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Mark, do I have to come right out and tell you, ‘Mark, the jig is up’?

Hey, hon. Thanks for this past weekend. I wonder if your wife realizes you weren’t where you said you were going to be. You were with me and I wonder if my husband realizes where I wasn’t supposed to be, that I was with you? I think they are two dumb people, don’t you? He can’t get the hint and she sure as heck can’t get the hint. Bye, love.

(And you’re trying to convince the rest of us that you’re smart?)

I apologize for not being at Hardee’s. This is from the 60-year-old coal miner, and if you will meet me this coming Friday at 7 o’clock at the same time, I promise you I will be there. And I will be there this time. I just couldn’t make it the other time when I was supposed to have been there. So if you’ll be there Friday at 7 o’clock, the same time, I promise you I will be there. Thank you.

Hey, Turtle Boy. I told you to leave and never come back, and I meant it. Don’t even come back for a visit. Leave, leave, leave, leave. Leave and don’t ever let your shadow come back up 119.

Remember, we control the gasoline prices by driving less. So, drive less, America.

Kenny Pack and Colene Bailey, I’m asking you two to tie up your two dogs, the brown one and the white dog. I came close to getting dog bit twice now. I’m not trying to stir up any more trouble, but I’ll take the both of you to court if I’m forced to. Please print this. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

You are a piece of crap for saying that garbage about me in here. You start this trouble back up and get your accomplice to help you. You two look alike and you act alike, and no one wants to look or be anything like you people. You’ve even got her husband acting like you all. Usually men don’t want to get into their wife’s squabbles. What’s funny is that you’re getting responses from someone other than me. Apparently you have more enemies than me. I wouldn’t be in your shoes on Judgment Day for any amount of money.

What a sad bunch of ‘good old boys.’ I’ll bet the new judge/executive takes out the trash when he’s elected. The water board stooges who have no idea how to treat decent people will be the first to go. You don’t treat people the way you guys did and just go on your goofy way. You can only step on people’s faces so many times before good people put a stop to it.

Trash. You’re the one everyone is whispering about in your church. If you weren’t so stupid you’d know that. You’re the one that’s possessed by the devil. You’re ugly and fake personality, that’s you.

People, please turn on your vehicle’s headlights when it’s early in the morning, it’s raining and still dark. Why is it so hard in Letcher County for people to follow the rules of driving and be courteous to other drivers? A good rule of thumb for day or night is, if you’ve got your windshield wipers on, turn your headlights on. Easy.

One thing this whole water board situation has taught the people of Letcher County is that Jim Ward (I’m not calling him Judge anymore, because I don’t think he will be one for much longer) is good at ignoring situations that make him uncomfortable. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘The buck stops here’? Go ahead and keep turning your head away and ignoring the fact that you allow workers to be harassed, Jim. It’s coming back to bite you in the behind. Trust me.

This is the 48-year-old responding to the 60-yearold retired coal miner: Will you meet me at Hardee’s Restaurant in Jenkins, April 9? I’ll wear a yellow shirt, and I have auburn hair, brown eyes, and I’ll have on blue jeans. Be there at 7 p.m., and I’ll be there. We could meet and maybe take it from there. I’m 5’7”. Hope to see you there.

I’d like to ask everybody to please be praying for Tyler Brown. He’s my stepgrandson. The mother is Patsy and Chris Brown, father. He’s only 13 years old and was on his bike and he was crossing the road and a truck hit him and the gas exploded. He’s in Cincinnati, Ohio at Good Samaritan. It’s not looking good; he needs everybody’s prayers.

Yes, I’d like to know how the people in a certain community can vote their constable back in when he has a family member who is a drug dealer. Why should we vote him back in when he lets this family member deal drugs but wants to bust everybody else? So when all the voters go to vote, keep that in mind. When you vote him in, you’re voting for his family member to sell drugs.

To the coal truck driver who ran me into the guardrail on Route 7: I’m probably not the first person you’ve done that to, I’m probably not the last person you’ll do that to, but I thank God I was the one who survived it. If I had been in any other vehicle, you would have hit me head-on and I wouldn’t be talking to Speak Your Piece right now. I really hope that God watches over you and God watches over all the people who have drive on Route 7 with people like you on that road.

It looks to me like the county could help our state highway department get these trees cleaned up off the side of the road from the winter storms. Surely the United States helped New Orleans and Haiti, our county could help our state highway department just a little bit and be neighborly.

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Everybody wants to be a constable, but nobody wants to work.

This is the to the 48-yearold: I will be in the Walmart parking lot Friday at 12 o’clock next to the road there. I’m the 60-year-old retired coal miner. I’ll be there if you want to meet me.

Yes, I live down here in Mountain Breeze in Jenkins. The rent is so high people can hardly live and pay their rent. I don’t know why some pay high rent and other one’s won’t. Some of them are living here for nearly nothing, and I think something ought to be done about it. They know it’s going on, too.

To the man in Jenkins: One of your drug-addicted punks like you has talked. I know who you are. I thought it for a long time, but to let you know I know who you are. You tried to hit me with a horseshoe one time, and I will deal with you soon at a time when you think not.

To the girl who drives the white Toyota that is basically stolen: At one time you was a respectful lady. Now I can see that you are no better than the crowd you hang out with. I hope you get your life back together and are able to get your child back before something bad happens to you and you die or something. We are all worried about you and the crowd you hang out with.

You said, ‘Oh yes, I know.’ And you were right. You were right. But when it comes you will know, but it’s going to be unexpected, and all the higher powers and all the dope around aren’t going to help you.

Man plays football for a whole year and runs fullback and at the end of the year they haven’t won a game. Oh yes, I know you, you are a chump

To Barack Obama: Read Psalm 109:8-12.

(Don’t you think it speaks volumes about the character of the bumper sticker-maker who would misuse a Biblical passage about David referring to corrupt men around him and turn it into death wish on the president of the United States? It’s really pretty sick. By the way, why aren’t we seeing words from Romans 13:1, 1 Peter 2:17, or Matthew 6:5-8 on bumper stickers for the radicals on the far right?)

Yes, I would like to tell everybody it’s springtime and time for my neighbors, especially those on Pert Creek, to clean their yards up and keep the snakes and the rats out of my yard. Just because my yard’s clean, doesn’t mean I’d like the snakes and the rats in it.

I’d like to know how we could get somebody to come here and force somebody to clean their yards up. All they keep doing is piling it up with junk and you couldn’t mow the grass if you had to. And they just open the door and throw it out the doors and I’d like to know if they can’t do something about that.

This is to the lady that keeps putting a comment in Speak Your Piece about wanting her man to come back to her: Honey, hold your head up and have some respect for yourself. No man’s worth chasing after. If he’s with somebody, he’s abusing you, honey. Have respect for yourself. If you don’t want to be with your husband, leave him, and get on with your life. Somebody’s out there for you. If the man’s wife does kick him out and finds out how he is, and he comes a’running to you, spit in his face. Tell him you’re better than that. Trust me, no man’s worth it. They only speak with their brain in their head and you know where else.

To the man that drives a truck that says, ‘I’ve got friends in low places:’ I can understand why the man threatened to kill you a while back. You are one dumb you know what.

The other day my son came homes from the Jenkins school with a letter from school officials. It is so funny and ridiculous. It is ridiculous they have to pay a dollar to wear a UK hat or pay $2 to wear pajamas on Friday. Can you believe that? These schools are getting outrageous. People don’t have money today to pay for stuff like that. Doesn’t the school get enough money from the parents already? My son’s going wear pajamas on Friday if he wants to and we aren’t going to pay $2. He’s going to wear a hat for UK when he wants to wear one and I’m not paying a dollar. I’m sure there’s other parents out there that feel the same way I do.

(Kids used to have nightmares about showing up at school in their pajamas (or even less), and now you’re saying they wear them in public by choice? Guess times really have changed.)

I just found out that a certain man is going to therapy with his wife. I think he ought to. I think it’s just so nice. It just shows how much he loves her and how sorry he is for his mistakes. As for the other party, there’s no help for them.

I would like to know how some people can do what they do to other people’s lives and go on like nothing happened. Go back to their husbands, go back to their lives. It just shows they have no conscience.

A man threatens a man’s life in Irvine, Ky., at 6:30. At 10:30 in the evening the man is dead. Little boy blue, come blow your horn. The sheep’s in the meadow. The cow’s in the corn.

Yes, I think it’s a shame that just because we don’t have a big football field and a lot of sports they’re hollering to close our school down at Eolia and send our children to God knows where. We’d just like to speak our piece over here and say we don’t think it’s right. We want our school.

This is to former Kentucky State Trooper David Combs, who is running for Sheriff this year. I’d like for you to clean up the drug dealers coming in here from Detroit and staying in our local hotels and dealing their drugs to our children. Thank you.

How can any one in good conscience vote for Jim Ward and that bunch they call a fiscal court? They’ve given this county over to the natural gas companies. They’ve run rampant over this county. How could anyone vote for them? Dump the bums out, please.

Magistrate Codell Gibson, will you please quit putting your signs up and down the creek here at Pine Creek/Cram Creek? We don’t need your garbage.

Hey you who has my personal belongings, please return them. Drop them off somewhere where someone can return them. It would be easy and no one will know. You can have the money but the other things are not replaceable. Please, I need them. Show you have a little bit of a heart.

Fashion Bug has a big sale on your clothes, but I don’t see how that’s going to help your pig face.

This is to the 65-year-old woman: You need to stop being a hypocrite. All you do is talk about how people are on drugs and how pathetic they are. Sorry, honey. You need to take a good look at yourself.

Thank you for sticking by me during the good and bad times. You sincerely make my life complete and I love you with all my heart. Truly yours, love TC.

How do rocket scientists think people are going to be counted when they don’t allow people with post office boxes to get a census form to fill out? I’d like to get a job working with the census because you don’t do anything but sit on your behind apparently. Something needs to be done.

This is the Letcher Elementary Relay for Life team. We are putting on an auction at the Blackey Community Center on Friday, April 2, at 6 o’clock. It will be for the American Cancer Society.

This is to the pill head who wants Danny Webb and Jim Ward voted out of office and replaced by those who support the drug dealers and the drug addicts: The citizens of Letcher County want to get rid of the drug dealers and the drug addicts, and it appears to me that you are a dealer or pill head. Shame, shame, shame on you.

If you haven’t read Rose Ballard’s book, ‘The Beauty of a Rose’, you don’t know what you’re missing. Get one while they last.

If you or your kids live in Letcher County, they should go to a Letcher County school. What’s the problem, are they better than everyone else?

Don’t vote for Keith Adams. He does not do what he says he is going to do. What are we paying the county for? They don’t do anything, either.

They need to clean up a certain fast food restaurant if they want people to come and eat there.

It looks like Black Mountain pizza is getting all of Pizza Hut’s customers. It is a great place to eat. They have great food.

What I see happening here in the U.S. is a total lack of respect for the new law. As Christians, we are supposed to obey these laws unless they contradict God’s law. So far this hasn’t happened. God bless America.

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