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You said you were hoping to sneak in and avoid the music. I’d like to avoid it myself every once in a while, but that ain’t going to happen as long as you know who is there. But you do have authority to dictate who sings and when, so why not use it every once in awhile?

Hey. What’s up at Jenkins? Got another bad apple. Whoever is doing screening of the employees is not doing a very good job.

This goes out to a little skinny, bony man who lives on Thornton. You need to quit narcing and snitching on people. You know what happens to snitches. You are the biggest snitch that ever lived in Letcher County.

Could anybody tell me if we can petition to get a certain court judge thrown out? I’m a really good mom and I take really good care of my kids, but for some reason he gave my baby girl to a father who didn’t want her, who hadn’t seen her in a year, and who isn’t even allowed to be around his other girls. If there is anybody out there that knows how to get rid of him, please let me know in the next Speak Your Piece.

Each time I drive to the top of the mountain to buy a six pack of beer I am again reminded of the ignorance and small-mindedness of those who are in control of the City of Jenkins. I wonder if there’s any other community in the world where alcohol sales are legal at the top of the mountain (which just happens to be in another state) but illegal at the foot of the mountain, about 2,700 feet away? If someone doesn’t take the initiative to make alcohol sales legal in Jenkins and the rest of Letcher County we are going to dry up and blow away. It’s as simple as that, and no amount of bull being spouted by a few people who prefer to have their heads stuck in the sand can change the fact that we’re doomed if we don’t make some changes, and quickly.

I think all the roads in Whitesburg and the whole Letcher County area are pitiful. There are so many holes in the road. You cannot miss them all. It’s caused damage to my vehicle and I am tired of it. Where does all the taxpayers’ money go to in Letcher County? Then people have the nerve to ask you to vote for them. This is a disgrace.

To a certain tree cutting outfit: Did you know that you’ve got men working for you that what you charge $500 for, they’re going out here and doing for $50? Yeah, that’s right.

You only had a few friends. Now you have none at all.

I can’t wait ‘til we become neighbors. I’ll only visit you one time.

BP: Al-Qaeda is proud of the infidels that did this to America. The solution is boycott BP. I’ve never seen such a disgrace to America. When you went before the Congressional committee you looked like Mo, Curly and Larry. God have mercy on America because of idiots who are trying to make money.

Woo-hoo. Prayers have been answered finally. Someone has finally taken the initiative and cleaned up the mess at the mouth of Elk Creek. It is absolutely beautiful. I applaud you and I think you have done a wonderful thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s nothing but wild, loose women and tramps that hang out at a certain racing track. It is just the women after men and men after women.

(Painting with a very large brush, aren’t you?)

I’m going to take that girl from Oklahoma for myself if her man doesn’t watch it.

I read in the paper where my neighbor is going to be on T.V. doing a show. Talk about stereotypes; they are going to make us look like fools here in eastern Kentucky again.

I’ve seen it all now. Go buy a brand new Nissan, park it in the driveway and make your wife walk to church in the rain less than a mile away. Put a car cover over it and let it sit for six months. You people make very little sense.

I know the scriptures, church boy, which are able to make me wise unto salvation through faith which is Jesus Christ. I know also that evil men shall wax and wax worse from deceiving and being deceived.

Preacher, you stand up there in front of those people preaching, telling them about their situation and you’ve got another man’s wife. Don’t you know that the Bible says that no adulterers or whoremongers will enter the kingdom of God, sir? Do you really think God is going to turn a blind eye to you? You need to get serious about things and make it right with God.

From halfway ‘round the world, in the land of the Rising Sun, to a man from Thornton, Kentucky, a straight shootin’ son-ofa gun.


Some people are still fighting the Civil War. These people have taken over the school system in Texas and have banned Thomas Jefferson from public school textbooks. However, they have made room for Jefferson Davis, seeing as he is so influential in American history.

An old man told me that when he went back to work in the pony mine many years ago, the boss told him not to get the pony hurt because he was more easily replaced than the pony. He quit. Nowadays getting coal miners killed or hurt is just a part of doing business People criticize people who have back injuries in the mines instead of seeing there is just a sorry safety record for coal companies.

I don’t think I have a problem with Mexicans, I have a problem with American businessmen. When a businessman hires a Mexican, he should be responsible for his health insurance, workman’s compensation and keeping him until he finds another job. The Mexicans are here because people hire them at substandard wages. The people should be required to pay them like any Americans.

Pike County has decided to adopt the Letcher County motto of Water Board Operations. The water board is paying for political ads attacking our magistrates who stated that the water tastes like Clorox. Instead of remedying the water, the water company took out ads attacking the magistrates, who were politically inept to say the water sucked. It seems that nobody really cares about the water except the people who have to buy bottled water because they can’t drink the public water. Does it make your clothes really white with little bleach?

I hope today will be as special to you as it is to me. You could have been anyone’s best friend, but you picked me. I hope we will be friends forever. Happy Best Friends Day. I love you, BFFL.

To the ones complaining about the cops living in the Housing Authority: Did it ever occur to you the reason the cops are there is because of the drug problem that has taken over? Everyone complains about the drug problem, yet when the cops are cracking down no one seems to like it. By the way, if you’re going to complain about the cops who put their life on the line every day for you, shouldn’t you really complain about the people who live there that are getting a check and as just as capable as anyone to work? Looks like to me that is who you should really be concerned about.

In 1991 when the people on Cram Creek were fighting the gas and oil company, the magistrate in District Three was sitting in the road with them. I wonder how the magistrate now would feel about it. Do you think he will stand by us? I don’t think so.

Do the math: When George W. became President you started paying $1.60 for gasoline, up from $1.20. Oil had gone to $35 a barrel. Little by little it went to $150 a barrel. This meant that the oil companies were paying more than 4 ¼ times as much for the oil. Gasoline went to $4 a gallon. At three times the price, gas would have been $4.80 a gallon. How could they pay more than four times as much for the oil, charge less that three times as much for the oil, and then make record profits? No, OPEC didn’t raise the oil prices, the stock market did. If I had a necessary product that would not spoil, I would not cut the price in half, as they claim OPEC did, for I would be giving away my own profit. Think about it. Do they think that we are all idiots? Now we have the political rhetoric that BP will bear the cost of the oil spill, but the higher gas prices will take care of that.

Well, I’ll tell you what, just bring the apples and I’ll chew those bad apples up and spit them out.

The reason I kept walking and didn’t want to live with you is I got tired of you and I found there was a whole lot better than you.

Well folks, one more round of campaigning. I hope the people of Cowan Creek and other districts voted for Hager Trent for Magistrate. I believe he’ll do what he can for the public. He’s always been a longtime friend to us and so many more people. So has his wife, Margaret Trent. Marvin Boggs for Coroner. He’s a goodhearted person who could do well. Also, Jerald Baker over at Colson for County Judge/Executive. I also like to wish Eugene Day, a special friend to us all, a late happy birthday. That’s all. Please print this? Stanley Pack.

Skank, my friends don’t gossip about me. Since you think you’re so bad, why won’t you tell just whom they are gossiping about? Go about and tell my life history in here. Do you think I care? Who do you think would pay attention to any skanky hypocrite?

You little nobody. You should know you don’t intimidate me. Just keep right on running your mouth of your lies about me. People are already saying you’re a hypocrite for doing it, so keep on saying things. I want you to; it makes you look stupid. Anytime you feel froggy, jump. I’ll cut your apple tree down, you tramp.

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