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Elected officials are not smart enough to figure out how to get people to pay the garbage bill. Next thing they want to do is raise it $15 to $18 for those who are paying. I think they need to take their expense cards and give them back to the county and quit sponging of the people. That would be the expense that they are looking for. Thank you.

If they raise our garbage bills again, the people of Letcher County should band together and no one pay their garbage bill. Then we will make them think twice about what they are doing to us.

This is to the athletic director for LCC: Our junior varsity boys have put their whole heart into wrestling this year and for what? They recently went to the regional, only to find out the jayvee coach had no records of their wins or their losses except for his son and one more boy, which was in the same weight class as his son. Our boys didn’t have a chance of going into the regionals without being seeded, so we all think it is time to get someone in there who cares for the whole team.

If the people in Neon want to do something to build themselves up they can start by first saving their paychecks instead of spending it on drugs, demolishing all of those eyesores they call houses, cleaning up their yard and maybe finishing their education and furthering their education to escape this area. I’m sorry. There is just not much that is going to happen in Neon. It’s never going to be a New York City or a Lexington or anything. If that is what you think you need to just go ahead and put that idea out of your mind.

If all the people in southeastern Kentucky want to get ahead, the way to do that is to stop having kids you can’t take care of. Just because Uncle Sam gives you a check or just because you receive some kind of child support for $200 to $300 a month, it still isn’t enough money to take care of these kids. You keep having these kids and they turn out to be junkie drug heads just like their parents and it keeps going on for generation after generation.

This is to the so-called cop who frisked my grandson in Walmart: You had no right. You followed him to the bathroom and frisked him. He went to get shampoo and you frisked him again. Who do you think you are? Walmart should do something about this or they will lose their customers. I talked to the manager and he said he had no idea this was going on. I also know who the cop is, and this has got to stop.

To Jenkins Mayor Charlie Dixon: Why do you let the city employees waste the salt when it is well below freezing? And you know salt doesn’t work below freezing. Could you explain that to me? If not, just call the state highway department and they could explain to you that salt does not melt below a certain degree. Thank you.

To a certain man: You won’t do anything for your nephew, but you will buy new cars and pay for the weddings of others who aren’t even kin to you. You need to make it up to your nephew. He is all you’ve got.

I think that it is a shame that we have a county government that would donate coal severance money to the Appalshop in Whitesburg. I thought Appalshop was against stripping and mountaintop removal. Why should they get any coal severance money? That shows what kind of county government we have. Thank you.

Once again, the headlines are full of another conservative politician who is discovered to be homosexual after doing all he could to hurt his fellow gay men. Roy Ashburn, a Republican state senator from California, is asking us all to pray for him after his arrest for drunk driving after leaving a gay bar. This is the same Roy Ashburn who has voted against every gay rights measure since taking office. What is up with these gay conservatives who hide behind an anti-gay agenda, only to someday have to admit they are gay? Do they really think they’re fooling anybody? There is nothing wrong with being gay. What’s wrong is the hypocrisy of hiding your being gay by hurting others. The Republican Party is full of Roy Ashburns. These conservatives apparently just can’t help themselves.

Did anybody pay attention in the fiscal court meeting how Archie Banks, Codell Gibson and Keith Adams voted? Two of them voted against giving any money to the battered women’s facility. The facility doesn’t just take care of battered women, it takes care of battered children also. They also voted against the libraries. I can’t understand what these three men have against women, children and libraries. We’re going to remember these three people come election.

Next time you can’t find a library book, thank Keith Adams and Archie Banks. They voted against the libraries.

You know I like the idea of neighbors against drug dealers. Every neighborhood should have one of these organizations. Wonder how we could get one started. Any ideas? Let’s hear from you.

I would like to meet a friend who is a good dancer at the Hemphill Community Center on Friday night. I am also a good dancer. I am drug free, alcohol free. I am a real man. I am no bum. If anybody is interested be at the Hemphill Community Center on Friday and I am drug free.

To the red fox. Don’t think the state police don’t know about your little drug activity selling pills. Your mama thinks she’s going to heaven, but neither of you are going to heaven. Both of you are going to have a seat downstairs like the rest of them. How can you be going to heaven when you run around with every man there is? You sure can’t go to heaven when you cheat on your husband all the time. And your mama approves of it so she can’t go to heaven either.

If you don’t believe we need President Obama’s health care reform, then take a look at the hospital bill of your parent, spouse, or other loved one next time you get a chance. My brother got his bill and was charged more than $10,000 for “respiratory services” which consisted of people coming in a few times a day over a four-day period and giving the same breathing treatment done at home. (When I was there I had to turn the machine off when the treatment was finished because they were too busy or too sorry to come back. You decide which.) Back in the day, breathing treatments were given by the nurse on duty, but they are now administered by ‘respiratory technicians.’ You’ve got to hand it to the health care and insurance industries. They got together and said let’s add the word ‘technician’ to someone’s title and, viola!, we can charge thousands of dollars for something that cost pennies to produce, and we can use that as an excuse to raise insurance rates by 50 percent every two years or say. And people are against health care reform?

To the 60-year-old retired coal miner: I am the 48-year-old looking to meet someone. Would you like to meet in the library at Jenkins? We could meet each other. Pick the day and time and I’ll be there.

I wish we had taxicab service. So many times we’ve needed to go out to town and couldn’t go. Everyone I ask seems to always be too busy or sick, or doesn’t feel like going or something or another. If we had taxi service, I wouldn’t have to ask them, just pick up the phone, call a cab and be on my way to where I need to go. Taxicab service would be a good thing. It would help so many people, including myself, if only we had it here. At one time we had taxi service, but no more.

(Great comment. It’s hard to believe a taxi service couldn’t do well in Letcher County.)

My father used to say when he was in poker games that everybody claimed to be losers. This was impossible ‘cause the money had to go somewhere. The stock market is like a big crapshoot where the house always wins. Where did it go and who got all the money that was lost in the stock market? It didn’t vaporize or go into the U.S. Treasury. Some of it went to bonuses for the very people who robbed us and they call robbing us hard work. When I put money into the stock market somebody got the money. It didn’t vanish except from my view. It went into somebody’s pocket.

To everyone in the Eolia, Oven Fork, and Partridge areas without access to broadband: Please go our community website to read and comment. Let our elected officials know now you feel about not having access the same as other areas. I have sent the URL to officials and Inter Mountain Cable. There is contact info on the site, so please start contacting people and let’s get broadband in our area. It is inexcusable that the only options we have are dial-up or high-priced, inadequate satellite. The future of our area residents is at stake. www.wedeservebroadband. com/

I think back to all the good times — trips to Tommy Thai, learning to play rock, dancing to Otis Redding records — and I learn to love you all over again. I know you’re still the one for me, even if our lives are completely diff erent. Now that spring is almost here, I long for hikes to Bad Branch Falls with you. I still love you all the same, and I hold out hope that one day we’ll be together again. I know we’re meant to be, even if we’re too stubborn to realize it. I’m thinking of you always.

How often have you wondered why the surrounding counties have better recreation facilities, more and better businesses, theaters, new car dealerships? Why our county is always the last to come up with any plan for economic development? Well, it is called ‘old style politics.’ This is promises of culverts, gravel, and the possibility of a county or state jobs if you vote for me, because I know Leslie Combs. All but one district replaced their magistrates in the last election except District Five. Our magistrate has done very little for the City of Jenkins and absolutely nothing for McRoberts, Upper Fleming- Neon and other parts of his district. He should do everything possible for the entire district, but due to what seems like a revenge factor for losing precincts in the last primary, he punishes these precincts. If this district and county are to grow and prosper, voters have to demand change for their children and grandchildren or lag 20 years behind surrounding counties. Nothing will locate in Letcher County as long as old style politics, with nothing to offer, is promoted by our magistrate and his crutch, Leslie Combs.

‘We Deserve Broadband’ wants to know why $1.2 million from our coal severance tax is going on a recreation center when we, from Oven Fork, Eolia, and Partridge, have no access to broadband service. What good is a $7 million recreation center going to do when we have disgraceful roads, isolation from the rest of the state, no new industry for our future when coal is no longer here, and no way for some of our citizens to expand their education because broadband is not available to them? A recreation center would be great for our young people if the other things were taken care of first. If it’s tourism our county officials are thinking of with this, why would you expect people to travel here on narrow, dangerous roads with potholes? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the future of our children and them being able to keep up with the rest of the nation in this new technological age and being able to compete in the job market instead of what they are going to do for fun this weekend? Why not send some of that money to this side of the mountain for broadband access?


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