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Hey, religious man. You’re doing a pretty good job of having another man’s wife. But you know what? The Bible says all whoremongers will have their part in the lake of fire. You’re doing a pretty good job. Keep on keepin’ on, because you’ve got to meet your maker one of these days.

Seven-time champion.

This is for Mary and Randy: I was voted the new Idol of Campbell’s Branch Bluegrass Music. I got a new t-shirt and I got to sing a song. You should have been there. You don’t know what you missed. It was great and I was good.

I just wanted to say that I had to go before Harold Bolling one time and he was so rude to me that I just felt terrible. He wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. I am so glad that Jamie Hatton is running against him and I hope he gets the job. Whoever’s trying to put Jamie down in Speak Your Piece seems to be helping him, so keep up the good work. Jamie comes from a real good family and I just hope he wins this election.

To the lady I saw at the Vicco antique mall: Call me and we’ll discuss the property you wanted. I didn’t get your number. Or meet me down there on one of the days they’re open and we’ll discuss it. They’re open Thursday through Sunday from 10-6. Get in touch with me.

Could you tell us what the constable is supposed to do? Nothing is what that Campbell boy has done. I would be ashamed to go to the mailbox for my check. He can retire with the check and pension for doing nothing. He should at least help with funerals and ballgames. Thank you.

Where does this Friends of Coal money go? When you buy one of those plates at County Clerk Winston Meade’s office, where does the extra money go?

Hello, dream lover. How wonderful to have heard your voice this morning. I needed so bad to hear from you and wanted so much to be in your arms. My world felt so alone this past week. Do you know that it’s possible to be in a room filled with people and yet be totally alone? But when by oneself and thinking of that very special loved one, the loneliness can be overwhelming at times. I miss seeing that handsome face. I hope by the time you read this, I will have got to see you and be in those marvelous loving arms of yours. How I hope and pray that your job will be closer and I can get to see you every week, or at least three times a month. That would be my little heaven on Earth to get to spend that much time with you. Love always, your sunshine.

I went to the dance at the American Legion for Valentine’s Day and will never go back.

 I would like to say that the county police caught one person, but they didn’t catch the woman that lives behind the fire department because she ran like hell that day. But I do tell you one thing, they need to catch her because she’s the worst one.

I wouldn’t have your name for a million dollars.

 You have a pig face.

If I was “dream lover” I would be running from “sunshine.” Something tells me she is psycho. If she and her man were on the up and up, then why does she have to depend on Speak Your Piece to reach him? It’s clear to anybody reading Speak Your Piece that “dream lover” is married and “sunshine” wants more of him than he can give her. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

I looked in the newspaper and saw where they caught a certain drug dealer in our county. I just wonder how come down in the Jeremiah area of Letcher County they haven’t caught a certain drug dealer that lives just a couple miles from the elementary school. I also wonder why they haven’t caught the couple of drug dealers in the Doty Creek area.

Global warming. Sure some of the polar caps are melting. But here in North Carolina on Beech Mountain we’ve had more than 100 inches of snow. Let’s talk about the Cap and Trade.

To the child molester on KY 805 in Jenkins: When I get ready to come by and get that truck and your girlfriend comes out there to run her mouth, I’ve got 20 pictures made of you and I’m going to hang them all over Jenkins. So stay in the house and don’t come out on the porch and bark.

To a certain man on Sandlick: You’re nothing but a lowdown hypocrite. I’ll get my leather coat. You will pay for it.

I get sick of people always criticizing President Obama. He was left with a mess and is doing his best to try to fix it. Now it looks like the stimulus package is working after all, and has created between one and a half to two million jobs and saved many thousands of others, including the jobs of some of our teachers here in Letcher County. Those who don’t like Obama and his stimulus package ought to have to give up their tax cut he got for them and 95 percent of the other people in America. Give credit where credit is due.

Let’s face it, fellow NASCAR fans. Jimmie Johnson is already the greatest driver in the history of Cup racing. Even though I can’t stand him, I’m having to admit he’s better than Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt could ever dream of being. The sick thing is that his career isn’t even halfway over.

 Certain people need to keep their nose in church instead of everybody else’s business. That’s a big sin.

To a guy on Sandlick Gap who goes to church and is supposed to be a Christian: Why is it that you want to go to bed with me every time I come around and supposed to be going with another woman? How can you want to go to bed with me and try to be true to that other woman? That’s what I call a hypocrite. The church member is a hypocrite.

To a certain girl in Eolia: I feel sorry for you because you OD’d and almost died. God gave you another chance and here you are doing the same stuff , anything and every drug you can get hold of. I thought you learned your lesson, but I guess not. I just feel sorry for you and your children.

Can someone tell us who the cop was who was at the hospital for treatment after wrecking a four-wheeler? Was he drinking at the time?

The current Letcher County sheriff does not care about the tender stuff in Letcher County. Hopefully we will have a sheriff running that does care about tender stuff on Election Day.

I’ve got a friend that lives up in Jenkins and they’re charging him outrageous sums of money to live up there. We’re going to have to do something. You can’t stand to pay a price like that and live. You know, you got a budget to go by on your check and you can’t pay it. No way.

I am interested in meeting an older gentleman. I am 48 years old and would like to meet a gentleman that is retired from the coalmines, railroad or military. Must be single. I am a good cook and housekeeper. I like walks and talking, movies, cooking, beaches, vacationing, traveling, music. I am sincere. I don’t drink or do drugs. I like church. I am Baptist. Please, serious inquiries only. No convicts or inmates or druggies. You can send a picture and letter to: Miss Tam, Box 311, Neon, KY 41840.

People, seriously. Use your turn signals when you are driving. How are other vehicles, especially early in the morning on the way to work, supposed to know where you’re going? Clue us in, will you? A turn signal is at least a hint. Also, it’s illegal to drive with only your parking lights on. Got that? You can be ticketed for having only your parking lights on when you’re on the road. Commit, people. Headlights or not, choose either/or, don’t go halfway. It’s probably a good idea to have your headlights on at all times, daylight or dark. Doesn’t hurt, and you won’t get ticketed for it.

When will you grow up? You’re over 40, don’t you think it’s time to act like a grownup? Partying is not pretty on someone over 40 — you just look pathetic. Young people are laughing at you when they’re not busy dodging you. Drugs at your age will kill you. Are you sure you want to die? You’ve lived this long by God’s grace. Please, for your family if not for yourself, grow up before it’s too late.

Everyone knows this is an election year. Ads are in the paper and on the radio. Election billboards are appearing on the roadways. Today I would like to talk about Mr. Webb. Fact: he is a retired state policeman. Our county’s fiscal court apparently thinks he does not do the job required of him. If the fiscal court did think he was doing his job, then why did it start the Letcher County Rangers separate from the Sheriff ’s Department? Did you know that the Sheriff ’s Department and the Kentucky State Police Post 13 have about the same amount of employees, except the state police cover five counties? Think about this, people. Only one thing can change the county, and that is your vote. From the desk of Barney Fife.

I enjoy Speak Your Piece. Don’t always believe it, but I enjoy and find it interesting to see what’s on our citizens’ mind. I’m guessing that this year’s election is going to be big, really big. I believe this deal with our county water company is going to be a really big item in the election. The first thing I want to point out is my interest and prejudice in this water company deal. Hey, I want water in my home, my family needs water, my children want to bathe in clean water. I’m getting tired of sucking filthy, nasty water out of a coal mine for my family’s use. I live on the Bottom Fork side of the mountain. We’re dead in the middle of the county water company’s service area. We have never had good, clean water, and I guess that we are never going to get water, good or bad, out of these boys on the fiscal court board. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Judge Ward and Archie Banks want to run the county water company. Heck, they can’t even do a good job taking care of the county’s business. Look at our roads. Could somebody please tell me, where in the hell did they find this Peewee man to run the water company? Used to be, when you had a question about the water, you could talk to Donnie Profitt or Seth Long. Now, when you call you get a smart-mouthed person who doesn’t know ‘nothing about nothing.’ But what I really want to know is when is the county going to bring water to Bottom Fork? I remember when Judge Ward and Magistrates Archie Banks and Codell Gibson, and the rest of the boys on the fiscal court board took office over three years ago. They promised a change was going to come to the water company. I was right there that night that Judge Ward and Archie Banks gave a blistering to the water company people. Archie and Judge Ward were talking about how they were going to borrow $40 million and put water in every house in Letcher County. They were going to do it in the next four years. They were going to show them old, sorry water board people how to lay water lines. Well, come on Jim, Archie and Codell. Did you all forget about Bottom Fork? I guess we got left out of the $40 million deal. I guess everybody got water but us. I can’t vote against Archie, but I sure can vote against Judge Jim Ward and brother Codell.

Dear Editor: Will you please post the duties of the constable, coroner and the magistrate, so that the public can make informed decisions for the most qualifi ed candidates? Thank you, a registered voter.

Thank you, Oma Hatton, for your straightforward opinion. I look forward to reading yours and Christine Fields’s column every week. I speak my mind, that’s why I sign my name. I’m concerned about Madge Combs. It was told in a roundabout way at the Whitesburg Nursing Home that she wasn’t receiving visitors. I just want her to know that I’m one more person who cares about her. Someone please respond? Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

I know you have Speak Your Piece, but you need a place for people to tell what bugs them the most, such as the guy who passes a slow-moving vehicle and stays in the passing lane and slows down instead of getting over in front of the car he passed. Or the people who go to the drop-off lane at the pharmacy and give them their bottles and wait for his prescription to be filled while the car behind just wants to drop his off and come back later — leave them and come back, OK? The person in the checkout line for 10 items and he has a buggy full. I’m in a hurry. The person who knows you are waiting for a particular parking space and jumps in front of you. The young energy rived person who gets the last handicap space, while I have to park and try to get to the store. To the husbands, don’t hang your clothes all over the furniture, a chair is no place for your shirt or coat, hang ‘em up. When three or more pair of cowboy boots turn over on their sides it fills the house up, you can’t walk over them. And put the toilet lid back down. I can still fall in if its dark (ha, ha). Please wear your teeth in your mouth not your pocket. How does this sound for a bug board for your paper? I like Speak Your Piece, but I think people would love to sound off about things people do to bug them. Let me know what you think. I could be wrong and I could just be grumpy, but I don’t think so. People complain about things, so let’s hear them and maybe it will make people think before they do these things. Sign my name Buggsie.

I want to wish my husband a happy 16 anniversary on February 25. I love you so much.

I want to say congratulations to Lily Nicole on the new arrival on February 3. Her name is Rebecca Joy.

I want to wish a happy 16th anniversary to Melissa and Charlie. We love you dearly.

When I hear a Republican say that a person should work every day or night without missing a day because of weather, it strains my Republican heritage. When I see a person go a week with a broken arm before getting a cast because they don’t have medical insurance, I see Republican health care. When I hear a boss say that every one of his employees should have a four-wheel drive vehicle for bad weather on minimum wage, I wonder why fools voted Republican. When I see the deficit of George Bush being used as a reason for no health care for working people, I wonder why I didn’t vote for Al Gore. When I vote it’s going to be a long time until I spend money on gas to go to the election again. I’m still a Republican like Abraham Lincoln, not these con artist conservatives that run the party now.

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