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A certain woman has the sorriest kids and grandkids, and she’s about as sorry as them for taking them all in. Nobody feels sorry for her.

This to a certain person: If you would look out the door you would see we’ve got a bad problem in this area. Could you please take care of this? Just look in your backyard — something’s happening. A concerned citizen.

Yes, this is to all the diehard Democrats that elected Bush, and now are against Obama: Don’t you realize that President Bush is the one that got us into all of this mess? Obama’s doing his best to straighten things out, and I think everyone ought to give him a chance. He’s going to be a good president.

To the Department of Social Services: I think you need to leave hardworking people alone. Let people take care of their kids and quit harassing them. There’s a lot of people out here that are doing drugs and their kids are starving to death because they’ve got to have that pill. You need to be worrying about them instead of single women who are out working their tails off to take care of their kids and take care of their home.

(So your argument is that social workers ‘have it out’ for a single mother whose only faults is working hard to take care of her child? That’s a scenario that’s a little hard to believe. Are you sure there’s not something else to the story?)

To the woman whose man drives a brown vehicle: He’s cheating on you again. Everyone’s seen him with another woman. Is it really worth giving your children up over? Don’t you want your children more than a lying, cheating man?

Last week, I put a piece in Speak Your Piece and it was misprinted. I put that the lady, my friend, was always pretty, but now she is awesome, not awful. She is very pretty and she is as good as she is pretty. I think that the husband of hers should look in the mirror and think what he just about lost or could still yet lose. So, you better wake up.

(We apologize for the misunderstanding.)

This is to the person that turned the beagle out with the green collar at Deane: I hope one day that you’ll starve just like you’ve let this poor dog starve. It’s a damn shame that people have good pets and will not take care of them. I hope some day you have to go hungry like this dog is doing.

I think it’s a crying shame. You’re about what, 16, and he’s about what, 30? For a girl that claims she can’t go to school because it ain’t cool, your mom should really think about what you’re doing. Letting you, you’re about 16 years old, practically live with a 30-year-old. Boy, the people in Whitesburg really don’t care.

I think it’s a shame that a woman up in Goose Creek lets her little high school daughter get out and get pregnant while she’s out running after her boyfriend. It is a shame that she does that. Why doesn’t she get her life together and get her little girl and her family a home of their own? The boy’s a pretty nice person. Everybody knows him. But ever since she has got with him he has went downhill. It’s a shame you let your daughter out and get pregnant by a man that’s already got kids of his own.

To a certain man: Wouldn’t you like to know what your live-in trash does when you’re not around? I can give you that information about her. I might just give you a call and let you know. But better yet, I might catch you out because I’m always around you. I might just come up to you and tell you face to face what kind of trash it is that you’re living with and see what you do about it.

Yes, we’ve got a constable running for re-election, and the only time he’s had his car out patrolling is here in the last month. Why should we re-elect a constable that stays home all year round and then decides to run for constable again and doesn’t get out in his car? I don’t see that he deserves the job. People ought to think about that.

I’m trying to hook up with a boy that I went to school with years ago. He used to live at Beaver Dam with his sister. If you read this, please get in contact with me or meet me at Walmart on Saturday night at about 9 p.m. or 11 o’clock. I work in that area. I think you will remember me. I know you’re married, but if you want to hook up I believe I change your mind. I’m married also, but I’m willing to leave my husband. So you just leave your wife and let’s get together. We’d make some good loving, honey.

When you were 18 years old, your parents should have sent you to a sex rehab. Then you would have not destroyed your life like you did.

I might have a face like a pig, but you’ve got a face like a bastard rat. And nobody’s standing in line to get your name either.

To whoever called in about the constable: I agree with you 100 percent. We’ve got one in District 2 that does nothing too. I think we need to have an election to do away with constables, and whenever we do I’ll be the first one in line to vote.

Yes, there are some girls at Jeremiah, two of them, that a feller thinks an awful lot of. He would like for them to call him at least once every two weeks if they can. He thinks a lot of them, said they’re about like his sister. He’d like their mom and dad too.

I have sat here and watched the TV today about the Democrats and the Republicans discussing the health care problem in the United States. I couldn’t help but think of the Scripture in Acts 19:32 and this is what it says, ‘Some therefore cried one thing, and some another, for the assembly was confused. And the more part knew not wherefore they had come together.’ Bible prophecy fulfilled.

Your cousin said to tell you ‘Hi’ and to ‘keep up the good work.’

Hey, hey, hey. 54. Pieface, pigface.

Do you pay 10 percent of your drug money to the church where your wife goes? I wonder.

To the citizens of Letcher County: It is my understanding there now is a discussion to look for another site for the new county airport, the Carbon Glow-Bull Creek area. After four years of working on this Stamper’s Branch site, some want to just up and move. As for those who have been saying, ‘It will help the economy, upgrade our homes, and also FedEx wishes to put a building on this site,’ will we lose that also? If moved to the new Bull Creek-Carbon Glow site, it will be more in Knott County than in Letcher County. Does this mean that Knott County will control our airport that we have worked for for four years?

Can someone please tell me who overlooked the new pharmacy on 805?

To all of Letcher County: Just hear me out. I want to talk about the Letcher County jailer’s race. Don McCall is your current jailer. He is the best. He is the only one to run our jail. He has 21 years of experience in this jail, but not only that, look what a good job he has done for us. I’m not trying to slam anyone here, but let’s all stop and think. He’s got all the qualifications, plus honesty, dedication and experience running our jail. He’s an all-around good guy, so put him back in our jailer’s seat. Vote for Donald ‘Don’ McCall, Letcher County jailer. He’s our friend.

I don’t see how you could go in a little church with the smell that you have on your body, but I guess the church doesn’t care as long as you send them a big check every month.

Hey Jim Ward and Archie Banks, now that the bad weather’s over, I’ve got a question to ask you. Why wasn’t the community center recently opened up during the bad weather in December in Jackhorn for everybody to use when the power was out five days?

Salvation is free. You cannot buy your way to heaven.

I’m 60 years old and I’m looking for a nice lady between 40 and 50. I’m a retired coal miner and I’m looking for a lady that doesn’t do drugs or anything. Please respond in next week’s paper.

Last week there was a young lady, 48 years old, was looking for an older gentleman, a nice man from Neon. If she would like to meet a nice man, if she could, meet me Friday at 11 o’clock at McDonald’s. I’ll be in a red truck.

Speak Your Piece is very confusing. Give more information on whose name you would not want for a million dollars, and ‘you have a pig face.’ If you don’t, you are a pathetic loser. You’re too frightened that you will be properly told off. Sounds like jealousy to me. Ha, ha.

Wasted years doing time with my people on my mind. Oh how this life just don’t seem real./Living in concrete and steel./ What I’d give for a good soft seat,/And to feel the grass beneath my feet./ What I’d give for a good soft bed,/And a feather pillow to rest my head./ What I’d give to smell the rain,/And have her close to erase my pain./Alone in this darkness with all of my fears,/But the only raindrops I feel are my tears./So many faces I see come and go,/And so many people but few do I know./ They dare not to push me, I will not budge,/As I contemplate the origin of my deep seeded grudge./I call to Jesus and hope that He hears,/To bring some kind of meaning to these wasted years./My friends are convicts in all their glory./But all they’ve got now is heartbreaks and stories./But now I know I’ll get my fair deal,/ When they lower me down in concrete and steel. Much love to you boys down there in the L.C.J. Bub and Kevin from L.C.D.C.

Well now, folks. Some more campaigning and I may shut up for awhile, but I won’t promise. Vote for Hager Trent for magistrate. To Marvin Boggs: When you become coroner and I kick off , make this ugly face look better than it does now. Just kidding. A little humor. I don’t know Danny Webb personally, but Joe Brown does up at Neon. That works for me, him being sheriff. I have picked three winners. Got high hopes of that. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

What this county needs and doesn’t have, is a good, old-fashioned bakery. Has this county ever had one?

It was nice that the bank had a little food and drinks for the coal miners in this county. Thanks, guys.

I am a friend of coal miners — not a friend of coal companies. There’s a difference. A huge diff erence.

I have been considering a career in organized crime and, after careful consideration, I have decided that it would be better in the public sector than in the private sector. Working for the public is more profitable and can be made legal. This brings up the subject of the thieves and liars in Washington. Remember the congressmen who said that Congress would not take a raise in 2010? I guess they forgot by January when their $9,000 pay raise came. Notwithstanding the fact of the national debt, the budget deficit, and the millions of people who are unemployed, we should feel sorry for those poor Congresspeople and their aides, because the increased cost of living is so great a burden on their bank account.

Economic stimulus funds are going to pay for construction at the Pikeville hospital. Last time they had work done the contractors hired Mexicans. How is it going to be this time?

This county is in a nosedive, politically and economically. We are being governed — run or ruled may be more accurate words — by people we did not elect. The people we did elect are not leaders, and they are making no attempt to lead. They just follow the orders and instructions of selfish business interests and try to be obedient puppets. Those who are really in control have only one interest in us — profiting from us. 2010 could be a pivotal political year for us. While many of the candidates coming along look an awful lot like what we already have, some good people have also jumped into contention and it is incumbent on anyone who has an interest in improving this abysmal situation to check all these hopefuls out very carefully. I hope the water and sewer situation gets aired out thoroughly between now and November.

Most crises caused by human failures and frailties, whether they be drug addictions, moral decay, or economic slides, seem to have to bottom out, usually at extreme levels, before any reversal can happen. I wonder just where the quality of life in Letcher County stands in this pattern. The Centers for Disease Control have pointed out in pretty stark statistics that the state of physical health here ranks near the bottom, nationally. Can anyone who has seen the clouds of dust formed of various pollutants clouding visibility on the public roads doubt this? How about the quality of water for bathing and washing dishes? As far as water quality for drinking, we can forget it. Tests of river water by local scholars, considered to be unbiased and accurate, show levels of pollution beyond the possibility of purification. How about drug use and related crime? I haven’t seen any numbers, but I hear a lot about break-ins and like crime, and my impression is that they are increasing at an alarming rate.

People of Letcher County, please wake up. If you have read the article that Kevin Mullins put in the publication ‘Extra’ it will make you sick. He says, ‘I am the only candidate that has experience as Judge.’ Well duh, Kevin, you only got the job because of a pre-arranged political. You raised the public defender fee to $500 so the people who cannot afford a private attorney now can’t afford to even have one appointed. Was this designed so that defendants will go ahead and hire one of the local defense attorneys since they have to spend $500 anyway? People aren’t stupid. You did not deserve the appointment, as you had little to no experience in Letcher District Court. Both of your opponents have 100 percent more experience than you ever had and ever will have if the people will stick together and vote you out.

I guess this has to be put in as ‘allegedly,’ so it can be politically correct to protect The MountainEagle
from reprisal from law enforcement, like the letter from the State Police Commissioner in Frankfort about the comment in Speak Your Piece about someone shooting a helicopter. When Speak Your Piece first came out in the early ’80s, the First Amendment was still in place and one could put in about any comment he wanted. Now it must be politically correct and then you can speak your piece, and if any color of skin is mentioned it is a ‘racist’ statement about someone, and there is bitching from one group or another. So Sgt. (I like that Sgt. thing, which used to be just Deputy) Jason ‘Bad’ Bates tore his $150 boots while chasing Chad Cupps, but allegedly, Chad got black eyes and knots beat on his head after being handcuff ed. Allegedly this happened after Bad Bates was about to cry and got mad over his boots being torn. I never recall in all the clothes we tore off police officials in the ’70s and ’80s that any of them whined and pressed charges over their clothes. Now we have Deputy Mike ‘Bad’ Burton whining over his $60 pants and his $80 shoes after allegedly pushing his desperate criminal in a briar patch after he was handcuff ed. It tore the hardened criminal’s face and arms up pretty bad and he had a lot of bruises, but was not allowed to whine to anyone that I know of about his torn skin. His family should be bringing charges for the shape his skin was in by the time he got to the jail. Allegedly these two deputies are going to cause a great loss in votes for Webb as Sheriff the next time. Also, the deputy who thinks he is bad because he lifts weights and has a lot of muscle is causing votes to go away. He has a lot of muscle between his ears and a smart mouth. I am assuming if Combs gets Sheriff that he could pick a better-controlled group of deputies that won’t cry over their clothes and, allegedly, beat handcuff ed people after the arrest. Here is something that isn’t alleged: If I am arrested and beaten after being handcuffed, whoever does that will have to worry about more than their clothes when I get un-cuff ed. Webb, take your boys to a Goodwill Store.

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  1. Wonder why they don’t ever patch the road between Kona and payne gap? There must be too many republicans up there. There are holes you could lose a fat mule in.

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