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They’ll frack you when
you are at your home. They’ll
will frack you when you
are all alone. They’ll frack
you when you’re out and
gone. They’ll frack you when
you’re old and alone. Fact is,
they don’t care who you are,
so you will all get fracked
by the gas companies, of
course. Sometimes they will
make you an obscenely low
offer of money, but if you refuse you will still get fracked.
They will frack you from
your neighbor’s land, like
they have me. My water now
has to aerate to let the gas
bubbles rise before drinking it. So if you are going
to get fracked, make them
pay a good fracking price.
Everybody in the county is
going to get fracked, except
maybe a few politicians who
are helping them frack you.
If you have already been
fracked, then it is too late for
you. When you’re fracked,
you’re fracked for life, and
your offspring are fracked
after you. Those of you who
think the fracking nitrogen
plant will get you a great job
are fracking crazy, too. They
bring most of their fracking personnel with them,
already trained in how to
frack you. And you who do
work there are fracking your
friends and neighbors. If by
some chance they cannot
frack you, they will just drill
sideways into your gas, so
you are fracked. And just
try to get the answer of the
correct chemical that they
use in their fracking, but
don’t dwell on it, because
you will be drinking it. After
a few years you can get a pathologist to check you when
you are dead for chemical
content. The CEO’s who
are ordering your fracking
from their high-rise office
are drinking artesian spring
water and spending your
money from your gas. To
them, you are a stupid hillbilly, who just got fracked.
Don’t take this lying down.
Frack back. Don’t worry
about the fracking too much
though right now, because
the power company is going
to have you so broke that you
will starve to death or not be
able to afford medical help
anyway. By spring you will
have frozen to death and
won’t have to worry about
getting fracked.

Yes, I read in Speak Your

Piece about the AEP power
bills and, yes, I am against
AEP having the power bills
go up. Mine went up from
$300 to $900 in one month.
I just live on a fixed income.
I think AEP should lower its
bills and should not have
the authority to make the
bills higher than what they
are. Like the person in Speak
Your Piece, I will go against

Why are they allowing
the water and gas companies to rob the poor people
here in Kentucky? Could
somebody tell me?

Help. Heartless, ignorant
people are putting innocent
puppies and dogs out on
Dunham Hill. I am a dog
lover and it is no different to
me if you put a person out.
Please, Jim Ward, try to get
security cameras up there
and let them know they will
be fined. Hopefully it will be
stopped. I have picked up
five myself and I can’t take
anymore. I know Magistrate
Wayne Fleming has mentioned this issue before, but
I don’t know if anything has
been done. There are two
puppies that look just alike
on the hill right now — lost,
cold and scared to death.
Please put a stop to this
abuse. I myself along with
a lot of other people and
helpless puppies and dogs
would appreciate your help.
Thank you. The dog lover.

Little Colley has a couple
of drug dealers down there.

I was calling in about two
certain doctors in Letcher
County. I think someone
should look into what they
are prescribing, as many of
the pills they prescribe are
Neurontin and the Tramadol and the hydrocodone.
They are prescribing too
many. They are also giving
prescriptions to pregnant
women and people who
can’t even pass a drug test. I
think something needs to be
done about it. They’re prescribing just about anything
so they can keep patients in
there to make more money
for their hospital.

I want the Letcher County Fiscal Court to take some
lessons about how they pick
up their garbage from the
U.S. Postal Service in the

way they deliver their mail
in rural areas. I think they
would come out just fine
if they would pick up the
garbage the way the mail
is delivered. Don’t go up

The last couple of weeks
have read The Mountain
Eagle and I noticed that
every week there is something about Whitesburg
High School moments. I
wish those people would
frankly give it up because
actually I don’t think anybody gives a dog.
(As the old saying goes,
different strokes for different
folks. If you don’t like the
column, no one forces you
to read it. And trust us when
we tell you the writings you
speak of are very popular
with some of our readers. In
fact, we would gladly welcome similar columns dealing with the old Fleming-
Neon, Letcher and Kingdom
Come high schools. Same
goes for the high schools
which have served Jenkins.)

In regard to the statement about Letcher County
Central High School not
having enough textbooks, in
the old days we bought our
own books and took them to
school. Those were the days.

You’ve got to Google
literature wonderland in
Germany and look at it. It is
absolutely awesome.

This man said after this
one battle in the war another man told him he was
the bravest man he had ever
seen. And it broke his heart
years later to see his father
and uncle live the last years
in such poverty.

I would like to invite
everyone who doesn’t
have a home church to
come out and worship at
the Millstone Missionary Baptist Church. They
have a good congregation
and pastor. He has been
the one and only pastor
since the church opened.
That should tell you something. God has blessed that
church. It doesn’t matter
what you wear. I don’t care
if it is work boots, jean or
whatever you want to wear,
you will not be turned away.
God bless you.

To a certain person: Honey, I did not call anyone a
slut. Evidently that is the
opinion of yourself and
other girls, not mine. And
you assume a lot about me,
so I am going to assume
you are not a 17-year-old
pregnant girl like you say
you are, which just goes to
show I am so glad I had boys
and no daughters.

This is to the two child
molesters who are brothers:
You need to leave my family
alone or what you did is going to come out.

Everybody out there sits
and complains and gripes
about the drug problem
in Letcher County. One
good way to stop that is to
stop the manufacturing of
these pills. I can remember
when I was a little boy and
the only thing we had for
pain was an aspirin or a
Tylenol. We lived just fine
and we’re still alive today.
We didn’t need all of these
Percocets, Lorcets and all
of the OxyContin. We didn’t
have it and we were just fine.
And when we went to bed
at night, we didn’t have to
worry about anyone coming in and knocking us in
the head trying to steal our
Tylenol. Stop making the
stuff and you will stop the
drug problem.

Yes, I agree with you that
they should name that airport after Nancy Reagan.
I can see the sign now —
‘Welcome to Bellsy Bulb

Congratulations to the
voters of Jenkins. I see where
you have voted in five honorable council members
and one idiot. Five out of six
ain’t bad.

A lot of parents I have
talked to are still unsure
what to do about the vaccines. As a natural health
consultant I try to give good
information. Here are some
good websites to look at:
natural vaccine information center, www.vactruth.
com, www.vaclib.com and
www.tetrahedron.org. Dr.
Horowitz has some amazing
things on his website. Mercola.

com. Hopes this helps
you to decide and make the
appropriate choice.

Thank you and congratulations to the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department for
busting two drug dealers.

I know you have been
running around with every
Tom, Dick and Harry acting
like you are cock of the walk.
Once that final bell dongs
and you face St. Peter, what
will you say when he picks
up his pen? Is your only answer to beg for forgiveness?
He will say you should have
thought about that before
you gave your own husband
the shaft. I’m sorry if this
hurts you, but you know
what they say: spare the rod,
spoil the child. If you keep
playing your husband like a
schmuck, don’t be surprised
if he puts you out. Hazard
rules. Neon drools.

We are calling in to tell
our daughter, Princessa
Hernendez, a very happy
first birthday on January 21.
We love you. Love, Mommy,
Daddy, Grandma Nanny
and Rico.

To a certain woman: Not
only does your husband’s
ex-wife talk about you, but
her daughter does, too.
That’s such a shame.

Everybody knows why
their electric bills went up.
It’s because they had to pay
for the helicopter crash at

Citizens of Jenkins are
overtaxed already and the
new mayor is on Government T.V. calling for a pain
clinic, new water plant and
a community center for the
City of Jenkins. Where is
all of this revenue going to
come from? Someone on
the board ought to ask.

I just want to warn everybody that if you want to
wash your car, be sure the
car wash doesn’t have bad
water. If you think your car
looks bad from the snow
and salt, then you take it to
one of those car washes with
bad water and see how it
looks after it dries.

I love you and you are
still my angel. You are the
only angel I will ever need,
ever want and will ever get.
I love you with all my heart
and you are still my angel.

This is to that announcer
on The Swap Shop on 103.9:
How come you can sell
gravel on your Swap Shop,
you can sell hay on it, you
can sell coal on it, but these
poor old boys trying to make
a little bit of a living can’t
put wood on it? Is someone
protecting the people that
work for the county and cut
all that wood up and take
it around and sell it and
get $125 a load for a half a
pickup. There’s a booger in
the woods somewhere.

To my ex-wife: You can
draw your Social Security on
me instead of that piece of
trash you’ve got there. You
spent many years with me
and you deserve it. Check it
out. Don’t let anybody beat
you out of it.

I thought you were my
friend. Fact is, I still think
you are my friend. There
are things that went on that
shouldn’t have gone on.
Give me a call sometime
and I will not blame you for
anything. You are a good
person. I am in the phone

What are the Republicans’ plans besides to cut
health care, gut Social Security and put our retirement
money in the stock market?
I have a private pension
plan, and on the eighth day
of the month I still had not
received my check.

Wedone about the drug dealing
on Long Branch. We would
really appreciate some help
from the law.

I’d like to say hi to a guy
down in Ashland. We miss
you up here in Letcher
County. We miss talking to
you. I love you and I’ll talk
at you later, Bub.

Hey, Bubby Ray. I hope
this finds you doing well.
Everybody here is doing
okay. We love you. We miss
you. Take care of yourself
and call us back again. We
love you, Bub.

An almost $800 electric
bill? Are you kidding me?
The highest my electric bill
had ever been is a little more
than $ 300, and that was
over 10 years ago. I’ve been
paying that crooked electric
company for over 35 years
now, but they’ve gone too
far now. This is absolute extortion. Jim Ward, do something about this. You’re
supposed to be working for
us, now earn your pay.

I’m speaking my piece
about something in last
week’s Mountain Eagle: The
garbage change isn’t about a
truck being crashed. This is
about a human life. Anyway,
the sanitation workers have
been picking up the garbage
door to door for years and
know which of the citizens
can or can’t curb their trash.
It doesn’t hurt to do this for
the sake of not only one life,
but to the others that go up
in the hollows. I support
this change. I am the wife
of the man that was in the
mini-packer that wrecked
and I dont want anyone
to go through this again.
So please just curb your

I work at Letcher Manor
and I am writing about the
white uniforms we all have
to wear. I think us CAN’s
should be able to wear any
color, because we are the
ones that work our behinds
off. We shower and bathe
the residents and feed them.
It is very hard to keep our
uniforms white. The nurses
need to wear white, because
all they do is sit behind the
nurses’ station or stand in
the halls and pass meds. So
I think it would be fair that
the CAN’s get to wear any
color but white.

The big corporations
and billionaires spent billions of dollars saying how
bad Obama Care is. Does
anyone really know what
Obama Care is? Obama said
that every working person
should have health care
comparable to Medicaid.
What’s wrong with this?

To a certain person:
You’re on my mind from
time to time. I guess what
comes up the most are the
good times we had, you
could say, over at our tree.
We would go over there
just to get away most of the
time. Ha, ha. I hate the way
things turned out between
me and you. You are really
a good person. I don’t want
to say our names. Your man
might get mad at you — not
that he has any reason. Just
by talking about the tree,
you should know that I’m
talking about you. I still
have your daughter’s address. Maybe if you would
like to talk sometime you
can send me a note in the
paper like this and let me
know. Hope to hear from

I’m sick of hearing people say that poor people are
having a hard time paying
their huge electric bills.
Everyone is having trouble paying the outrageous
charges, but when you work
for a living, you don’t get
your bill paid by LKLP. You
are just left to root, hog, or

Well, I guess it’s true.
We really are paying for the
helicopter that hit the coal
truck at Isom not too long
ago, aren’t we? I’ve talked
with a lot of people about
their electric bill and to
save us, we can’t come up
with any reason why the
bills have gone up so astronomically. If you really
want a laugh and can keep
from cussing, call the electric company and ask for
an explanation. They must
have those poor women
who work there read from
a manual of some kind, but
the so-called reasons are
not only insulting, they’re
hysterical. Don’t tell me
that it costs more money
to pull electricity into the
house when everyone is
using a lot of electricity. I
would go to another electric company in a heartbeat if there were another
one available. This is what
happens when there are
(Or, ‘this is what happens’ when the Kentucky
Public Service Commission
grants two huge rate increases to Kentucky Power
Company in a four-year
period. The first big rate
hike began in March 2006,
when the PSC approved
a $41 million revenue increase for Kentucky Power
which sent our bills up by
14.7 percent each month.
The second huge increase
went into effect on June 28,
2010 when the PSC OK’d the
power company’s request
for $63.66 million yearly
revenue increase, increasing
our monthly bills by about

17 percent. In other words,
our residential electric bills
have gone up by a total of
31.7 percent over a fouryear period.)

I must take exception to
Froma Harrop’s column,
‘Crazy gunman, political
attack.’ Mocking and condemning is the same as
what Ms. Harrop is accusing Republicans of doing.
In March of 2010, Speaker
Boehner condemned all
acts of violence and said,
‘People have a right to be
angry when Congress passes laws they don’t like, but
they don’t have a right to
threaten or use violence.’
Do you remember all the
death threats and grossly
improper signs and t-shirts
saying, ‘Kill Bush?’ Do you
remember also that in 2004
the Democratic Leadership Council had a nearly
identical map to Sarah
Palin’s with crosshairs over
regions where Republicans
were targeted? Where was
all this outrage when Bush
was threatened? Suddenly
it seems to be an angry Republican problem? Don’t
fall into the trap of making crazy people poster
children for political advantage.

My grandfather and my
great uncles were farmers.
Being conservative Republicans, they didn’t believe in
Social Security, but instead
of saving for your old age.
However, when they got old
they found they couldn’t
live on the money they’d

Congratulations to President Obama for helping
to save our great nation
from financial ruin and for
leading the U.S.A. to the
third- best stock market
performance in American
presidential history, behind
only Calvin Coolidge and
FDR. As of this Monday, the
stock market had gained a
whopping 47 percent during Obama’s first two years
in office. And some people
try to say this man doesn’t
like business?

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