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HOMES Incorporated is such a joke. I don’t like the people there. I don’t like the way I was treated. People are treated by HOMES like they are nothing, and if you have nothing you might be able to get a home built. But if you are somebody and you want to try to live right, you can’t get anything built.

(Like all other non-profit< groups that depend on federal and state money to provide help to poor people, HOMES Inc. has strict guidelines to follow when itcomes to providing housing assistance to those who seektheir help. That doesn’t make them a ‘joke.’)

I’d like to speak on behalf of the Letcher County Jail. The jailer needs to get the drugs out of that jail if he expects to get voted back in as a jailer. Why doesn’t he do what he needs to do and have everybody who works for that jail drug tested? Some how, some way, drugs are in there. I know that for a fact, and the Man Above knows that, and that is wrong. I just thought I would give this information, because something needs to be done about the problem, urgently.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families in West Virginia whose men were destroyed by greed in the coal mines. On March 9 in 1976 in my hometown, 15 men lost their lives. Two days later 11 more were killed. I call for a strike of all United Mine Workers to make sure that the mines are safe for these men who provide a living. God have mercy on us all.

Could someone please tell me where Letcher County Central girls’ softball field is? Or maybe we can borrow that half-million dollars boys’ baseball field. I think y’all better get your behind moving, because if I’m not mistaken, the boys’ field is supposed to be on lockdown right now. Beware.

I’d like to wish Donna Morton a happy 30th birthday on April 17. Have a good one, girl.

To the hoodlums at Letcher: Quit telling lies and making up stories, and your nasty remarks. You’re the laughingstock of your neighborhood and at the courthouse. Everyone knows you act like idiots, and the people in the courthouse are tired of you wasting their time and our tax dollars for making them run down there every time you make up a story. Get a life. Leave these sick people alone. Maybe you should just grow up. I don’t live down there, but maybe you ought to just meet me out in the road sometime.

I saw a friend of mine this weekend. She was telling me all she’s gone through this past year. I couldn’t believe it. Her husband must have lost his mind, but I just can’t believe that people who were supposed to be her friends and love her so much could do what they did and never apologize, never call. I just can’t believe it. But, you know, they’ll pay, and I can’t wait for when they do.

He’s doing everything he can do make up for the mistake he made. Will it be enough? I doubt it.

I am sick and tired of big mouths on Turkey Creek. When you call to report somebody for driving up and down the road all hours of the night and keeping people up (and driving without a license or insurance), some big mouth runs and tells them so the cops can’t catch them. They ought to put you in jail. So keep that in mind next time you go and jabber your mouth.

I was just wondering if McDonald’s still has cheese for their burgers since they’re hired all the rats to work.

Put me in, coach. I want to play ball. Just put me in, coach.

This is concerning the recent mine disaster in West Virginia. I worked at Scotia when it blew up March 9, 1976. What we need are state and federal laws to put an end to ‘permanent seals.’ These seals should be strictly outlawed. As a miner, I know what I’m talking about. A permanent seal allows gases and carbon monoxide to build up behind you and any earth shift or anything can set it off . We need bore holes above the mine to let the gases out. This would protect the miners more than all the so-called laws we have now. I feel sorry for everyone that’s involved in West Virginia, and it brings back memories. I’m still a coal miner and I will be as long as I can, but permanent seals should be outlawed.

This little boy blue, why call the law? ‘Cause he’s in on it, too.

I just wanted to make a comment about an item in Speak Your Piece about Jim Ward and his romance with the gas companies. I have no problem with that. However, he or she fails to mention that all of his opponents work directly for the gas companies, too. I just think the caller ought to mention some of these others, too, not just Jim Ward.

We really enjoy the concert information you put in The Mountain Eagle every week. While you’re gathering information, how about asking the people at Summit City why they insist on bringing the same tired acts back, seemingly every three to four weeks. And what’s happened to the good rock shows they were getting for a while? Use your imagination, people.

If the Department of Fish and Wildlife tells us not to wade in the water in Kentucky and they have swimming pools at state parks, what’s the point in having state park lakes? How would we know if our drinking water is safe when the water board is more interested in politics and religion than testing the water? If you can see the air in front of your house, what’s the difference in the dust in your lungs than if you worked on a strip mine? Do the gas companies pay for the damage they do or does government pick up the tab? Pollution is a bad word, but shouldn’t companies pay for the mess they make. I’m not saying they shouldn’t exist, just that they should pay for the mess they make.

You scummy piece of trash. Get your head out of the clouds and you’ll remember you’ve done just as much as I have.

Mary Sue, it will be going on five years since you passed. My heart is with you. See you in my dreams. I love you.

Hey delivery man, keep giving the higher power the free drugs. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

I’d call somebody ugly. You and your brother look like fat baboons who have been hit in the face by a truck.

Hello, dream lover. Sure am missing my man. Can’t wait for next week to come. When work will come to a wait and you will be in my arms. I can hardly wait for that special heartthrob that hits when you take me in your arms and plant those marvelous lips against mine. With spring here, I keep hoping I will get my picnic up to Weak Knee Hollow, and that special time with the most handsome man there is. That’s why you’re the number one lover in my world. Hugs, kisses, love always, your sunshine.

To the substitute school teacher who walked off the job in the middle of the day without giving any notice: All I can say is congratulations to the school system for finding out what kind of person you are. I think what you’re looking for is a job that runs from 12 o’clock noon to 1 o’clock and gives you an hour for lunch. You are despicable. Good luck.

To the young man who has the best chance of becoming the next mayor of Jenkins: The best thing you can do is distance yourself from your mother-in-law. Everyone knows she’s bosom buddies with the queen bee, and that’s a double dose of formula that will take at least 100 votes from you. Just pretend you don’t know either one of them and you can win the election.

I was in the Letcher County Courthouse last Tuesday and overheard a lady who works there talking about the judge. I think it is bad when you work there and talk about the judge as bad as she was.

You were a pregnant piece of trash when I met you. Look what you turned out to be today. You’re something now.

I been possessed with the devil ever since I picked two filthy pigs off the street 30 some years ago.

I knew I smelled nasty trash and there you were.

This is to all parents: I’m just wondering if you know what I know. If you have a child that’s in the sixth grade, which is middle school, they are doing sophomore algebra one. What happened to the basics? I think you’re supposed to do basics, then when you’re in high school you use a high school book. Send the algebra books back to LCC High School, please. You’re just confusing our kids’ minds.

Yeah, certain person, you better be careful handing out bills to get people’s votes. You will end up in jail with the rest of them that got caught in the last election. We know who you are and people are telling what you did last time to get elected.

Your husband told me what a piece of trash you were when you were 18 years old, and I don’t know how he can say he still loves you.

No denying that if you double your tithes, it’ll get you to heaven, but if you triple them, it’ll get you a dinner date with a certain preacher.

You have to go to Virginia now to hide in a little church. I don’t know how you can go to Virginia. It’s where you’re from and where you made your bad name anyway. It’s where you destroyed your life. I don’t know how you can sneak out there and go to church.

Old number 7.

This is to S: I cannot believe you would do the things you have done to your husband. He has been a good man and does his best to work in the mines and provide for you and your three children. I know sometimes he drinks too much and gets out of control, but he does not deserve to be done this way by you fooling around with another man. I know your husband very well. He is one of my best friends. All I can say is God help you both if and when he finds out.

Does this apply to you? God sees and waits. I can live with the part that I played. Can you live with the part you played?

Hi. I agree with the caller about the Bulldog changing its station. I think they should have stayed the way they were, but I found another station — 920 on AM. It’s fantastic. You lost, Bulldog.

Has anyone ever heard of the old adage — keep your friends close and your enemies closer? That’s what’s happening in Burdine. The preacher’s running scared from all the stuff he’s done — running off two good people and keeping the ones with the big billfolds.

This is concerning the Hemphill School. I was wondering why not give it back to the children instead of bluegrass and having dances for the teenagers and use the gym for roller skating and other activities like that. The school was built for the children and I don’t know why it’s not used for the children. But you wonder why all the kids around here are on drugs? It’s because they have nothing to do. They have nowhere to go, nothing to do at all. So why not let them have a dance one or two times a week? And have a place to go to roller skate or do something besides stay on the streets?

Hey girl, what’s wrong with you? You’re spending your boyfriend’s money like it’s yours. You didn’t get a rock fall on you in a coal mine. He did. Some of you running around with an older woman who’s old enough to be your mother. You think you’re hot stuff , but you’re not. Some good ole woman like me can take care of your man and clean house and cook and be a mother to those kids. You better wake up and smell the coffee because when you go out the door, I’m coming in.

I want to make a complaint about some people on Elk Creek that every evening burn their garbage till you can’t sit outside for the smoke. I don’t know why they don’t have the garbage haulers to haul it all off instead of getting out every evening and burning it, where people in the neighborhood can’t sit outside for the smoke.

I called the week before last and I didn’t see it in the paper, but I would like to wish my brother David aka Dayday a happy birthday on March 27. I love you and hope you had a great and happy birthday, Dayday. Love your sis, Brinna.

(Sorry about your comment not appearing earlier. For too many weeks to count, we had terrible problems with our answering machine(s). Thanks to e-commerce and a great company in California,things at Speak Your Piece are back up and running like they should be. Now if we can only get people to remember our new e-mail address posted at the top of the column.)


I’m calling in about the comment about Goose Creek and the lady who keeps her house nice and neat. Well, I’m one of the residents on Goose Creek and my house is just as pretty as the two-story house. From now on, please don’t make comments about the houses and the garbage around them. Just keep your house clean and we’ll do the same.

People, please stop getting animals — cats and dogs — you can’t feed. I’m going to call PETA and the Humane Society to see if they can do anything with people who do this.

You foolish woman. You can’t buy your way to heaven. Salvation is free through Jesus Christ. Look in the mirror. You’re the one who is a piece of trash after what you’ve done. I couldn’t hold you a light in evilness. When you bow before God and confess what you’ve said and done to my family, it will be the worst day of your life.

Well now folks, another week has passed and we’re having beautiful weather. Congratulations to Guy Stewart and Lorraine, my cousin, who got married Easter Sunday. I’m happy for the two of you. Betty Trent, another first cousin, told me, and she still remains to be 37 years young. Her birthday was in January. Oh, by the way, I really liked that picture of Harding Ison in The Mountain Eagle. That’s a keeper. That’s all. Print this please. Thank you, Stanley Pack.

The new recreation center is going to be a good thing for the children, but where is everyone going to park? The old A&P parking lot will not be enough space for the size of the building.

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