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Hey you at Neon, if you don’t like the way things are at Neon and up on the hill, why don’t you leave people’s property alone and quit trying to mess with it? Ride back out on the horse you rode in on. The fact that you’ve changed your name and who you are and what you’ve been in to is going to be investigated. Keep your nose out of other people’s business.

To someone very special to me: Baby, I miss you very much. I don’t know what happened and what’s going on, but I wish I could really talk to you to find out. I love you more than anything in this world, but you already know that. I’ve told you many times that I do. If you love me, please respond. There will always be a special place for you in my heart, and there will never be another one. I love you, darling.

To the oink-oink who walks up and down the road at 12 or 1 in the morning: Honey, the next time I have reports of you talking to my husband or even looking at my husband you’re not even going to be able to walk with that stick. They’re going to have to pull it out of your nose just to get out of your rear. This is a warning: Stay away from my husband.

I just want my husband to know that I know where the raunchy smell he packs in sometimes is coming from. The other night I was sitting on the porch and got a whiff of the same smell. When me and my friends looked up the road we saw a pig and a cow coming down our way. We started laughing, because that had to be the smell.

To the psycho who lives on No. 3 Hill in Jenkins: You made your threats on the phone and we have them on voice mail. You had to go to court for making them. Remember the $100 fine, court costs, and two-years’ probation you got? Then you made another threat about shooting someone. Well let me tell you something: You harm one hair on her head and you’ll have to answer to me. You can holler UNITE all you want, but you need to remember those Florida trips made every month to bring back pot. You need to back off or something bad is going to happen to you. And that’s no threat.

I want to tell everybody at the Burdine and Jenkins grade schools and high school that they might want to be on the lookout. The Alabama gang is back and trying to take over. Thank you.

Could someone out there tell me the name of the foxy lady sitting under the shade tree in front of J.C. Penney’s in Hazard on a Saturday afternoon? I would appreciate it very much.

What a flop the Jenkins Homecoming Festival turned out to be. No fireworks, no sound, no Nashville country music star, no space for people, and no Drifters – all the original members are dead.

Does anyone know when the next nude convention is going to be held at Carr Fork Lake?

Did anyone else see that banana chasing the pumpkin? What are you all doing?

I would like to wish my sister, Destiny Paige Collins, a happy 10th birthday. From her sister, Megan. I love you.

I would like to wish Megan Collins a happy 12th birthday. Love, Mom.

I have a family member with a drug addiction. I just hope that the prosecutor, Edison Banks, and county judge, Jim Ward, will take it as easy on my relatives as they do their own.

I want to wish Laken Mullins a happy 12 birthday. From his friend, Claudia Collins.

There was way too much bluegrass music at the festival in Jenkins in the park. I am sick of bluegrass. I don’t want to hear anymore bluegrass. Had enough of that.

I would like to wish a friend, Laken Mullins, a happy 12th birthday. From Megan.

I think you better do some reprinting on that probation given to Josh Wampler. He did not steal any $18,000. You better be checking and doing some printing better.

(The amount of money taken from the county’s litter abatement fund between November 2006 and April 2007 was $16,600. The amount was erroneously listed as $18,700 in a story appearing in last week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle.)

Hello, everybody. Can somebody catch that yellow dog?

Some people call themselves parents when they’re really nothing but drug addicts who have a bunch children and then lie back at the house and live off the kids and turn them over to the welfare department. Then the kids aren’t raised properly and don’t get a good education. The community doesn’t care anything about them, so all they do is aggravate people night and day because the parents don’t want to fool with them and the welfare people are too sorry to come and check them out. And then people complain about someone hitting them with something? Someday they’re going to be hit with something more than that.

How can a convicted child molester be allowed to raise his young granddaughter? What does that say about the child welfare officials?

I cannot believe the comment that was made in the Southern Ohio column about mountaintop mining in Letcher County being all for the greenback dollar. Lady, if it wasn’t for our strip jobs our kids would be starving or on welfare and food stamps. At least some of the people in Letcher County do want to work, and that’s the only way they can make money. If you don’t want to come back here because of that, well, that’s fine with a lot of us.

I hear they’ve brought in agency nurses from different places to work at the Hazard ARH, and that the administration believes it’s the fault of the nurses who work there that they had to do this. It is not the fault of the nurses. Certain other people need to look at themselves if they want to know who to blame.

This is for Rose B. Durham, who wrote about mountaintop mining in her Southern Ohio news column: My husband has worked on a strip job for 30 years to support me and my two children. Even when he was sick he knew he had to go on to work so he could pay for our children to have a good education and a good home and health care. Who are you to judge these hardworking men and women? This county is alive because of mining and strip jobs. The whole United States benefits from the coal mined from this region, and you have the nerve to ask our men if they would want their heads scalped? Plus, what is so beautiful to look at where you live – crime and pollution? God gave us this land to live off of and that’s what we’re doing here. They do the best they can to put the land back as good as possible. It may not be beautiful like it was before, but thousands of families have food, a home, clothes, and a steady paycheck to live on. Miss Durham, if you have a better idea for all these hardworking families to make a better living, then let everyone know what it is. I’m a Christian woman and my family obeys the laws of the land, just like the Bible tells us to do. So until you have to work 12 hours a day, six days a week, on a dangerous job, keep your rude opinions to yourself. May God forgive you.

I remember when a war was going on and some said kill them all and let God separate them. We did that with two bombs. Maybe we need to use number three. There is not one American life worth all of them. Turn that sand into glass and I bet Osama bin Laden would be the one sitting on top of it the next morning – being the scorpion he is. America the great with the best technology there is in the world playing war games with our blood flowing in their sand. I’m too old to run and too proud to hide. My trigger finger still works, but guess which one I’m showing them now? Maybe you, Mr. President, should go to New York and get on the Statue of Liberty and show bin Laden and the rest of them your finger. While you’re there you might as well go ahead and pull your pants down and moon the rest of us. War, good God, what is it good for? It makes some people rich. From a concerned Christian. Think about it.

Twenty-five years I was loyal and paid my insurance premium every month. Had one little mishap and the little lizard canceled me, but sent me a letter saying I could go in as a high risk. My wreck cost them nothing – no money whatsoever – and they canceled me. Twenty-five years of taking my money and the little lizard canceled me out. This is bank robbery. This is what they call insurance robbery. This is one man’s opinion. If you see the little lizard, run over his behind.

It stated in The Mountain Eagle last week that the county road department reported it had paved the road in No. 1 Bottom: I know it’s not been paved because I live in No. 1 Bottom. I just wanted to make that statement. Thank you.

I would like to comment about some things in District Three: In the Aug. 29 edition of The Mountain Eagle, the road foreman’s report was quoted as saying ditches were pulled, drain pipes cleaned, and weeds cut all over the county. We’re in District Three at Mayking Loop, and the ditches and drain pipes haven’t been cleaned here in many years. The weeds are high, too. If you all feel like I do, let the magistrate in District Three know about it.

I’m not for sending anybody who has a drug addiction to prison, but the deal they gave the county employee who stole the money to buy pain pills seems a little light to me. What about the dozens of other families in this county who have had loved ones sent away to prison because of drug-related offenses? Is this fair to them? While I’m glad the guy doesn’t have to go to prison, I also worry about what’s happening to the drug offenders who don’t have as much pull as this guy obviously does. Personally, I think we need to get an adequate drug rehabilitation center to locate here so we can start treating these addicts instead of sending them to jail. How many criminals are we creating here each day just because we can’t offer help to those who need and want it?

Future Fuels LLC has been in Hazard looking for a site on which to build a plant to convert coal into oil. With the people of Letcher County, and eastern Kentucky, being split on the question of protecting the environment versus creating new jobs, this brings up an interesting question. If we’re going to split on the environmental issues, then it’s a pretty rough day. There won’t be any water or anything else left in the mountains. But I do know people need jobs and will always vote to have a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a dollar bill in their back pocket versus the environment. If they do locate this plant somewhere in the mountains it will be a bad thing.

This is a message to all the people in Letcher County: This last house issue, which means the last house in a hollow doesn’t get any county services – no roads or anything – is unconstitutional. That’s taxation without representation. If you feel the way I do, call Speak Your Piece and let it be known. Our county officials might wake up and realize it’s wrong.

I think it’s a dirty rotten shame that some people have to work for a living while other people can just sit on their behinds without doing anything. A certain person who lives right next door to me does nothing except snoop in garbage cans and run up and down the road all day in his little truck. If Uncle Sam knew what he was up to he would put his behind in the Army and send him to Iraq.

Good morning, darling. I love you. I wish I could talk to you, but I can’t. I want you to know I really love you with all my heart. Bye, baby.

I think it’s a shame that social services has placed a child in relative care at the home of a drug dealer who was named on the front page of The Mountain Eagle just a few weeks ago.

To the Jenkins Homecoming Festival Days Committee: There was too much – way too much – bluegrass music on the schedule. And it was bad bluegrass, too. I don’t care if I ever hear another bluegrass song again. If this stuff is on the schedule next year I won’t be there.

To the queen bee: You tried so hard to defeat the Homecoming Days Festival in Jenkins, but you failed miserably. You even set up flea market tents across the street in 100-degree temperatures to try to capitalize on our event. Did you sell a lot of snow men and Thanksgiving ornaments? I saw you craning your neck to see if the festival had the audacity to continue without you. I even saw you doing a rain dance to try to cause our festival to be rained out. Hey, you’re pretty good. You actually caused a downpour at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, but nobody left the site. Thanks. We needed a shower to cool things off. Maybe we can book you for next year. I have to admit I admire your spunk. You worked very hard to try to outdo the real Jenkins Festival Committee, but all the lies and innuendoes you spread simply inspired us to make this festival one of the best ever. Just wait until next year. We’re going to raise the bar.

I have a message for people who are seeing a pain doctor in Kentucky for a pain problem: The doctors here can lie on you and say you are doctor shopping when you are not. The contract you sign with them is not worth the paper it’s written on. You can’t sue them for malpractice or sue them in federal court for violating your civil rights because no lawyers will help you. You better be looking for a doctor out of Kentucky.

This is the old copper man again. If you’re leaving Kentucky headed to Virginia with a load of copper, watch out for evaporation. It could evaporate before you get to where you’re going.

What do you get when a banana gets together with a pumpkin? Road rage.

The word is that court officials are trying to control the structure of the grand jury. If true, this is a very bad thing.

I see all the drug heads are back on Cram Creek again. The OxyContin just came in. They’re killing us. They’re killing everybody around us.

To Lisa: Please stop with the hang-up phone calls or I’ll mail your letter back home.

If the whole county was wet it would be like down in Perry County or over in Virginia or up in Floyd County. In those counties you do not see beer cans in the ditches. In Letcher County and Knott County, a man can make a decent living by picking up beer cans and selling them. Plus, we would have all this tax money coming in like is already happening in the little City of Whitesburg. The people here need to wake up. Let’s get with the rest of the world and get the real world to come to Letcher County.

We certainly have a good justice system here in Letcher County. A school board member can sell pain pills within an arm reach of a school bus full of kids and has to serve just a very short time in prison. Now we’ve got a man who admits to stealing money from the county’s garbage funds and he gets a slap on the wrist. No wonder the garbage budget is running in the red. It’s something to think about. If you’re in the clique and work for the county government or school board you can do about anything you want to do. The only punishment you’ll get is a slap on the wrist and told to go home and be a good boy.

Everyone in Letcher County knows social services is a joke. They have kids who are being given back to their parents who in turn let child molesters take care of these kids day in and day out. They could care less about the welfare of the child. Apparently, they don’t know their statutes and limitations where their jobs are concerned. Two of them are my relatives, so I know what they do. I think people need to call Frankfort and start complaining. Call your local ombudsman. That’s who you need to contact as far as the local social services is concerned. I already have. I hope to God that something will be done about this.

This is in response to the comment from someone wanting a decent man from Knott, Letcher, Floyd or Perry counties: I just want to tell you that I don’t think you’re going to find a decent man by putting an ad in Speak Your Piece. So if you want a decent man you’re just going to have to wait and see if one may come to you. It just shows how desperate you are when you put an ad in Speak Your Piece to get a date. It’s pathetic.

What is this world coming to when people rape their nieces or sisters or cousins? It’s getting so bad, and no one is doing much about it.

You’ve got three beautiful kids. Why don’t you take them home where they belong and take care of them? They need to be home where they can be taken care of, not just thrown around everywhere in the world.

Just so you know, there’s way too much traffic up in Dunham after dark.

I would like to really thank Gary Rogers and his staff at the Letcher Fire Department. They are so wonderful. They came and picked up my dad. Gary, I really want to let you know how much the people of Letcher County appreciate what a wonderful job you and all the other guys are doing. I appreciate all of the tender care you have given to my dad when you’ve picked him up and taken him to and from the hospital. Thank you, and may God bless each and every one of you.

I saw you on Thursday the 30th. You didn’t even acknowledge that you even knew me, so I guess you don’t love me anymore. I don’t know what’s going on, but I really do love you.

The fine print on $25,000 to quit smoking: Put the money in the bank that you would spend on cigarettes. When you have saved $50,000, I will split it with you.

We would like to wish Danny Bentley a very happy birthday on September 8. We love you. Wanda and Destiny.

Add a shotgun to the pistol. Will you? That .38 special?

To a certain woman in Knott County: Don’t think the state police don’t know about your little drug activities and that you’re selling pills.

I don’t think it was too smart to get rid of the best coach Letcher County Central had in Ed Vanhoose. All I had been hearing was how much the defense had improved. I must have missed something the other night because I thought Hazard punished them. Doesn’t sound liked they Improved much to me. If LCC doesn’t win eight ballgames then major changes need to be made. The schedule they have is terrible. It’s not tough at all. I wish the kids the best.

I would like to wish my friend Michelle Price a happy 30th birthday. Love, Robin Foster.

To answer the question about people getting tax free things when moving to Kentucky: As I understand it, I will get a tax break on my retirement income, and some counties pay for supplemental insurance (less than $100 a month). In return I will pay taxes on everything I buy there. Kentucky will come out ahead on the money. It’s good business for Kentucky and a break for people like me. It’s there to get older retired people to move there.

Happy birthday to you, Michelle. You’re a special friend and sister. Wish we could have been there to wish you a happy big 30 on August 30. It won’t be long until you will be saying it to me. Lots of love.

I don’t understand why some people have to be so nosy. It’s getting to where in the Jeremiah area a certain mother can’t keep her nose out of her daughter’s and granddaughter’s business. It looks like she would take care of her own life. Wait a minute, she has no life. She lives on the negative side of everything. All she wants is to live other people’s lives for them.

Why is it that the Jenkins Cavaliers haven’t had new football uniforms for seven years and Letcher County Central gets new ones every year? Where does all the money go that is collected for the football games? I thought it was supposed to go to the football team. Jenkins is the only school I’ve ever seen in my life that doesnt support its football team in any way. Those kids deserve new uniforms and better gear, because they go out there and play their hearts out for their school.

To Outlaw: Wow. This last one is the best one yet. You really outdid yourself with this one. Well, I almost had a tear in my eye. Then that slow grin came across my face. I even added some chuckles. Just who do you think you’re fooling? It’s been a year now since my brother Jack was brutally murdered. What gives you the right to go on with your life? Jack was a human be- ing, not an ‘old dog.’ He had a soul. He had a caring spirit. He had feelings. He hurt. Don’t ever think anyone out here is going to forgive you. No mercy here. You speak of your values – ha. I thank God for the justice that is to come – sweet justice. ‘Someday they’ll go down together. And they’ll bury them side by side. To few it’ll be grief, to the law relief. But it’s death for Bonnie & Clyde.’ Those last words were written by the real Bonnie before her death. Signed, Birthday Sis.

Wanted to wish Michelle Price a big 30th birthday. You old coot. From Christine in Columbus, Ohio.

I have taken about enough from the Jenkins Police Department. I took some friends to the beer store at the top of the mountain in Virginia and they had a road check. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I don’t drink or do drugs, but the Jenkins police officer that was there at about noon on Thursday, August 30, had me pull over to the side so they could let a drug dog go through my car while the news cameras were taping us standing on the side of the road. Well, needless to say, they didn’t find anything, but they embarrassed me unnecessarily and upset me to the point that I almost had to go to the hospital because I have breathing problems and it stressed me out. I have never been treated that way in my life. They are prejudiced against certain people like me because I have filed several complaints in the past years and nothing had ever been done while Mike Dingus was police chief. I’m hoping that Jim Stevens has more respect than to allow this sort of thing to continue. My mother used to work at City Hall when Bill Tackett was chief of police and I never got harassed then. But I guess things have changed for the worse for the citizens of Jenkins.

To the person running the trucking company I work for: Two weeks ago you cut our pay. Now we can’t make enough to live on. What drivers you have not laid off have quit or found other jobs. The few of us that are left will be gone before you go under. You parked the company’s trucks. How many have the brothers parked? Don’t you people realize what is going on? This coal company you are hauling coal for needs to run you off – brothers included – and contract this haul to someone that will pay a wage that you can live on.

To my sexy firefighter/EMT: I hope that when you read this it puts a smile on your face. I love you very much and you mean everything to me. I’m grateful for how things are going, and you are the half that makes me whole. I miss you, baby, and be careful out there. Love, your sweet nurse.

Darling, I sure felt sorry for you sitting there with your pumpkins and popcorn in all that heat watching all that money go up in a puff of smoke.

How do you spell sour grapes? Jenkins Festival Committee Inc. Great job, Jenkins Homecoming Festival Committee. The park looked great with the new paint and improvements. For the first time, the Head Start was a part of the dress-up contest. Hooray for you all to make sure that all children are included in this contest. The Homecoming Festival Committee members went a long way to make amends for the bad treatment and lack of respect to the citizens shown during the past festivals. And yes, all five of the people who received citizenship awards deserved them. The food was great and the mix of music was super. Oh yes, no line dancing was most appreciated. It gave other citizens a chance to show their talents. The parade was wonderful and more than just people marching, and we loved the football team being highlighted as they went past the announcer – Go Big Green. Most of all, thank you for being a great help to the disabled citizens who attended. It was super the way you all took care of them. The Drifters knocked everyone out with a great performance and by becoming a part of the crowd. I am sure that your accounting of moneys raised to the city council and the citizens will be a first. Can’t wait until next year. Way to go, Jenkins Homecoming Festival Committee.

The people of Letcher County have a hard way to go. A lot of employers don’t even pay minimum wage, and they cheat employees in other ways. One contractor has a habit of asking his employees to come by his house in the evening or on the weekend and help him with some little thing. The ‘little thing’ often turns into a major job, but the employee doesn’t get paid anything for it. He’s lost good workers over this practice, but some can’t afford to quit and they feel there’s a threat of being fired hanging over them if they don’t provide this free labor. Letcher County people also get shorted by the judicial system, which pats them on the head when they have a problem to assure that they keep their vote and then brushes them off. People have gotten away with crimes for so long that Letcher Countians don’t bother to report them, and in many cases don’t even think they are crimes any longer because the system won’t act if they try.

‘Twas the night before festival and all through the town every creature was stirring including the committee. The buildings were painted and grass did get cut in hopes that the people would show up. The bands tried to play with the sound not so clear, the people were strained as they tried to hear. Up on the road came a sound not soon to be forgotten, as the people began to leave because the stars were all dead.

Recently the Jenkins High School classes of 1956 and 1957 had their class reunion at the Pine Mountain Grill in Whitesburg. Many of those attending stayed at motels in the area. One of our classmates has Alzheimer’s disease and needed to have a ground level room. When he and his wife arrived at the motel they were told that they did not have reservations, and that the only room available was on the second floor. No one offered to help him to his room and he had great difficulty climbing the stairs. When the next reunions take place we will be sure to mention that this certain motel is not a handicapfriendly place to stay. Signed, a member of the class of 1957. PS. They had made reservations prior to coming.

Happy 30th birthday to the Blonde Bomber. May you have many more. Hope you get something nice like a tall dark-haired handsome dude. We love you Belle.

First of all, this goes out to all opiate addicts: One day when you are all junked up, get on the Internet and stream the book ‘JUNKY’ by William F. Burroughs. It may just change your perspective on life. It is read by Burroughs himself and is a brilliant insight into the dark world of opiates. Second, I just want to address all the comments calling people rats in Speak Your Piece. As most people know, it is hard for cops to build a case against smart drug dealers. That is why they have to bust some kid with a joint or one pill and offer them the chance to ‘roll.’ Faced with jail, many of them will. What they don’t understand is that neither UNITE nor the police care about these people’s safety. They are sending these people into drug dealers’ houses – where most of them have firearms – wearing wires. I don’t know about you, but I think if the dealer discovered these wires he/ she would not be too happy and would probably hold said ‘rat’ hostage. For what? Over $50 worth of pills? Maybe the cops should find a better way to bust these big dealers, like getting smarter themselves. When an informant, who has rolled because he got caught with a $35 bag of weed, is killed over an OC whose hands will have blood on them? I say Unite and the cops will, in a way more so than the dealer. It is also ridiculous that UNITE has influenced doctors to cut down or completely cut off writing legitimate pain medication prescriptions. That is immoral to the patients and borders on unethical if you consider The Hippocratic Oath all doctors must take at the end of medical school. In closing, I just think cops have to resort to very, very dangerous methods and they are still taking out the lowest level dealers. I guarantee not one ‘kingpin’ has been arrested in Letcher County in the last 10 years. Why? Because most are educated, or at least street educated, and can read people in a second. No offense, but some of these cops are just people who were picked on in high school and don’t really have the intelligence to do much else. Don’t get me wrong, I have utmost respect for homicide detectives in places like L.A., Chicago, and N.Y.C. I would actually love to see these UNITE officers who are so gung ho about eradicating drugs go to Miami and start working undercover. They would be scared to death and come home within hours. Better yet, why not just go to the source and pack up and go to Colombia and start there. Oh yeah, I forgot, all that money is being spent killing civilians in Iraq for oil for Cheney and Bush. This is sort of an incoherent rant, but I will say one thing I know to be true. Drugs have been around since the Roman Empire and in every modern culture since. Does UNITE think they can change the whole evolution of the planet? I don’t think they really care if they can or not as long as they get their $150,000 paychecks every year. Anyway, I personally think all drugs should be de-criminalized and taxed. It is working fine in some European countries. Marijuana is legal in British Colombia and it has boosted tourism in Banff National Forest. These tourists are not all stereotypical pot heads either, but Microsoft CEO’s and such. Hell. I know surgeons who smoke hash and they are published in the New England Journal of Medicine on occasion. But don’t forget dealers, UNITE officers are brilliant in their tactics. Put a wire or a little camera in a button hole. Be careful. If I was dealing in Letcher County, no matter how well I trusted the client, I would at least ask that he/ she remove their shirt before any deal is even spoken of. Better safe than sorry. The Insane Drunk.

The KHSAA needs to change its official records to reflect that the Letcher County Central Cougars actually lost to Haysi, Va., last year by a score of 28-26. I think it is a disgrace that a school the size of LCCHS cannot compete with these little single A schools such as Haysi, which only has 280 students. I don’t think they should even be allowed to schedule them. Look what happens every time Jenkins goes to LCCHS and plays basketball – and they probably have less than 200 students in that little school. This is a disgrace, folks, and needs to be checked into.

A friend of mine turned 30 on the 30th. She so is bummed out to be getting so old. I told her birthdays are like beer – you can’t just have one. I want her to know that she’s not old. She’s young with a whole lot of experience. I would like to wish her a happy birthday from all her friends and family. Happy birthday, loser.

Too many of the people we elect think they have been appointed as rulers instead of being chosen as public servants. They don’t understand the concept of having public trust responsibilities, and are responsive only to voting blocs or their financial supporters. This attitude apparently grows with each year in office and many of those who have been in for several terms have lost any contact with the general pubic.

I do not understand why some judge hasn’t closed the Letcher County Jail until overcrowding conditions are improved. The circumstances are inhumane, and probably illegal. I believe in incarcerating people, a lot more than have been incarcerated, as a matter of fact, but not under those conditions. The jailer doesn’t have any choice in this and has to lock up those presented to him, but there are others who are responsible for oversight who should be doing something about this. Why isn’t this considered malfeasance on their part, and why couldn’t this be the subject of a grand jury action?

I work on a strip job just like a lot of my family and friends and when I saw that comment in the Southern Ohio news column I just had to say something. If it wasn’t for these coal companies coming to Letcher County and letting us have jobs I couldn’t feed my kids. So the lady who said that needs to stick to her news and leave the comments out about us people in Letcher County. We put the mountain tops back as best we can.

I know there are many people, not only in Letcher County but everywhere, that are hung up on themselves and think they are all the stuff. But none beats this blonde wig-wearing granny when it comes to making people laugh and laugh and laugh. Thanks for the laughter. You are finally number one at something.

Yes, people are talking more about problems in the county. There are the usual ‘I got you on camera, leave my boyfriend alone, etc.,’ but the more people talk about serious problems the better for a change. The drug trade is destroying more than one generation. You young kids should look at some of the young adults(?) and older people who are on drugs. They really think they are cool. Their brain is being eaten alive and they will either end up in jail or dead. If they leave children, who will take care of them? If they are grandparents, that makes three generations destroyed. How in God’s name can a parent or grandparent do drugs? Someone mentioned the business leaders and the religious leaders doing something about drugs. Well, the business would get burned down and forget the religious leaders. In my eight years of reading The Mountain Eagle I cannot remember any church leader speaking about the evils of drugs. They raise all hell about a man or woman having a beer or a glass of wine with their meal. There’s going to be a lot of religious people in hell. The legal system people are all the same. They take turns getting elected. We know the lawyers are on the up and up. Some police are not doing right. You can’t say too much or you will be in trouble. In Jenkins now you have to put a complaint in writing and sign it. That is beyond stupid. The jails are overcrowded, so why not let the smalltime bad people do community work like maybe clearing the under brush around Fishpond Lake so people can see the water? That might be better and more productive than locking them up. Jail brings the gods power over people. Community work would only make a good difference. The last time I was around the lake I thought it had dried up because I couldn’t see the water. Someone mentioned the need to have someone in the legal system check on the courts. Now that is another no brainer. Why would you want someone checking on their bed mates? Next election, get people who can be trusted. Never mind the ‘he’s family or kin stuff.’ If you want to really see what you do to yourselves, ask someone who has moved away and come home or someone new in the county. I bet the .12-gauge came out of the closet on that one. Ever hear the one about ‘he couldn’t see the forest for the trees’? I know this will bring the good preachers out of their closets.

Congratulations to the ‘school lady’ on her victory at Letcher School. That shows that one person can get something done if they keep at it. Letcher County should have more like her. Maybe she can now turn her attention to scrutiny of the rest of the government. Thank you.

The pleas for help from all our drug-ridden communities portray a tragic situation. They should be taken absolutely seriously. The increase in drug use reflected in The Mountain Eagle describes a local situation. This doesn’t exist to this extent anywhere else. If this cannot be handled locally, can’t we get a disaster declaration and get federal help? Or assistance from the Kentucky National Guard?

To a certain man: You need to take on your responsibility and stop letting your mother do your job. If you want to take the name as being a father then act like one.

In a recent edition of The Mountain Eagle, Jim Ward was quoted as saying that, until he became county judge, he didn’t realize how small a budget the sheriff had to work with and the problems he had. I can’t believe he said that. He was a magistrate for four years and it was his job to help run the county. How could he have been ignorant to this money situation? What was he doing for that four years, sleeping?

Hey Boo-Boo: I know you really don’t like Speak Your Piece and you have good reason, but I just wanted to let you know a few things. The other night when you stayed at the hospital just showed me how much I depend on you and how vital you are to my life. Even though you were gone only a few hours from me it felt like an eternity. I love you so much I don’t think I would be able to function without you. You’re my everything. I love you, baby, more than you’ll ever know. These past 10 years have been good and bad, but I have to say I have enjoyed every bit of it cause I spent it with you.

Well, I see that baby girl is mooching back at home on mommy and daddy again. When are you ever going to grow up and quit using your parents? What are you going do when they are not there for you anymore? I see them struggle from payday to payday just to make it, then they go out and work hard everyday just to come home to put up with you and your kids. When are you going to realize what you are doing to those poor kids by moving them around so much? You don’t deserve them anyway. You don’t even take care of them. You just want mommy and daddy to baby-sit while you chase after married men. Try looking for a good man. It’s not that hard. And remember, if a man will cheat on his wife for you then sooner or later he will cheat on you, too. From what I’ve heard that’s exactly what he did before he threw you down. Grow up and make a life for those kids and put man hunting on hold for a while.

Well, well, well. It looks like I have some scared now. I see I made my point. Life is good.

I am a 30 year old single mom looking for any man. Age and looks don’t matter. I will work to support you. Please respond in next week’s paper. I would give my number but it probably wont get printed. Come on guys, leave some messages.

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