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The police think they’re bad, trying to break up the show at Boone Fork Kitchen in Neon. There were no drugs or booze on that Saturday night. These children just want to have a good time and something to look forward to for a change. Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean they are bad. And a little bit of money wasn’t hurting anything. It was donations for the bands. Get off their backs. If you spent as much time going after drug dealers as you did harassing these children this place might be a better place to live. Thank you.

To the little boys who are being molested: Talk to your school counselors. They will help you out of that situation.

To the person who called in and said to poison the dogs with anti-freeze: Have you ever watched a dog die from antifreeze? You are a cruel individual.

In response to all the garbage I’ve read about the United Steelworkers in Speak Your Piece, I would just like to say that people who don’t know what they are talking about need to keep their mouths shut. If you aren’t a Steelworker you don’t know what in the hell you are talking about. So learn your facts before you spew your garbage.

Killing dogs with anti-freeze is cruel. Call the dog warden. He can set traps. I hope you go to hell for your recommendation to feed anti-freeze to dogs.

I am an ex-husband who is thankful to God that you are gone.

To the jailers up there on the night shift: I think you need to be replaced. You never tell anybody when someone has called for them. You just need to be fired. Thank you.

I would like to say thanks to the magistrate for Cram Creek, Codell Gibson. He did a good job getting gravel on Emerson Drive. The only problem is they spread them so thin it’s all gone to dust again. Maybe he could get a couple of more loads of gravel. It’s been such a long time since it’s been graveled that the one coat did little but sink into the ground. Thank you. You are a good magistrate.

Who has blood on their hands? Who practices barbaric, inhumane torture and murder? Look around you. You will be surprised what your tax dollars are doing to sponsor the practice of partial-birth abortion.

How can we afford health care when we get $5.15 an hour? I raised a family. I was a stay-athome mom. Now I’m struggling to survive. If I pay the car payments and insurance so I can go to work and support myself I am hard pressed to pay the rent and electric bill. I do without the proper medicines I need, and I have no TV cable or really good food to eat. Our legislators are focusing on health care, but low wages and gas prices should be addressed. Signed, Going Under Fast.

This is for the Letcher County Board of Education: Would you please help out your softball girls next year? Please provide the freshman, sophomore and junior girls a ride to the softball field every day. These kids aren’t old enough to drive yet and the field is not within walking distance. So please help them out. They deserve it, especially since they play for LCCHS. Thank you.

The word is out that a certain person who sells drugs in Doty Creek claims to have ties to Operation UNITE. Let me tell you something, druggie. Do you think you could really get connections with anybody to help your little lying behind out? Your days are numbered.

Breck and Chris, call home so they will know you are okay.

To the ‘B’ on Turkey Creek who loves her man so much: I don’t care how much you say you love him, you will never love him the way me and my kids love him. If you did you would wash his clothes, clean your house, and cook supper when he comes home from work. And that’s another thing: I didn’t make him work, because I took care of him the whole time he was with me. Who takes care of you? Your mom. If you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of a kid and him? I know I look 10 times better than you. I don’t look like a man.

Come on, citizens of Letcher County. Let’s wise up and speak up and get together and get an election to get alcohol to be legal throughout the whole county and not just Whitesburg.

To the guy who wants DNA tests done: There is more than one woman in Neon who is pregnant.

I have called Operation UNITE and the hotline for people who sell drugs so much that it’s not funny. There are people in Stinking Branch, Colson, Deane, Pistol City and Thornton who are selling drugs. Why don’t you people get out there and do something about it? And certain people in Stinking Branch claim to be Christians? Well that’s a laugh, a big laugh. All you have to do is lay it on the table and there are drugs. You pick the drugs up and you leave the money. That’s the way the drugs are being sold. So why don’t you UNITE people get out there and do something? People are giving their kids drugs and they are overdosing on them. I know this for a fact. These people are selling drugs to kids under age. Do something. They are right under your nose. What’s wrong with you?

I am responding to a comment in the May 9 edition of Speak Your Piece in which a lady said the ‘American Idol’ portrayal of Beckham Bates Elementary School made Letcher County look like it is in the land of poverty. Wake up. Whitesburg, Neon, Letcher, and Letcher County in general is the land of poverty. You cannot be successful in Letcher County.

I was just reading the paper about the new renovation of the Whitesburg pool. That’s great and all, but the higher prices – $5 a person – aren’t so great. Think of the little kids and the teen-agers who go there five and seven days a week and will now have to pay $5 a day.

(According to last week’s report, the price hike won’t apply to ‘little kids,’ but to children older than 12.)

I want you to know he thinks you are a joke with your advice and opinions. Your whole family should stop you from continuing to make a complete fool of yourself. They must not care enough to do that. Stay out of my life, because there is definitely something wrong with you.

I hope the price of gas goes all the way up to $15 a gallon. Then maybe cowards like me who call themselves a man will get off their behinds and do something about it.

I’m wondering if the City of Whitesburg will be able to take some of the money it will be making from all this wine that’s going to be sold and, in addition to resurfacing the tennis courts, fix some of the holes on Main Street before one of our cars gets lost forever. You would think that would be done already.

(Fixing the holes on Main Street is the responsibility of the state highway department. Main Street is part of the highway known as Business 15.)

I was just wondering if anyone has noticed the garbage in the mornings being strung up and down Kona Hill toward Bottom Fork on U.S. 119. The county sanitation department claims it didn’t lose any garbage even though they once hit my windshield with something that flew out of the garbage truck. I am seeing a lot of garbage lying beside the road after the garbage truck has run. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed it. If so, please comment in next week’s Speak Your Piece so they can see they are losing stuff out of their truck even though they claim they are not.

To the tramp who called herself a lady: You are not a lady, you are a tramp. I’m the lady. I’m the number one lady. So back off.

This is in response to a comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece about the District Four constable. I, too, am tired of seeing my tax dollars being thrown away for nothing. Why do we even have a District Four constable?

I would like to thank the guy who came up on Turkey Creek and cut the weeds. He did the best job that’s ever been done. Thank you.

How is it that the people who are on drugs and won’t work can afford to smoke Marlboro and Winston cigarettes? I don’t understand that. I guess it’s Mommy and Daddy and Auntie and Uncle paying for it. They sure wouldn’t do that for the kids who are older.

To the person who said in Speak Your Piece that allowing the sale of alcohol in restaurants is a bad idea: You commented on not being able to sit on your porch without seeing your neighbors drink, and said that soon you won’t be able to go out to eat to get away from it. First of all, why does it bother you so much to see people drink? Are they bothering you? Second, I would like to say I don’t drink myself, but I am smart enough to know that allowing these sales will provide needed taxes and generate more money for our community and hopefully make it a better place. These people are going to get alcohol anyway, and they don’t have to go far to do it. So why not keep our tax dollars at home?

I was just wondering if the Whitesburg hospital is aware the grass needs to be mowed outside. Thank you.

Your kids might not draw child support, but they draw Social Security off their daddy. You skank.

I would like to make a comment about the eighth-graders from Cowan Elementary School who came to Dairy Queen in Whitesburg before going to register for high school: They were the most well-behaved children I have ever seen come in there. I appreciate you all.

I wonder just where the owners of cats think their cats go to use the bathroom when they are outside the house. Well, they don’t use their own yard. They go to the neighbors’ fresh flower beds, and I am real tired of all that cat stuff.

I would like to know why the social workers are putting kids in a home where they deal in drugs. That is a shame.

I was lying here listening to the news on the radio and heard where they said President Bush doesn’t have any regrets about starting the war in Iraq. No wonder he doesn’t have any regrets. He doesn’t have any kids over there getting killed or in danger of getting killed. He doesn’t have any kids over there to miss like everybody else does. Thank you.

I guess the City of Whitesburg thinks getting a tennis tournament deserves more funds than fixing the sewer odor they have.

(How many other local governments can you name that use their small recreation budgets to fix problems with infrastructure such as sewer and water?)

To the girl in the Letcher County Jail: It’s sad to say that you are going to Peewee Valley for beating that guy half to death in his own home. You’re in a very bad place, but you deserve to be there. You don’t deserve to be anyplace else but there. I hope your blood pressure goes through the roof. I also hope the thief who tried to rob Baker’s Scrap Metal goes to jail, too.

We must first ask ourselves this question: Is the United States prepared to take coal and make a liquid out of it? I doubt it. The Chinese are going to do it in 2008. They started doing it in 2004 and will perfect it next year. It cost China $3.2 billion in American money for the first line, which will be able to convert 3.45 million metric tons of coal into one million tons of oil products. When the other two lines become active in 2009, China will be able to produce 3.2 million metric tons of oil products. You’re probably asking yourself why this is in Speak Your Piece. The answer is this: China doesn’t mine enough coal now to keep their electric grids going. How are they going to mine enough coal for their oil products? That means coal prices are going to jump here in the next two years drastically. I know you don’t want to hear this, but it’s a fact.

Concerning the issue of the image of the mountains, did you ever think that Hollywood would give us the chance to tell what’s good about southeastern Kentucky? Have they really ever given us that chance? From the times of Hobart Ison and the shooting of the Canadian film producer and today with Governor Fletcher and the Beckham Bates School, we have never been given the chance to show our best image and we never will. Why should we really worry about what Hollywood thinks about southeastern Kentucky? What we should do is turn our backs on Hollywood until they give us fair and balanced treatment. After all, we’re not all dumb and toothless people who sit on the front porch and drink RC Cola and eat Moon Pies like the media thinks we do.

(Drinking RC Cola and eating Moon Pies doesn’t mean people are dumb and toothless. It means they have good taste.)

I don’t know what the cost will be to fix the road from Viper to Jeff, but Kentucky has a lot of problems with education, and the money that has been spent on this road alone could have been given to the school districts in southeastern Kentucky. Why this road was built I don’t know. I got to travel down Route 7 last week and look at it. It was on a Saturday, and I probably met two or three cars coming in each direction, and that was it. So why this road was built is beyond me, especially considering the state of education in the mountains and the layoffs. Why Governor Fletcher thought we had to have this road is beyond me.

To Misty, the light of my life: There are days that this place seems so dark. Then there are days that I can for a moment forget where I am. Those days are when I see you, doll. You seem to forget how much you mean to me, beautiful. All those nights lying alone opening our hearts to each other without a care in this world when we said I do. We were so, so happy. We said together the world couldn’t bring us down. Looking in your eyes I got lost. I’m still lost. When I see you, my heart falls in love all over again and you don’t even look at me anymore, doll. But I still love you more than anything in this world, even myself. You are the light of my life, doll. Stay strong. Stay mine. From Shawn.

Come off your high horse, woman. You’re far from being a good, intelligent woman. You’re not worth my time but I’ll say this, you are the evil one trying to control people and situations. You controlled the man you used to be with, just like you’re controlling the one you’re with now. You need to look at yourself. Everybody you have ever had has been too good for you. Grow up and move on with your life, Miss User. If you knew how to treat a man right maybe you would get a husband. I have nothing else to say to you.

It seems as if at least one resident of Letcher County has found a way around the high gas prices. All you have to do, or so it seems, is find a place near a house where someone is at home and act as if you’ve run out of gas. Then you ask if they may have some lawn mower gas on hand to get you back into town. After emptying all the gas into your tank (hopefully a full or nearly full 5-gallon can) you offer to bring their gas back in about an hour. There you go. If you are lucky enough to score a full can you have gotten at least $15 worth of gas and a gas can as an extra bonus. Only one thing that I see wrong with this, and that is the fact that what goes around comes around. So one day when this person really does run out of gas who is going to help him? Hope he enjoys a long walk into town.

Hey, sweet cheeks, when God was making angels he must have been holding a picture of you. And I know there’s not another angel with cheeks as sweet as yours.

I do not want to inhale your cigarette smoke. As an adult, I can physically remove myself from the gross contaminated stink. However, this is not the case for children. I watch adults smoke in their homes, vehicles and other places in the presence of innocent children. These children cannot remove themselves from the danger that lurks around them (and should not have to). The windows of a smoker’s home and vehicle are covered with a yellow film of poison. This is the same smoke that is being breathed by the children. According to the surgeon general, the risks of secondhand smoke to a child is low birth weight, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), asthma, respiratory infections, coughing, wheezing, dental cavities, nose and eye irritation, and ear infections. In fact, it is estimated that there are around 250 cancer causing toxins in secondhand smoke. If a child is in a smoke filled room for one hour, they could possibly inhale toxins equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. Children are developing and are vulnerable to secondhand smoke. There is no risk-free level of secondhand smoke exposure. It is time for the children to be protected and provided with smoke-free air to breathe.

I want to comment on Mr. Dixon, the new Jenkins mayor. I voted for Mr. Dixon because I thought he truly loved the City of Jenkins, and I was sick of the old mayor since he had been there for 20 years. I am glad the old mayor got beat, but I am second guessing my choice in electing Mr. Dixon. Since he has been in office, nothing new is happening with the town. He is only focusing his energy on raising every bill we have. Our water bill is already ridiculously high. Now, thanks to the mayor and city council, it is being raised along with our city stickers. Now they say that they may raise our garbage bill even though we have a lot of people, including me, participating in the recycling program. I think they said that there were 250 bags of recyclables picked up last month alone. Not only is that less trash in the dump, hence a lower dump bill, they also get cash for all our recyclables. I am telling Mr. Dixon that if our garbage bill gets raised even by $1 that I will no longer bag up my recyclables. Right now I bag almost 20 bags a month. Why doesn’t Mr. Dixon give people incentives to recycle instead of threatening them with bill hikes? He should be giving people free blue bags, and also giving people around 50 cents off their trash bill for every 10 bags of recyclables they have each month. He is doing everything backwards. Why would people want to participate in his programs if he is only going to punish them with bill hikes?

(This reply is in no way meant to be a put-down of your comment. However, as politically unpopular as any rate hike is, do you really believe that Mayor Dixon and the Jenkins City Council would approve such an increase – which invites plenty of criticism – if they didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary for the city’s survival? The truth is, Jenkins is just one of many Kentucky towns faced with having to increase rates this spring to fund a balanced budget, which is required by law. While Jenkins is upping the rates on water and city stickers, others are busy increasing occupational taxes and fees.)

Jerry Falwell is dead and good riddance. If evil men exist, Jerry Falwell was one of them. He embodied what it meant to be an unimaginative thug swollen with bile and hatred, and he made himself the perfect poster boy for an entire demographic of dimwitted sociopaths hell-bent on marginalizing anyone who didn’t support Puritan morality and ritual castration of Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and racial minorities. In many ways, Falwell became almost singlehandedly responsible for this sordid concoction we call Modern American Politics when he made the infusion of religion in public policy acceptable, if not fashionable. Because of his efforts and theo-political evangelism, we have a situation in this country today where good, honest secular (and other non-Christian) folks are increasingly bound to a Christian code of ethics applied via governing bodies in Washington, who have been all too willing to accommodate Falwell and his ilk for 30 years now because they, like he was, are afraid to cede influence to any individual who actually grasps the concept of a free society. Moral Majority, indeed. We are talking, remember, about a man who blamed the September 11 attacks on abortionists and gays among others. We are talking about a man who spent almost his entire life dehumanizing decent people in the name of God. In his own way, Jerry Falwell was the American version of Al-Qaeda. With a bit of luck, he will be remembered as a wicked, infantile boob with a mind as sinister and manipulative as Josef Stalin’s and a heart as reptilian as Cardinal Richelieu’s. And that is, mind you, if he is remembered at all.

In the April 25 issue, a Democrat wrote in Speak Your Piece that he had to laugh at the whining Republican concerning the firing of the eight federal prosecutors. I had to laugh at the Democrat because of his lack of knowledge of the federal appointment process. He said all federal prosecutors and appointees are asked to resign, and that was it has been done since Andrew Jackson’s administration. For the caller’s information, there were no federal prosecutors until April 6, 1953. That is when the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EUOSA) was formed by Attorney General order No 8:53. The caller went on to say that Clinton asked for the 93 federal prosecutors to resign. How would he know that? Also, what was he going to do if they said they would not resign? Were none of the federal prosecutors qualified or was Clinton just cleaning house? He would fire if they did not resign just like all the other presidents have done. Each political party wants his own cronies around him. He wants people who think like him and will support his ideas and policies. Every federal prosecutor knows when he is appointed that when there is a change of leadership in political parties that they will no longer have a job. Every person who is appointed to a federal position knows they serve at the discretion of the president who appointed them. They can be fired at any time for any or no reason and they have no recourse. These jobs are not for life, and if the appointees do not want the jobs they do not have to take them. That is the way it is with either political party. In case the caller wants to know where I got my information, I personally know a federal prosecutor and he provided me with the information I stated above. The whining Democrats have not been happy since Bush was elected in 2000 and 2004. They say he lied, but not nearly as much as Bill Clinton. All Clinton did was chase Monica Lewinsky around the Oval Office during his eight years in office. I would like the caller to tell me one thing of value that Clinton did while he was in office. Oh yeah, he did sign NAFTA, which has caused the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs from the United States.

How come a certain church thinks it is okay for the pastor to divorce his wife and marry another lady in the church? This doesn’t sound right to me. How can he still pastor? People better open their eyes, because if the blind lead the blind they both shall fall into the ditch.

Jenkins is going Wellmont. Where is Whitesburg ARH going?

Since Wellmont bought the old country club building in Jenkins, it now looks like there will be no confusion about Jenkins Heritage Days.

The best kept secret for dining in this county is the new weekend buffet on Friday and Saturday at the Highlands Winery in Seco. It’s the best food in the county, hands down.

If there has to be a runoff on the race for governor, don’t forget that Bruce Lunsford, the Democrat running for governor with Stumbo, got out of the race four years ago and then supported Ernie Fletcher. Vote Beshsear and Mongiardo.

Bumper Stickers: 1. 1/20/09: End of an Error; 2. That’s OK; I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyway; 3. Let’s fix democracy in this country first; 4. If you want to live in a nation ruled by religion, move; to Iran!; 5. If you can read this, you’re not our President; 6. Hey, Bush supporters: Embarrassed yet?; 7. George Bush: creating the terrorists our kids will have to fight; 8. America: one nation under surveillance; 9. They call him ‘W’ so he can spell it; 10. Jail to the chief; 11. No, seriously, why did he invade Iraq?; 12. Bush: God’s way of proving intelligent design is BS; 13. We need a President who’s fluent in at least one language; 14. We’re making enemies faster than we can kill them; 15. Is it Vietnam yet?; 16. You elected him. You deserve him; 17. When Bush took office, gas was $1.46; 18. Pray for impeachment; 19. The Republican Party: Our bridge to the 11th century; 20. What part of ‘Bush Lied’ don’t you understand?; 21. Bush never exhaled; 22. At least Nixon resigned.

Concerning the airport, what I said was there are more important things for the citizens in the county than an airport. It is my understanding you had an airport at one time. It isn’t going to be a big airport, one more for pleasure. Your roads won’t handle much more truck traffic and a small airport sure won’t do much moving. I wasn’t making fun of anyone. Most people I have met are very nice, Now you have called me a nerd, stupid, jerk, racist(?), and yuppie. What am I to say? You do read a little, but you can’t understand what you have read. See what I mean? Better education is needed. All this over an airport? Why don’t you all pick up some trash or maybe help some old people cut their grass? There are lots of houses that need some fresh paint, yards need cleaning, etc. Spend your time and money on something important. That would sure look better than trying to be smart. Yes I can voice my ideas. I pay taxes down there. Do you? Get a life.

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