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The radio said the odds of autisim is one in 110 where it used to be one in 5,000. Some allege that mercury causes autism. Is there not more mercury in the water now?

. To the person running their mouth about the man and woman on Cowan: If you knew half as much as you thought you did, then you should have known that the vehicle that ran you off the road does not exist anymore. Now for your information, they don’t have to steal things for gas for drugs. He works. Before I ran my mouth in the paper again I would make sure make facts were true. Furthermore it is a shame you do not have the guts to say it to their faces.

. Beware the Ides of May, June and July. The M.P. shall be prowling at the 13th hour. Case dismissed.

. I love you and you are still my angel. I love you.

. The City of Whitesburg has paid nothing to its creditor, Veolia Water Company, for the last four months. How come? I will bet there are a few thousand water customers of the city that paid their water bills every one of those four months. What went with the money? In any event, why do we have to pay a foreign company to manage the city water system? Veolia has done a pathetic job in managing the city water system. When the city water is jeopardized by spills there’s no one on the job for Veolia to stop the danger. Isn’t there anyone in a position of authority in Whitesburg and Letcher County to ask the simple question of why aren’t the bills being paid?

. To my dear brother Bill Johnson: Happy 70th birthday. I love you. From Dana.

. I remember when retired school officials lived in Pike County and licensed their vehicles in Florida to avoid paying Kentucky state tax. I drove by a meeting of county workers and there were cars with Tennessee tags. At some of the schools there are cars with out of state tags. Some believe it’s wrong to make coal companies pay a onepercent tax on profits and so life goes for us mugs who have to pay Kentucky state tax and license our cars in Kentucky.

. I don’t know if the fat lady ready to sing, but I can tell you one thing. The old lady looks like she is about ready to croak and so do you.

. I haven’t called in a long time. I used to live there. Now I live in Tennessee. What I am calling about is I was going to the same doctor for the last six years. I went in and they couldn’t get my blood. They poked me and jabbed me and stuck me and everything. I complained a little. The doctor told me to head back to Tennessee and die. I thought we were buddies, but I guess we aren’t. He said find another doctor. This is just one concerned

citizen’s opinion.

. I’d talk about somebody looking pregnant. They couldn’t put your belly in a wheelbarrow, it is so big.

. To a certain person with the initials B.B. who lives on Turkey Creek: Thanks for being a friend and answering the phone when I call.

. These up-and-down gas prices are getting to be ridiculous. One minute it is $3.89, the next minute it is $3.99. One minute it is $3.99 and it is back down 6 cents instead of the 10 cents it was. For every 10 cents they raise our gas prices, I hope the people who run the big oil companies gain 10 pounds in weight.

. To the hey neighbor idiot: You seem to notice a lot of stuff about men. That doesn’t seem natural. Is there something wrong with you or what?

. The people that are on drugs know that when they get caught the people in the court system pat them on the back and say you have won a free pass.

. I watch this certain church every Wednesday night. I love to hear this brother preach. He does a wonderful job. I do wish these big old guys that get up and sing would put on a shirt that hides those hairs under their arms. I think it would look a lot neater if they would wear shirts and not cut the sleeves out of it. It doesn’t look good for a man to get up there and raise his arms and show those hairs under his arms. They have such a wonderful meeting. He does such a wonderful job preaching. Please, pastor, please tell them men to dress a little decent. That doesn’t look a bit nice for that to go on.

. I would like to apologize to this woman who was standing behind me when I did such a disgusting thing. I had no control whatsoever and what really bothers me is the fact that it could happen again.

. My heart aches for Eolia, Kentucky. I miss you all. God bless Eolia.

. Every time I read Speak Your Piece, which is not often, I get very angry for stupid people talking about Letcher County. The latest comment was from a person talked about marrying a beautiful woman from Letcher County, holding grudges and all this kind of stuff. It sounds to me like you have a big problem, not with Letcher County, but with yourself. I have lived in Letcher County all of my life and I do not know of anybody settling a difference by burning someone’s house in the middle of the night or a killing in Letcher County. Sure we have killings in Letcher County, but not anymore than we do anywhere else. And it is not anymore drug infested than

anywhere else. So whoever you are in Oklahoma, I hope to goodness you stay there because we don’t need people like you in Letcher County or even in Kentucky.

. Bin Laden wasn’t killed in Pakistan. Bin Laden had a sex change and is working in Whitesburg as a woman. Beware of Bin Laden.

. B.B. and B.H., do not buy box of Cracker Jacks. That is not the surprise.

. I am calling in reference to a message that was called in last week’s Speak Your Piece. Your information is very wrong, whoever called it in. The people you were referring to do not live in a trailer. That was a rented trailer. The people who own it now have the trailer back. They do not live with her daughter. Her daughter doesn’t even have her own house and they definitely don’t live with her mother. When they left in February, they left and will probably never step foot back in Letcher County. So before you start making up your stories about where somebody is, you might want to get your facts straight. I know for a fact they do not live in Letcher County.

. Play that funky music, white boy.

. We’ll see how mean you are when I see you in court.

. This goes out to the person in Whitesburg who made the comment about the people on Cowan that are making fun of the cops. Nobody on Cowan is making fun on any cops. For your information, the people who were on Cowan don’t live on Cowan anymore. They don’t have a vehicle so that just goes to show that you are nothing but a liar by saying they tried to run you off the road because they don’t have a vehicle. They don’t go to her mother’s house or his mother’s house. They don’t go to their daughter’s house. They don’t even live in Letcher County. So whoever wrote this is apparently jealous because her husband is flirting with the lady’s daughter. Now everyone knows who you are. They just don’t know why you are lying about everybody else. If all you do is sit around and make up lies, you have some serious problems. There are a thousand vehicles like the one they used to have.

. I think it would be a good idea for the principal of West Whitesburg Elementary School to do a check from the grade school to the middle school in the afternoons between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to make sure it stays clear for the traffic. There are parents blocking the highway and

won’t let anyone pass.

. Could me what the actual speed limit for Letcher County is, please? And also why do people have to tailgate you because you don’t go as fast as they want you to go?

. It’s coming up on Memorial Day again, and I’d like to remember the veterans, especially my father, Ray Adams Jr. You’ve been passed away for eight years now, but you’re always on my mind and in my heart. So this Memorial Day I’ll be thinking of him. He’s gone but not forgotten. I love and miss you, Dad. Also, since I’m away I’d like to say hello to my friends and family. I love and miss you all. Fran Robert.

. I understand that it’s good there are businesses in town, but someone’s going to get hurt trying to pull out of DQ one day soon. The view of the road is blocked on one side by the construction on the new building and the car lot on the other side. I’m not going there until I can see to pull out without getting hit.

. If some people around here don’t stop holding grudges, hell is going to be their home. Mine, too, if I don’t quit my sinful ways by mending and getting life back on track where I know I belong. Think about it. I sure am, and can. Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. A log truck almost got people killed on Thursday, May 12. I was driving through Mayking and was a couple of cars behind a log truck that was absolutely flying. A few of us had tried to get by him, but when I reached 65 mph and still couldn’t get up to him, I gave up and fell back. There was a loud explosion and stuff started flying off of the truck, and he swerved into both lanes, back and forth. Thank God there were no cars coming in the opposite direction. The vehicle behind the truck managed to straddle whatever it was that came flying off of it, a tire blowout maybe, but the rest of us had to go off of the road. Stop overloading those trucks, keep up the maintenance on them, and slow your butts down. That was five or six lawsuits just waiting to happen.

. To a woman on Cowan: am sorry that you have to stay mad at every girl you know because your husband is a pervert. I could not count the times he has hit on me and many other women on Cowan. Just be glad that some of us have turned him down. However, the ones that don’t turn him down like the medicine they get in return.

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