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I miss looking into your blue eyes. I love you, miss everything about you, and I still want to be with you. Love, Baby Girl.

You will wish you had never shook my apple tree, because you ain’t gonna like the apples.

Have you told everybody the real reason that we couldn’t live together? Well if you have not, then I have.

Buy you a paper this week. Buy you two of them. You’ll have to buy your sister one every week from now on so she can read it.

I’m looking for a good woman, age between 40 and 50, that doesn’t do drugs. The wife I had did drugs and stayed like a zombie and we had to get a divorce. Now I’m looking for a good woman that doesn’t do drugs. I’d like to meet you. Just leave your name in Speak Your Piece, along with where to meet. Also, I have a good income. Thank you.

This is to the good-looking guy that drives a ’48 Ford: I think you’re hot. I’d love to get together with you, baby.

I’d like to tell people to be careful about who they vote for. You might get another Larry Collins who takes bribes from a child molestor and takes marijuana for stealing people’s lands. Remember Larry Collins? He was a lawyer and then he was a judge.

Could anyone else tell me if they have a skin rash, or breakout, or itching on their arms or back or anything right now? And if you do, can you answer this question? Do you have well water or city water?

About the illegal immigrants hollering about their rights. The only rights they have is to be put back in chains and taken back to their country where they belong, and their government billed for every nickel taxpayers had to pay to get them there. About the oil spill: We know who did it and we know what the damages did. Every fisherman should be paid all their wages that they made last year. These people need to learn a lesson. I am an American. God bless America.

A certain person has destroyed a whole career. It will be gone right down the drain. They should never have done what they did.

These Legions are bootlegging their whiskey, especially the Jenkins Legion. The law knows it, everybody knows it. I would like to know why they do not go in and shut them down for selling whiskey in a dry county. Why haven’t their doors been shut? Thank you.

There’s a self-proclaimed campaign manager that charges thousands of dollars for his services. Jamie Hatton has no campaign experience and decided to run to him. I would like to know how much he was paid by Jamie, because the last buckets of mud they hauled in spilled all over Jamie himself before they could get it slung. The campaign Stewart Media has put together for Jamie is full of lies.

This is for the LCCHS students: If 170 juniors attend the prom at $60 a kid, that is $10,200. If 170 seniors attend the prom at $30 each, it’s $5100. This total cost is over $15000. That is a lot of money. I know you got to buy decorations and food and a photographer, and are you even going to have a DJ this year? I don’t think you had one last year. I’m just concerned that it costs over $30 to attend this prom. That’s way too high an amount — $60. Maybe you should lower it so the less fortunate kids can attend. Where is all this money going?

I was just wondering why the people of Kentucky keep putting Hal Rogers back in office time and time again. Is it that he has that Kentucky Fried Chicken look, the great-grandfatherly look? He’s given us one thing over all these years that’s worth anything and that’s the PRIDE organization. Do the people of Kentucky think we’re worth having more? How about a better economy in southeastern Kentucky? Don’t the people of Kentucky think we deserve it? If not, keep putting him in.

Parents shouldn’t involve their children in any competition in Jenkins school system because before it ever starts the winner has already been handpicked. Shame, shame, shame.

Guess who didn’t get to go to West Virginia in the pretty little blue truck? That’s a shame.

A certain candidate has some nerve to be running a negative campaign when he himself has been charged with DUI.

I was just wondering when the two pieces of trash that live up in Linefork were going to straighten up. One of them needs to start staying at home and taking care of the young ones and the other one needs to go home and start taking care of her young ones. They know it. We all know it.

Anybody who thinks Harold Bolling looks better in the picture than Jamie Hatton needs to buy a pair of glasses. Take another look. I think Jamie would be a whole lot better than Harold Bolling.

To RDS: Happy anniversary. I love you and I miss you and I wish that things could be better right now for us, but they might be in the long run. Remember when you close your eyes every night that I love you.

Yeah, you put my life history in, everybody will know it, and I can guarantee that the Wise County Sheriff ’s Department is going to know plenty about you, too.

This goes to the girl that goes by my house and drives the gray Jeep Cherokee: Let me tell you something. My husband does not want you, never did and never will. He’s got what he wants; he loves me and always will. We have got three girls together plus his four kids. Why don’t you grow up and leave us alone because he doesn’t want you? He says you are fat. Now leave us alone.

Hey Mayking, guess what? Up on Cram Creek, you know there’s a hypocrite, someone that doesn’t care, someone that goes to church. The kind that doesn’t care if it hurts a person. There’s one person who should know, if you get my drift. So watch out for this person.

I was shocked to find that the district judge’s office has been closed to the public since our late friend Jim Wood Jr. is no longer on the bench. Sorry Judge Mullins, but I cannot vote for someone to hold a public office whose salary I help pay when the public is locked out of the office. You don’t need the office of district judge if you’re too afraid to have the public visit you.

I am responding to the person who wanted to know about the newborn baby boy’s clothes and items. I have some.

I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to Wilma from someone who loves you. Happy Mother’s Day.

These politicians are enough to make you sick. For three and a half or seven and a half years, they are nowhere to be found, and if they are, they never answer their calls. Then all the sudden they are everywhere, at senior citizens’ picnics, children’s activities, church, worst of all, they are at funerals. What a shame to use this time to campaign. I mean, a pack of vultures.

I’m calling in about Wayne Fleming putting in The Mountain Eagle
that he’s put more money back in his district than any other magistrate in the last 12 years, which is right. The rest of the magistrates in the county are scared to death to get anything for their people, and Wayne Fleming stands up and tells the court what his people need and he always gets the money. The rest of the county are just chicken and are scared to ask for what they need because they’re afraid they might ruffle some feathers and then they won’t get elected the next round. Thank you, Wayne Fleming, for letting everybody know who’s getting the money in the county.

I am calling about the Housing Authority in Whitesburg. It’s supposed to be for the people that are low income in here, living in here. We’ve got so many people in here, it’s like having the police department in here and we’ve got a fire department that’s took over in here too. It’s supposed to be for the poor people of Letcher County. What’s it turning into? The cops pay $50 a month and it’s not fair to the people that live here.

We don’t need to elect a district judge who can’t take care of his own private business.

I’m calling in about the county attorney election. Let me get this straight — domestic violence is Harold Bolling’s fault? So are the drugs and the home breakins? Oh yes, and the war in Iraq and the oil spill, the dogs that mess in my yard. There’s got to be more we can blame on Mr. Harold Bolling. Mr. Jamie Hatton, I suppose is just wanting in his job, but I don’t think his smear campaign is going to work. So, I need him to tell me what he’s going to do to fix things other than the smearing. Oh, yes, and the Mexicans are coming over the border and are going to take over the country, so why isn’t Mr. Bolling putting up a wall? Might as well blame him for that too. I wouldn’t have you dig a ditch for me, Mr. Hatton, because when you mess that up, well, you can blame that on Harold, too. You really need to consider another job. This is a pathetic campaign. You cannot seem to fix anything, or you have no answers for it, just the blame. How sad.

This is to the girl that just left Goose Creek: When you left, he kicked you out. You didn’t leave. He threw you out because you were seeing other men and you went back and wiped him out of everything he had. You didn’t have anything there but a few pieces and you took everything he owned after he supported your whole family, even your mamaw and her family. It’s a shame. I’m a neighbor and I know you did this. How could you live with yourself after somebody was so generous to support your whole family? I hope you can live with yourself. I saw you with your ex-husband. I saw more than that and I was going to tell him but somebody beat me to it. Somebody told him just exactly how you were doing. You ran around on him for a long time while he was away working and he trusted you. You had everything and you blew it. So now, sit and think about how you treated him.

I believe there is direct connection between the way people feel about family values, social behavior, business ethics, and a strong spiritual base, and the way they will behave in public office. We have incumbents and challengers with broken marriages, multiple marriages, questionable business ties, addictions of various kinds, and little regard for anything spiritual. How can anyone be surprised when people like this get in government and focus on self-centered, egocentric, greedy goals and actions that benefit themselves and their allies but are always detrimental to the public? It surprises me that a community so obviously oriented to religion would tolerate such behavior, especially since there are also incumbents and candidates who believe in those higher standards. Sheriff Webb is a good example of those who believe in higher standards, as is James Hubbard. Richard Brown is one of the most highly regarded people in the county. There is a continuing complaint from the public that we don’t get good candidates. Not true; people just don’t vote for them.

Look in any direction and you will find a community that has a higher standard of living than Letcher County — car dealerships, a dry cleaner, bowling alleys, movie theaters, convention centers and so on. When you’re inferior to Knott County, you’re in bad shape, but it has happened. It’s getting really late in the day for Letcher County and there had better be some progress and leadership soon, but it’s not going to come from the likes of what we’ve got now. People have got to wake up and start voting for better than what we’ve got, and there are some on the ballot.

When a candidate spends more to get an offi ce than that office will pay for the entire time he has it, it doesn’t make much economic sense — not on the surface, anyway. There must be other reasons. One could be that hidden returns will far exceed the salary. If that is the case, would one think that the people providing those returns would themselves expect something in return? If that were the case, where would one expect the candidate’s primary loyalty to lie? Not with the public, certainly. How about ego? I suspect that such financial shenanigans occur from several parts ego, and several parts greed. Whatever the case, I don’t think the public benefits.

How can this current fiscal court administration have the nerve to ask Letcher County citizens to return them to office after the worst four-year performance in memory? They have wrecked a sewer/ water effort that had been built up over many years by the hard work of unselfish, public-minded servants like James McCauley, Jack Martin and many others. They have funded, and continue to fund, projects that have returned nothing to the average citizen — projects that do not and can never sustain themselves financially. The projects, and the people who manage them, seem to have a blank check from this court. It’s time for Letcher County to wake up and cut their losses by getting rid of these boondoggles, and the candidates who fund them.

The Judge/Executive has seen fit to put his billboard on every county vehicle. I don’t know if this has worked out for him or not — most people seem annoyed by it. What I want to know is who approved the cost of the painting? Also, if he loses, which I think he will, who will pay for the cost of the removal of his signs?

The District Court has been the best part of our court system for a long time. This is good, because it is the system that is the closest to the people in many ways, and it is very important that it be headed by a sincere, compassionate person. I know the candidates, and my opinion is that Jim Hubbard is by far the most knowledgeable, honest, and competent of the three.

If you or your in-laws have enough money, you can buy an office, but you can’t buy respect. That has to be earned, and while you can get the office with money, you can’t keep it without respect.

Let’s get this straight. I wrote in last week about the number of articles in the news section that had nothing to do with actual news. I do not hate the elderly. I have a great amount of respect for them and nowhere in there did I say I disliked them. I would like to apologize to the ladies and gentlemen who write those articles, though I did not mean anything negative towards them. I was simply suggesting that you have your own section, like the Patchwork section. That way we get our ‘local color’ and more news. As for the money you have to spend, why don’t you sell some more ad space to crooked car dealerships like you’ve done before? And before you deny it, I know at least once where you passed on a story about a couple getting screwed over by a car dealer because you were running one of their ads in the next week’s paper. And, my dear Editor, that last sentence in my statement was something called sarcasm. Half the people that write in have to have your snide little comments attached at the end of them. Your job title is ‘editor.’ Nowhere in that description have I ever seen the clause for you to add things to people’s opinions. If your feelings are that strong about having your words in print, become a writer, not an editor.

Whoever robbed The Sword in the Stone can go straight to hell. That was a dirty move. You’re going to get busted, wait for it.

How many good people can be found in your town? Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, they were torn to the ground. If only five good people there could have been found, the Lord would have turned His anger around. ‘Flee this city,’ He said, ‘And don’t look back.’ To a pillar of stone, she was stopped where she was at. It seems our cities and towns get worse each day. Satan has been loosed and using us to play. We all need to seek Jesus before it’s too late. We need to fill our lives with His love and get rid of the hate. C/A/C.

Well I guess it’s about time for an update on the old Kentucky Ridge Runner. Did you miss me? Me and Radical Red have been all cozy and enjoying life, which first of all would consist of leaving Letcher County for life. The sandy beaches of Corpus Christi, Texas sure do feel good while lying on the warm sand with the woman I love. So whoever beeps, calling and saying nothing, you need to get a life because I am not available. I am very much happy and content with someone who can be trusted. Case closed. Radical Red and the Kentucky Ridge Runner. Signed, sealed and delivered.

Looking back at how life was wasted/Now they see you’re the sweetest thing they’ve ever tasted./Never again will they be drunk or high, never again will they be wasted./Because now they’re on the ground and it feels like they can touch the sky./Oh I can feel it today, angels are going to fly./Ain’t that the best high?/Ain’t no booze or drugs can get you feeling that good,/Because today, somebody stood./ Somebody done good./ Hallelujah now they’re filled with glory, there’s no more doubt./Come on everybody sing, everybody shout./ We’re kicking the devil out./ Because they’re no longer walking astray,/Somebody found their way./Somebody opened up their heart,/ They made a brand new start./Their soul and body is no longer feeling old or used/It feels like they got all brand new parts./Now that they’ve left the past behind,/And God is in their soul and on their mind./ Glory, glory, sweetness is what they find./Oh, people, people don’t you see?/Life is a journey,/And it sure feels good to be free.

Since this is probably going to draw a lot of flack from the guilty toward the editor and paper, it must be allegedly, word of mouth, second hand street news. But it is and has been the word on the street for years. This comment should fall under the guarantee of freedom of Sspeech, whether anyone in a political job connected to this agrees or not. I knew years ago when the great UNITE started getting funding that this would be the end game.

Also the High Intensity whatever it is called should be in some big city with big problems where there is real high intensity of drugs and killings, instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on small problems that could be solved easily by one of our overpopulated branches of police, let alone about five different groups. It is downright pitiful when you have game wardens and Department of Transportation officers joining the ‘Great War on Drugs.’ I personally would like to see all these UNITE and other great cops sent to a city like New York where they could get into some real criminal’s way.

That would make them cry for their mommies. Here, they arrest grandmothers and mostly drunks that are too old or weak to even put up a minor resistance. In 2008, Kentucky had more people in jail than any other state in the U.S. per capita. It resulted from a lot of petty arrests such as paraphernalia of a pack of rolling papers, or a ink pen taken apart to snort through, even though there were no drugs with these minor items.

With every arrest and conviction, it meant more of the federal grant money for the many various so-called drug-related crime fighters and the stockpiling of funds for their overpaid salaries. Here is what UNITE and the War on Drugs has done for the dealers and street level buyers: Percocet has gone from $5 or less to $12. Lorcet has gone from $3 to $10. OxyContin is now going for between $15 and $130, according to milligram. This didn’t happen until Xanax and Valium went from $2 to $5 to $8. Some of the other pills that no one would even bother to take home or knew about before UNITE and others gave the public a notice that they too were being used by addicts sprang into use after they got some media attention. The Tussionex cough syrup has gone from almost no use and recognition to $30 an ounce. I had not even heard the name methadone mentioned since the ’70s, when it was used to help get Vietnam heroin junkies off heroin, until it started to be used again a little in the ’90s.

It took a while, but it started selling for $3 and has now made it to $20. And the great Suboxone clinics have done really well. The miracle addiction cure pill are selling for $20 each today, thanks to UNITE and the War on Drugs. None of these medicines, which are abused by users, are ever going to be stopped.

The only thing the Cop Circus has done is make the dealer happy on the price raise. You have accomplished nothing except making the old people and other people who really need their medicine the only ones who cannot get it. You have put your socalled pain clinics in place that have caused the price of a $20 bottle of pain pills to cost $200 to $800 a bottle by the time the pain clinic rips off the insurance and medical cards, or your cash if you have neither. This has caused billions in Medicare fraud and made millions for clinics. You will see the day soon that you will wish the only problem you had in Kentucky was a pill that has a measured milligram dose. At least the person who is taking it knows how much they are taking.

Your greed for federal grant money and your high paying scam jobs are making the pills too much trouble and too high to afford. Unfortunately, you are going to get all the cheaper unmeasured doses of replacement drugs off the street made in bathtubs by untrained chemist. You will be getting, crack, crank, some real heroin (not the black tar crap that is the raw juice out of the poppy that is unprocessed) maybe some PCP, and a touch of morphine and opium, to even things out. Let us not forget that cocaine will be back on the rise again. When this happens you will be earning some of your money with real crime bosses with real guns. There will be no more pansy cop games as they are now while arresting someone’s grandma who sold one pill to buy a bag of flour to keep from going hungry. And what about all those rehab clinics and buildings you got money for? I think of the first $2 million you got the first year you stated that you were supposed to have spent $12,000 on rehab. That should have been enough to help one person, if you actually used the twelve grand for that purpose.

UNITE has made doctors to afraid to actually be able to write a prescription when they know it is needed. I actually saw an old lady sitting in a wheel chair crying because her arthritis hurt so badly, but the doctor wouldn’t write her meds. Even the emergency room usually writes Tylenol 3 for broken bones and other major pain-causing accidents. These are good for a 12 year old with a headache at best. Either the Doctor plays your game or you threaten him so that he cannot even be called a doctor. UNITE has made some doctors into smart mouthed, arrogant bastards. I listened to one doctor in Hazard talk to a blind woman like she was a junkie from a back alley and then he grabbed the prescription back out of her hand and ripped it up for simply asking what he wrote her. Smart brilliant bastard forgot she couldn’t read since she is blind. He also didn’t refund Medicare and Medicaid for the high office call. And here is the kicker of this famed selfrighteous, vain doctor: He himself spent some time in rehab for his cocaine abuse many years back.

I personally know he bought and used cocaine, because one of my best friends sold it to him for a long time. My good friend is now dead, but the doctor is back in his office working on the public all week, all year. He has a bad smart mouth, either because he had to quit drugs or because he may still do them. The facts are that at best count there are 6,000 doctors a year that are in rehab, just getting out of rehab, or are high while they work on you. Look it up yourself, since this all is hearsay and allegedly. Some people in UNITE and the other similar groups that are trying to deal with the drug problem are legitimate concerned citizens and may have lost someone to drugs. For those few, you have my best wishes and sympathy. For the blonde-headed woman who used to be a garbage warden and uses UNITE to make yourself millions, I wish you luck in hell. I assume you got you job because at the time you were good looking and a got help from certain Rep. Hal Rogers. This woman also talks down to the public and the stupid hillbillies. So where did her roots come from, or her training from garbage warden to drug help savior? It is a fine joke on the taxpayer to pay UNITE’s outrageous salaries when we already had one police officer for every family in Letcher County.

And not one out of 50 arrests are actually done by police investigation. It is all done by snitches who get out of jail if they put three more in. Snitch lists are available in the county courthouse if you know how to get them. In the late ’90s I had one that had 36 names of snitches on it, but now there are more than 100 and growing. It pays good to be a snitch. You get a get out of jail free card, money, and you’re still able to do and sell your drugs as long as you turn in so many a month. It doesn’t pay well when the one you are snitching on catches you. So the saga continues. The Police, politicians, and special doctors are making more money, which makes the petty drug off ense into a major drug problem. You have not seen anything … yet. Wait for it, it is coming.

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