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‘As an eastern Kentucky native, all I have heard is ‘Coal keeps the lights on.’ Well, if people looked at the whole picture, coal also kills. I find it a bit ridiculous that the money that comes in from the coal industry can’t even provide safety for the workers who lose their lives. I am pretty sure if I was bringing in millions at the expense of these miners I would provide better working conditions.’ A friend of mine wrote this on Facebook in response to the latest mine disaster, which killed 25 men in West Virginia.

Mommy had such high hopes for an ugly little fat boy, and all you turned out to be was a drug abuser and a drug seller with delusions of grandeur. You think you’re somebody, but you’re really nothing.

Christian militia? That’s a pitiful excuse. You call yourself Christians — Christ-like. I ask Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to protect our authority figures who are sworn to protect and serve and to uphold the law. I apologize to these people for all you pathetic individuals who think you are Christ-like doing the things you did. I’m not even going to ask God to forgive you.

I just read the Speak Your Piece comment in the March 24 edition on the gas companies. Gee, that sounds like the coal companies to me. I mean, they want to bring in tourists? Come on in, people, and let’s see how we’ve gouged the mountains out and put in a few small pine trees. And guess what? We’re very proud of it. We’ll soon look like Texas with all the Mexicans and all the other foreigners that have filtered into our country that we support and pay for. The blacks and whites need to quit fighting and get rid of the foreigners who are piling in on us. How much does it cost to put foreign languages on everything that we buy? How much dies it cost to pay their medical care while the whites and blacks do without? There’s a big problem in this country, and all the old men and young girls get what they deserve. Do they really think that these young women want them for themselves? The 60-year-old coal miner? Oh my gosh. Get a life and leave the little girls alone.

A certain county official and his family are threatening the poor people, saying they have a cousin working in the food stamp office and can have people’s food stamps cut off . They say they can also get the Meals on Wheels cut out.

I can’t understand why some people on Goose Creek are so nasty. You start up Goose Creek and it is pretty clean. You get up to some people’s houses and there’s nothing but garbage in the creek. Then there’s this one big twostory house, and it is spic and span around it. Nothing. This girl works continuously. Then you get to another house and it looks like she’s just thrown garbage out her front door. She has bushes, trees, and everything out front of her house, and there is everything lying all over her yard. She tells everything she sees and everything she hears. So, people on Goose Creek, you better not let her hear anything, because she will repeat it. She should get out there and clean her yard up, like the people right beside of her that always keep their place clean.

If you ladies don’t put your sanitary napkins in the commode at home so your husband has to clean them up, why do you do it at the hospital? Next mess I find I am going to write your name on it and hang it out in public where people can see it.

I’m watching a Little League softball game. My question is why is the entire team required to be in the dugout except for the little girls that like to run around? If you are in uniform, you need to be inside the dugout with the rest of the team. Is it because they’re the coaches’ kids?

I’d like to comment in Speak Your Piece about a friend of mine who lost his house to a fire down in Pistol City. People are trying to say the fire was set, and that is not the truth. The house caught fire because of an electrical problem and they don’t appreciate people accusing them of that. The landlord wouldn’t fix anything before the house burned, so I think he ought to think two or three times before he says anything.

After what happened at Letcher County Central High School, maybe this will show the superintendent that we need more ways to get into that school. If not, just close it back down and let them go to the old school.

Jenkins needs a brand new state police headquarters right in the middle of town with lots and lots of state troopers.

After the explosion at Letcher County Central, I found out something about the school. You can’t even call out to 911 on any phones at the school. You have to use a cell phone. I think that’s a disgrace to the public, and they got one way to get up there on the hill to go to school and I think they need another road up there on the other side. I don’t know why they can’t do that; they’ve got plenty of money. I think all the parents are going to have to get together and call in the big dogs on them.

 This is to the lady that keeps calling and saying she wants my husband: Honey, you know I live in Whitesburg and I work in Neon. Big deal. My husband lives in Whitesburg and he works in Neon. You can have him. The only reason he married me was because he didn’t have a place to call home and a car to drive. He just used me. But the joke’s on him. I needed somebody to help. I don’t need his help anymore. I got my house fixed. I got my bills caught up. So when I get a divorce, you can have him. I know that’s what you want.

Hey, it’s me again, talking to the rocket scientists. You know, we’re watching the commercials on TV about the government not sending Post Office box holders the Census form. I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ve sent us one every year since we’ve been here. We’ve had this same box number for 70 years and have always gotten since they started sending them out.

Little boy blue, come blow your horn. You’ve been a coward since the day you were born. Little boy blue’s got grit in his crawl. You’re never scared of him calling the law.

Well, you’re a monkey face and you’re ugly from head to toe.

Jim Ward has let the gas companies into Letcher County to destroy people’s property, water wells, and destroy our roads. A person would be crazy to vote for a political prostitute like Jim Ward. He’s bought and paid for by the gas companies. Who needs a recreation center when the well water is ruined?

From the Viking to his wench: Thanks for bringing my beer around the other night. I hope to see you later.

This is to Toots and Pooh, who just moved to Cornettsville, from Daddy: I miss you all so much and I can’t wait until we are back together.

 I know I’m not crazy. I saw a cat walking up beside the road at Walmart. It was packing a gallon of gas in one hand and was asking with the other hand if someone could find a pack of matches. I know I’m not crazy. Did anybody else see this? It was a huge white cat and it was saying something about getting kicked out of its home.

What is wrong with District 4? Our churches are going all to pieces. We really need help. All you former church people need to get back in church and please, all you other Christians like myself, please help us vote out these people we have representing our district as magistrate and constable.

To a certain preacher in Burdine: Why do you have certain people in that church that you like and other people you run off ? It’s not right. You call yourself a preacher but you’re not.

The more students in a class, the less their education.

Please come out and tell Mark the jig is up. How is the jig up? Please come out and tell Mark. He doesn’t see it as being up at all. Come and tell him how it’s up.

Yeah, what’s up with the Bulldog? What happened to the radio station? Am I the only person who has noticed this? My goodness, they went to country music. I can’t stand country music. Give us our rock back or I’m changing channels.

Why do you want that old man? He’ll be 70 this year. You’re in your early 60s and if he’s who I think he is, his wife is about 50 and homely as can be, but she’s married to him for three years. You and him have been together for two years, which means his name wasn’t dry a year on the marriage license when he started cheating on her. He’s a bad person. All he cares about is himself. He won’t leave her. She owns the house. He’s too scared. All he has is his pension, a bunch of junk vehicles, and his bike. A ton of baggage comes with him.

This message is for Billy Ray Cornett. You’re running for magistrate in District Three. We voters would like to know what platform you stand on. What are you running on? We do need a change in District 3 and we want to know where you stand on the issues. Please give us some kind of idea.

You could double your tithes in church and it wouldn’t pay your way to heaven after what you’ve done, you filthy piece of trash.

It is bad when the only thing a politician can do is down someone else. You should be telling us how good you are. Why are you so worried about what the other person is doing? I will not vote for someone who does that, plain and simple. Instead of saying, ‘I’m the best man, I will work hard for you,’ you get on the radio and talk about someone else like they’re a dog. I will not vote for you.

I was just wondering when I’m going to get put on the Board of Education payroll. After the kids come home from school, why should they have to do two or three hours more of homework, during which we parents have to sit and help the smaller children work half of the night? I think four pages of homework a night is enough. And if you ask me, if you know how to do 61 plus 44 once, you’re going to know how to do 22 plus 12. Ten of each problem is plenty. Why do you need 50? If you know what 2 and 8 is, you know what 2 and 4 is. Get a grip. I think the homework is a little bit overdone. Besides, if children don’t learn to read and have a good vocabulary and good spelling, they’re not going to go very far. So why don’t they start by teaching them the basics before they start teaching them other stuff? It’s not the parents’ job to teach them everything. So this is fair warning to you people who have kids in kindergarten right now: You will be teaching them how to read. Reading is their life. If you cannot read well you will not succeed in life. Math, you can use a calculator to do. Reading is where it is. You could always use a dictionary to find how to spell something, but if you don’t know the word or you can’t say the word and you don’t, that’s bad. So everybody, teach your kids to read before they hit kindergarten. If you don’t, you’re going to be staying up four hours every evening instead of two.

Hello dream lover. Sure do miss you. Seems like forever since I’ve gotten to see you. I know that it’s not been that long, but every day not seeing you when you’re out on the job seems like forever.

A.H., the day I told you I loved you was the happiest day of my life before the day I put a ring on your finger and promised you forever together. Now you’re married and I should be happy for you, but I’m not because I lost everything that meant anything to me in my life, my family, and I can’t do anything about it because he has a ring around your finger and gave you forever together. One day I will be free. White Liar.

Listen up, you truckers. If you have and want to get rid of your old truck tires, just bring them to Johnson’s Fork at Premium and dump them out along the road as you start up the hollow. Don’t reckon you have to ask anyone about dumping tires or concrete blocks, because they didn’t ask, especially people living in either fork on up the hollow. But when people catch the idiot fever they start pouting and are unpredictable. I get the feeling they want to run all those miners out of a job. That would be a big mistake, because miners get pretty unruly when they can’t feed their families because some idiots are acting like they own Johnson Fork. The truth of the matter is the property at the mouth of Johnson Fork is not worth much and is decreasing in value daily. I wouldn’t give $500 for all of it. Thank you.

To the fat, black-haired woman: You told people when your ex-husband was alive that you were going to get back together. That’s not what he said. He would not have had you back for anything. You said you were his baby. He had more than one baby. You’d be surprised.

Well now, happy late birthday to Lonnie Pack. It was on March 29. He turned 50. On April 1, Cathy Trent, our niece, turned 32. It’s also Dad’s birthday. Lorraine Day’s birthday is coming up the 19th. She’s old enough, okay? Real sorry to hear of Madge Combs passing away. Also Robert Hibbitts, known as Buck. They’ll be sadly missed.


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