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This is to the old man who lives in Improvement Branch in Jenkins: The whole neighborhood knows it is you who keeps calling the law on your neighbor. So back off .

In your response to the man who still has your heart that had given you the son, what is the age of your son? And be more specific to the one that you are supposed to be with.

This is to the man who drives the white vehicle down Number Two Hollow: We know what you’re doing. We’re not stupid. If you keep coming into our hollow, we’ll call the police. Don’t make this mistake again. She knows why you’re going up there, so don’t make the mistake twice. This is your final warning.

I was at a recent Letcher County Fiscal Court meeting and was given a copy of the most recent tourism brochure. I observed a blatant error pertaining to the Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come outdoor drama being produced in Jenkins. Then, the chairman of the tourism board made the same blatant error during his presentation about tourism in Letcher County. The character, Devil Judd Tolliver, was reportedly patterned after the real character Bad John Wright of Jenkins. However, Devil Judd Tolliver is a character in the Trail of the Lonesome Pine, being produced at the outdoor drama in Big Stone Gap, Va. I noticed that the president of the arts council and his entourage, who produce the Little Shepherd drama in Jenkins, were also present at the meeting. No one blinked an eye. I guess they don’t know who are the characters in the play either. Lord, help us.

She’s not a nurse, but she’s no pig neither.

I want to speak for the county judge, Jim Ward. He is always busy for the people of Letcher County. He is always working for them. You can call him any hour, any time. I’ve been flooded, he has been here. He brought a magistrate with him and workers, and he would make them fix the problem with the river and he would make them do it that day. He is always working out in the county. When we had the big snow, he helped teachers. He took them home. They couldn’t get their cars started, the workers at Eolia school. And if he has workers on the garbage that can’t work, he’s out picking up garbage. Him and the pro temp judge, too. He’s just a wonderful judge and a wonderful person.

My friend and me do get together. We discuss family and the Bible like normal people, not like some people I know. The girl is always trying to take someone’s husband, which never works out for her. Her family is either cursing, talking vulgar, or lying on someone so I believe they are possessed by the devil because the devil speaks of seducing spirits. That’s all I can say because there is no way he looks at her for any other reason. She doesn’t have looks or character. She is nothing but a nut.

Yes, this is that 60-yearold retired coal miner. Thanks for the advice about the mannequin ‘cause you got the same thing. It’s got no desire, it won’ t cook and it will never reach over and give you a hug unless you got a $1,000 for her to spend at Walmart and then she comes alive.

If Peewee Back is a straightforward and firstrate board chairman then why did he allow the Letcher County Water and Sewer District superintendent to come back to work after he quit and turned his truck back in to the count? From what knowledge I have about the situation, Water and Sewer District Board Chairman Back confronted the superintendent for turning in so much overtime and the superintendent got mad and quit. From my reliable source, the superintendent was being asked if he was using for personal business a Water and Sewer District vehicle that is assigned to him. From another reliable source, I hear the superintendent drives the countyowned truck back and forth to his home in Knott. This practice is a waste of taxpayers’ gas. An employee should never be allowed to even take a Letcher County’s vehicle home in the first place. Peewee, you have a responsibility to the taxpayers of Letcher County to take appropriate action when this type of abuse is occurring. Perhaps County Judge/Executive Jim Ward needs to step up and make changes.

Yes, darling, I found out where your wife works. She works in Whitesburg, so I think I will have a little visit and tell her what a wild thing you and me had before she got with you. Maybe we can have it again. Let’s see if that will break you two up. You and me had a wild time at the racetrack last summer and we can do it again.

You call the sheriff ’s department for something and they won’t pick the phone up for some reason. You won’t get assistance from them. They let the phone ring and ring. That’s how come at county election time I intend to vote Danny Webb out of office and maybe they will get rid of these people that work in his office. We need a new sheriff and we need a new judge.

Why did you have to get married a second time? You fooled around with me on your first wife. And you fooled around with me a couple of times on your second wife. So why don’t you divorce this one and just get with me? Let’s make it permanent. We just do the wild thing like we used to. Does this ring any bells?

To a certain hard worker who gets another person to come and cut a tree for him out of his yard: Well, pal, for your information you don’t own that property. You don’t own that tree. Let me tell you something. Keep on cutting trees down. One of these days one might just fall on you and you’ll learn your lesson about taking trees from other people’s property. Jim Ward’s family owns land on Doty Creek right across from a certain brick house. If I were you, Mr. Jim Ward, I would take something down there and show them that you own the land because they are already dumping trash down there.

I just wanted to let you know I have loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you and I shall love you until the day I die. Hang in there. I’m proud of you.

This is a 60-year-old retired coal miner talking to the 48-year-old. If you name the time and place, we will meet there in next week’s Speak Your Piece. Thank you.

It’s not love, but it’s not bad.

This goes out to the girl that drives the gray Jeep Cherokee: My man does not want you. Never did and never will. I wish you would just leave us alone and go on with your life. You are married and got a family of your own. My husband and me have a family of our own. Why don’t you just leave us alone? Thank you.

Hey, darling, my love. I told my husband I didn’t want him anymore, that me and you are going to work things out after you got rid of your wife and divorced her. He doesn’t know who you are yet, but it is just a matter of time before he finds out. He is hot and heavy and he said he is coming after you. Don’t let that bother you. As long as you and me are together, that is all that matters.

Does everybody look at you when you walk into church? Everyone knows about you.

Two of your best friends are still living.

There are some questions I would like Judge Ward to explain and give the voters some answers: 1. Where are all those jobs you promised? I thought you wanted jobs for Letcher County people and not jobs for gas companies in Prestonsburg or Gibsonia, Penn., Pikeville or Virginia. 2. Just how much of your campaign money of $79,792.88 did you receive from oil companies and gas companies? Maybe we should go to Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and see for ourselves just who gave you all this money and why you are such good friends to the oil and gas companies. 3. How much does it cost these days to sell out the good people of Letcher County by selling their right-of-ways and county property to the gas companies? 4. How many laws did you and those useless magistrates pass or enforce to keep the people of Letcher County from being run over by these out-of-town gas people? Just what gives you and your buddies the right to give our land away for these gas companies to use as if this land is theirs? 5. How many water wells were destroyed, streams polluted, trees destroyed, roads destroyed, how many animals lost their homes by these gas companies? Where are the environmental people, where are the wildlife people, and the soil conservation people? Has the gas companies got all those agencies in their pockets too? 6. How much more money are you promised in this upcoming election for your help to these gas companies? 7. In the last election you campaigned against Carroll Smith by telling things that were not true against him. Carroll was proven to be not guilty to the people when all the newspapers finally were printed again. Do you know anything about all of those newspapers being lost just before the election? Please tell the good people just what one good thing you have done for them since you’ve been in office. 8. Do all the gas company deals still get done in your office, and do you allow the magistrates to vote on these deals to sell out Letcher County? Are the gas companies still required to be bonded so they can cross county roads? 9. Do you really think that a ton of gravel or a stupid culvert or some blacktop is worth what you have let these gas companies do to the people of this county? We are forced to let these gas companies onto our property, and they destroy our property and will continue to be there, using and destroying property until all the gas is sucked out of Letcher County. 10. Why are you more concerned about a multi-million dollar building in the City of Whitesburg for the kids to have somewhere to go and have something to do, when you know that the old A&P building will be a continuous debt for this county? The power bill and the upkeep will be a sizable bill each year, which will be paid for by the taxpayers. Why did you not help some business person lease this building for some sort of recreation, and let them pay taxes to the county? This would take some of the burden off of the taxpayers. You seem to be more interested in getting your picture taken and taking this county in reverse.

This is the 48-year-old responding to the 60-year-old retired coal miner: Could you meet me at Hardee’s Restaurant in Jenkins on Friday, March 26, at 7 p.m.? I’ll be there. I have dark, auburn hair, and brown eyes. I’ll wear a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans, so you should know it’s me.

Is this what national security is about? In March 2010, a Mexican helicopter with a Mexican Navy insignia came one mile into Zapata County, Texas, and hovered over a residential neighborhood. Where was Homeland Security? Well, I know where they usually are in this area. They are sitting for hours in a luxurious air-conditioned bus near an eatery. I know that we have the best government that money can buy, but that is not the way the Constitution meant for it to be. We need to make the right kind of changes in Washington, impose term limits, and stop the reckless spending and foolish legislation that is being passed. We need to get rid of the career politicians who have been there for so long that they think they don’t need you, but you need them. The grass may not be greener on the other side, but in D.C. the dollar is greener and more easily obtained than in most of the private sector. Political correctness is destroying this country.

The insurance companies spent $50 million on negative advertising last month. How much did they make if they could afford to spend $50 million saying that the President and Congress were jerks? If they had spent some of their money on health care for people with insurance, maybe there wouldn’t be a health care crisis. If you believe everything you see on TV, see me and I’ll sell you insurance, cheap. Of course, I don’t guarantee it will pay for anything, except for me a new billfold.

I have three grandchildren who attend schools in Letcher County, and I am greatly concerned for their safety. There is only one school resource officer (cop) in the entire county. Letcher County Central High School has nearly 1,000 students by itself. I’m sure there are more than 3,000 students in the Letcher County School System, and yet there is only one cop that is supposed to maintain law and order in every school. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. The schools are spread out all over the county. It would take more than a day for a cop to go to and walk through each school. In less than 12 months there have been guns brought to two different schools in Letcher County by students. These are the guns that have actually been taken from students. There’s no telling how many have been brought and the student didn’t get caught. The students know there is only one cop in the school system and they’re not afraid of getting caught. Cowan, Beckham Bates, Letcher, Fleming-Neon, Martha Jane Potter, etc., don’t see a cop at their schools unless something bad has already happened. Are we as grandparents, parents, etc., going to sit back and watch this school board spend millions on sports and activities at LCCHS, and according to the newspaper, pay one cop less than $30,000 for our children’s safety? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. To the members of the Letcher County School Board: I beg you not to wait until children get killed at your schools before taking action. Please.

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