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I don’t know why people are worried about Michael Vick. They will not convict him. Remember O.J.? Vick is a big time NFLfootball player, so no matter what he does he will not be convicted. There will be the threat of a race riot and other things will happen. He will not be convicted. Don’t waste the taxpayers’ money with the prosecution of Michael Vick. They will not convict. Repeat: They will not convict. Just remember O.J.

(Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback charged in connection with a dog-fighting ring, announced his intention Monday to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges.)

It takes a mighty low-life piece of trash to talk about a person’s children. And let me tell you something, when you hit someone’s child that makes you an even lower piece of trash.

I think it’s really stupid how people call Speak Your Piece and just talk about each other, accusing each other of being drug dealers and everything else, when probably it’s the one who is calling who is doing and selling the drugs.

Is the preacher man who is disabled and working but is going to get turned in to the disability people the same preacher man who left his wife all alone? Inquiring minds want to know.

Where is the disabled preacher man from? That could be a lot of people.

To the girl in Sergent who is in love with my leftovers: I was just wondering what it is like to live a pathetic and lonely life. One’s in jail and one is in my bed at night. How does it feel now that you are the one who is alone. Now that no one is in your life, I was just wondering which friend’s man you are going to provide drugs for to be with you now.

This is to the editor: Thank you for putting in what I said about the gate at Letcher School. You’ve got to remember that I’m just trying to help the grandparents and elderly who aren’t able to walk all the way down the hall and then to the office. They should be able to have access to the front office doors. And no, nothing could be more upsetting than having your kid’s school break the law for three years and get away with it. Do you remember when you told me I wouldn’t be able to win my battle with the school? Well, let me tell you, Letcher School’s classes are back to normal this year, which means they’re learning like all the other kids in the world – together. And guess what? I did all that by myself. But you do need to remember that you need to learn to keep your sarcasm to yourself. Thank you.

Don’t you think it takes a really sick person to hit their cousin in the head from behind with a crow bar for no reason? How low can you be?

This is concerning the comment in Speak Your Piece recently about the long-haired girl losing her trailer and car and other things: There’s one thing about it, at least she’s not lost her mind like you people have. You are heartless, sick people.

This is an anonymous caller and anonymous tipper. Everybody knows, including the church I belong to at Blair Branch, that you stole out of our church. We all know you’ve got the stuff hidden in that little trailer behind your house. So let me tell you something, punk: Enjoy it while you can. The authorities aren’t going to protect you forever.

Well, isn’t that weird? Some of the drug dealers up the hollow in Cram Creek have slowed down dealing in drugs because the undercover agents are up and down the hollow sitting in certain spots. That’s weird, isn’t it? They’ve already sold to certain informants, so it doesn’t matter. Bye.

How dare you, you hateful snobby little twit. You’ve been on your high horse too long. How dare you accuse me of being friends with that woman. You embarrassed me in front of everybody. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

A note to the people who are turning people in to UNITE: Make sure you write down the tag number. A couple of people have done this and been successful. Always write down the tag numbers of people pulling in and out of the drug dealers’ houses on Cram Creek. Tag numbers. Remember that. Thank you.

They come in off the street, dirty scaly feet with maybe two toenails painted, puss-covered hands from dirty needles or missed shots, fingernails painted to cover up dirt. Some are so fat their belly shakes like Santa; some are as skinny as a termite in petulance. There are some who are slumming because their body can’t get what it wants – or sometimes not. When they leave the house their fragrance lingers in the air from using cheap perfume. They are not all of one category, but all were probably loved at one time or the other. But they’ve all got the same name – Pill Whore. Some of these women used to be pretty; some still are if they could put the brakes on right now. Some of these women will offer you sex for a fix. Some beg when just being a woman should mean no. If they’re being honest they’ll just say ‘I’m sick, can you help me out?’ Their slogan is ‘for free dope,’ but somebody, I know, gets paid the first of the month. Petty theft, bad checks, stealing and sex to get their medicine. But when all is said and done they’ve all got the same name – Pill Whore. No matter what, you can’t have sex with them all – even if you wanted to, because some of them make my stomach turn. Some of them even have their men sitting by the curb waiting on them to sex-out another score to get them high. I’m not putting these women down. I’m posing the question how and why. Some of them make me feel ashamed to even be in this picture.

Everyone knows that when a ship is sinking the rats are the first ones to get off, or when a mine begins to cave in the rats are the first to head out. In my opinion, there are not too many rats left in New Orleans. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the water is rising and the land is sinking. Here’s the quad-trillion dollar answer: Let Mother Nature have what she owns. Here’s an idea: Let the military use it for a training exercise. Light it up and dry it up. It will save us taxpayers from going broke. For what we’ve spent we should have been able to build them all a new home at a new location. I think the Corps of Engineers’ bucket has a hole in it.

I would like to make a comment about pedigreed dogs: Beware of where you buy a dog if you want a pedigree. Some will tell you one is a pedigree when it is not.

I’m calling in about people who have people working for them for minimum wage but don’t even pay them the minimum wage: If you are one of those people, how do you sleep at night? I know people try to get people to work for them as cheap as they can, but give them what they’re supposed to get. If the law says give them a certain amount then give it to them.

My Lord, what’s next? I just got through surfing the Internet and found out there are two convicted sex offenders living in my neighborhood right here on Pert Creek.

Dear Speak Your Piece: Could someone tell our government – probably President Hillary Clinton – that we need to improve our standard of living. Guess what? We can by using hemp seed and turning it into gasoline. This would help our entire economy in the U.S. They say that in the future they will be using so much corn for ethanol that the corn prices will go up. The hemp seed will not get a fly high. I’ve heard, though, that the farmers are too sorry to plant hemp seed. If they see they can make money at it I say it will work.

I just wanted to say I had the best time there ever was at Blackey Day.

To a girl in the Neon area: You’re pregnant by a certain man and so am I. You better watch your back. You’ve been messing with my man.

I think it’s a shame the powers that-be in Jenkins couldn’t do anything to stop the Jenkins Days Festival that was held in Whitesburg. If the city can’t do anything about it, maybe the Mountain Heritage Festival Committee will stop this before it goes any further. I certainly hope so.

The stock market is falling. I hope it falls so low the termites ain’t got nothin’ to eat.

To a woman on Daniels Branch: He got paid this week. Who got the check, you or his girlfriend? Best of luck – if he’s worth having.

I’m just calling in about the county not maintaining roads to the last house in a hollow: That’s a stupid rule as far as I’m concerned. People who live in the last house should boycott. Do not pay your taxes this coming year. If you’re getting gravel by being in the know or something like that, then don’t boycott. I’m boycotting. I live in the last house and haven’t had gravel in four years. I buy my own gravel so I shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

To a girl on Premium: You are just jealous that I got hold of the guy you like. You need to stop spreading rumors about people before you say something about the wrong person and that person does something about it. Consequences are just like payback – harmful or your boyfriend takes the beating for you.

Could someone answer my question? Here in Kentucky we get all of these other people coming in. I don’t mind it, but they get free insurance and tax-free everything. How come a hardworking person like me – I work hard everyday – doesn’t get good insurance? I don’t get everything and not have to pay for any of it. I don’t think these other people should get everything free, either. They need to work just like we do and pay for what they get, too.

To two certain trucking companies in Letcher County: I have worked for both of you and I am employed by one of you still. We get on the road every day and we drive trucks that are junk, that are dangerous to be on the highway. And you repay us by cutting our wages and taking our insurance? This is not right. We work everyday and we drive trucks that are junk. How are you guys going to like it when the IRS comes down on you?

I think it’s a shame that every week in The Mountain Eagle’s Speak Your Piece people are calling in and complaining about drugs and people dealing drugs in Cram Creek when they don’t know anything about it. It’s just their opinion. You know what I’m saying? They don’t know anything. People just want to run their mouth and talk crap when they don’t know anything about what they’re talking about. People need to just mind their own business and take care of themselves. But they can’t do that up in here, because people are nosy and have to work with the police. There are too many rats up in here. They need to just watch their mouths and keep it to themselves or something is about to happen. So peace out. Holler back. See ya.

I’m so tired of reading about Cram Creek every week in Speak Your Piece. Don’t you people have anything better to comment about? Since you people think you know so much about what is going on and who is selling these so-called drugs, why don’t you come up and talk to us about it instead of hiding behind Speak Your Piece and the cops? The cops hate us enough. Let them do their own jobs and you do yours. Get a life, people, and quit worrying so much about ours. Give it up and let the past go. It’s nothing like you say it is. And to all you rats out there: If you’re man enough to do the crime you should do your time. Don’t take anybody else down with you. Sincerely, the Backwoods Hustler.

It’s me again calling in about the copper. I left Kentucy with 1,780 pounds of copper, and when I got over to where I was going in Virginia I had 1,260 pounds – a difference of 520 pounds. It could be lying on the side of the road. It’s worth about $1,500. If you want some copper, check the road between Kentucky and Virginia. Or it might have evaporated. Maybe it was stolen. I’m not sure, but I would like to know. If you happen to find my copper, put it in Speak Your Piece so I can quit feeling so bad about those people over there. I think I was robbed, but if I wasn’t I feel sorry for all my bad thoughts toward them. It’s bad to think bad thoughts about people you think robbed you if they didn’t rob you.

I think this is to the point: The next time you put something in Speak Your Piece about (two certain women), we’re going to bring a lawsuit against you. I’ve already talked to an attorney and we can do it. That’s my ex-husband calling and trying to slander us, so you better keep it out of the paper.

This is a woman from Carcassonne with a message to the low-life who called the law on my daughter for parking her vehicles next to the road on Elk Creek, where she lives. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than bother and worry about what other people do? These vehicles were not blocking the road. So you couldn’t pull off there, is that a problem? If you were any kind of person you would have come personally to me or her and asked us to move our vehicles. But no, you had to call the law. You are a piece of scum, whoever you are.

I finally figured out why we need an airport so bad. It’s because when we get the prison we will need an airport to fly the prisoners to Letcher County. All kidding aside, where is the prison going to be built? We’ve had a lot of talk about it, but then all of a sudden it’s hushed up. Is the prison going to be built, yes or no? If so, when? That’s the question of the week. Does anyone really know?

You might ask yourself, ‘Where is a lot of Letcher County that’s not in Letcher County?’ It’s sitting down at Calla. That’s in Estill County and it’s part of the old South East Coal Company. It’s part of the gob left over from the old coal prep plant. There are approximately 450,000 to 500,000 tons of gob sitting at the prep plant in Calla which probably will never be recovered. There was supposed to be a steam plant built to use this stuff to burn for power, but it never happened. This process is on the table with James River Coal at Blue Diamond in Leatherwood to burn 400,000 tons of recoverable coal from their silt ponds. It’s already being done at the Jim Walter Resources mines in Brookwood, Alabama, which is going to recover 150 million tons of coal from its waste pond site. We’ve come a long way in mining since the days of the pony mines. Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in Huntington, Utah.

To the druggy in a new vehicle: You think you and your buddies have it made. Ha ha. The big boys will get you soon.

I have a redneck joke for Jeff Foxworthy: You might be a redneck if you own a $25,000 fishing boat and your wife and children live in a trailer.

It’s a shame the law in Jenkins doesn’t have anything better to do than harass people who are riding horses.

Hi, little baby. I didn’t mean to be grouchy when you called the other morning, but you’ve broken my heart three times now and I can’t take it anymore. If things get too bad where you are, you know I would love for you and the baby to be with me. The key is in the breaker box for you. I love you.

The snakes I see and kill are three times the size as the rattlesnake that was in the paper with the bear poop.

To a certain truck driver: Buddy, you don’t need to be harassing certain young ladies at the convenience store when they’re there trying to get a Mountain Eagle newspaper.

Where does the Jenkins Independent school system get some of its employees? Seriously, they have some of the most odd people ever. If you saw them on the street you wouldn’t think they were a teacher in a million years. Kids don’t learn anything from them. All the kids worry about is how bad they can’t stand their teacher.

I heard the craziest thing on the radio today. Some country is so desperate for a bigger population that people who live there are being offered a dishwasher or something to have kids and raise them. That’s crazy.

To the constable at Dunham: If you want to do some work, I’ve got some nasty neighbors.

The weekend pill sales on Railroad Hill have gone so well they have decided to do it everyday. This week’s specials include Xanax, two for $16.50; Lorcet 7.5 milligram, three for $21.20. Make sure you check them out. Your children sure are. And don’t worry about getting caught. The city police dare not come to the area. All UNITE officers will get an additional 20 percent off provided they tell their buddies about the sale. Oh yeah, on Wednesday night at 8:30 there’s going to be a snorting contest. Anyone who can snort a twopound box of Tide powder will win three Lortab 7.5’s. Y’all come now, y’hear.

This is for the Letcher County Board of Education: You need to get in gear right now, because come basketball season at LCCHS you need to have a bus for the high school girls to bring them to Isom or to Letcher School after ball practice each evening. Come spring, those girls will need a bus to take them from the high school to the softball field, which is less than five minutes from the high school since there is no field at the school like there was supposed to have been. You have buses for all the boys. Now they are running a bus from Letcher to Cowan for the middle school boys to practice football. Remember, what’s fair for one set of kids is fair for them all. We as parents can always come to a board meeting to bore you with this. So you better be hunting that bus down.

I only have one thing to say to people: Why do we fight amongst each other because we are different in a lot of ways? Why can we not all try to get along with each other and try to understand each other?

I just read Mayor Dixon’s new policy concerning the police department in Jenkins. I promptly put it in the trash where it belongs.

A caller was talking about the need to put in a four-lane road in the Jenkins area to handle all the drug traffic. They ought to put a daggone bridge in so we wouldn’t have to look at it. This is The Spy.

To Donald: If I was to die tonight I would like for you to know I would have died with you on my mind, because I love you so very much. Hang in there.

How do I like my new job? I love it. How do I like Monday through Friday? I love it.

I have heard the UK hospital is wanting to buy the ARH hospitals. That would be a good idea. ARH has not hired back all of its workers since the strike even though it didn’t have enough workers to run the hospitals before the strike. The Letcher Fiscal Court should not give any money to ARH until all workers are hired back.

They ought to make Ernestine Flint an honorary member of the Whitesburg City Council for bringing the Jenkins Days Festival to Whitesburg.

The Letcher County Jail is overcrowded. Inmates are sleeping on the floor, and also they served the same meals all month – chicken and hot dogs. Who wants to eat on that all year? People in jail might be inmates, but they are still human and shouldn’t be treated like dogs. Also, some need medical attention bad and are waiting to see a doctor but haven’t for a long period of time. That’s why they’re having problems with the inmates, the lack of their medication.

I sure wish I had a job where I could get paid to play golf. I worked for 30 years and I never had the chance to take off and play golf or anything else and still get paid. Now that I am retired, I like to play a few rounds from time to time, and more often than not, a certain fellow is playing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous. Really, I look up to this guy. I just want to know where I can land a job like that. I know where to apply. I will just go to the same office where he is supposed to be working. Surely there should be some more openings for this kind of work.

An illegal alien from Peru who allegedly sexually abused a five-year-old girl for about a year was out on a $150,000 bond. While on bond he killed three young black boys. He is said to have a rap sheet with more offenses than you have pores in your skin. I wonder why he was allowed to stay in this country with this kind of record. This country is fast coming to be a socialist nation like the former Soviet Union.

Don’t you ever wish that, of all the religions in the world and all the gods they worship, there was at least one who cared about coal miners?

This is to the man who is hanging out up at Neon with a young girl: You should be ashamed of yourself. She is young enough to be your daughter. Why don’t you find someone in your own age range? You’re about as low as they come.

A lot of people have spent a lot of money unnecessarily because they have been have convinced or bullied into initiating civil suits and paying for lawyers when they should be supported in criminal actions. Don’t let officials get away with that. They are being paid big salaries to uphold the law. Make them do it.

Looks like our school system is back like it was 20 years ago. To get a job you must have political connections to the ones who run everything or you must sell your soul to the powers above and then kiss them daily. I thought when the faces changed it would get better, but it has only gotten worse here in Letcher County. They hire who they can control and direct to do their dirty work, even though our kids have to share books. The upper-class folks then go around smiling like they are really improving things. This system will never change because of the control and politics.

This is for the man in the little pickup truck: You’re not a man. You’re about as low as they come. You’re really sick in the head. Maybe you should consider getting yourself some help before it’s too late.

I read a review on the movie ‘The Invasion’, a remake of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. It is about how an alien virus infects people and makes them ‘strangely unfeeling.’ My question is this: if this should happen to a Republican, how would we know?

This is to the person that is now in charge of a certain com- pany: You really screwed the people. You really need your truck drivers. You have taken our insurance and cut our wages, all because of bad management. Anyone can see what the problem is. Number one, you need to make the brothers park some trucks. They have more trucks than the company does. Number two, you need to make the sons-in-law buy fuel for their own personal vehicles. Number three, you need to get rid of a truck boss running up and down the road doing nothing. This company is going down the drain. When all your drivers quit or get jobs at other places, what are you going to do? Who is going to work for a company where you work five or six days a week and you can’t live on what you make? We don’t have any choice but to find employment with other companies. Then you don’t have any choice but hire these drugheads that go from one company to another because they can’t pass a drug test, or hire these check drawers that are working for cash.

Hello, everybody. I just wanted to let everyone know that the festival for the City of Jenkins, the Jenkins Homecoming Days, will be held this weekend, August 23, 24, 25 and 26. August 26 has been added this year for the new Civil War skirmish to be held at the Little Shepherd Amphitheatre in Jenkins. The event in the Whitesburg city park last week was not sanctioned by the City of Jenkins. This weekend will be the regular celebration with its new name sponsored by and for the citizens of Jenkins. It is the only celebration sanctioned by the City of Jenkins. It will feature The Drifters on Saturday night. So y’all come on over to Jenkins and have the time of your life. This year’s celebration will be bigger and better than ever, with new and exciting fun things to do. By the way, next week you can read in The Mountain Eagle exactly where every dime has been spent and how much profit will be made to put into next year’s festival. As a loyal fan of my hometown, I just wanted to help clear up some of the confusion about our great festival. Let’s all come out and support our town, civic organizations, churches and volunteers that work so hard to entertain us and also make money to help themselves better serve the community. Y’all come over to Jenkins, now ya hear?

This is to the person that would like to see Jim ‘Lead Us Into The Future’ Ward debate his opponent in the next election: I would like to see that, too. I am curious as to who would be standing behind him pulling on that string that makes him talk. If he gave the wrong answer, I am sure they would slap him in the head with a rolled-up Mountain Eagle. P.S. As Letcher Countians, we should be proud of the Eagle. They tell it like it is.

We have had five young people die from drug use. This is getting worse. It’s a crisis by anyone’s standards. UNITE is a failure and the courts are a failure. We need to petition the government for help. Citizens have got to come forward and the churches have got to come forward. This is a collapse of the moral structure. Where are the religious leaders? Where are the business leaders? Where are the community leaders? This is intolerable. What we have here is an issue of surviving or not.

Would the person who commented about the man that lives at Gordon who is supposed to be working but isn’t be more specific? There is more than one woman who has a working husband living in the area.

A few weeks back I submitted a comment to Speak Your Piece concerning making our courts accountable for the decisions on drugs and criminal cases. I was surprised to read in this edition of the Eagle that someone stated that the legal system is so complicated that everything concerning the courts should be left to the professionals. I would like to remind that individual of the past corruption concerning former judges in Letcher, Perry, and other counties and circuits that have been reported by the media over the years. The illegal drug trade in Letcher County is a multi-million dollar business, and sooner or later it will affect every family in this county. Your home will be invaded, your property stolen, and your family’s life will be worth no more than a fix for an addict. The persons dealing in illegal drugs must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The penalty should be so severe that it would be impossible to gain a profit from the sale of drugs. The judges are public servants and should be held fully responsible for their decisions by the law-abiding public. If the same judicial deals and decisions continue in Letcher County, you better keep your gun close to your bed. Your police have been doing their duty. Your courts have not.

This is to the residents of Colson: We need to run the drug dealers out of this community. We have a certain woman in a certain hollow selling drugs. She should be ashamed of herself. We also have the one at the mouth of a certain hollow who is drawing a check, working, and selling drugs. The worst one of the bunch is selling drugs and has been on a check for years. If there is an individual or church or business in Letcher County that has been robbed, he is buying the items. He thinks the deal with the stolen Weed Eaters and the furniture is over with, but it is not.

Speak Your Piece is becoming an important forum with literate statements of opinion on things that matter, and occasional, very funny, pointed satirical barbs. There is still the search for hot people and so on, but it seems to me that it is taking on a much more serious tone. This means of expression is needed in an area where most of the employment is controlled by a few people, and signed opinions can jeopardize jobs. In addition, it allows criticism of law enforcement, the fiscal court, the circuit and district courts, the school board, and the legal system. To repeat, signed statements here could be dangerous because there is hardly any family who doesn’t have someone who is under the control of someone in power. Also, people have family members who work under those in power and are under economic pressure to keep their mouths shut. Speak Your Piece is good for the county and more people should take advantage of it. Keep it up.

Hey, Bonnie and Clyde, what’s wrong? Did Misty start to show her true colors? You know, David, there is a saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If she’s talking and flirting in jail with you right there, what is she going to do given the chance to be wild and free? I do believe I warned you how she did her last boyfriend. Did you really think you were any different? You two lovebirds – or shall I say jailbirds? – have given us all a good laugh. You both are funny people with no time. And there couldn’t be much trust there, either. Ha, ha. Last laugh is on you both.

This is to a certain man who is 36 years old and dating an 18- year-old girl: You’re nothing but a low-life piece of perverted trash. If you were a decent person you would see her as being young enough to be your daughter. Scum like you shouldn’t be allowed out in public. It’s obvious that young children are not safe around you. You’re as low as low can get.

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