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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
Call 633-7508 from 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Friday.

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To a girl in Jenkins: I think it is very pathetic that you are letting your boyfriend beat the crap out of your son. Do something about it. I hope you feel good. I have everything that you want and will never be able to have. So get over it.

I took a load of scrap metal to Isom the other day and only got five dollars. The price being paid for tin needs to go up.

I’m responding to a comment that was in Speak Your Piece. Yes, they may think they are better than everybody else and never have to ask for anything, but they might be in the highway in an accident and need my help. If so, I would step over them and laugh at them at the same time. And I am not trash. You are the trash. Everybody needs somebody sometime. I hope that when you need somebody, nobody is around to help you.

Like the song says, if you can’t be with the one you love you’ll just have to love the one you’re with. That’s what I’ve been doing the last three or four nights, and I will be again tonight. Thank you very much.

I was on my way to work in this morning when I noticed a certain woman was at a certain man’s house in Perry County. We all know what she’s up to. Sooner or later she’s going to get what she’s got coming to her. Her days are numbered. You probably think you know who this is calling this in, but you don’t.

A certain drug dealer shouldn’t be allowed to hang around a certain fire department. Everybody knows who he is and what he does for a living. He’s nothing but a troublemaker.

Certain people who live in the Letcher area need to leave other people’s land alone. Don’t think you are going to be able to buy it. You will never have it. Leave it alone.

How can you get something done about rude and poor service at a restaurant? A certain restaurant has the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. I would love to know who I can report this to so that something will actually be done.

I’m wondering if you have to be somebody important or have money to be waited on in timely fashion at a certain restaurant.

For years I have collected scrap metal, but here lately they won’t buy galvanized metal. They ought to buy it, because it’s metal, too, and people use it. I think the scrap dealers ought to buy it. Thank you.

I was just thinking about a divorced couple who used to live in McRoberts and wondering whatever happened to that beautiful woman he was married to. He was a fool to ever let her slip out of his hands. I know she has left the area, but I would like to know if she is still single. If so, would she like to go out with me?

The admirable efforts of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth to increase the very low voting registration numbers have apparently been thwarted, or at least hindered, by the county judge/executive. The KFTC director was notified September 21 that their appointment at Boone Fork Senior Citizens Center had been canceled. She then called the director of all the senior centers and was told that KFTC would no longer be able to use the centers to register voters by order of Judge/Executive Jim Ward. These registration efforts have always been meticulously non-partisan, and it is incumbent upon Judge Ward to explain his unilateral interference with the democratic process.

All I got to say is shame on the people behind the ‘Music of Coal’ CD collection for not including the best voice to ever come out of Big Stone Gap and sing on-stage at Appalshop. I’m a miner and I listen to WMMT and I have been hearing a lot about this ‘Music of Coal.’ My wife and I went to the Carter Fold Sunday to see the concert there for the release of the CD. I don’t know how many times my wife and I went to watch Roadside Theater just so that we could hear Kim Neal Cole sing. She’s one of the nicest people we met there, and over the years she always talked to us after every show. We always thought she could be in Nashville, but she said working with Roadside and Appalshop was more important than being a star. We saw her at the Carter Fold Sunday, but she left before we could talk to her and say hello. But that’s why we were thinking about this so much on our drive back. She used to talk to us, and one time she said her grandfather was a coal miner. She said he survived the Derby Mine explosion but that his best friend was killed. We used to ask her why Roadside Theater never recorded and she would just shrug her shoulders and say that certain people didn’t like to do that, but that she said she would keep asking for us. Well, now that this CD has been recorded, where is she on the recording? There’s a song about the Derby explosion on it, and with so many groups and people from Big Stone Gap listed as being a part of it, we can’t figure out why she’s not singing on it. We even drove to the Carter Fold and then to Barter Theater in Abingdon to watch her in ‘Keep on the Sunny Side.’ She played Janette Carter and we were so proud to see her and hear her sing there. Then she was in ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ by Barter Theater again, playing Ralph and Carter Stanley’s mother. Her dancing and singing was the best part of that show, and we went back to see those plays a few more times just because she was in it. Well, all we can say is, we sure would like to hear her sing more and we just wonder if she’s feeling left out. We think she was and it’s too bad. How could Big Stone Gap make a record about miners and songs and not include Kim Neal Cole? She’s been singing those songs before anyone ever paid any attention. We just don’t get it, but we hope that some day she’ll have a recording, too. I know we’re not the only fans of hers and hope that someday she’ll sing again at the Appalshop or the Carter Fold or Barter. I sure hope she gets to record someday. She’s the best singer I ever heard. What’s the matter with people – it always felt like she never got to do more and now it seems that way again.

I’m writing to speak my piece about how Wright’s Hollow looks. The trees are so grown up that it looks like a jungle. The weeds are taking over the power lines, there are holes big enough to burst a tire, and the old house up in here is ready to fall in. Where is the committee? They are supposed to be getting this taken care of. They can clean up Lakeside and the other places, but we don’t get anything done up in here. Maybe we are not ‘rich’ enough. What is it going to take to get something done? A kid getting hurt or killed by a falling house or getting bitten by a snake because of the high weeds? Mayor Charles Dixon said he was going to clean up this city. Well, we pay city taxes, too, and we have to buy city stickers just the same as anyone else and we can’t get anything done. Are we going to have to get the judge to get something done? I’m sick of looking at this mess up here. It’s not my job or the responsibility of any of the residents up here to do the city’s job. They could get some of the prisoners to do some of this stuff if they would. They used to keep it clean up here when the other mayors were in office, but look at it now. It’s an awful mess. Come on, Mayor Dixon, and get this mess cleaned up.

The county’s senior executive has barred a local non-profit from continuing the voter registration program they had begun at senior citizen centers in the county. This ruling probably will not stand, but it is scary because it demonstrates the arrogance of our public officials and their attitude about their relationship with county citizens. Every citizen should be concerned about this arbitrary exercise of power in making a ruling based apparently on his feelings about the organization.

To my sexy firefighter/EMT: I hope that when you read this it puts a smile on your face. I love you very much and you mean everything to me. I hate how things are going for you. You are the half that makes me whole. I miss you, baby, and be careful out there. Love you.

To S: I know things are going good for you, but I want to let you know that you left me in shambles. All I can think about is you. I have had so many sleepless nights without you. Even after you hurt me the way you did, I still love you and want you back in my life. I hope you soon get all of this out of your system and give me first chance at another try. My home is so empty without you in it. Please consider what you have done and what you are doing. You will always be mine no matter who tries to take you away from me. No one will ever fill the place in my heart that you hold. I am still in love with you, and you know it. I dream of you every night and every day. You know who this is and you know what I stand for.

Here’s a piece of good advice: If you ever get involved in a legal situation, make sure you’re the criminal, because you’ll have all the forces of government working for you.

Simon & Garfunkel said that ‘the words of the prophet are written on subway walls and tenement halls.’ If they could have rhymed it, they could have said ‘and Speak Your Piece.’ That’s the most honest form of expression in this county and probably contains more good advice and more wisdom than everything that has ever been said officially.

I agree with the man who said that he is subject to random drug testing in order to earn his money and believes that welfare recipients ought to have to take random drug tests in order to spend his money. In fact, I say take it further. Let’s start at the top of our government offices and see who is really serious about this problem. Let’s include all of our local politicians, giving them random, unscheduled tests. If our officials are sincere about getting after the drug problem, they will agree. If they agree, that will tell us something, and if they don’t agree it will tell us even more.

As a practicing Christian I am tired of hearing mountaintop removal justified on religious grounds. Jesus said that if you had two coats you should give one to your brother. He did not say to give your brothers polluted and destroyed water sources, cracks in their houses from blasting, dust to choke their asthmatic children and emphysematic elders, floods to destroy their homes, destruction of tourism hopes, and devastation to look at and live with every day. A true Christian would not try to justify actions motivated by money as being religiously sanctioned, and those who do ought not to pretend to follow God’s word.

Once again eastern Kentucky has been identified as one of the very unhealthy places to live. Several reasons are given. Some we can control, some we cannot. One that we should be able to control is the quality of our water. Why after many years is the quality so bad and apparently getting worse? Where are the harmful substances we are regularly notified about coming from and why are they not removed? Are they generated in the water plant? Are they coming from the lines? Are they the result of a faulty installation? Are these installations not supervised and inspected? Why is this situation not creating more concern, when it is probably jeopardizing the health of our kids twenty, thirty, fifty or more years down the road.

Who wants to ever admit complete and total defeat? When the words ‘I am sorry’ no longer have any meaning when uttered from my mouth, I think to myself, ‘Why’? No one seems to believe a word that comes from my lips – not even me, because I’ve said it all before. Am I alive? Honestly I don’t even care. Why do I feel like this? Is this happening to me? I made a promise that I would not and here I am again. This time was different. I actually tried. I told them I would slow down and cut back to just a ’10’ here or a Xanax there. This half an 80 won’t show up on the test. I’ve got a few days before my probation officer tests me anyway so, I will be all right. And, damn, I’m still in this same boat. Why? Can’t I just stop? The truth is I enjoy it so much I don’t want to stop. I love getting high. Why won’t everyone just leave me alone? I’m so tired of explaining myself. Don’t they understand it’s hard to remember what I told them last? I can’t even remember the last lie I told you, so please get up off my back. You’re killing my buzz. Why do I end up back in court again in front of this judge? He is such a %#@&. Anyway, he hates me. I’m screwed this time for sure. Wait a second. I’ll think of a way out. I’ve got a few days before I go back in there. Why did I do that? God, I hope no one ever finds out. Why don’t they leave me alone? I have a prescription anyway. I just don’t tell them I trade ’em for what I really like, and it’s only a few. Besides, these are non-narcotic. It’s not like I’m hurting anyone but me anyway. Guilt, shame, and remorse are all things that I get high and drunk over. Some days when I’m broke and I’m waiting on the phone to quit ringing from that godforsaken 800 number that’s on the Caller-ID, or ringing from my buddy on Pine Creek and buddy in Dry Fork, both to whom I owe money, or if my mom and dad and my brother, all of whom I also owe money, aren’t on the phone with me asking what I’ve done with their Weed Eaters and chain-saws and their cordless drills, or who was in their house last night when they were at church, or while dodging friends when they pull up in the driveway, I’ll just sit here for a few more minutes and peek out the corner of the blinds hiding myself in this world of darkness and aloneness that just seems to never end. If I sit here real still it will all go away. If only there was a person with a magic wand that could magically make my life so much better I would jump on it so fast. I don’t mind to work. Maybe if I work more that might help. I’m a hard worker. All my bosses knew that before they fired me. I’m so tired of living this way. I’ve tried to quit on my own, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to one of those rehabs. If I do that all my buddies will think I’m a rat, so screw that. I don’t work for UNITE and I’ll do my time first before I go get help. And besides, I don’t have the money to spend on that. Yeah, I’m tough like that. I mean, I got control of this anyway. I’ve quit before. Can’t remember how long it was, but there was that time I overdosed and they had to charcoal me over at Pikeville hospital because I was to ashamed to go down to ARH or afraid they might let me die. I don’t know which it was. Besides, what’s it really matter. I’m not hurting anyone but myself, right? I mean my wife has stood by me time and again. She knows this is how I am. She is used to me taking money out of her purse while she is in the shower, and she knows when I come home I’ve not been out cheating. Never mind the fact that I had her sister in the car with me or her cousin or even her best friend. She will never know that, because they won’t ever tell and neither will I. She will leave at times, but she always comes back, except she recently served me with divorce papers. But you know, I’ve seen them before and she always changes her mind. Too bad I do, too. I mean, I love my kids, and I’m telling you nobody can tell me any different because I can walk in their room and they’ve got so many toys and clothes, all of which my parents and her parents bought them. They won’t ever miss this mp3 player. They never play with it anyway so I pick it up when I walk out of the room. Funny thing happened today. When my boy came home from school he said his little friend at school had one just like his and he can’t find it now so he wants me to help him look for it. So I will. We go through his whole room looking for it for him, but I’ll get him another one come payday. He will never know I took it or that it was gone. So, yeah, I love my kids and you better not tell me I don’t. I went to detox and it doesn’t work. I mean they kept me there for like five days. We sat in these circles and some guy talked about how he was clean and sober. But heck, I wasn’t listening to him, because I was in a hurry to get back home. I have a job and a family to take care of. I’m a man and that’s more important than what this guy was saying, never mind the fact that he has three times the amount of days not using that I have used all together my whole life. So what’s that, like 25 years? Heck he doesn’t know anything about anything. This detox will fix me and I’ll be just fine. I guess that’s why I got high on the way home from there today. OK, Mom, I’ll go to church with you if it will shut you up this Sunday. Religion has never worked for me up until now, because I’ve been using for about seven years and I just don’t think me and God are going to see eye-to-eye. But never mind the fact that I called out to Him relentlessly when I got in those three wrecks, ‘please don’t let me die,’ and I’m still here. You know, He never has done a thing for me so why would He start now? I’m just so sick and tired of living like this. Will it ever end? It did end. And no, I’m not dead. And no, I’m not in jail or a church. I walk freely among the living 24 hours at a time. Sobriety is possible. You do have a choice.

Could someone tell me where to get a good haircut? The girl who used to do my hair no longer works in town. If anyone knows a good hairdresser, please let me know.

I’ve read that Letcher County has more churches per capita than any other county in Kentucky and maybe the nation, but human beings are treated worse here than anywhere. It has been known for years that our jail system is inhumane, and now we are learning about pervasive police brutality. I have two questions: First for The Mountain Eagle: Why don’t we get coverage of these incidents? Anywhere else there would be not only news stories about the charges of brutality, but screaming editorials. My second question is for the Christians in this county: How do you reconcile this inhumane treatment of fellow human beings? And to The Mountain Eagle again: Please do not edit the content of this submission.

You were warned about the hang up calls. A copy of your letter has been mailed to your husband. Nobody here in North Carolina wants you, especially my husband.

To my convict: I love you very much and I always will. I hope that one day you will forgive me for everything I’ve done, and I hope you realize what I have recently done I’m doing for us. I never meant to hurt you. I hope that one day we are together again. I promise to take care of your heart, just like you asked. I’m always going to be thinking of you. I’m sorry for everything. Always and forever yours. Your baby girl.

We would like to wish our sister Karri a happy 22nd birthday. It was on September 23. We love you. Love, Chad and Lorri.

To my husband Chad: Happy sixth wedding anniversary. I love you. Your loving wife, Lorri.

I am writing to send out the best wishes for a joyful and blessed Mabon to all those in our local pagan community. Among pagans, working and living in harmony with the cycles of nature has tremendous spiritual power. Mabon, sometimes called ‘Harvest Home’, is the autumnal equinox. It is a celebration which dates back over 3,000 years BC., a time of perfect balance and for looking forward and back. The second of the three harvest festivals (Lammas, Mabon and Samhain), it is a season of taking stock of our lives both per- sonally and spiritually and of giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us by the Goddess and God. We rejoice in the harvest, the richness of the Earth and power of the Sun without which we could not live. We give thanks for our families, work, relationships and our spiritual journeys. Whatever your spiritual path and wherever your journey leads, may you be abundantly blessed as we celebrate the bounty of the harvest season and the Wheel of the Year continues to turn.

When I go deer hunting I take a four-wheeler, I use a spotlight and a pistol. I take a little hacksaw with me, too. That’s in case I see a deer with antlers on it. I’ll saw the antlers off and leave the carcass lying. They don’t call me Bambi Slayer for nothing. So when I say I’ll go deer hunting wherever I want to, that’s what I’m going to. I’ll also have a cooler of beer and drink one for each deer I kill. There’s nothing anyone in Doty Creek can do about it.

I was just lying here wondering how people can choose drugs, drinking and men over their children.

I’m getting sick and tired of the coyotes in Letcher County. Every time I take my horse to Carbon Glow to ride it I see a bunch of coyotes around. There’s a pack of coyotes hanging in the area of Carbon Glow and Doty Creek at Adams’s Branch. How come the state won’t do anything about this problem? When is someone going to start laying the lead to these coyotes? If the state doesn’t do something about it, I will.

To the friends and family members of the kid who got beaten up in the locker room: I am praying for you. I think it’s a shame something like this would be allowed to happen.

This is ol’ copper man one more time: I’m thinking about setting up a portable scale just before you leave Kentucky and head into Virginia. That way you can stop and weigh your metals before and after. My copper is gone and I’m never going to get anything for it. I’m sick, but I’m going to do something for them if I can. If you’re headed that way see a portable scale beside the road, pull over and I will check you on the way there and back.

I’m a woman, age 37. I live at Colson, I’m single, and I’m looking for a real good man between the ages of 40 and 50 who doesn’t use drugs or alcohol.

To the man or woman who called in about Louisville teaching Kentucky a lesson for running up the score against the team they played before U of L. Ha ha ha. We proved you wrong. And what’s this about putting down Kentucky for running up the score against teams from smaller schools? Louisville beat Murray State, 73-10. That’s not running up the score against a little team?

Excellent job, dudes. Where do I get my vanity plate that says ‘I support the Jenkins Police Department’? Either that or a tshirt. Excellent job. Keep it up. Don’t let anybody get you down. Some of us are behind you.

When do we get to have a roadblock up in Dunham? We need one pretty bad.

I couldn’t help but be amused by the false outrage some of the conservative commentators on Fox News were showing over the visit to Columbia University by the president of Iran. After all, no one is any more conservative than the Iranian president. He hates gay people so badly that he kills them all and allows women to have no rights whatsoever. Isn’t this what these conservatives dream of? As a liberal, I am glad that New York City did not allow him to visit Ground Zero. He hates Jews and stands against all that liberalism is for. I just find it funny the conservatives are taking on Columbia University for inviting him to speak. If it were Oral Roberts University that invited this Middle Eastern jerk you wouldn’t have heard a peep from the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

I see that my neighbor finally made it home, but she still has a man with her. Why doesn’t she stay at home with her two children?

If I catch a police officer not patrolling I’m going to turn him in.

If certain ills come to bad men people are quick to presume it is the judgment of God. If the same thing happens to good men they are quick to lay all blame on the devil. Human interpretation fails so often, it is wise not to interpret events in the lives of others. Think about that.

Where but in America can six people of one race almost beat a person of another race to death in a little town like Jena, Louisiana and then have the cavalry come in with Mr. Sharpton and get by with it? Those kids did what they did, so let them pay. Run Sharpton and his group out of town. This is one man’s opinion.

To all the mothers and fathers out there entering their little girls in beauty pageants: Do you realize that when you make them up like miniature adults you are placing them directly into the fantasy of some sexual pervert? These little girls look so pretty with makeup on and sexy dresses and adult hair styles. To average clean-minded people, the little girls are just innocent little girls playing dress-up. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have a clean mind when seeing these babies dressed as adults. We have so many sick minds in society whose only focus is on molesting or murdering your innocent child. Next time your baby is onstage, look around you. You may be looking at the next child molester. Our role as parents is to protect, not exploit, our children.

I thought the school had new clothing regulations this year. Well, it doesn’t seem to be working very well. It is a shame and a disgrace for grown adults to let their children leave the house looking like that. It looks like it’s going to come down to where everybody is going to have to be wearing the same color and style of clothes. It’s a shame that it’s going to end up so that people can’t be individuals. On the other hand, I get tired of looking at boobs and butts and bellies. If they’re going to make a rule they should stick by it.

It now seems in life that it’s all about the money. In school, it’s all about the sports. To be popular in school you apparently have to be involved in sports. How far is sports going to take our young people in life? We need to start worrying about their brains instead of their skills at sports. I’m not saying sports is a bad thing. I think it’s great. But I think it’s just being overdone. We hear more about the children who play sports than we do about the children who have good grades and good attendance. That shows you where we’re headed. When today’s children get out in the real world, the fact that they played high school sports for three or four years is not going to get them anywhere unless they’re good enough to be professional. Brain power gets you further in life than playing basketball.

I do sleep with one eye open. Is that a threat? People in Whitesburg already know about the threat that’s been made against me. Thank you very much.

I see nothing wrong with the way the Letcher County Board of Education calls substitutes. Our children should be taught by teachers who know what they are doing. Retired teachers have devoted their lives to our children, and they can carry on with the regular teacher’s lesson plans so the students can stay on track and not get behind. When it comes to education, you should want the best. Our children are in good hands with the retired teachers, because they have been there and done that.

I went to a football game at Fleming-Neon the other night. It was a good game between the freshmen and sophomores from Fleming-Neon and Whitesburg. But wait, I thought this was supposed to be a grade school game. I guess I was wrong.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the county officials – the county judge, the magistrates, the road foreman, the equipment operators and the truck drivers – for the excellent job they did on the Mayking Loop in Mayking. I am forever grateful. Thank you very much.

I am appalled that the Letcher County Fiscal Court voted unanimously to give $300,000 for a new Letcher County animal shelter. The court also stated that might not be enough. Come on, people. This same fiscal court fought ARH down to the end about giving money for a new women’s health center for real people and babies, but gave freely with no opposition to animals. I know an animal shelter is needed, but people should come first. This is just plain stupid. I would rather see a baby or its mother saved. They are human beings. I guess sympathy played a part in their decision. Or maybe the petitioners have just a little more pull with the magistrates and judge than the hospital does.

I think they need to be more fair at the middle school football games and quit favoring the teams they like.

I have lived in Dunham all of my life. I have lived in this same house for about 40 years. Me and my wife can’t get out without seeing someone making a drug deal in Dunham. How come the police aren’t doing anything about this? Dunham is getting ridiculous.

This is in response to the comment in Speak Your Piece about the pastor who didn’t feel like he could go and visit the sick because of the living conditions: Any pastor that is a man of God will not look at how anyone is living or the conditions. He is there to do a job – the Lord’s work – and if he is getting paid, those people in that church need to cut that money off. Once they do you’ll see how fast he runs. I’ve seen two pastors run, and he will run. Don’t give him your money. He doesn’t deserve any money. He deserves to be kicked out of that church and replaced with a man of God.

To the person who said you better sleep with one eye open: Pal, you’re the only one entertaining thoughts about what you might like to do to somebody. You better keep your eyes open, too.

Nice is a relative word.

I love you, Sugar Lips. Honey Bunches of Oats.

So you’re going to break my back and my leg, huh? Let me tell you what the God I serve is going to do to you. He’s going to break your arms, your legs and your neck, and He’s going to cast you straight into hell. You better leave me alone, little boy.

As for myself, I’m just sick and tired of reading this crap every week about the mountaintop removal, social workers, and some redneck whose old lady is out doing drugs and having sex with other dudes or other chicks. Please, people, get a life.

Thank God my son will never have to ride on a hot bus with someone who messes his pants again.

This comment is in response to the religious authority that left the comment rebutting the bigot: While you’re very well learned on the rise of Catholicism and the beginnings of the Protestant faith, I must point out to you that the reason Christianity has continued to exist since Jesus was crucified is because God said it would. Matthew 12:21 proves it. You also said the God of Mohammed and the God of Abraham is the same. You apparently don’t know my God – the God of Abraham, the Father of Jesus Christ my savior or you wouldn’t say this. First, do you even know anything about Mohammed or the Islamic faith. Do you know what kind of person Mohammed was or do you know only what you learned while reading a school book or watching the History Channel? I must confess that I agree with the so-called ‘hateful bigot’ in a lot of ways. Catholics, as Mother Teresa was, often kneel in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. This is in direct violation of three of the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses on Mount Sanai. You may investigate them for yourself in Exodus 20:3-5. If you know Him you will ultimately come to the same conclusion I have. The hateful bigot had the right idea, but he expressed it to his disadvantage. Instead of God’s glory, he expressed his own hate and animosity towards Catholics.

Rules for playing pool that work for me: Do not shoot any harder than necessary, so if the ball does not go in you have the pocket blocked. If you have the pocket blocked, try to leave it for last. Shoot at the ball with the shortest distance. Try to leave your opponent in the worst position you can. If you are down to the eight-ball and your partner has several balls left, work the ball to the pocket slowly. If they have the next shot at the eightball, shoot hard enough so if the ball does not go in you will not leave the ball near the pocket.

A certain person is pretending to be a church member even though he’s selling drugs right on.

This is Brian Keith Tackett, and I want the whole world to know how much I love my wife, Vanessa Marie Tackett.

Just when you give up on big-time athletes who are paid small fortunes to play a game, along comes Ken Griffey Jr. to show you all of them aren’t so bad after all. Did anyone else see Griffey strike out against the Cubs in Chicago the other night and give his bat away to the small boy sitting behind the dugout? What a class act, and what a treat it has been to have Griffey, perhaps the greatest player ever, be a member of the Cincinnati Reds. Too bad he suffered another season-ending injury the very next inning.

Me and my husband want to know what the deal is with the drug Neurontin that everybody is now doing on Cram Creek and Pine Creek. Everybody knows who’s selling it and stuff. What’s the deal?

Desperate mother needs help to raise money for attorney fees to regain custody of children. I will be setting up in downtown Whitesburg on September 26 to sell baked goods. All donations will be appreciated. Thank you.

The last yard sale went extremely well on Railroad Street. So you guessed it, we’re having another one. The specials for this Saturday are as follows: Ten-pound bales of Colombian gold for $10,000 each; Percocet, two for $17.25; 10-milligram Lortab, $7.50 each; 100-milligram OxyContin 100, $72.75 each. Bring your friends and neighbors. Senior citizens get an additional 10 percent discount. All UNITE agents get 20 percent off, also. Directly after the sale we’re having an old-time country square-dance provided anybody is left standing. Come join the fun. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you.

People in Alaska will soon be receiving $1,654 each for oil rights just for living in Alaska for one full year no matter who they are. I just wonder what each person in Letcher County would get for coal rights under such a plan. This question might be off the wall, but the bottom line is we’ve relied on coal too much for our economy. Every time you pick up The Mountain Eagle and read about a local government issue, the question ‘Where are we going to get the money?’ always arises. What’s going to happen once coal is gone? We probably have about 20 to 25 years of mining still left in Letcher County and most of the rest of southeastern Kentucky. What will be the economic base after that? Would retirees want to come back to Letcher County to live if all the mountains are scalped? Absolutely not. Will tourists want to look at stripmined mountains? Absolutely not. The whole problem with southeastern Kentucky is that our money is accepted in Frankfort but never respected in Washington. We haven’t gotten our fair share in a long time.

To Mrs. Rose Durham: I will never stop reading your column now that you have displayed such ‘unbridled spirit.’

This is for Speak Your Piece and written by the Rev. Gladys Smith, and I want to say: When Jesus turned the water into wine, it wasn’t, and I quote, ‘fermented’, to get drunk on. Jesus made wine from the grapes known to us, and I quote again, ‘grape juice that we humans drunk, and grape juice we have on communion.’ I would love to teach by way of the paper. I do teach adult Bible classes on Sunday in church. I understand that many don’t know and understand the Bible. I only use the King James Version. It just upset me so to read and think that people could even consider that Jesus made fermented wine. Read the Bible and learn.

If I’m all you have to worry about, then you have no worries. I only wanted to tell you about a better paying job because I thought you were my friend. Nothing more.

This is in response to two or three letters to Speak Your Piece relating to a preacher man. I have just recently spoken to a close friend of a certain elderly man. This party advises that the preacher man may be in very hot water. The previous letters mentioned a party taking pictures or filming the preacher man to send to Medicaid and the welfare department. It is my understanding there just might have been some extortion taking place and the IRS is being advised of the extra income this preacher man received that was not reported on his income tax. I believe it is a crime to fail to report income to the IRS. Also, I believe it is a crime to extort money for any reason. The basis for extortion just might have been a crime also.

I guess I owe you an explanation. We both know there were promises I can’t keep. I did care for you so please don’t hate me. I wish you the best life has to offer and I hope you do the same for me.

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