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In addition to the telephone and the U.S. Mail, The Mountain Eagle accepts comments to Speak Your Piece by electronic mail. Our address is: mtneagle@bellsouth.net

I just have a comment to the person who wrote into Speak Your Piece last week about the comment in comparing Jesus Christ as Santa Claus for adults. I would just like to say to that person that they should never, never, never, never underestimate the power of prayer.

I’m speaking as slowly as I can. I want to know when something is sent to Speak Your Piece, give me some idea would it be a week, month, year, or 20 years before it is published. Look at that if you will. And here is your recording ending, I am saying bye.

Don’t you have anything to do beside tattling and talking about people going to church? Instead of talking about other people going to church I think you need to start going to church, ma’am. Thank you. Have a nice day and may the Lord bless you to do better. Thank you very much.

I’m responding in Speak Your Piece about the pretty tanned lady whose husband went out on her. And you think he will do it again? If you do, why don’t you give him a try and see if he will? I don’t think so.

This is to the girl that put on YouTube about a girl and some guy who were not taking care of his child and not paying child support: Baby girl, you are awfully young. Please leave my name out of it, because I am no longer with that piece of trash. I understand what you are saying. You can talk about him all you want to, but I am no longer with him. You need to leave my name out of it. By the way, I do not sell drugs. I work. I have to take a random drug test. Please leave my name out of it. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Thank you.

I am calling to see if anyone has any clothes for a newborn boy or swings or stuff they have used and want to get rid of. If so, please reply in Speak Your Piece and leave a name and a number and we will get back to you. Thank you very much and God bless you.

You shouldn’t move the boundary lines for somebody in Jenkins on High Street that is taking property that isn’t theirs. You better think about it twice. God is watching you.

You say prove it. The day is coming that you wish you could forget it.

Thanks for the advice, but my real good luck would be if he took you and left the country.

Archie Banks, you almost had me convinced to vote for you until I read your ad in the paper. I was hoping that you had done something on your own for District Two, but, Mr. Banks, all you are trying to do is take credit for something someone else has already done. Our community center and fire department at Colson were already built and in operation before you become magistrate. Next time you visit the community center, there right around the corner is a certificate of the real heroes. They volunteered their time, cleaned up all the land and moved all of the trees, brush and stumps so our fire department and community center could be built. I am sure you have passed by and have seen them working late in the evenings and at nighttime. It would have been nice if you would have stopped and helped them. Then you would have been part of it, but now it is too late for that. You lost my vote. It is best to tell the truth. Thank you.

To the man who said there is no Jesus: You are the one that must not know anything about the Bible, because if you did and look at everything that is happening, you would know that the Bible is truth and Christ died for our sins. Also, if you are noticing what is happening to Letcher County, it’s not that Jesus is not in it, it’s because we allow more and more sins that enter inside of it and people are not taking a stand for it. God doesn’t stand for sins, He stands for purity.

Hey, fat man from Letcher, have you flipped any more fire trucks in the river lately or maybe you just sell conceal carry permits now?

That sewage smell you smelled, that is coming from you. You are so filthy.

Last year the United States government paid out over $90 billion in things that they didn’t even need to pay out. They were overcharged and overpaid. They need to collect this money and put somebody in there with a higher education than the fifth grade to collect it. God have mercy on us all. Collect some of this. Quit worrying about the taxpayers. We are worrying about you. God have mercy on us all.

I just finished reading the Letcher County tourism brochure. I see that the outdoor drama in Jenkins will have 11 performances this summer. I also understand that the Letcher County Fiscal Court has budgeted $50,000 for this project this year. If my grade school arithmetic is correct, that amounts to $4,500 for each performance. Approximately how many tourists come into Letcher County for each performance to justify that kind of expense? That money could better be spent on renovations of the old Jenkins school building. The Jenkins school board and city government both need the space in the old school for additional office space. Wake up, fiscal court.

This is to my neighbors: Some of my other neighbors and I are getting fed up with you. If you can’t afford a smoke, stop bumming from your neighbors. When you borrow something, pay it back. We are getting fed up with keeping you up.

I saw a county deputy stop a boy and a girl down at Isom the other day. He got them out of the car and then there was another county deputy that came by and he flagged him over to come and help him. We turned, came back and he had them both handcuffed. Why do young kids like that? I think the sheriff needs to talk to the deputies about throwing young people and around and having them handcuff ed behind them.

Well I guess you know the gossiping women wasted your money on buying a paper this week. I don’t guess you found anything, did you?

You thought you had a lot of friends, but all they are doing is gossiping behind your back. You’ll find out that you have no friends now.

Why does the management at a certain store let someone from the nursing home bum people for money? If you don’t have money, he insults you. Only in eastern Kentucky.

To the idiot that said Harold Bolling needed to use recent pictures in his campaign: Take a look at Narramore Photography’s Facebook page. You will find out those pictures are from a recent photo shoot with Trey Narramore. You are right, he does look great in those pictures. Too bad Jamie Hatton can’t say the same thing. Poor guy.

How come a kid’s father wants to see his daughter graduate so bad and he’s in Africa? He needs to get his behind out of Africa and get back to Kentucky. The kid herself has stated several times in the school paper that she hates Kentucky, so why doesn’t she just move to Africa with him and take the whole family? That would be the best idea.

Well, you have lost a lot of friends on this side of the mountain for what you have done. I hope you and your new lover will be happy with our home. That’s all that counts.

This goes to the mayor of Jenkins: We would like to know where our kids are supposed to ride their four-wheelers now since the railroad tracks have been blocked by someone. The law has told us that they can ride there, so he needs to get off his behind and on his seat and move that trash that is in front of people’s houses.

Have you ever walked the floors at midnight and held a crying baby while it died? I have. I called on the name of Jesus. I called on the Great I Am but they just stood there smiling like they really didn’t give a blank.

It’s a shame that some people on Elk Creek have to burn garbage every evening. I don’t know if they pay a garbage bill or what. It seems like they don’t care about polluting the air and people in the neighborhood can’t sit outside and breathe because of the smoke. It is getting to be bad. I wish they would try to put the garbage in bags and let the garbage man pick it up.

If you want to know what a two-faced dope and a would-be ex-mother-in-law looks like, go in Goose Creek and you’ll find one because she has her nose stuck up in her son’s behind so far he can’t keep a girlfriend.

Your whole life history is going to be in the paper now, so buy a paper every week. People are going to learn a lot about you.

Do you tell everyone in church that number 7 is your lucky number?

I want to throw these numbers at you all. If there are 150 juniors at LCC and each one of the juniors pays out $60 to attend the prom, that is a total of $9,000. If there are 150 seniors at $30, that is a total of $4,500. Yes, I know you’ve got to buy decorations, food and a photographer and a D.J.

I’m writing in regard to an incident on Highway 160 near Premium. My daughter and I either had to run into a cliff or take a ditch line while trying to dodge a coal truck driver. My daughter had to stop her car in the middle of the road to keep from doing either as the truck driver was on our side of the road as he was going by us. This stretch of road is not a racetrack. And, to the driver of the truck and the company that owns it: You can rest assured that if my daughter and I had wrecked because of your stupidity and made it out alive from the wreck, I would have sued you for everything you own. And believe you me, I’m from out of state and I wouldn’t have gotten a lawyer from here to represent us. It would be a lawyer from out of state that the trucking company couldn’t buy off . You don’t own the road, and this reckless driving had better stop before someone gets hurt or killed on this road. And this isn’t just the first time my daughter has had to take a ditch line to avoid a coal truck on this road. Last time it cost her a tire and a rim for her car. I also know of another young man who was run off the road and flipped his car because a coal truck ran him into a ditch. Even though I live out of state, I was born and raised at Premium, and anyone who knows me and knows my family will tell you that I will stand on the courthouse steps at Whitesburg and say what I think about the fast driving of coal trucks. Slow Down.

I don’t know where you got seven years. It’s been up your alley longer than that. You all like to play games in here. I’m really not hard to find. You all like to run your mouths, you need to run it to me directly. I’m not going to continue to stoop to your level. That’s just plain stupid.

I heard you lift your ex up as if he were Moses and talk of me, wanting people to think I’m the worst person that ever lived. What’s funny is, your ex doesn’t think the same of you. To him, you’re a lowlife, useless person in the world. You really think you’re going to get away with it, but you won’t. Now I have more to say to you, you pathetic piece of trash loser.

Vision of hope. Today I found your letter signed, never will be yours again. Oh God, you were never loved like I loved you. Every word I say and every word I wrote was my love for you. But I had a problem. As soon as I mailed the letters I would run back home and write you another letter and run to the post office. He was you and you were he. When he died, you died too. Depression took over. I forgot about you and Speak Your Piece. I could not remember yesterday. It wasn’t you or anything that you did or didn’t do. My mind was not rational. All I wanted was to take the hurt of the world from you. All I did was give you more hurt. One good thing came out of your love. You know God and the Bible. A new job and a new face in town. Yesterday I found the Book of Ruth in the Bible and I remember what I sent you. You were love. You are love. You will be love. A steadfastly minded us, don’t give up. I want to be with you and under your and God’s wings. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have made a phone call and sold the Florida car for $10,000. Yes, the money was there. I could have got any price for that car. That car wasn’t mine to sell. It was yours. You weren’t for sell. May God bless you. Someone that was crazy and crazy over you. Deuteronomy 5:33.

I read The Mountain Eagle
every week to catch up on the news, and I have noticed, as I am sure most everyone has, that 95 percent of the paper is articles written by elderly ladies talking about how their children or grandchildren came to visit them. I’m sure that was a very nice thing for them, but it really doesn’t belong in a newspaper. A newspaper should have news in it, not pieces about people gardening or going grocery shopping. The space these articles take up could be used for pertinent information like volcanoes erupting or car bombs in New York. There are so many important things in the country that should be covered in The Mountain Eagle but aren’t because of the musings of bored, retired people. I’m sorry if I have off ended anyone, but that ‘s just the way I think a newspaper should be. And, editor, you may insert your smart aleck comment here.

(Why the hatred for the elderly and things that matter
to them? I just checked the April 28 edition of The Eagle and counted 94 news stories, features, and columns.
Of that number, eight (8) pieces were written by community correspondents, who are the lifeblood of every community newspaper
in America. No matter what you might think, their volunteer work is much appreciated
by many and is among the most read in any community newspaper. Their work is also among the main reasons local papers like ours continue to grow in circulation rather than lose large numbers of readers
like many of the large metropolitan dailies. By the way, I challenge you to find any other weekly newspaper in Kentucky that touches our mix of local and national news and features that affect nearly every age of reader. We’d love to be doing even more, but we have to pay a press bill each week.)

Praise the Lord, I wish that every year was an election year. I live in Partridge, Letcher County, Ky. I have put up with terrible ruts in our hollow road for years now. Also, our hollow road never saw a snowplow or salt in the winter. I would try to drive out and slide around so bad that I’d have to crawl back home and cancel appointments, but not this year. Since it’s election time, our Magistrate, Bob Lewis, has been Johnny on the spot. County gravel trucks have been spotted on more than one occasion, which is usually Memorial Day in our hollow. And believe it or not, sand and salt were put on the hollow road this winter. Sorry, Mr. Lewis, but all I can say is too little too late. I don’t want to be forgotten again until the next election. Lesson learned. Thanks for deciding my vote for me.

This is for the people who keep writing on Topix about my family: Last that I knew it was called Topix, not the gossip page, so just quit writing crap about Christian and Christina.

Friend, I hope you can help me as soon as possible. I sent a few lines to your paper about three weeks ago. Have seen nothing yet. Is there a backlog or what? I am at the library and don’t have a PC at home. Please let me know something as soon as possible.

(Would love to help you, but you’ll first have to tell us what you submitted. If it was an item for Speak Your Piece, be sure to email the message to mtneagle@bellsouth.net.)

My friend works and pays taxes but has no health insurance. My friend the teacher has health insurance but was opposed to government health insurance for my friend that works. Now the conservatives are proposing cutting teacher health insurance. My friend that has Medicare was opposed to government health insurance. Now conservatives are proposing to abolish Medicare. My Congressman was opposed to government health insurance for workers. He has government health insurance himself. People don’t really need insurance, they need affordable health care. My friend who works and has health insurance was in the hospital four days and his co-pay was $14,000. Rich people don’t really need health insurance. I heard a woman on the radio saying she was satisfied with her health insurance which cost her husband $29,000 a year. If you’ve got money, you don’t really need health insurance. All health insurance is a device to get into the hospital and be driven into bankruptcy.

To a very good friend of mine: Thank you for being there for me this week. I don’t think I could have done it without you. It was so hard and still is. I’m glad to have you as my friend. No one could ever take your spot. Thanks again. I love you, BFFL.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of Congress lurks a Republican healthcare plan. Unlike Obama Care, it has never been on TV. It’s never been on Fox News. It’s never been debated. Today I read the conservatives proposed to abolish Medicare and substitute vouchers. This is in the fine print like your credit card company gives you.

I know a group of people who have to go over in the bushes and railroad tracks to do their walking because they have lied, stolen and cheated so many people they can’t get out in public.

I would like to correct a certain phrase. To a certain skank living in Loggy Hollow: How does it feel to be put in jail? That is what you get for fooling with a married man. Not woman, man.

If you people in Letcher County want to get your ditches clean, vote Gillis Johnson for jailer.

Everyone in District Two, remember to go out and vote for Wayne Hall for constable. He is a good man. Give him a chance to show you.

I just want to know how many trailers they are going to put in Caudilltown. Man, it’s looking like New York City.

I found a bunch of syringes right beside the creek in a pile about a week ago. I called people and I reported them. There were about 16 or 17 needles in a pile. Nothing was done about it. Apparently people don’t care what is in the water. I would like to say this to the person who put the needles in the water: You are a very sick person. What they need is the Lord because look at the weather out here. Look at what is going on in Tennessee. Twenty-some people were found dead. And just everything, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods. This world is ending and you need to get God in your lives, people. I wish there was some way to make you understand. I do all I can do but, people, you need to get a hold of the Lord because this world is not going to be here too much longer. I feel for everyone out there. I wish you could get on this boat I am on and that you could understand. You all are just blind and I pray for you. People just don’t care anymore. You need to get a hold of God and may God be with you.

I would probably get in trouble if I told my wife’s age, but after being married to her for 55 years the last picture she had taken, I told her she was so good looking that if she wasn’t already married, I would ask her to marry me.

(That should earn you some Brownie points for the week.)

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