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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
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I’m just calling in about the copper one more time. This might be my last time to call in, because my phone is going to be shut off. That fifteen-hundred dollars that evaded me in the copper deal over in Virginia has left me broke. I had to quit working for the guy I was working for, because I believe he had something to do with the caper. He said he was going to make it right, but he’s never made it right. It’s been eight months and I still haven’t gotten any satisfaction. Something bad is going on. Check your copper before you take it to Virginia.

My first question is for Elizabeth Branham: Why didn’t you come forth before this man was indicted – before his name and picture were all over the TV news and in the paper? My second question is for the Kentucky State Police and its SWAT team: Why did you have all those armed men at this man’s house when he came home? Why did you use a Taser on him while he was still in his vehicle with his hands in the air? And then you charge him with resisting arrest? How could you do all this just from hearsay by two drunk women? Why didn’t you arrest them?

The people at Blackey are so glad that the woman and boy moved out. We were all getting tired of the loud music, the cursing, and the cops coming around. We hope you never move back.

I have read so much about the remark over strip mining in Letcher County, and I am well aware that some people do this to make a living. Regardless, it is an ugly sight. No, they do not put back trees like they say they do. Yes, I was born and raised in Letcher County, a place that I love. I have taken The Mountain Eagle for over 30 years. It’s so sad when you read of drugs in such small places. I don’t think in all of my traveling I have ever seen a place so drug-infested as Letcher County. So if you disagree, as you did with the strip mining, just read the front page of The Mountain Eagle. The only other thing I’ve got to say is God bless Danny Webb for the job he has tried to do. Thank you.

To a certain person: You need to get over yourself. You’re nobody special in any way. I’ve got all I need. I will never need you for anything. You are such a joke.

I would like to report a lost phone. It was lost on August 31. It is a black phone in a pink case with the name Gwen written on the case. If you found it, I would appreciate it if you would return it. I still have to pay for the phone and the contract. Please take the phone to the Harmony House next to the Mexican restaurant in West Whitesburg, or to the office at the Whitesburg Housing Project.

To a certain person: From what you told me on-line the other day, you didn’t want to be with her anyway, you just wanted a place to stay. Now I hear you’re back with her. I wonder how she would feel if she knew what you said to me about how much you’d like to be with me and that you were just using her? I told you I wouldn’t have your broke (behind) and couldn’t understand what she saw in you, either. I think I just might have to tell her, because I think she deserves to know. From K.R.

To the person who commented to the guy with all the tattoos who used to live in Neon: Where does he live now? Give more information about who you are talking about so you can be told off properly.

This message is to all the social workers: I would like to know why you go into a home to inspect somebody and you give them days before you give them a drug test. They need to be removed right then and given a test, because now they’re taking other people’s urine and putting it in bottles and putting it down their pants and keeping it warm so they can pass a drug test. Please, people, you are not that stupid. You need to do a hair test. Open your eyes. Do your job and do it right. Too many children in too many homes are being neglected.

I would like to ask all of the elected officials why they let a certain person rule them. That is why we live in poverty in this county. This person is no different than anyone else. The only thing this person rules is our officials in the courthouse.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but talking names does not bother me. If I see you slapping any of your children again – well, let me just say, why don’t you get off the drugs and quit your foul cursing?

The river runs straight, wide, deep, and clean. That’s the way we as Christians should be. However, we all know how the river runs now – crooked, narrow, shallow, dirty. We become like this when we follow man’s traditions and take the word of God and twist it to suit man instead of God. Remember, Satan does have that inner circle of darkened hearts to whom he has empowered the mysteries of inequities and the depths of degradation.

My name is Pauline McClean. I used to be a Bingham. They don’t send my papers to me on time and I want to know why. Tell all those people down in Kentucky who knew me as a Bingham that I said hi. Thank you.

Look out, witchy woman, when your sister finds out what you and your brother did she will be furious from her head down to her toes.

When the blind lead the blind they fall in the ditch together.

This is to somebody very special to me: I would love to talk to you to find out what’s going on. I was hoping this wouldn’t go this far. Will you please call me or something and let me know what’s going on so I can get on with my life? I can’t stand this much longer. I do love you very much. Please talk to me.

To the sheriff’s office: Why won’t you come to Doty Creek to catch a certain drug dealer? Are you scared of this person? I’ve got this drug dealer on film now and I’m going to send it to COPS. I tried to make a phone call to the sheriff’s department to report a little drug activity and no one would even pick up the phone. Either that or they know who was calling. They believe every lie a certain drug dealer tells them about somebody.

So you think retired teachers who substitute just sit at the desk? Without retired teachers substituting we wouldn’t have anyone who knows how to teach. So go on to college and get a degree and get a job teaching so you can make better money when you retire and start substituting. So just go ahead and clean out your own closet and everybody will be happy.

I’m responding to a comment in Speak Your Piece. I’m 25 years old and I’m a male. I would like to meet a friend who is a good dancer. I am also a good dancer. Please meet me at the Hemphill Community Center on Friday night. I am drug-free and alcohol-free. I’m a real man, not a bum. If you’re interested, be at the community center when it opens. I’ll be there.

To a certain girl I went to school with at Letcher a couple of years ago: Honey, I still have my love for you. You are the only one I ever will love. You know who this is and you know what I stand for. Sooner or later our paths are going to cross again and we’re going to be united as one. You will always be mine no matter who tries to take you away from me. I am still in love with you and you know it. I dream of you every night and every day.

To the woman who thinks a certain man is being faithful to her: Guess again, because he’s still seeing the woman who drives a red car. He now parks his truck at the house next to her house so that you won’t see it. Now aren’t you just a pathetic piece of dumb trash?

To a certain drug dealer up on Cram Creek: You keep thinking you’re getting away with it, but you’re not. You’ve got these young guys selling drugs for you and they’re selling to young kids. You will be busted soon. I promise it. Thank you.

To the parents on Cram Creek who let their kids hang out at a certain place, knowing they are doing drugs all the time: Your children have needle marks up and down their arms. I think this is disgusting. They are passing diseases back and forth. You know who you are and you know who they are. I think it’s a shame. When they get busted and are doing time in prison or die of an overdose, then thank me. Bye.

I’m responding to a comment in last week’s paper where somebody said that people who work on strip mines agree with stripmining only because that’s their source of income: Well, I don’t agree. I’m a teen-aged girl and I don’t work on a strip job and my parents don’t work on a strip mine. That’s not our way of income, but I agree with it because that gives jobs to a lot of people around here – the truck drivers that haul the coal out, the watchmen, and the people who actually work up there.

Some idiot called Speak Your Piece last week asking how they were supposed to entrust their health to nurses who stand outside medical facilities smoking cigarettes. How in the world is a nurse smoking going to affect how a nurse treats you in the doctor’s office? It doesn’t affect that. People are crazy.

I am so sick of girls calling in to Speak Your Piece and saying ‘To my boyfriend: I love you so much. Since I’ve been with you my whole world has changed ….’ Ladies, you need to learn that you’re independent. You need to build up your own confidence and go through life making your own friends and your own decisions. Then when you’re ready to settle down you can find yourself a man. You are who you are. A man doesn’t make you who you are. That’s pathetic.

I recently moved to Letcher County and, like most husbands with a working wife, I looked for a good restaurant and I found one here in Whitesburg. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls at the Whitesburg Dairy Queen and let them know how much I appreciate the excellent service I have received since coming to Whitesburg. These ladies will fix your meal anyway you want it. They have bent over backwards to help me with my diabetes. From the pusher in the back to the angel in the front, these ladies have made the Whitesburg Dairy Queen one of the best – if not the best – restaurants I have ever been in.

I suggest you sleep, walk and talk with one eye open. You are going to have back and leg problems for a reason.

To tall blue-eyed: Thanks for going to my aunt’s funeral. That was really nice of you. I am so sorry for saying those hurtful things to you. I still like you. I need to get back to the church. What church do you go to? Maybe we could go together.

I don’t know why she’s complaining about having to drive over rocks in the road. Her broom doesn’t even touch the road.

I’m telling you up front that as a concerned taxpaying citizen I am coming down hard on LKLP. It is a state- and federallyfunded non-profit organization, so why do some of the people who work there get a personal vehicle? Whoever made the comment about LKLP not having a public rest room did a wonderful thing. I think Governor Fletcher should correct all of these things and cut back on these expenses. People who work for LKLP do not need a government issued vehicle.

To the woman who is 39 and looking for a good man: She can call my cell phone number … and tell me where she wants to meet me.

(You’ll have to come up with another plan to meet her. We can’t print telephone numbers and addresses for this type of fling.)

This is to all the men out there who would like to have custody of their kids: Go to domestic court and you’re guaranteed to get your kids. It’s like money in the bank.

I thought this was a dry county unless it was being sold in a restaurant. The police need to check on the drinking that is going on when certain events are held.

To a person to whom I sold some nightcrawlers: I accused you of cheating me and that was totally not called for. I know from my mistakes now not to say things that make people mad at me. Boy, it really does hurt. Maybe you can forgive me and we’ll become friends again sooner or later.

After reading letters to the editor in the last AARP magazine, I don’t feel as bad as I did after calling Speak Your Piece about people living in the South having to worry about hurricanes. Thank you, AARP, for putting the letter in your magazine.

I would just like to tell this lady that she is fat. I’m slender and nice looking, and she looks like something I can’t even describe. I know she has been fooling around with my old man. What she doesn’t know is she works and he comes home early. My husband works, also. So while they’ve been doing that, I’ve been sneaking to her house. When she lies down in her bed I would like her to know that I’ve been in it. That nice truck she’s riding will probably be mine pretty soon. Good luck, honey. Hope it was worth it. You’ve known him a lot longer than I have. You know what you’re in for.

Hey, neighbor. You threw that piece of belt-line in the creek to stop up my culvert. You would be saving yourself a whole lot of trouble if you would get that back out of there. Not nice.

Hawk, I love and miss you like crazy. You are always in my thoughts. Love, Bambi from California.

How many of you realize that Ernie Fletcher was only in Whitesburg to give you back your coal severance tax that you already had. That’s what he’s done all over the state. He’s held it back for a reason – so he could dole it out and make himself look good. He’s only got one thing he’s running on, and that’s him saying we’re going to have a lot of gambling casinos in the state. That wasn’t what anyone said. The other candidate, Steve Beshear, said he was going to let people vote and make up their own mind. But Ernie doesn’t have anything to run on. Get wise, people.

I would like to address this to the Mountain Heritage Festival Committee: My son was in the baby pageant on Monday, September 10. The judges were not fair, and I think they need to get some new ones. I’m not saying this because my son lost. My son went up there and did what he was supposed to do, while the other one did not do anything – just walked. It was not fair. Thank you.

Well, I just found out you had this planned for a few months – probably five or six months. I can remember the things now that you were doing then. I want you to know that what you’re doing isn’t going to work. My love for you is gone now, because I have found out too much. Your friends have told me too much about you. I know now why you did it. I hope you can live with yourself after the way you did me. Thank you very much.

To a guy in Jenkins: You got out and told the whole city of Jenkins about your ex-wife leaving you. Why don’t you tell everybody about that 14-year-old you messed around with and why she left you? Thank you.

I’m from the Whitesburg High School Class of 1985, and was just wondering if we were ever going to have a reunion. Please reply in Speak Your Piece.

This is an idea on how to pay for the transmitter for WMMT. Get everybody who can and will to save their aluminum cans and drop them off at the Appalshop. It will pay for it in six months.

This is to the 39-year-old young woman looking for a guy between 25 and 41: All I want to know is what kind of guy you’re trying to meet, honey. By putting an ad in Speak Your Piece you’re liable to meet a serial killer like Charles Manson. Come on. Let’s all get a life and stop putting comments in Speak Your Piece to try to get a date. You’re not going to find anybody worth anything. Thanks.

We sure hope two certain people had a great overnight trip to Lexington and had a good time.

All of our problems – drugs, crimes, poverty, infrastructure – stem from one source: the lack of effective, honest leadership. The reason is that we elect people not by their qualifications, experience, honesty, or any other worthwhile quality, just by politics. Why is it that we support the people who are and have always been part of the corrupt, crooked system that has always run this county? More wealth has been taken out of Letcher and adjacent counties than was taken from the Klondike gold rush or the California gold rush. Anyone who can’t see the irony of that and how we have been exploited doesn’t want to know. What we have here is a small number of wealthy takers and users, and a very large number of victims who need to be educated as to their situation and their right to have a better life. Most people here go to Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and even other parts of Kentucky. Don’t they even notice the difference in lifestyles and wonder why this is, or do they know and are so beaten down they don’t think they can do anything about it?

UNITE and the army of other law enforcement agencies have put enough pressure on small drug dealers to force the price of the commodity up and make the filthy-rich dealers and all their associates even filthier. They haven’t made a dent in the number of users. They can arrest a hundred in a night and, in addition to not having any place to put them, they can be assured the vacuum they created will be filled by daylight.

Correcting the drug problem is going to be difficult, if not impossible; too many benefit from it. There are the crooked politicians who shield the big dealers, the sleazy lawyers who defend and shield those same dealers, the judicial system, doctors and dentists who are dispensing the drugs, crooked cops, UNITE with their multiple 100K-plus salaries, social services, committees, bureaus, commissions, and bureaucrats of every stripe, all of whom have a stake in sustaining this problem. The situation can be improved, though, as is evidenced by the fact that it is better almost anywhere than in eastern Kentucky. What is needed is a shift in focus; the system must be made to get the big dealers and those who shield them, and to stop the foolish process of arresting hundreds of two-bit dealers and users. If those who are responsible for handling this can’t be made to do their job, then legalization of drugs should be the next step, starting with the soft drugs.

Why is the Letcher County school system failing? This is a question to which every parent and/or taxpaying citizen in Letcher County deserves an answer. Again, Letcher County has been placed in tier 3 (four years not meeting annual yearly progress standards). The Jenkins Independent school system passed its requirements, so why not Letcher County? The new high school, consolidation, increased taxes, and still no real improvement in educating our children. Someone needs to find another job in another place.

I am so proud of Governor Ernie Fletcher for establishing ‘Polite Days’ in Frankfort. Everyone he appoints is always polite and eager to say ‘Pardon me.’

Crime is bad and things are a mess, but the average person doesn’t have much say. In the last election nobody ran against the commonwealth’s attorney or the circuit judge or the county attorney. If people had run against them, the commonwealth’s attorney and the county attorney and maybe the judge would have been beat and they would have deserved it.

I would like to comment on the Whitesburg Post Office’s newest award. They were recently awarded a ‘Bronze 5 Star Status.’ This office hasn’t been the same since it lost three very special employees who shall remain nameless but I’m sure the public knows to whom I am referring. Two of these employees received cruel and unfair treatment. All three of these employees should be there now to bask in awards and achievements.

President Bush hasn’t been the best president ever, nor has he been the worst. That title belongs to the men like Jimmy Carter that have been entrusted to that office. From the very beginning when Gore tried to cherry pick which parts of Florida to have a recount in, the far left loonies have been spewing this political venom non-stop with the exception of a few weeks following 9/11. One has to look no farther than right here in Kentucky with Attorney General Stumbo filing lawsuits left and right, which everyone knows was/are purely political. I guess what’s good for the Democrats in Kentucky isn’t OK for Republicans. If the governor did anything, all he did is what the other governors over the last thirty years have done. Do they (the left) understand where they are taking this country? Will we ever again be able to find people (with human faults since we all have them) to serve either in government or the military? Just last week, an honorable man, a general with an outstanding record, was referred to as General Betray Us. I guess my generation of hippies, dope smokers, bra burners, anti-establishment war protesters, hate America first and military haters are indeed in power now on the left. And I thought it was the left that was the protectors of free speech and free thought. But with examples like global warming, the Iraq War, free speech on college campuses and the hatred of President Bush, I guess that myth is busted to pieces. The only free speech that the left wants to hear is their own, or from someone that agrees with them one-hundred percent. Remember Joe Lieberman? I am against anyone from the left or right that tries to take away my right to live life as I choose. And any one of us who takes money from any government entity takes that helping hand with strings attached. And God only knows where that string will lead us.

Congratulations to Trinity and Niky Bell on the birth of their son, Noah William Bell. I was so happy to learn that he was named William after Niky’s uncle that passed away. He was a wonderful man, and I am sure he had a grin from ear to ear. Again, congratulations and good luck with your baby boy. I am sure you will both be wonderful parents.

I hope I still have some readers out there for my Southern Ohio news column after my comment about mountaintop mining. Some took the contents of my personal opinion out of context. One woman e-mailed me and threatened to tell her friends not to read my column. I didn’t mean to offend anyone who mines or who has ever worked in a mine, as our dad Clayton Hall was a miner for over 25 years. It is the big companies that come in and destroy the mountaintops, and I will not apologize for my feelings about it. It is up to an individual whether he or she wants to read my column. I have no control over that. I do, however, have control over what I wrote back to the person who commented earlier in Speak Your Piece. I won’t apologize for that either. She had no business sending me such a nasty e-mail. I got the nasty e-mail from her at the end of a very rough day when it was eating at my soul knowing I have a brother and sister with their legs off because of illness. They can’t even get across the hall of the nursing home to see each other because of their condition. I will not respond to anymore remarks, no matter who makes them. This person should have left it between us without dragging my helpless brother and sister into the debate over a simple comment about mountaintop mining.

Oil hit $80 a barrel last week, so congratulations to all you neocons who helped make The Shrub’s oil buddies a little richer. Hope you have plenty of extra money for what it costs to fill up your gas tanks these days.

I just wanted a certain girl with the new hubby to know she was not his first choice to marry. He married you to have somewhere to live. You better be careful, because he’s a real player. I’ll be seeing him soon. You better hold on tight. Where’s his motorcycle he said he still has? Not! You’re both pathetic.

To a certain woman who is in the emergency response business: You know who you are. Why do you keep breaking up homes? You had a good home and messed it up. You had your man, now leave ours alone. Home wrecking is an offense in Kentucky. Remember that. We are all working together now. We are going to figure out your master plan. All we ask is for you to leave us alone.

Word of advice: Get the pretty little blonde biscuit maker back. She didn’t talk much, but at least she was nice. You are losing business.

You say you’re not loose because you’ve only slept with five men. Don’t know about that, but you are stupid. You took your children away from their home – uprooted them from everything they know – all because someone paid some attention to you. You went back and forth between your husband and this other man until you decided which one did you better. That probably does make you a sleaze. You sacrificed your children’s home for a new thrill. You are stupid. But I guess since one guy worked days and one worked second shift, it was a fun game. It will come back to haunt you. You can take that to the bank.

To all you people complaining about strip mining and coal mining: If it wasn’t for these hardworking men you wouldn’t have any lights to turn on in your house. So instead of complaining about these men, thank these men. They are doing you a favor. Thank you

I think we need a court watch. Publishing their performance would be good for the citizens, because at least they’d have an accurate picture of how bad our courts are.

If you want to really see how the court system works, just go to the circuit court clerk’s office and check some of the records. For example, one person has about twenty charges on his record. Almost fifty-percent of time he failed to appear in court, after which the charges were apparently dropped. Twenty-five percent of them were dismissed, three of them by motion of the prosecutor. Another example: This one has over twenty serious charges, and over fifty-percent of them were dismissed. Another twenty-five percent of the time, he failed to appear in court, and nothing was apparently done. The third example really hit the jackpot: About ten charges, eighty percent of them dismissed by motion of the prosecutor, and no convictions.

To the person who wants to get on with one of the tree cutters in Letcher County: First, get yourself a criminal record, because that’s who the loggers around here hire. Then get rid of your conscience, so it won’t bother you to steal timber from old people and poor people. Meet those criteria and they’ll come calling you.

I’m writing on Monday, so I don’t know if this will be printed tomorrow or next week after the game, but I am predicting that UK will be taught the lesson once again that running up the score on small colleges that they should be embarrassed to be playing won’t help them when they go up against a good team like Louisville.

Did you know that the intermountain west has the largest coal reserves in the United States? We are little peons compared to them. The reason the coal companies keep mining here is because in the west the people have environmental laws to stop them. We need to do that here. Someone needs to call the Sierra Club.

There are rumors, rumors, rumors – rumors of festival committee irregularities, grand jury tampering, payoffs, and other misbehavior. What are we to think about these vague insinuations and stories? There seems to be so much smoke there’s got to be some fire, but why can’t we have something more specific? Who has oversight over these things? Why are they letting them slide? Why don’t they sort them out and give us more information? We learn about the results after the federal government is indicting them. Why don’t we have some knowledge of it while it’s going on?

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed granny looking for a pappy to help with grandchildren. No weirdos – a good and decent man who goes to church, doesn’t drink, chew or smoke, and likes kids. Granny Blue.

I have a question for County Judge Jim ‘Move The County Forward’ Ward: You’ve been in office now for about eight months and I haven’t heard you say one thing about any jobs for this county. Oh, but when you were on the TV and radio with your campaign ads you were yelling about what you would get done. So now here we are with nothing but behind the-door meetings with the gas companies and paving companies that are working here. Jim, I think you need to live up to what you promised you would do.

I thought the Jenkins Homecoming Festival Committee was going to print its budget in the paper. It’s been a few weeks and no report. At the city council meeting they couldn’t agree how much was spent. I guess they will just make something up they all can agree on. It should be in black and white. Come on now, where is the accountability?

Mr. Letter Writer, aren’t you through yet? You should be. Why do you keep on writing letters? What good is it? Can’t you face people face-to-face? I believe you will keep on until you hang yourself. I’m trying so bad to get a couple other people to come in with me and take you to court. A word you use a lot lately is ‘sue.’ You’ve threatened it a lot and even done it a couple of times. Now it’s getting ready to explode on you. Are you really a Christian? You need to examine yourself. A Christian doesn’t act the way you act. Did you get the message on your answering machine or did it get deleted? I’m serious, you need to stop. And concerning our brother, at least he tries to make a living and is well liked. I understand he has friends. In short, get a life.

Can’t wait for next year’s Homecoming Days Festival. Who will next year’s ‘deadliner’ be? Elvis?

This past week I was at the post office and stood at the table with four other people sorting through our mail throwing away the junk. The garbage cans were filled with copies of the Pikeville Medical Leader, and everyone had to just leave them all over the tables. Two ladies said they receive the Medical Leader at home and at work, too. These things are an absolute nuisance and a waste of paper. Everyone is sick of getting them in their mailboxes. So today I called the post office to complain, and they told me that if you call, email or write to the Medical Leader and tell them to stop mailing their paper to your address they have to stop. So I did. If they don’t stop mailing it to you after you asked them not to it is a crime. I heard a radio interview recently with the sales manager and editor of the Medical Leader. They were bragging about how they had three new ‘exclusive’ accounts, which were grocery stores. Well to Food City and any other store who uses the Medical Leader: I don’t read the Medical Leader. I read The Mountain Eagle and the Lexington Herald-Leader. I think someone should tell our timber thieves to go steal some more trees, chop down all of Letcher County and deliver them to Pikeville Hospital’s Walter May so he can keep making more of those stupid papers. Cut out the middle man.

When are the people of Letcher County going to help themselves? No one is going to do it for us. We have to band together and start working to make changes happen here. I am so sick of the corruption, rumors of corruption, and loser politicians doing everything for themselves and their friends and nothing for the people. It’s all our fault, and we don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves.

Magically delicious: You are a stone cold fox who rocks my world. There are not enough words to tell you how much I love you. You make me feel like the world is mine for the taking. Loving my man the Cali way. Your baby doll.

An ignorant and poorly educated person wrote a very bigoted and stupid comment about the Catholic Church last week that begged a response. Of course, if you are a fundamentalist Christian, you are about average in your Bible thumping bigotry. The Catholic Church is the mother chapter of Christianity. If it wasn’t for the universal (Catholic) church, Christianity would have died out like most of the other desert centered Christbased religions. It probably would have faded anyway if Constantine hadn’t named it the state religion of the Roman Empire. That part is too complex for you to understand, but it wasn’t really about religion. When Martin Luther denounced the church and created Protestant Christianity, he wasn’t denouncing the teachings of the church, he was denouncing corruption, particularly the selling of indulgences (forgiveness for sin). Luther never denounced the basic teachings of the church. As for the Pope, most Protestants don’t believe he is the Vicar of Christ, but they still respect his office. To rail at him like you did just shows your ignorance. I suspect you are the same nut who challenged Allah to a duel with your ‘Christian God.’ Of course, if you had any education, you would know that the god of Abraham is also the god of Mohammed. One and the same. Marx was right when he said that religion is the opiate of the masses.

I want to thank you for going on-line with The Mountain Eagle. I live in Michigan and love being able to read the paper the day it’s printed. I read a lot of newspapers and The Eagle is by far the very best. So thanks again and keep up the good work.

(Thanks for the compliment. For others who may have missed the news, The Mountain Eagle is now on-line at www.themountaineagle.com or www.itscreams.com. The entire site will continue to be available free of charge for the rest of September.)

I want to say hello to Jack and Isabelle Sexton in Illinois. I hope you are feeling much better. Judy in Michigan.

We people supplied by the Blackey Water Plant get regular reports telling us that our water contains trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. We have researched this ourselves and found that these are carcinogens which exist largely because of poor maintenance. This year, new and unidentified components have been added. We don’t recognize them but we doubt they are beneficial. What is being done about this? Why do we have to put up with it? Is anyone in charge? Hello out there.

I saw the new Jenkins police chief on TV the other night explaining what the Jenkins government is doing about all the complaints of police brutality. What they amount to, as I heard it, is trying to suppress the problem. First, they will make you use your name in any complaint. That sounds okay until you realize that these are people already mistreated by the police. How likely are they to want their name out there to make them vulnerable to a second dose? Then, if they do get brave enough to make themselves a target, the investigation will be done by the police. How likely do you think it is that the police will find themselves guilty? And, if the police find themselves innocent, then they will prosecute the person who complained. Oh, that’ll work all right. What this is a wonderful opportunity for the person who is the victim not only to get beat up, but to serve time for it. Get real, Mayor.

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