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This is to the 60 year-old retired coal miner looking for a woman, 40 to 50 years old: If you want someone who doesn’t do anything, get a mannequin. Then you can stand it up in the corner and look at it. You won’t even have to feed it.

Getting lucky in Kentucky.

Is it a fact that Kentucky is known for fast women and pretty horses?

Hey neighbor, I see you got yourself another girlfriend. Are you going to tell her the same lies you told the last one about people who used to be your friend? Let me tell you something, neighbor. Just keep on lying, because sooner or later you’re going to get exactly what you deserve. And your girlfriend? Well, let me tell you something. She’s nothing but trash and your momma is the same kind.

Whoever called in about the Letcher County Jailer race last week is wasting their time on that race. What will decide the fate of Letcher County is the County Judge’s race in the next election. Jim Ward rules everything in the county and we need to make a change. No one person needs to have that much power, especially when he is wasting the taxpayers’ money and spending all his time sucking up to the gas companies, paying back the campaign donors from the past election, and spending way much time in the Cumberland River area.

When is law enforcement is going to do something about the drug dealers in the whole Eolia area, from the Virginia line to the Harlan County line, before someone else dies from a drug overdose? I hope it will be soon and that they will deal harshly with the drug dealers, because something needs to be done to stop it. And, they haven’t done anything in Letcher County in a long time.

To the girl who commented in Speak Your Piece about the trash: Be a little bit more specific because there’s a lot of trash around here. And honey, if you’re the one talking about me, why don’t you come out and tell your name so I can meet you someplace? And, the trash is you.

I’ll tell you why the community center was not opened up during the bad weather recently when the power was off . Jim Ward and Archie Banks live on one side of Whitesburg and don’t care anything about anybody that lives on the other side. They will never give us a fraction of the services that we deserve because we do not live in the same neck of the woods as the uppity-up people do. We may not get treated the same, but we have the same voting rights and can express them in the next election. Thank you.

To the girl who drives the Mustang around Deane: Honey, you think you’re doing something big, but you’re not. Get over yourself. He doesn’t want you. Stay away from my man.

To the 60 year-old retired coal miner: I am 50. I live alone and I am drug-free. So if you would like to meet, reply next week to ‘Home Alone,’ and let me know when and where.

Hey, Knott County has got a retired state police captain as a sheriff . Letcher County has got a retired state police captain as a sheriff . We’ve got a big family. If they don’t stop the drug dealing down there in Woodrock or Hell’s Branch in Knott County, they aren’t going to get one vote out of our family. So, they need to read this and listen to it. Thank you.

I knew the superintendent of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District was a yes man to the board chairman. However, nobody needs to stoop that low no matter how he feels about the chairman.

This is how I feel about the election in Whitesburg: David Combs will hopefully blow Danny Webb out of the water running for sheriff . Kevin Mullins has done nothing but good for me and his community and I believe he will make a positive influence in this county. He wants to help drug addicts. He wants to give us a second chance, unlike Daddy Sam upstairs who wants to throw you in jail if you mess up in drug court. And, oh yeah, on that topic, drug court is still a joke. As a citizen of Whitesburg in District 1, I beg of you to please vote for David Combs for sheriff , Kevin Mullins for judge, and Jerry Nantz for magistrate.

If you’re reading this, you know who you are. To the man who still has my heart: You gave me the most precious thing I could ever ask for — our son. I don’t know what keeps you where you are. What does she have that I don’t? You need to open your eyes, leave that joke that you are with, and become the family with me that we were supposed to be. My heart and door is always open for you, if, well, when you can finally get the film off of your eyes and realize what you really want. I dream about you to the stars and back each night like I promised you I always would. I could only hope you would do the same. Love, Blue Eyes.

The road in my community is being destroyed by the gas companies and I have nobody to turn to that will help me stop the destruction. I have talked to a certain person at the courthouse and he has not given me any satisfaction in this matter. Just wait until a school bus wrecks, which will happen because of all the mud that is being tracked on the roads by the gas companies. Jim Ward, you will have to make a choice at that time for the safety of our children or the profits of the gas companies. I hope that you will make the correct decision prior to a catastrophe occurring.

In your response to my letter about Social Services, there is more to it. The child tried to climb out of the crib and fell and hit his head. And you tell me that little kids do not have accidents? It happens all the time. It was an accident. That’s all there is to it. And she’s been harassed ever since. I think it’s a bunch of crap myself.

Yes, this is concerning Danny Webb. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last person in the world. It’s been years since my cousin Jackie Blair has been murdered and they have not investigated it. They called it a suicide. There’s no way it could have been suicide with him tied up in the backseat with jumper cables. He was supposed to have run off of Pine Mountain? You tell me how you do that. There’s a murderer loose somewhere in Letcher County or the surrounding counties and they are doing nothing to try to find him. So, Danny Webb, you sure do not have my vote.

Hello Dream Lover. How great it was to be in your arms and look deep into your eyes to see the twinkle in them meant only for me. To feel your lips moving against mine as you held me so tightly. Just to be close to you is the greatest feeling. Life is like wine, it tastes better with age, and so do our hopes and dreams. There’s no doubt in our heart when I’m with you, you are my dream come true. I never want that feeling to go away. In my heart you’ll always stay, ‘til you’re back in my arms. Love, hugs, kisses always, your Sunshine.

Land of the free. Home of the brave. God bless America. Save the whale. Save the whooping crane. Save the seal. Let’s save our unborn children. Think about it.

I just want to give a shout out to the Jenkins road crew for keeping the road so clear. This has been the best year that Jenkins has ever had trying to keep the roads clean, so a big shout out goes to the road crew. Keep it up, guys, keep it real.

I will be at the Jenkins Library on Friday the 19th at 2 p.m. Looking forward to meeting you.

Hey Mister Mayor, when you do damage to someone else’s property, you ought to be the one to fix it. Don’t lie and make excuses that the city’s broke. You just bought three new police cars. You’re not broke. When the election’s coming up?

To the 48 year-old who wants to meet the 60-yearold retired coal miner: Name the day, any weekday after 5 in the evening, and put it in Speak Your Piece and I’ll respond.

Sit and sew and hide behind the Bible. If this helps your conscience, then good luck to you.

The next time I go to the town meeting in Jenkins, I’m going to talk to the mayor about how people can clean up Dunham and make it a good community. It would be a nice place to live if people would clean their stuff up around their house and quit throwing junk next to the road. Garbage. It’s a shame that people are too sorry to get out and pick it up.

My Life of Hell. I sit here in this cell./I sit here all alone./They charged me with a crime./Said I had done something wrong./But the truth is I am innocent./ But that is something they can’t see./I live this life of hell,/Because they won’t set me free./Those people I thought were friends,/I didn’t know the vicious lies they would tell./And only because of their lies,/I live this life of hell./My daughters on the outside,/They are growing up without me./ Because these people can’t see my innocence,/And they won’t set me free./I don’t think this is fair,/Because I have done nothing wrong./My true friends have stood by me,/And believed me all along./That’s the friends I can count on,/ And yes they are few and far between./I know they are there for me,/Even though they can’t be seen./Because just like my daughters,/I hold them close within my heart./That the ones who will always be there,/That won’t tear my world apart./ But I sit here in my cell,/And I sit here all alone,/Because there is nothing I can do./ If only I had known./Because then I wouldn’t be sitting,/ All alone in this cell./I would be out there with my daughters./I wouldn’t have to live this life of hell. Written by Carroll Paul Jackson and Paul Cobb, Leslie County Detention Center.

Hello, Robert Gerald Baker and wife Delilah over at Colson, running for Letcher County Judge/ Executive. I’m impressed by you telling your background concerning you and family members, and the fact that I know something about you. You’ve got my vote, along with Hager Trent and also Marvin Boggs. That’s an A-plus without any further speech. Please print this. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

I saw Judge Ward out and about last week, and was impressed with his show of manners. He seems to be a true Southern gentleman. What puzzles me is, as polite and kind as he is, that he would allow his workers at the water board to treat others the way that they do. I think that if he had been there when that idiot cursed that lady, that he would have stopped him and his foul mouth. Why then, doesn’t he do something now? It’s not too late to clean house before election, Judge. You might ought to get at it now.

The coal trucks up in McRoberts are destroying the road. I understand that they have to work for a living, but the road from just before the post office all the way to Barker’s Grocery is horrendous. The ditch line has widened over the past month or so where the road is breaking off . The hay bales do not help at all. The diesel fuel mixes with the mud and makes the road slimy and slick. There’s going to be a bad accident there sometime soon, and if it’s me or mine, we’ll own that mine and all of the coal trucks. Being a good neighbor is a good idea when you’re making as much money as that coal mine does. And the potholes, the mud and crud on the road, and the road breaking off into the ditch are not signs of a good neighbor. Don’t make the citizens of Mactown break bad on you, because you won’t like it at all.

 Thank God for the sun.

Don’t park in the middle of the road early in the morning when people are driving to work. Just don’t. I don’t care if you are a coal truck. Wait on the side of the road if you have to, but you keep blocking the road like you’ve been doing, and I’m calling the police next time I drive by.

Health care is a strange thing for me to understand. A disabled husband can have health care through Medicare, but his wife, who works and provides the major support for the family, has no health care. There are three major cancer centers in Kentucky. One is in Louisville, one is in Lexington and one is in Pikeville. What do you think about all of this?

Why doesn’t The Eagle get mixed up in some of this stuff that we all know about and take up for the common people? There are some bad things going on in the county, and The Eagle would not have stood for it at one time. What’s wrong?

(Care to fill us in on some of the ‘bad things’ you’re speaking about?)

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