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Well, when your kid’s on homebound for six or eight weeks, he or she can make A’s or B’s with the teacher that comes to your home. The funny thing to me is that when they go back to school the next nine weeks, they get B’s in the classes that they got A’s in when they were homebound. Maybe we ought to just keep them at home since they seem to make better grades. They ought to be at home instead of being at school with the harder teachers, I guess you might say.

(Or maybe the child benefitted from the one-on-one instruction?)

I saw that Toyota at Isom BP Friday. Payback time. Go, girl.

LCCHS cannot provide your child with adequate teachers while they are on homebound. You see, if a child has not had a Spanish teacher while on homebound for two months, of course your child is going to be behind when they return to school. And of course they are probably going to make a D or an F, because they can’t catch up because they haven’t had a teacher.

To my neighbors: Please keep your dog out of my yard. You turn them loose every day and they run in my yard. I am tired of it. Keep them out.

Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, according to our founding fathers. Friends of coal are not friends of coal miners. They are friends of coal operators. Some coal operators make a profit at the cost of miners’ lives and public expense. When the coal company ruined my friend’s well, he did not consider a Clorox taste of county water and $40 a month water bill a fair trade. Coal is the lifeblood of Appalachia, but it is being contaminated by greed.

I think that it’s a good thing that they’re cleaning up the garbage in Letcher County. We should be thankful that we’ve got volunteers to clean up the ditches and stuff , but they need to watch around the curves. Last Saturday, a woman who was cleaning up the garbage from a ditch was halfway in the road. I’m not trying to be smart or rude to these people, but they need to watch around the curves. I almost hit a woman around this curve, so somebody needs to watch if a vehicle is coming around the curve. Where I live, it’s a real bad place. People slide all the time. Now I wasn’t going fast, but the people in charge need to watch the people, especially when they are around curves because somebody is going to get hurt. And I’m not trying to be a smart aleck, because I think it’s a wonderful thing what they’re doing.

Hello dream lover. I hope our talk the other day helped to put your mind at ease. Let’s not question things. Just enjoy what we have. Do you think I don’t have questions? I worry too, like you, but for quite a few different reasons. I’ll tell you sometime soon. Life is just too short for us to worry about things that may never happen. I’d rather enjoy every minute I can with you. You understand me better than anyone ever has — my wants, my needs, you know what makes me happy. From a moth to a butterfly, remember. Not an easy task to accomplish, but you did that for me. Only you could have done that. There will always be that special connection no one can ever break between us. I think fate meant for us to be together with the unusual way things worked out. Maybe not fate, maybe God meant for you to come into my life to bring me happiness. That was so much needed and the companionship we both sorely needed. Whatever. I’m glad it happened. I love you. Take care until you’re in my arms again. Love, hugs, and kisses, your sunshine always.

My darling blue-eyed Gibbs. Hope you’re sitting and watching our favorite show this Tuesday night. How I wish I could have been there beside you tonight, every so often to look into those marvelous blues and grab a kiss. Wishing we could be out back on the swing watching the stars, or on our special relaxing outside bed watching the stars and loving on each other. That would put me on cloud nine. Whenever I’m with you I’m in seventh heaven. I see that goofy grin that says ‘Oh, she’s blowing it up again. Going to have to bring her back to Earth.’ That’s fine, as long as you’re beside me. Your lotus blossom loves and misses you. You best be smiling or I’ll Gibbs slap you.

I want to tell a person in Goose Creek that I haven’t picked up the garbage around my house yet. The reason is because I know it makes you angry. It makes me happy to know it makes you angry to see I haven’t picked my garbage up. And, I’m not going to pick it up, so have a nice day.

Yea, I noticed too, when you and that one walked in that day, it wasn’t exactly trash that I smelled, it was sewer, and sure enough, there you were.

On Judgment Day, Jesus Christ will judge me, not some drug-addicted freak like you. You just as well give up on it because I’m not forgetting you at all.

Hey three stooges, Mo, Larry and Curly. Guess what? Do you three really think that you’re pulling some kind of act of mercy on someone? But guess what, Curly? Your days are numbered, and so are Mo and Larry’s. So if I were you, I’d start looking for somewhere else for somebody to give me a little money. You think money buys power, but guess what? There’s going to be a new sheriff in town, and sooner or later you three are going to be put behind bars because you won’t be buying anyone else with your dirty money. You three are going to need an endloader to pick you up after the sheriff in Letcher County gets done with you. Now I’m 100 percent behind Combs for sheriff .

To my sweet honeybee: You know you mean the world to me. I used to pick you up in my van at Energy Express and we would go to Fishpond Lake and, well, you know the rest. With my tinted windows, no one could see as we lay for hours in ecstasy. Even though you have gained 50 pounds, I swear by the stars above there is just that much more of you to love. You will always be my queen bee.

No, I don’t ever recall trying to aggravate somebody to death over an extended period of seven years. No, I don’t think I’ve never been in on anything like that. That’s more up your alley.

Dream lover, where are you, with a love not so true? I want a dream lover my own, and not break up someone’s home. Poor little fool, I was a fool for you.

Twenty-three-year-old college student looking for a hardworking, honest, dependable man who is committed. Please respond in next week’s paper.

No, little boy blue didn’t have something to do with it too. He did his best to get that person out of that, but all you can do is all you can do and I’m sorry you think that way. Have a nice day.

Yeah, I might keep my head in the clouds, but you keep your head in a beer can and your wife keeps her head up everybody’s rump, trying to run other people down to make your sorry family to look good. You’re the one who ought to get your head out of the clouds, pal.

My friend makes two visits to my house, that’s on my birthday and Christmas. She doesn’t realize that friendship is more than a gift. I am disappointed in her.

Well, I’m a little slow I guess. I’m know money talks. It gets you anywhere and anything you need and a place in this world. But when it comes to sports in the school system, you better keep it separate. Beware, because I don’t let anyone treat kids bad. I will be on you and you will have no place to go but to stand there and look like the idiot that you’ve been acting like. Money can’t shut me up. Get ready for some fun.

Yeah, I want to Speak my Piece. There’s a guy who who accused people of burning a house and they didn’t do it. They were really good friends until this happened and now they don’t want anything to do with anybody else, but I think that he’s going to have to apologize. If we take him to court, he’s going to have to prove that.

Attention Letcher County School Board: Your attendance policy is more like a prison. To say a child can only have a certain number of doctor’s excuses is discrimination to people with health problems. The school should be a caring place for our children to learn. The board has no right to limit the number of doctor’s excuses. Some students must see the doctor for medical care to attend school. I, for one, will stand up for my child and beat the school board in court. I spoke to the Kentucky Board of Education in Frankfort. They informed me the Letcher County School Board can make district changes to this policy. Shame on you, school board. Where’s the love for the children?

If Florida decides to do a KASPER-type review of narcotics patients, we here in Kentucky need to get a list of patients who are going down there and get clinics to handle the drug withdrawal these people are going to be going through. I suggest they be interned, like the Jews. Yep, we’re not going to kill them, just detox them, rehab them and give them back their lives. Yeah, this will have to be done, or these addicts are liable to kill every addict we have here in Kentucky.

(The Florida Department of Health says a prescription drug monitoring program similar to the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting system will be up and running by December.)

Well, you might live with the part you played, but it’s going to lead you to destruction. And, if so, to speak, the part I played was only in defense of myself and others, and I definitely can live with that.

Mr. President, about us baby boomers who are about to retire? There’s no play for Mr. Gray. How about the healthcare law that was passed? How come they’re raising the premiums? I know, nobody read what they were passing. God bless America, and God bless all you all.

I would like to get a message to the folks up there in Salem, Mass. I think I have found the witches you have been hunting for. They are right here in Jenkins. You won’t have any trouble recognizing them. They are like a whole bunch of bees around a beehive. One is big and bossy. Yes, she is the queen. And the others are naïve drones that are just stupid enough to follow her.

This is the person who made the comment about the garbage. Coming from someone who’s thought of no more than sewage as what you are, it means absolutely nothing.

Down here in Burdine we have a Number One Bottom and a Number Two Bottom, and we have a woman with a big bottom that will barely fit in a number three washtub, so I suppose that is Number Three Bottom.

You better do something with your little black dog if you want to keep it, dope head.

This is to the man known as Hammer: You shouldn’t be judging anyone after some of the stunts you pull. Ain’t that right, Hammer?

I was calling in about James Hubbard. I hate to speak about somebody I grew up with, but I wouldn’t vote for him. I grew up with him, right here on the river, and I know him better than anybody in the world.

OK, I have to let everyone know about this bad situation. First of all, I am a parent and my kid plays softball for LCCHS. She’s been on the team for years, but this past week, one of her teammates finally walked off and left her coach. I figured it would have happened last year. This girl has played ball for years and is a good player, but the coach wasn’t playing her. What a loss to our team. As a player, she did what she should have. She walked away. The coach should have respected her and put her on that field like the others. She should have never been put in the situation to be made to quit. I’m just glad this wasn’t my daughter, because if he did her this way I would have left him lying on the field in the dirt. So this goes out to No. 25: The girls are missing you. Please come back. It’s where you belong.

This is to my friend who lives up in Town Hill: I would like to know where you have been for the last week and why you haven’t been answering my phone calls. I’ve been worried sick about you. Please call me.

This is to Doc in Ohio: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for a while. I don’t understand why you haven’t been answering my phone calls. Has something happened to you? I’m going to call you again, but I just wanted to let you know that I love you.

To the so-called people who think they run the world and tell people what they can do: They can go to the moon and back.

This is to a woman who lives in Ohio: Please don’t make the trip you are planning to North Carolina. No one here wants to see you.

I can’t understand you guys. You were very interested in going to the meeting in Whitesburg about the power company seeking to raise your bills 35 percent, yet you don’t pay any attention when they have it in the two newspapers that there’s going to be a meeting in Pikeville.

I don’t know if the person complaining about their child learning algebra in sixth grade is the same person who said last week that they could do any math they needed on a calculator, but it really doesn’t matter. Both complaints are wrong. Let’s take the calculator comment first. Math teaches you to think, and to organize your thoughts logically. It also strengthens your brain in much the same way that push-ups strengthen your body. Your calculator cannot think, and it probably can’t do algebra or geometry. There is nothing that you do in life that is not related to math in some way — try to name something and I will explain the connection. Since I don’t know you, I don’t know where your child will use math in their professional life, but I do know this: if your child does not learn algebra and geometry, the number of potential professions available to them just dropped dramatically. These classes are a tool to increase thinking skills and determine who has the ability to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, architect, teacher, banker, accountant, and many others. If you want to complain, then complain that your child is not being mentally challenged enough to enable them to become successful. If they are having trouble, ask about tutoring or ESS. To complain that they are getting to take an important class is like admitting that your child is not smart enough to handle it. Maybe they take after your side of the family.

I wish that people would respect the boundaries of a property line. I have had enough with everyone thinking they can push my family over. Get ready because it’s about to hit the fan.

I wish people in other counties would stay away from Letcher County. No one cares what y’all are doing over there. All you’re doing over here is stinking up the place.

My best friend buys a paper every week just to read Speak Your Piece, so I thought I would write her a little something. Hey you: Just wanted to tell you that you will always be my best friend no matter what. I will always be there for you. If you ever need me for anything, I’ll be there. I love you always. BFFL.

I am very puzzled by situations where miners are required to wear their breathing apparatus to prevent black lung, then are awarded black lung benefits if they refuse to wear them. True, they will get black lung if they don’t protect themselves, but should I as a taxpayer have to support that person and his family for the rest of their lives because he did not care to protect himself? I have no problem helping my fellow man and woman if the problem they have that caused them to be ‘disabled’ was not caused by their own negligence. These miners know the dangers to their health and all that the miners in the past had to go through so they would have better working conditions when their sons and daughters decided on this path of employment. These laws were not put on the books just to be ignored. The people who don’t play by the rules should not benefit from their bad behavior.

(Given the tone of your comment, it’s a safe bet to assume you’ve never tried wearing a respirator while working in an underground coal mine.)

Hey dream lover. I just have to tell you that I won’t be able to make our next meeting, and won’t be meeting you until you tell your wife that you are seeing me. I won’t be in your strong arms until you finally tell her that you’re having an affair with a desperate, pathetic old skank who blathers on and on until others want to puke. Your sunshine.

I hate it so bad that WXKQ changed its format. Almost all stations are country music, so why in the world would they change from the good music they were playing? They have lost me and a lot of other people that I know. They were the leaders in listeners, but now they are not out front anymore. Does anyone know who to call and complain? I don’t mean the local station, I mean the ones who tell them what to do.

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