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Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, according to our founding fathers. Friends of Coal are not friends of coal miners. They are friends of coal operators. Coal operators make a profit at the cost of the miners’ lives and public expense. When the coal company ruined my friend’s well, he did not consider a Clorox taste of county water and $40-a-month water bill fair trade. Coal is the lifeblood of Appalachia, but it is being contaminated by greed.

I think it a shame for a guy to propose to a girl and hide it from his parents. Then he acts like she is trash.

If you get a call from a ‘Deputy Sheriff ’s Association,’ it’s probably a scam. The Caller I.D. says ‘unknown number.’ They claim they provide bullet-proof vests and survivor benefits for deputies. When they called last year I made a pledge, but then I called the sheriff ’s office to check on them. When their pledge envelope arrived, I sent them a note to tell them I’d checked and was referring them to our attorney general. No more contact until today. I told the guy on the phone that I had checked on them with the sheriff and the AG, and ‘click,’ he hung up. I don’t do any telephone donations now. I give money to local schools, local veterans’ groups, and the food pantry, among others — all local. My money stays near home.

I heard that Voldemort is coming to Whitesburg and he’s mad. After Harry Potter killed him, he went to the devil and got burned up real bad and stuff and got real hurt and now he is mad. Somebody told me he is gonna erupt from the peak of Pine Mountain on the 28th at 2:16 AM and he is going to rise from smoke on an upside down cross with KISS playing behind them. I don’t like this creepy, spooky stuff . I hope it’s not really gonna happen because I am scared. If KISS doesn’t play, I hope Gary and the Wintlesons do.

To a certain person: Maryland, summer ’08. We went to Baltimore for a day and stayed in a fancy hotel. I’ll never forget that night. It was one of the best. That mix tape still lives on over and over in my head. I hope you’re still thinking of me, just as I am of you. I love you.

I say this without intent to insult, but I must call a spade a spade. Jesus is Santa Claus for grownups. He’s not real, and he never was. The Bible isn’t true, so stop wasting all of your time at church. Do something real to help out southeastern Kentucky. Remember that one pair of hands working is worth 10,000 pairs of hands clasped in prayer.

Conservatives tell us about the joys of privatized pension plans. I think their pensions should all be funded through Enron. Last year my privatized pension plan sent me a letter asking me how long I planned to live after retirement. Unfortunately, I lived. My privatized pension plan will pay me $200 a month until I get 67 years old and then that’s the end of my privatized pension. If I die in the meantime, my wife gets several thousand dollars and my privatized pension plan gets 20 percent of my pension. I’m paranoid about my pension plan and my lifespan.

I know I’m not the only person in this situation, where your child’s father is on drugs and he’s allowed legal visitation because the drugs he abuses he has a prescription for. It’s okay if he takes 10 pills a day instead of the prescribed three pills a day. And, it doesn’t seem to matter that he sucks them up his nose rather than swallows them. It’s okay that he has your child hanging around pure trash because he has that right as his father. I think my child should have the right to be safe and not to be put in situations that can cause her harm, like being driven around in a car after her father and his girlfriend have snorted a few pain pills up their noses or are passed out asleep because he’s taken so many pain pills today. A child shouldn’t have to be surrounded by people who are doped up that he or she doesn’t even know and they can’t wake Dad up. If you don’t show up and refuse to give him his visitation, they threaten to put you in jail because he has the right as a father to see his child. And, there’s no such thing as child support because he spends all his money at the pain clinic or on the street to keep his back from hurting. This is just wrong in so many ways. Something has to be done. I would like anyone who’s in this situation to comment in next week’s Speak your Piece.

I appreciated the story about the coal operator who is giving the miners all that money from the sale of his company to Massey. If the coal business had more men like that in charge this would be a great place to live.

I never thought you would be the kind of mom to choose your cheating, lying drug-taking man over your children.

I would like to speak my piece. A lady who works at a certain store in Neon got my mother fired years ago to keep her from telling on her for stealing clothes and other things. Mother said this lady would let her children in and change clothes without paying for them, but Mom said it wasn’t her place to tell on her, that she would get caught herself. Well, about three months later she did get caught and was fired because of it. I never really understood what Mom’s thinking was, but I’m sure she’s been rewarded for it.

I love those signs going up all over the county that say ‘A vote for Jim Ward is a vote for EQT.’ But Jim Ward’s goons are taking them down a day or two after they go up. I wish someone would take his signs down like he’s having done. It’s true, a vote for Jim Ward is a vote for the gas company. Everybody knows that.

Congratulations, Betty Joyce. Maybe I stand a chance yet. I love you. Your best world’s best friend, Ronnie.

To a certain skank living in Loggy Hollow: How does it feel to be put in jail? That’s what you get for fooling with married women. Ha ha.

I love to hear songs with these words in them: ‘Kentucky, you are the dearest land outside of heaven to me.’ ‘Send me the pillow that you dream on, so darling I can dream on it too.’ And, oh, ‘what a thrill I got when I heard this voice that was so sweet, the birds would have stopped their singing’.

I’m a teacher at Beckham Bates School. This is to Anna Craft and the Letcher County Board of Education: The teacher who broke into the school and went up there on Sunday and took all that stuff , I’d like to know what happened there. I’m a taxpayer and there should be something looked into. The people are going to have to call Frankfort and see what can be done about this. The sheriff told me that she took stuff out of every room up there. I teach there and I know what she got, and I also know nothing is being done about it. The taxpayers need better people in office. This is Sam Quillen’s district and he should look into this.

To the person talking about the boundary line of property: Give more info about what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about me, honey, you don’t mess with my family. Crap will hit the fan. Bring it on.

Where does this person who’s caused aggravation for seven years live? Nobody knows, but we’d like to.

First of all, I’d like to thank the editor for the response that you made to the fellow getting down on coal miners and black lung. I’d also like to inform him that black lung money does not come out of the pockets of regular Joe’s pocket on the street, or their taxes. Coal miners run millions and millions and millions of tons of coal each year. There is $2 taken out for every ton of coal that we run that goes into our black lung fund. We pay for it ourselves. It does not come out of your pocket.

How do people on the head of Cumberland River keep foster children and keep three big dogs in the house and 14, 15 cats and dogs, 24, tied outside? Somebody isn’t doing their job. That ought to be checked on.

This is to a certain person that lives on Thornton: Looks like you got your wish.

Let me tell you all what a real sight is — used-to-be Magistrate Junior Banks coming through the neighborhood asking us to vote for Jamie Hatton for county attorney. Jamie, I guess you’re too young to remember back when Junior was a magistrate and got caught billing the county for escort services. Little buddy, I sure think you picked the wrong person to be out campaigning with, because it’s the only person you could find to bring you down in the lower end to get you some votes. Junior, we ran your sorry behind out of county government. What makes you think we would vote for someone that you escorted around our neighborhood. Jamie, this was very poor judgment on your part.

On Judgment Day, you will pay for the ones you went out with while we were dating. You thought I would never find out about it, but I have.

I would love to know why this guy, Harold Bolling, running for prosecuting attorney, can put a picture in there that’s 20 years younger than he is now. Put the one in there and let people know what age he is. This one looks young, and you can meet him on the street and he looks 95.

I would like to thank the parent that commented in last week’s paper on our daughter, Hailey Caudill, number 25, that was on the LCCHS softball team. Our daughter has played ball going on 12 years, and it was a very hard decision for her to make. This is what she loves to do. From the proud parents. Lisa Caudill, Jeremiah.

I would like to direct this comment to the people at Letcher Fire and Rescue: I think it’s time for you to have a good house cleaning down there and take out the trash.

This is to the Old Regular Baptist preacher who likes to campaign at church: Evidently you didn’t raise too fine a son or he wouldn’t be hanging out with a fat crook.

Well, it looks like the perennial candidate for one office or another is finally behind bars. He has dodged the law for 40 years, but it looks like the law finally won. The only other time justice was rendered was when his neck was put in a brace for running his stupid mouth. He had better hurry up and get out of jail so he can throw his hat in the ring again.

This is to the 23-yearold college student looking for a hardworking, honest, dependable man: What are you majoring in and what kind of money does it look like is in the future for you? Hardworking, ah, who knows, but if you’ve got pretty good money, I might work for a little while.

Hey, pretty girl. You’ve lost all that weight, you have a nice tan, and you wear nice clothes, but that didn’t stop your husband from cheating on you. And I believe he’ll do it again, so you better keep an eye on him. If I were you, I’d really watch him. Good luck.

I recently went to a funeral with a closed coffin, and I really think that is so unfair to the family and friends not to be able to see them one last time. It really hurt me.

Could someone please tell me how can we have an honest man in the clerk’s offi ce when he can tell someone that the last date to sign papers to run for office is May 1, then tell them it is April 1 with two of the clerks standing by. So, people, we need to think before we vote.

(The filing deadline for candidates who must run in a primary election was Jan. 26. The deadline for candidates eligible to run as independent was April 1. Candidates for school board have until Aug. 10 to file. It’s not clear what you’re trying to say, but if the ‘man’ told you the deadline was April 1, he was right.)

Come see us in Bill Moore Branch at Kona on May 1 and 2 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are having a whole hollow yard sale. It includes numerous families and bargains galore. Please come and see us.

Could anyone out there inform me as to whether or not banana trees would grow in Letcher County, especially in the Colson area?

If all things are possible with God, and He, or as feminists would say, ‘She,’ can do anything, tell me this: Can God make a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it? This is the big MP. Thank you.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my congratulations to Letcher County School Superintendent Craft. She has proven that Letcher County students can learn and that they are not slow or backward or culturally deprived. Ms. Craft has turned the system around and is now leading it in the right direction. And certainly no one can argue with that. Once again, my felicitations to Superintendent Craft and the central office staff .

To ex, dishonorable Judge Collins: We cannot take it upon ourselves, in your case now, to steal money and take bribes and drugs without expecting consequences of your actions. These are your exact words to me years ago when you soiled the bench of the district court while I stood before you because I missed a day of work on work release to cut my neighbors’ grass for $20 to buy my baby some Pampers. You issued a bench warrant on me, and ordered me back to jail for three months with denied work release for the remainder of my sentence. I now return your words to you, paid in full.

I am calling about the property belonging to John C. and Nannie Craft in Laurel Fork. I don’t want anybody hunting on that property at all, and if you are caught hunting on there you are going straight down to Whitesburg. I’ve heard that there are some people that have killed elk back in there and might possibly hunting out of season with turkeys, and I don’t want any of that going on. We will be watching for you and you will be taken down to the courthouse if we catch you.

Cumberland River Fire and Rescue is still active and in compliance with the state and county. There’s not been one incident that was paged out that we didn’t respond to. What we’re hearing over in Cumberland River is how some candidates running for magistrate in District 1 are going to fix things. They asked the voters, what do you want if I get elected? Everyone says they want their ambulance service back. Ambulance service was a gift to the residents for 12 years, established by a few hardworking people. We knew when it was started that it couldn’t survive without volunteers due to the low volume of runs. Everyone was asked to get involved. We had six or eight first responder classes, two EMT classes and got no one, only the firefighters. It was even broadcast on the radio that we need volunteers to get their training and help. We had some good EMTs work for low wages, but when there’s not enough money to continue the service, it shuts down. Neon and Letcher do a good job with good people and enough volume of runs to stay afloat. Magistrates don’t run fire departments or ambulance services. These candidates don’t have a clue. You can’t fix stupid or bring back the dead. And don’t they have any credentials of their own to run on? Bob Lewis has credentials. Martin Mullins, like another Martin we knew, has a dream. He’s a hard worker. And I really don’t have time for this. I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to plant my pot.

Someone commented about crossing the boundaries of a property line. You could be talking about anybody anywhere. Give more details. Better yet, just bring it on. We’re ready for it to hit the fan. Then we’ll know who it’s about. No fear here, if you’re talking about us.

I thought that it was against the law to smoke in any public building. Isn’t it against the law to smoke in an employees lounge too? If they want to smoke, go outside so no one else has to smell it.

The traffic on the hill at LCCHS is bad. That new cop is out there directing traffic long enough to get the buses out, then leaves. Bert does a better job than he does. At least Bert does stay and he does take turns with the parents and the student drivers. The new cop doesn’t. He’s in a hurry to leave. I wish Bert did it all the time. All I know, if you want to get of the hill faster, is to park over on the student side. You can get out faster.

Inquiring minds would like to know why a school will be closed for kids on Election Day, but the teachers have to be there as well as all the staff . With all the days the children of Letcher County have had to miss for the flu or swine flu scare then the bad weather, why would a school superintendent let the kids stay home on Election Day and make the staff be in school? Who is supposed to be getting an education here, the staff or the students? You turn the children out on Fridays when there is going to be a sports event. How many of these kids will make the NBA? Then there is the CATS test in May. If you, Mrs. Superintendent, keep letting the kids stay home for all these events, how do you prepare for these kids to learn enough in school to pass these tests? Especially if you don’t have them attend school anytime it suits you to let them stay home. And why even have the teachers come to school on Election Day, if you’re not going to have the kids there for them to teach? If we want to see all of these children to be able to go on to college, let’s stop this foolishness, Mrs. Superintendent. An education is more important than all your sports events and politics. Thank you.

Now that you’ve got the wish and your poor daddy’s dead, will you ever regret the way you treated him and the way you stole off him? You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but you’re not, are you?

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