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Since the passage of the ‘moist ordinance’ in Jenkins on May 17 (or as I have dubbed it, ‘Independence from Libational Tyranny Day’) I have heard repeatedly through various channels a consistent and troubling bunch of nonsense — specifi cally that drinking is ‘sinful’ and that God will punish us for allowing alcohol sales in Jenkins. Why, even this sinner knows that the Christian God has nothing against a little drink or two (and maybe even a few more at weddings). If someone is telling you that God hates alcohol or that drinking is a sin, they clearly are not an avid reader of the Bible. If your preacher is telling you this, then I recommend you find another preacher — one that has read the entire Book not just his favorite passages. I say this because even a casual look at the Scriptures reveals that the Bible does not condemn drinking (drunkenness my friends, is another story). Look at just a few examples: 1. Jesus’s first miracle was changing water into wine at the wedding of Cana in Galilee. (Not just a glass or two either, something like 120- 180 gallons.) And he even served up the good stuff. The head waiter in John 2:10 said, ‘…Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.’ 2. Luke 7:33-34 states that John the Baptist abstained from drinking wine, but Jesus did not (people even called Jesus a drunkard! Although not true, it wouldn’t have been said if Jesus only drank grape juice). 3. Daniel 10:3 speaks of drinking wine as a ‘blessing’ after a time of fasting. 4. Many of Jesus’s parables are about wine, wineskins, and vineyards Matt 9:17; 21:33; even John 15 speaks of God as a vinedresser). 5. Paul tells Timothy to drink some wine for his stomach’s sake and not just water (1 Tim 5:23). 6. Deuteronomy 14:26 even goes so far as to say, it is a good thing to drink wine and strong drink to honor God: ‘And thou shalt bestow (spend) that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the LORD thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household.’ 7. Psalm 4:7 compares joy in the Lord to the abundance of wine. 8. Psalm 104:14-15 credits God as the creator of wine that ‘makes a man’s heart glad.’ 9. And maybe most powerful, Jesus used wine (not water, milk, or grape juice) as the symbol of his blood and for the new covenant during the Last Supper. The overall general teachings of the Bible are that wine is a blessing from God, something to be enjoyed. As a matter of fact the Bible views the lack of alcohol as a judgment or punishment from God ( Jer 48:33,Lam 2:12, Hos 2:9, Joel 1:10, Hag 2:16).

But alcohol, like everything else, can be abused: In this case, leading to addiction and drunkenness. And yes, there are many passages that condemn drunkenness and making poor decisions while drinking (to which I am undeniably guilty). Truth is, alcohol (usually wine) is so often connected with the blessings of God that I am hard-pressed to figure out why so many Christians view drinking as the worst of all evils. Why, if one didn’t know any better, you might think that God actually wanted us to enjoy life. Naw, that can’t be right? Can it? You don’t have to believe me, pick up your Bible and read it. So my advice is to enjoy this new blessing that has been bestowed on the great city of Jenkins and have a drink, or not. At least it’s your choice now. Shane Myers

. This response is to the individual who claims to know Letcher County so well that he has ‘convinced’ his wife ‘not’ to move here: Allow me to address the following to you: 1. You clearly are not an educated man because of the lack of cohesiveness in the way that you write and the way you make oxymoronic statements. 2. You are an ignorant and arrogant individual for making false accusations for which you have no basis. Your ramblings and insinuations would lead me to believe that you are someone who is very disturbed. 3. Let me be the first to congratulate you for not moving to Letcher County. That was a very wise choice you made. To quote you, ‘Killing is OK in Letcher County if you are in the right family.’ Wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to you if you did move here, according to your assumptions? Finally, you may want to get your beautiful wife to help you look up some of these big words so she can explain them to you.

. When if ever are we going to see some progress on tearing the old houses down in Letcher County? Jenkins and Neon have both torn down numerous houses, but I don’t know of a single dilapidated house that has been torn down as the result of any action by our county government. Why are our towns so much more efficient at beautifying the area than the county?

. I wish the lady living in Isom would stop taking her TV remote outside when she sits on her porch. She’s always changing my channels and turning my TV on and off. I have no idea what would be on channel 633, but that’s the one she likes to dial me into. Maybe she needs to be put into a nursing home or something. She seems like such a sweet lady, but this has to stop.

. To big sis Wanda Faye Blair at Chavies: Happy birthday on May 27. She loves playing Bingo and I love her very much. From

little sis Jackie at Isom.

. Judge Ward, we all know you support the natural gas industry in Letcher County. I and many other citizens of the county are concerned about the practice of fracking and the chemicals used by the natural gas companies. I am asking you to require the gas companies to make public a complete list of all the chemicals they use and a material safety data sheet on each. We own the property and we have a right to know what chemicals and solutions are pumped into our soil and water supply and what potential harm they may cause. Also, please make available to us any studies about the adverse effects of fracking. I have read that some states are outlawing the practice because of harmful health effects on the population and possible causes of landslides, lost water supplies, and earthquakes and tremors. How about it, Judge Ward? They make huge profits in our county. If there is nothing to hide they shouldn’t have a problem with making this information available. Thank You.

. After reading what the supporters of alcohol sales had to say about trying to bring in more people in Jenkins by having alcohol, I would like to ask how in the world they think people can even get into Jenkins with all of that concrete they have in the middle of the road for no purpose.

. When I stand up for myself and my beliefs they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind and think my own thoughts they call me a bitch. Well it’s true. I am proud to be a bitch. From the lady who lives in Hemphill.

. Whoever was talking about Walmart and the food department hit the nail right on the head, because I’ve noticed a big change, too, and it’s pretty good. Keep up the good work.

. I want to thank a lady that met in town the other day. I was in a store and I was running low on money and I was embarrassed to death. Everybody just kept standing there looking at me. This one girl asked me if I needed money. I think she said her name was Deana and she had two little girls with her. I thought that was so nice of her. There aren’t too many people in the world that would do something like that. I would just like to say if anyone knows who I am talking about, please tell her I sure appreciate her and thank her for helping me. Nobody understands what people go through and it was so embarrassing to be standing there and not have enough money to pay for my groceries and then a stranger comes out of the blue and offers to help. I want to thank that woman, whoever she was, from the bottom of my heart. I hope fortune comes your way for helping a stranger. Thank you again.

. Hey, lord of the weeds. I’ve got that cook’s number. I hope you try to steal my honey cornbread one more time.

. As a citizen of Jenkins and a voter of Jenkins, I would like to talk about the wet-dry election that just happened. Church people, I am ashamed of what you all did. You stood by and let this happen. Mayor Kincer, I say you need to go to the church on Main Street that you attend, sit in the first pew, ask the pastor in the church and the Lord for forgiveness and repent. All you Christians in Jenkins stood by and let this happen. Shame on you.

. I hope you print this, because it is really a problem. Today is Thursday, May 19, and it is trash pick-up day in my part of the county. What good did it do to make people carry their trash closer to the road? I have been recycling since the county started recycling and I have had my pick-up bin located near the road for years, not just when they started hollering about forcing us to put it close to the road. What

I am calling for is for someone in recycling to go to the dumping station and see how many recycling bags come out of the compactor trucks. I just watched truck No. 38 put my recyclable plastic and tin cans, both of which I had in the blue plastic bags, in the compactor and squash them and drive on. So I don’t know if I will be recycling anymore or not. If it is getting put into the regular trash there is no use to recycle. Somebody needs to get on the ball. Quit throwing people’s blue recycle bags in the compactor trucks and squashing them up just because you are in a hurry.

. To the guy who is staying with some friends on Camp Branch: I love you and want you to know that. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. One day we will be together. I promise you that. I just thank God you haven’t given up on me yet. I love you with all my heart and l always will. I love you always, my angel.

. The man in Whitco still hasn’t gotten all of those vehicles away from the road with all of the garbage piled up. I guess he can get away with anything. I thought they were going to do something about it. I thought the judge was going to do something about it. The litter warden won’t do anything about it.

. This is M.P. daring certain people to start with me. If you have the guts and the gall to do so, you shall rue the day and do not doubt it. I do not back down. I never have and never will. So think twice, baby. You understand? This is a challenge. I dare you to accept it. Good day.

. I heard Saturday night that some of my so-called friends are wondering how I am. Well, I am just fine considering that all of you all stabbed me in the back. One thing I have learned through this ordeal is to not trust anybody. Another thing, good old friend, I hope your seeds don’t grow. Don’t worry about me. I have been through a lot worse than this and I have survived. I have also found out a person really has no friends. Each of you that stuck it to me will get something back in return. Don’t mess around with other people when they haven’t done anything to you, because it will come back to get you. I hope I don’t have any enemies. Think about what you did to me. When you think about who put the screws to me, think about who is putting the screws to you. You think you own that place? Well, you don’t. I took real good care of you for about 10 years. I thought you were my friend. Someone is going to do to you what you did to me, little girl. Sleep good tonight, baby.

. Why not go to the rooster ghts on Sunday? They have them every Sunday and it is only a few miles out of Whitesburg. They have alcohol, your drug of choice, prostitution and gambling, so why not go? I save my money up all week to go.

. The county’s garbage collectors get paid by the hour but can’t even walk 10 or 15 feet to get people’s garbage without whining and carrying on like a five-year-old. Buddy, if you don’t like your job, you need to find a new one. You’ve got these little old people 80 and 90 years old having to take their garbage next to the road and leave it. When do you think they are supposed to do that, bright and early on Wednesday and Thursday morning? And what are they going to do with the garbage that stacks up at the house until Wednesday and Thursday? Have you figured out the proposal to keep the dogs, bears, raccoons and possums out of trash all week until you get there? I’ll tell you one thing, if you think I am getting down there picking up the darn garbage day after day after day like I used to have to do you are full of crap. You better be figuring out another method. Why don’t you all get out and put out the big green Dumpsters? Where I live the little old county

road here holds two people and it isn’t 30 feet from the pavement. When you go out of here nobody owns the property on either side of the road. So I bet all of these nice, generous people are going to have nasty garbage in their yard next to their house and it will be gnat infested with maggots. The county government now sits and whines and bellows about a garbage container 15 feet off the road. Where are you supposed to put it? Are you supposed to go on someone else’s property or knock out the mailbox or what? Would sitting it in the middle of the road be the best proposal? I don’t know why in the world when something is right you don’t just leave it alone. I don’t know where people are supposed to put their garbage when they do live up a little hollow, because the people at the mouth of the branch are not going to let you pile up your trash on their property. Furthermore, if you think I am going to leave this crap sitting on my porch all blasted week to haul down there on Thursday morning you are full of it. You know what I just did with it? I just took about five garbage bags which had nothing more in it than milk jugs, egg cartons, TV dinners, pop boxes and stuff like that and I just set it on fire. That way, on Thursday morning when you come by you will have a bag of tin cans to pick up. It would probably be all right for some people to take their garbage to the end of their driveway down next to the road if you own the property where the driveway is located. Not everyone is fortunate enough to do so.

. I just want to know how can this junk man can haul garbage every day of the week and not turn it in on his Social Security. I know my family can’t. And how does he get by with it? I wish he would put it in Speak Your Piece so I would know.

. To these people who come up in our hollow to buy dope: Please keep your trash in your vehicle until you get out of here. We had a clean hollow before we had this dope dealer up here. Now it is unreal. For the people who are decent who live up here, please take your trash home with you and don’t put it out in our hollow until you get where you are going or eat it. I don’t care what you do with it. Just don’t put it in our hollow. It is not appreciated.

. People, we had another false prophet among us saying this past Saturday was going to be the end of time. The Bible says that no man knows that day nor hour, not even the angels of heaven, not even the Son, but only the Father. 1 Corinthians 9:18 says what is my reward that when I preach the gospel of Christ that I preach it without charge. People, I went through school with straight F’s and even I can understand that.

So if you want to go out here and give these devil- worshipping preachers your money, go ahead and do it. The Lord isn’t going to approve of it. Don’t take care of false prophets because God will hold you accountable.

. You are my angel who was sent from heaven for me. I really truly love you.

. You better watch. The lights are behind you. They are coming up slow and then they are going to snatch you like you don’t know whatever snatched you. Won’t that be a good feeling in your heart?

. We are here on this mountain on a Saturday night. We’re your friends and you are our friends. If you read this message, know that we love you and have not forgotten about you. You are on our minds and we wish you were here. You have several phone numbers to call. Call us sometime. We want you to know we love you so much and things are going to be good for you one of these days because you are a good person and we love you.

. Why is smoking banned from businesses now, yet businesses vote for wet alcohol sales? What is wrong with this picture? Innocent children, their lives are going to be taken. Innocent adults, their lives are going to be taken when an alcoholic or someone drunk gets behind the wheel. You might as well legalize marijuana if you are going to allow them get out and drink in the public. This is a little bit stupid. I don’t know what kind of officials we have in this community anymore. Drunk drivers are worse than someone smoking a cigarette. All Letcher County did was give someone who drinks a license to kill. Some people say they are limited to the amount of drinks they are allowed to have and they have to have food. I know for a fact that a lot of people can get as many drinks as they want. I can get proof of this if the county would like to see it. I have proof of a gentleman coming out of an establishment, getting in a vehicle and passing out in the middle of the road. So what if there was a child standing there? What if it were your child? What then would you say? Would you say oh no? You would start cussing and a vamping at them. Everyone who had a hand in it, keep your children off the streets. There will be proof of all allegations sent to Congress. Let them legalize that. (Do you really believe that permitting the sale of alcoholic drinks in restaurants that seat 50 people or more is going to wreak that much havoc? It’s not as if Jenkins residents weren’t already able to drive one mile to the Virginia-Kentucky state line and buy all the beer and wine they could want.)

. I heard a good joke this morning. The American people have sent Pakistan $20 billion since 9-11 in aid and now they want to send $4 billion more. This is a joke on the American taxpayers. So they busted a cap on Bin Laden (he wasn’t exactly reading the Koran when he was up in his room, was he?), then they give him a Muslim burial. This piece of trash should have been drawn and quartered and all parts of him sent around the world to make a statement. We are not Muslims. We are American Christians. God have mercy on you ignorant people.

. John Akins would like that thank the nurses and doctors at ARH hospital in Whitesburg for a good job they did taking care of him. He would like to thank the nurse that brought him a fan at the ARH hospital second floor in Hazard.

. It is a shame that a so-called mother can give her kids up, but when it comes to a man, she takes that man every time over the kids. Now the kids don’t want to see her or know her. God has helped them get past her. We will pray for you to get off the drugs. You need to pray for what you have done to the kids for that last drug head that you call a man. Maybe you will get off the drugs and quit saying you aren’t doing them because you are always doing them and blaming another person for it. We will pray for you, which has never helped before.

. The high prices being charged to Letcher County Jail inmates is ridiculous. We know for a fact it doesn’t cost that much to have canteen items delivered to the jail. It’s a rip-off and we are mad about it.

. To a certain man: I heard your ancĂ©e left you for your cousin’s dad. I’m not going to say I told you so, I just want to ask do you get the big picture now? I miss you and I’m always here for you. I love you.

. I love you so much. I’m trying to get us married. I miss you so much. I miss you holding me close to you. We will be back together again. Please wait on me. I’m going crazy in here, not being able to touch you. Love you bunches.

. I would like to say hi to my two wonderful sons, Joseph and Jordan. I love the two of you every day and all the time. I’m so very proud of you guys. The two of you are always on my mind. Love always, Dad. a/k/a #227033.

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