when you get sick you have to pay for your own health insurance, which may cost more than you can afford if you are not working because of illness. Health insurance is for healthy people, and fifty percent of all people with health insurance have it through the government. Pray you don’t get sick until you are 65 and eligible for Medicare.

With the advent of the 2010 elections, let this letter serve as the onset of my exploratory process for becoming your next politician. Refer to me as ‘Candidate X,’ because I want you to focus on my message, free of the distractions and distortions that the ‘personal destruction hit squads’ from corrupt political party leaders and the jaundiced media seem to revel. Depending on the public’s response to my ideas, I’ll inform you at a later date if and when I’ll enter the race. Dear citizens of this great state and country, I enter this process with a heavy heart. I don’t sleep very well at night anymore, wondering why, how, what and when everything in this society became so complicated and unruly. Trying to be a faithful and loving spouse, a nurturing and disciplined parent, a productive and trustworthy worker, and a contributing member of my church and local community has oftentimes left me too tired to think, so it’s easy to understand why people wrestle with apathy in one or more areas of their life. I believe without a doubt that the two greatest gifts to free mankind happened 1787 years apart. One freed us spiritually for all eternity, and the other freed us physically for our brief stay on Earth. We betrayed the most important for 30 pieces of silver. How much will the betrayal of the second cost? I think it is indisputable that the individual is the most vulnerable and oppressed minority in the world, let alone the United States. The framers of the U.S. Constitution understood this vulnerability, having lived under tyrannical oppression, and designed our system accordingly to protect our inalienable rights by limiting the size and power of both the state and central government. Unfortunately, instead of protecting our individual liberties, most of the politicians have elected to side with lobbyists and special interest groups to exercise a tyranny of need and/or entitlement on all of us. This is the irony, whether it is the politicians’ and lobbyists’ lust for greed and power or blatant ignorance. I have chosen to make a stand by replacing these unscrupulous parasites that have undermined our sovereignty with massive debt and compromised our individual liberties with huge government. What I propose is simple and effective: I will sign a contract with the great citizens of the state to self-impose a one-term limit and a zerotolerance ban towards lobbyists and special interests. No re-election, thus no need for pandering for money to build a campaign coffer and no lobbyists to cause a conflict of interest from performing my sworn duty to protect the individual. After one term, I want to go back home to everyone and everything that brings joy to my life; I will support changes in Congress to promote transparency. All legislation will be written on an eighth-grade reading level and posted on the Internet prior to votes. We can greatly diminish the opportunity for corruption by making the career politician extinct. Let the political parties, lobbyists, and special interests know their stranglehold on the American people is over. If you don’t have a good candidate, be prepared to run for office yourself. We can’t afford the ‘lesser of two evils’ anymore. Talk to one another without prejudice. Be willing to shed your allegiances to particular groups of people (i.e. whites vs. blacks vs. Hispanics vs. Asians; union vs. non-union vs. business; Catholic vs. Protestant vs. Muslim; Republican vs. Democrat vs. Independent; poor vs. middle class vs. rich, and the list is endless) that often carry with them a ‘dehumanizing’ effect, and thus a barrier to ‘honest’ dialogue. Once the ‘labels’ are removed, I have found that most people are fundamentally good, and in agreement on most core topics. We can still ‘write’ the rest of the story. We will get through this together. God bless you, and God bless America. Candidate X.

If any coal miner believes that the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth are friends of the coal miner and the industry, they better have their head examined. This is the same organization that trespassed on one of the surface mines that I worked on, would not leave and put themselves in danger as well as the employees that worked at the mine. A letter to the editor by a KFTC member last week stated that outside organizations such as large coal companies had profits of millions billions of dollars. The last time that I checked, this is the United States of America and companies are allowed to make profits. These large coal companies donate money to schools, needy kids, government agencies, local communities and provide jobs that pay a high wage and have great benefits. The letter writer stated that the coal producing counties are among the poorest in the state. That is a true statement. If KFTC succeeds and causes coal companies to not make a good profit, the mining jobs in eastern Kentucky will dwindle to a point of irrelevance. The writer also stated that the real threat to miners’ jobs is not KFTC but the increasing use of massive earth moving machines that displace hundreds of deep miners. This is not a true statement. I have worked as an underground miner for 35 years and I have never lost my job because of a coal company shutting down an underground mine and opening a surface mine. As for the coal companies skipping town after the coal is gone, any company will leave after the profits are gone and none are going to stay and provide our citizens with good jobs and a tax base for our government if we regulate them out of business. I have lived in eastern Kentucky all my life. I’m a landowner and the land that I have has been surfaced mined, auger-mined, highwall mined and underground mined. I have drank water from the stream below the land that was mined on my property and it is better than any you get from a public water system. My land was reclaimed and I have abundant level land to develop that would have never been feasible if not for the coal company. Deer and turkey are abundant now that the mining has been completed, plus I have made a good sum of money from the mining company. The environment was protected by the mining company. The law states that if it’s your land and a coal company wants to surface mine it that is your option. If you don’t want a coal company to mine your land you do not have to let them mine it. KFTC has no business telling me what I can and can’t do with my own land.

To the person who said they love politics in Letcher County: Your comment about the big plan coming together was excellent. Your statements were correct and to the point. The current politicians are reaping the spoils of being corrupt. The statement about Harold Bowling being sent packing as the lawyer of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District was astonishing. According to the information I have gathered, Harold did not get paid a dime for the years that he worked, and he did a fantastic job representing the water board. Phillip ‘Peewee’ Back, the water board chairman who fired Mr. Bolling and replaced him with an attorney who is charging the county’s taxpayers for his work, would be fired by Judge/Executive Jim Ward if Ward had the backbone to act on the misuse of county funds. The senior citizen center that I attend could use the money that was wasted during this political escapade. Keep on writing the truth about the corrupt politicians in Letcher County in Speak Your Piece and just maybe the readers of The Mountain Eagle will vote for anyone but the current administration in the next election.

If I washed my wife’s feet even though she doesn’t belong to my church. Would that be a sin? She is a child of God. All I can hear is we don’t do that here. What did Jesus do to a man that betrayed Him? Who makes the laws, God or a man? If my wife is in God’s fellowship, who’s fellowship am I in? Thank you.

Liberty is here if you want it. Stand fast therefore in the liberty where Christ hath made you free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage of drugs. For in Jesus Christ, faith worketh by love and a righteous judged. The habitation of devils is drugs. With your help, they will fall and God’s angels having great power, the habitation of devils will fall, fall and going to fall. The merchants of the earth (Letcher County) will weep and mourn. No man has no merchandise of drugs and no merchandise of drugs can they find to buy and sell. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. God sends His avenged for you and him to work for your and my liberty and break the yoke of bondage of drugs. God and his avenged will give your life back that drugs stole from you. Alpha and Omega. Open your eyes and see. Thank you, God, for your avenged. John 3:16. God, the avenged and your friend. C.A.C.

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