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I wanted to say good job to the girls’ volleyball team at Whitesburg Middle School. You had a good year. Y’all played good. But as for the coach — bad coaching; you need to give it up. You’re not coach material. You’re not fun to the other girls. Anyway, good job, girls.

To the old man in Jenkins who likes to stay in other people’s business: Sometime soon, I’m going to give you something that you’ve been needing for a long time. Also, old man, instead of trying to straighten somebody else’s life up, you oughta be trying to get that pill-headed granddaughter of yours and the trash that she hangs with.

I am voicing my opinion about the election. I feel that it is a sad situation when a young politician feels he has to trash his opponent to win an election that he probably would have won anyway. It makes me wonder what lengths he will go to get what he wants. I wonder what his moral values are. Does he feel that it is alright to speak viciously about someone they don’t even know personally? I don’t feel comfortable with someone representing me and my county that would stoop low enough to try to ruin someone’s reputation just to try to get elected. Jamie Hatton, I expected more from you. You were raised better than that. Now, I want you to prove to us that you are a better man than your commercials were. Prove yourself. And good luck.

Hey Ikey boy. Sorry about your billfold. And if you find out who they are, tell them to bring back my cell phone.

The way you act at these birthday parties doesn’t hide the way that you really feel. You need to stop obsessing over a married man and stop hating her, because he is will never come back to you. He’s happily married and you need to go on with your life. From someone who knows.

I have worked in and around the surface mines and deep mines for about 25 years, mostly in security. I have a great respect for the miners and their families. I have eaten with them, talked with them and shared many thoughts with them. They are the most hardworking and decent men that I have known. God gave us this land so we can work to provide for our family. All I can say to you brain dead treehuggers is to go straight to H-E-L-L. Thank you from all the miners and their families.

I’ve got something that I would like to say and I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. Something has been bothering me about this lady. She lives at Goose Creek and is nothing but a witch. She comes to church and she has a really nice family, but she talks about them like they’re trash — says they won’t do anything for her. She calls all up and down Goose Creek and tells everything she knows. She’ll talk to one neighbor and as soon as she hangs up, she calls another neighbor and tells what they say. I know her family is nice. She just can’t get along with at least two of her daughters-in-law, and I can understand why that is, because she is so nosy and talks so bad about them. She acts like she’s the one that won’t fool with this one daughter-in-law, but everybody knows diff erent.

I don’t know if the preacher man has got another man’s wife or not, but I know that he ran his old lady off , plumb to Tennessee.

Did you feel like you were in heaven when you took on all seven?

Hey, the singing at church Sunday was awesome, out of this world. Beat the house band all to pieces. Thank you.

We’ve had many changes of the Great Society of Lyndon Baines Johnson to the current society of changes under President Obama — the society of change, I should say. But one thing still remains — litter. And after the coal is mined, and we need to depend on something else, which is tourism, which is destined to take effect whenever, we should be reminded that litter still remains a priority within southeast Kentucky, and the off ense if one is caught — one year and a $500 fine — seems rather weak. I subscribe to several publications, and not one politician has seemed to put this in his political ad campaign. This is kind of shocking. And, number two, as I open up my Hazard Herald
— and this is not reflection on the PRIDE volunteers that go out and do their best to pick up all this stuff — I see200 tons of trash was collected in Perry County alone. Two hundred tons? People, that isn’t a lot. Well, just think of it this way: Two railroad car gondolas is what 200 tons of litter would be. We have a long way to go, folks, if we’re ever going to get this problem under control.

There are a lot of reason why folks like myself subscribe to The Mountain Eagle.
It’s not because of stories about volcanoes or terrorism, as one caller to Speak Your Piece was demanding to see more of recently. If I wanted to look at global events, I’d go out and get my USA Today
or pick up my copy of National Geographic
and look at insights on volcanoes. No, I subscribe to The Mountain Eagle
for news on Letcher County and Letcher County alone, which it’s been doing for decades and decades and decades. The way it stands now, the way it’s been done for years and years and years, is great. The little community columns which everybody writes about are fantastic. I’m retired like many a Letcher Countian, but I don’t live within the mountains, and I love the way the paper is printed. Keep up the good work. And for all the people who don’t like it, just don’t renew and go somewhere else and get your USA Today
and sit back. I’m sure USA Today,
out of Washington, D.C., and National
can find southeastern Kentucky or if you live within the confines of Letcher County, can find your address, and we will not have to hear your stupid comments in Speak Your Piece. Good day.

This is to the man who shot the guy over on Smoot Creek: You better be very glad that it wasn’t my son, because if it were, you’d be kicking up roses. Let me tell you something. I hope they put you in jail and you stay there the rest of your life, because you’ve ruined so many lives in Letcher County.

British Petroleum — BP — Big Problems. You idiots. Greedy destroyers of the environment. Murderers. The Lord said the thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and destroy. Idiots. Just idiots.

Yes, up on Mayking the hypocrite is at it once more. They don’t care who they hurt or anything else.

What would be so special is if you were on another planet.

Tell me something, people, are cops allowed to take cop cars, haul their kids to school, pick them up from school, and take them to Grandma’s from school? I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but I’m going to wait about three weeks for somebody to give me an answer. County cops, city cops, state cops, whatever, I just want to know if this is right or wrong. Does the law allow that? Does the taxpayer allow that? And if you don’t, call me back and tell me about it, and I give you about three weeks from now.

When you ask these foreign doctors what your problem is after they have run tests on you and they will not give you an answer, it is because they are not qualified to give you an answer. They are dog doctors over in their country, but yet our country allows them to come over here and doctor us, and they will not give you an answer because they do not know. Get yourself a good American doctor like I’ve done.

If The Mountain Eagle
had done its job and properly checked the records in district court against the names of all candidates running for county office, Letcher County wouldn’t have elected a new county attorney. While Jamie Hatton is thanking those who helped him get elected, he ought to send a bouquet of flowers to The Eagle
for ignoring information the paper knew to be factual.

Can someone explain to me how two kids could get into it on a bus — a boy trying to sit in a girl’s lap, she knocks him out of her lap into the floor, she gets two days in A&E, he gets oneday detention. But I forgot, though, his mom’s a schoolteacher. Only at Jenkins.

I hope Harold Bolling runs against Sam Wright for circuit judge. During the last 12 years Sam Wright has been in office, drug use has increased 1000 percent, violence against women has increased 1000 percent, breaking in homes, all violence has increased 1000 percent under Sam Wright. I hope that Jamie Hatton is Harold Bolling’s campaign manager, because the ads Jamie used against Harold were lies but could be used against Sam Wright.

This is to the people in Jenkins who sent the video repair man away from me two or three times. I’d like to thank you, because I’ve saved several hundred dollars by learning to correct the problem myself.

Mayor Dixon, you really have good taste for hiring that new cop. She is really hot. She can pull me over anytime.

What concern is it of yours whether I’ve got any friends or not?

I danced with you in 1963 and you went out and told everybody that my brother’s son belongs to me. No, he doesn’t belong to me. Your son is more apt to belong to me than him. You are a piece of trash, and I hope the grave worms start eating on you a year before you die.

I just received in the mail seven books from Robert Barefoot. He’s the coral calcium guy that was on and now he’s back. These books are free. All you have to do is pay his shipping and handling on each. It comes out to around $44. Given how important calcium and vitamin D are to the body, I promise this will be the best $44 you have ever spent. They are great.

(You may want to exercise caution when buying products from or endorsed by Mr. Barefoot. Back in March of 2003, Time magazine ran a piece entitled ‘Coral Calcium: A Barefoot Scam,’ which charged that Barefoot was using television ‘infomercials’ to sell his calcium tablets for a price 15 times higher than ‘the ordinary drug store variety.’)

This is for Kenny Anderson who was running for magistrate. Kenny, I feel you would have won if it hadn’t been for the behavior of your father. All I can say is try again and tell him to keep a lower profile.

I was just wondering what happened to my little man in the little Mustang. Honey, come back and pick me up again. We’ll go have us another cold ice tea. Just come on back. Will you pick me up like last time? I’ll be waiting on you.

I would like to say congratulations to Wayne Fleming for winning the magistrate’s race in District Five.

Congratulations, Sidney Moncrief, on your graduation in Lexington. You’ll be one of the best registered nurses in Lexington. We are proud of you.

Mr. President, you’re scaring me and I ain’t afraid of nothing.

Well I went out to Fishpond Lake where they dedicated the trail to Mr. Breeding. I’m satisfied he’s a good person, but they’ve got a big gate up where you can’t get around it. Why dedicate a trail to somebody that nobody can drive on?

If you cut trees for people, will you please call 855- 4979?

To the graduate Megan Dawn Stevens: Megan, there are so many things I want to say. These past years have gone by so quickly. It is hard to believe you are so grown up. You are the best little sister anyone could ever ask for. When I’m sad, you’re there. When I start feeling like the world around me is overwhelming, you remind me that every day is a true blessing and to make the most of it. In college, they asked me who I looked up to, and to my professor’s surprise, I told her that my hero is my little sister, Megan. You always push me and others to see the good in everything. I think that is why you are my and everyone else’s rock. Without you it would be tough to be happy like we are today. I’ll never forget you holding my hands and looking into my eyes, and saying sincerely, ‘Becca, you can do anything you want to in life. I believe in you.’ You give me so much enthusiasm and hope in life. Sometimes I feel that I could do anything. Megan, you are so beautiful in every way, but you are so busy making people around you happy you don’t see it. I believe and know with everything in my whole heart that you can take on this world and make it a better place. Meg, I want to thank you for always being there, for being my best friend, my guardian angel. I love you so very much. Now, go on. Take on the world and show them what you are made of. Love your big sis, Rebecca. I’m so proud of you.

Hang a treehugger and save a coal miner. Yee-haw.

I never heard of getting a divorce on account of what was in Speak Your Piece unless you’re guilty of it.

Your husband’s has a good woman now after he got rid of you.

To someone who’s special but thinks he’s not: I just wanted to let you know might have backslid on the Lord, but He’s still watching over you and will till the day you die. And I keep praying that you make it right one of these days, and I will always pray.

Many people have insurance, but insurance is a device to make money for insurance companies. When you get sick and lose your job, you lose your insurance. Fifty percent of all the people who went bankrupt a few years ago did so because of medical bills. Insurance is just a moneymaker to make well people feel secure, and we’re supposed to be happy with the current system. Thank you and have a nice day.

The voters of Pike County were so pleased with their magistrates taking a stand against the water company, they were reelected. The people of Letcher County have spoken and elected those people who supported the water company. I guess the people in Letcher County are satisfied with their water company, but apparently the people in Pike County weren’t.

Conservatives are as adaptable as any other political group. They are just slower about it. Conservatives once opposed the rights of women to own property; conservatives then opposed the rights of women to vote. These things are now accepted. Conservatives are not the cookie-cutter people they are made out to be. Barry Goldwater said, ‘You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight.’ Conservatives, like other groups, speak out of both sides of their mouths. Dick Chaney, the Vice Presidential candidate, got George W. Bush enough gay votes to win the election. However, present day conservatives want to turn back the clock and do away with Social Security, Medicare and unemployment compensation.

Once the water from my well satisfied the whole family. Now I buy drinking water, and there is an oily film on my bathwater that smells like kerosene. If the gas company ran me public water with a $40-a-month water bill, how much better off would I be? Progress has its casualties, and it’s generally the working people.

Can someone explain to me and Ralph Marcum’s family why it is taking over two years to get a murderer on trial? I hear that the guilty party is sick in the hospital. Who cares? It is a known fact that all the evidence is back. There’s an eyewitness. Is the system afraid or paid not to go to trail? Don’t let him die before his trial. Start making calls as to why a drunkard goes to trial, but not a murderer. This is not the first time a trial has come to this county, so tell them to do their jobs. Just Wondering.

I don’t know about the rest of the working people, but I am fed up with having to go to work every day while others who are just as able as I am do absolutely nothing but sit on their behinds and wait for a check. And before all of you get upset with me, I want to say that I don’t have a problem with the people who really are not mentally or physically able to work drawing checks, but it is those that can work but won’t. I also think that the people who are approving these people for these checks should be require to make sure they are disabled. Another thing that is a slap in the face to every hardworking man or woman is the stuff they can buy with food stamps. Are all of you working people aware of the fact that they can buy all the chewing gum, pop, chips, cakes, candy bars, coffee (even cappuccino) with food stamps? I personally think this is ridiculous. Food stamps should be used for food, not junk food and snacks. I also don’t understand how they can afford to buy jewelry, DVDs and DVD players, cell phones, pet food (the expensive kind), but somehow just can’t afford to pay for their own food. I think all the working people should protest this garbage. Let’s all get together and stay home a day or two and see what happens then. They wouldn’t have so much money to just hand out to these lazy, sorry people. I know this will upset a lot of you who are reading this, but I have held all this in way too long. Oh yes, and while you’re out spending the money that we have worked out, try to be a little nicer to us. If it weren’t for the working people, you would have to get out of bed or off the couch and get your lazy behinds up, take a shower (please) and get a job.

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