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To whom it may concern: I have lived here all of my life. It was a wonderful place, but now people are getting away with anything and everything. Social workers need to open their eyes. A certain woman on Colson does not need to be able to keep her children. She dumps them off on anyone who will keep them. Letcher County would be such a good place to live in if our cops and social workers would open their eyes. Thank you.

Who and what is B.W.B. Enterprises? I’ve never heard of this organization in my lifetime, yet it pops up all over the annual financial statement for the Letcher Fiscal Court that appears in the August 22 issue of The Mountain Eagle. The name B.W.B. pops up under the categories materials and supplies, recycling operation and maintenance, and a donation through the litter abatement program. Who is B.W.B.? And who and what in the world is Carrot Top Industries?

Me and my husband were talking about all the stealing going on around here, especially the stealing of air conditioners from churches. All churches need to put up video cameras and catch these thieves in the act. That would put a stop to it, because they would have them on camera.

Well, well, well. Turns out another gay-bashing Republican leader in Washington is actually a homosexual himself. This is getting to be like a broken record. This time it’s Larry Craig, the esteemed GOP senator from Idaho, who was caught recently soliciting gay sex in the men’s room at a Minneapolis airport. It’s not been all that long since they outed Rep. Mark Foley of Florida. Other Republicans who have been outed include Rep. David Drier of California. Even right-wing blogger Matt Drudge is gay, according to www.blogactive.com. By the way, that is one interesting web site if you want to see what some of these Republicans – and even Democrats who are found to be hypocritical – are up to. Why aren’t these men just proud of who they are? They can’t help they way they are born. Instead, they spend all their time acting like they’re not gay by sponsoring all this gay-bashing legislation such as the Marriage Amendment. At least I’ve learned a lesson from this latest scandal, and hopefully it’s something other heterosexual males will pick up on, too. The lesson is that if you’re in a public restroom and a good song is playing on the sound system, be sure not to get carried away and start tapping your foot. They say that’s a sign that you’re soliciting gay sex, and that’s how they busted Representative Craig, who has since pleaded guilty.

This is concerning the citizenship award in Jenkins: Why are five citizens receiving the award instead of just one? The phrase ‘hopelessly deadlocked’ is the key. Who nominated these citizens and who voted for them? The reason you vote is to have one recipient, not five. The fact of the matter is there are several people not on the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee, or the Old Jenkins High School Committee, who have done more for this town. Only one person who was nominated is not on one of those two committees.

The Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee is trying to take credit for something it did not start. Like it or not, before the Jenkins Days Festival Committee was founded several years ago, Jenkins Days consisted of a parade and rides on the fire truck. The Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee jumped on the bandwagon after the Jenkins Days Festival Committee had already made a success out of Jenkins Days. Where was the Jenkins Homecoming Days Committee about ten years ago when there was nothing for the kids to do at Jenkins Days? Is the new committee doing this for the kids or for themselves? Are they trying to turn Jenkins Days into a bluegrass festival? Come on, this is for our kids, who are our future, and if things keep going in the direction they are going we will not have a future. Would it have hurt anyone to have had two Jenkins Days festivals? No, it would have been two things for the kids to do.

I’m just calling in to speak my piece about insurance. I was with the same little lizard about 25 years and had one claim during that time. I recently had another little accident, after which I got a nice letter of cancellation. But they said they will reinsure me at high risk. Twenty-five years of payments on four vehicles and I get canceled for one wreck that didn’t cost them anything. It’s a racket. I hope you get run over by a car, you little lizard.

This is the old copper man again. I’m still looking. I read Speak Your Piece this week and saw there was no comment about my copper. It must have evaporated. At least it didn’t fall off the truck since no one found it beside the road. There are only two options left – either it was stolen or it evaporated. They need to check their scales or check their employees. I will be dejected until I get satisfaction. The owner said he would make it right, but no right has come.

If the Republican Party doesn’t move quickly to do something about all its closet homosexual members who use gay-bashing as a means to convince us they’re really not gay, the organization is going to have to change its slogan from Grand Old Party to Gay Old Party. Why don’t these men just come out of the closet like so many Democrat have already done, pay their membership dues to the Log Cabin Republicans and be done with it?

Wow. What a Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival we had. It was absolutely fabulous. Those VW Boys were something. And how about those Drifters? Man, what a good time our family had. Thanks to the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee.

If the City of Whitesburg can get $5,000 off one restaurant in taxes, just think what the county could get if the whole county was wet. I think it’s the greatest thing that ever happened. These Bible thumpers need to start thinking otherwise and get out and vote Letcher County wet.

I thought I would call in and let people know who the rats are in Blackey. There are two of them and they run the road every day with no driver’s license and no insurance. That must be how they’re getting by.

Happy birthday to a certain girl in Whitesburg. Love, your secret admirer from Hazard.

If there’s a constable in Dunham he needs to get out and stop the motorcycles and four-wheelers from coming up and down the road at 90 miles per hour.

I live in Pine Creek, and my neighbors make me feel like I’m the creaming white filling in the middle of a drug-dusted Oreo cookie. I have drug dealers above me and drug dealers below me. It’s everywhere you turn. They are either dealing down at the church house in the parking lot or dealing up above in the other place. It’s pitiful up here. I wish to God the sheriff would make runs up here now that he’s got the deputies to do it. We need to get rid of these drug dealers up here.

I see where the schools in southwestern Virginia – and I’m assuming many in eastern Kentucky, too – don’t have air-conditioning for the kids. But I’m going to bet you Red Onion prison has it, and the other prisons over there, too. I think that’s a shame. All these politicians ought to go to hell for doing kids that way.

They ought to present Ernestine Flint with the key to the City of Whitesburg for bringing the Jenkins Days Festival to Whitesburg.

The Riverside Festival held at the park in Whitesburg is the biggest and best festival I’ve been to in Letcher County.

I have one question for Jim Ward. When are you going to start bringing in the jobs you promised the people of Letcher County? Why aren’t you doing any of the things you promised?

I want to thank Bill Craft, the pastor of the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church, for giving us the best church in the world. I also want to thank him for hiring the grass cut. It makes it fair for everyone. Everyone is welcome to attend this church. It is a great church.

I would like to know where all the decent men went. Are there any left in Letcher, Knott, Floyd, or Perry counties? If there are any decent men still out there, they are welcome to come to the Hemphill Community Center on Friday evenings. There must be no drugs or alcohol, and the men must be well dressed and well mannered. We don’t want any bums. Thank you.

To my brother: How can you live there knowing you are a child molester? Your dad was a child molester and you still are a child molester. How can you keep your kids? Signed, someone who really cares.

It’s a shame the game wardens are allowing bears to come down to people’s houses where kids are playing. Something needs to be done about this before children are hurt or killed.

To the parents who have children who have MySpace pages and Yahoo pages: You need to start monitoring what your children are doing. I don’t even have children, but I received a call from some guy in Flint, Michigan looking for an Ashley who apparently lives around this area. He met her on a Yahoo chat room. She was about 14 or 15 and he was really into it. A lot of parents let their children get on the computer without checking what they are doing or who they are talking to. For the safety of the boys and girls in this area, please start watching what your kids are doing on the computer. It’s not safe.

She likes to use the word dear in her conversations. She manages with no empathy for others except for the ones who are druggies, the ones who serve her purpose, and the ones who tattle on others. We’d like praise when we’ve done a good job, but we get a smart, angry look from her. If she’d only realize our good job makes her look good and that employees who are happy will stay with her. She’s always right and cannot take a suggestion. At least she could listen to us and not slam back with a ‘I’m going to do it my way, peons,’ remark. It’s a wonder that her unhappy employees turn out such good sandwiches and fries.

Good luck to the men coming to eastern Kentucky deer hunting from MWI Corporation in Florida. PS: Joe, leave the deer call at home, but learn to squeal like a pig.

This week, Mining Memories will be republished by Paul Ellington. This book tells the history of the coal camps at Kenmont and the way things used to be in the past. This is the second printing of this book. It comes complete with some new pictures and illustrations. I had a chance to talk with him the other night on the phone. He also told me that more than 400 used to come to the Labor Day reunion at Kenmont 25 to 30 years ago, but that only 25 to 30 members of the original families still make it. As we all know, Kenmont was right above Jeff in Perry County. It closed down in the late 1950s. The people who lived in the coal camps are the greatest people to ever come out of southeastern Kentucky. They are, like Tom Brokaw said, our greatest generation. These folks were real fighters. They came to work and survived. Many left the mountains to fight for our freedom in World War II.

When people make comments in Speak Your Piece, why do they take it so personally against the staff of The Mountain Eagle when all of their comment doesn’t get printed? Hey, The Mountain Eagle is limited to a certain amount of space. So what if your comments didn’t get printed. What if The Mountain Eagle printed everything that was called in and someone took legal action against the paper? Then we wouldn’t have Speak Your Piece. Everybody really would be doing the boo-hoo then. I look at it like this: If it wasn’t good enough and they didn’t want to print it or didn’t have room, that’s fine. I’ll get over it. As long as it’s their paper they can do whatever they want to do with it. That’s fine with me.

This is in response to a comment made in last week’s paper about a certain man coming to Neon to visit a young girl: That could be anybody, so you need to be a little bit more specific – not enough to let everybody in Letcher County know who it is, but enough to let that certain person know. I’ve got a pretty good idea about who you’re talking about and I really don’t appreciate that comment. It’s none of your business. If an older man wants to date a younger girl, that’s perfectly fine. The same is true if a younger girl wants to date an older man. It’s none of your business. You must not have a life of your own.

I found a snake in my yard Sunday evening. He’s black with a yellow collar, so he belongs to somebody. I put him in a container and brought him in the house, but he got loose. I think he’s hiding under my dresser. I have to sleep in there and it’s scaring me. I found it in the Goose Creek area. If anybody is missing a snake I need them to come and catch it.

Why ask me why God won’t bless you? Slow your roll some. Who have you been running with? Try cleaning your act up. I’m not going to tell you what you are doing wrong. That’s part of the problem, wanting someone else to do it for you. God waits to be gracious and merciful to all who turn to Him. You’ve been running with Satan and asking Jesus for a blessing. Water can put a fire out, but first you have to get some water to put on the fire. Satan likes you just the way you are. Think about it.

If gambling is such a great way to make money, why was the country afraid of it all these years? Did human nature change for the better all at once?

I would like to comment on the Jenkins Days Festival in Whitesburg: That was one of the best festivals I have ever attended. Ernestine Flint, you rock. You had great bands. Way to go, Whitesburg.

To the person who said the reason men like me is because I give them drugs: First, I don’t do drugs. Second, if they’re leaving you and coming to me, what does that say about you? To be quite honest, I am neither sad nor lonely. Actually, the one you say is in your bed at night threw you off for a week because he’s been at my house. And the one who is in jail is still calling me. So who’s sad? Not me, sweetheart. I live a good life. I work hard and I’m clean. You’re hooked on Ultram. Now who’s the loser?

I would like to know how every one of several people who live in one house in Blackey are able to draw welfare, food stamps and everything else. I thought you had to be out on your own to qualify for these programs. Thanks.

The two nosiest women I’ve ever seen live on Beetree Fork. Beetree is a stupid place to live. There are too many aggravating drunks living there.

It looks like the lucky stars are shining on the NFL. We’ve finally gotten rid of Michael Vick. If we would get rid of a few more of those thugs it would be a better sports world.

Everybody keeps talking about the smoking hot girl who smokes more than cigarettes. The other night I saw her at a certain place in Neon. Her boyfriend sure was enjoying what she was smoking.

I heard you were a pistolpacking mama and that you were loaded for bear. Is that a fact?

I would like to wish Jerri and Joey at the marina a very happy ten-year anniversary.

To the person who is talking about Colson: You need to look at yourself before you talk about others. There is no furniture. Thank you.

To a person in Jenkins: You are a lowdown piece of trash. You have ruined all of your friendships. You are crazy. Don’t worry about it, though, because one day we all will be united. Thank you.

UMWA Funds insurance card holders need to be advised that Jenkins Family Care and Jenkins Community Hospital are no longer honoring UMWA Funds insurance for services rendered at their facilities. Yes, they will take your card, but you may be responsible for all or part of the expenses incurred because they do not recognize UMWA as a provider. Wellmont, the Tennessee company which now manages the Jenkins hospital, needs to realize that the UMWA still exists, has excellent insurance coverage, and should be recognized in their medical facilities located in the coalfields. Hopefully they are not slow learners.

To Jim ‘Move The County Forward’ Ward: Why don’t you do something about the 911 radios and pagers? I recently had a family member that had to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive because of the pagers and radios. It is too late when this cobbled-up mess lets someone die. Then when that happens, if it’s my family member, I will seek legal action against the county.

How many young people have to die in four-wheeler accidents before their parents admit that their children were under the influence of drugs during the time? Maybe if they could admit this then other parents would be aware that these four-wheeler trails are being used as places to have drug parties without the interference of police or parents. If your child was friends with someone who had died from four-wheeler accident due to drugs or drinking, then open your eyes and take note before you turn your child loose to do the same thing. You’re a parent; ask questions and be responsible. I lost a friend because of the same thing. I tried to help him and I told him what he was doing was wrong and dangerous, but he had too many people telling him otherwise. Everyone who gave him drugs or stood by and didn’t try to stop him from doing drugs, his blood is on your hands and I hope his death haunts you for the rest of your lives. You’re all scum.

Fear: The only thing we should fear is God – not man or situations. Pride: A man’s pride shall bring him low. Observance: Don’t observe what others think, say, or how they react. Obedience: It’s better than sacrifice. React: Listen and obey God’s calling and command. Move: Before it’s too late. Obligation: He’s only obligated to knock one time. How many chances has He given you?

I can sympathize with the illegal Elvira Ariana in the sense that NAFTA did hurt many people in Mexico, but it also hurt the U.S., as I said it would. However, thousands of Mexican girls have come here mainly to have children to take advantage of the system. As for the argument about separating families, I personally know some who have been here for years and have children in Mexico. These people only earn enough to pay their own living expenses. Some have been deported and come back. Mexico was always the Republic of Mexico, but a few years ago they changed the name to the United States of Mexicans. Does this turn a light on in your brain, considering the flood of illegals to this country? Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘If the country ever falls, it will not be from forces from without, but within its own borders.’

Bonnie 357, remember when we were riding down the road on 95 with your beautiful head asleep in my lap? We were so happy. We thought nothing could bring us down. I was wrong. The way we were living was slowly bringing us to our knees. Now that I look back, I see what was wrong. It wasn’t you, it was me. I let you down. I pray to God every night that you forgive me. Without you I’m nothing. My values are still gold to me. The day we joined as one was the best day of my life. The good Lord has forgiven us. Hopefully God will put on the people’s hearts to have mercy as well. I love you, beautiful. Tell baby girl Daddy loves her. Bub, Daddy loves you as well. You three are my life. Outlaw.

We would like to wish Hailey Kuracka a happy birthday on August 31. We love you. Dad, Mammaw and Papaw Kuracka.

I wonder why more people weren’t invited to a certain magistrate’s birthday bash at a community center. I’m kindly mad that I wasn’t invited when all of your friends were. A concerned senior citizen.

To a special lady: You are the best thing that has happened to me. Your kindness and loving ways were terrific. I miss you every day and occasionally work on the projects we worked on. It is no fun trying to work on one without your help. I hope we can get together soon. I miss you and love you very much. Your special friend.

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