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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
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To all friends, neighbors, and businesses in Letcher, Perry and Harlan counties: Please support your local registered nurses. If any of us have ever helped you or your loved ones in a time of need, please support us with prayer and with an active role in changing the hearts and minds of ARH leadership. We the RNs and our brothers and sisters in the United Steelworkers are the ones who care for your families, not the ARH ‘team’ down in Lexington. We live and die here with you, our friends and families, and share your values. A hospital is more than beds and bricks. We are fighting for safe staffing ratios, job security and more than anything else respect. As of Sunday night they brought very highly-paid ‘replacement workers’ and security forces in like they thought we would storm the building or something. If they have that kind of money, shouldn’t it be spent on patient care? Please call your magistrate and ask him to send the same message they sent to ARH before – ‘treat us fairly’ and fulfill that mission statement they espouse.

To the old grandma with a young boyfriend: It was a heartless thing for you to go to a club and leave your boyfriend at home with your kids just so you could dance with his uncle. And then later you passed out on some guy’s couch you don’t even know. You cheated on him a few months before this. You even went as low as to stay all night with his uncle. Shame on you. You’re lucky you still have him. But understand this: He is a good person, and one day he will find what he deserves.

To the community columnists who write for The Mountain Eagle – Emma Lou Engle, Delana Banks, Oma Hatton, Elsie Banks, Diana Combs and anybody else I’ve missed: We will never stop reading your column now that you have displayed such unbridled spirit.

In response to the comment last week concerning Wright’s Hollow in Jenkins: Thank you. I live on Lakeside. I cut my own weeds and trees, and I fill in holes that could produce damage. I pay to have litter and junk removed from my property, and I work 40 hours a week. To live where I live, drive what I drive, and have what I have, I do not sit on my behind drawing a check while criticizing our mayor. What do you people in Wright’s Hollow want? Lighten up. This is America. If you want it, come and get it. No one owes you anything just because you live in Wright’s Hollow. Mayor Dixon is doing a fine job. Every week some redneck is putting him down. Give him a chance. He’s an educator who knows what to do and he will get the job done. You can always move.

In response to the ‘excellent job, dudes’ comment in last week’s Speak Your Piece, thanks for praising the Jenkins Police Department. But, you need to be more professional about this. They are not dudes. This is slang. Please. They are professionals who do a fine job under lots of stress and the demands of fulfilling expectations from everyone in Jenkins. Also, remember these professional police officers put their lives on the line for us and receive little pay. T-shirts are for rednecks and vanity plates are for elegance. Get a grip.

Looks like a certain boy is up to his old tricks again. Wonder what kind of goodies he’s making money from tonight? It’s just a matter of time before Danny Webb and the sheriff’s office find out and he gets busted.

To the sucks at ARH: You went straight and told that man what I told you not to tell him. You’re on my bad side. You know who I am.

No, I’m not afraid of you. But you better be afraid of me.

You mean if I get their tag number and the make and model of their car I can turn it over to the police and they will actually do something about it? Just a little note to the driver of that little white car that pulled up and tooted the horn at 12:30 this morning to buy some dope: I got your tag number and your make and model. If you do it again you’re going to jail. I’m going to turn all of you in. You better stay away from up here.

How is it 25 years of Mountain Heritage Festivals? Isn’t the period between 1983 and 2007 just 24 years? Thank you.

(The first edition of the Mountain Heritage Festival was held in 1983. The 25th edition of the Mountain Heritage Festival was held last week.)

To the members of the public who use public bathrooms: Would you please pick up and clean up after yourselves after you use the public bathrooms in our business? Please help it so that people can take their children into the bathroom without having to see all that mess.

To the person who left the comment to ‘S’: Please leave some more information concerning who ‘S’ is.

Did you ever hear someone say ‘as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks’ or ‘as crooked as a politician’s back’? It’s that time again, and I pray that America makes the right choice.

Looks like Dunham isn’t the only place that’s having a big drug sale. I don’t know what to say about it. I’m just really disappointed.

Maybe if you can’t get sympathy any other way you can get people hooked on drugs and blackmail them. What do you think about that?

To certain people in Beetree Fork: You better not go to church, because you can’t tell the truth. And you don’t pay your bills.

Certain doctors should load up and go back to where they came from. All they can do is read your chart and ask you what you think. Then they will prescribe a pill for you, and they get mad at you if you ask them more than two questions. Why? Because they are not intelligent enough to discuss what is wrong with you. They do not know. All they do is give you an appointment to come back and get another appointment. They are not like American doctors.

To a certain woman: If you want to come back to me at home, all you have to do is let me know. All I ask is that you love me like you used to. I don’t ask anything out of you that you can’t give. So please, call me, write me or come and see me. This is to somebody real special to me.

It ought to be a crime for people to get home loans from the government and pay them off by selling drugs.

To the person who said Jesus didn’t drink real wine: Why did they accuse him of being a wino? It was because he drank real wine. If it had not been real wine it would have been pointless for them to have called him a wino or wine bibber. Yes, it did make people drunk. But I don’t believe Jesus got drunk. Have a nice day.

To convict: If you did what you did for us, I still love you. I need to talk to you, because I do love you. Thank you very much.

I’m responding to the message in Speak Your Piece concerning the preacher who left the letter on the automobile: There is something wrong with a preacher like that. You need to stay away from a preacher like that. They come in sheep’s clothing, the Book says. They are nothing but wolves. He needs help – spiritual help – and no one else but the Lord can give it to him.

Was that one of your poor children on that four-wheeler when you were calling me such horrible names? I feel sorry for your children. People like you shouldn’t be parents.

Lady, why don’t you get a life and quit saying things like ‘My husband broke his ribs’ and ‘My husband worked like this.’ Other people work there, too. Your husband didn’t do it all. Get a life and quit talking about other people’s churches. You can’t stop, can you?

To Brown Eyes: I have not heard or seen anything about you in a while. If you’re okay and everything is all right with you and you read this, please respond in next week’s paper.

Well, it’s night time. I miss you, darling. Three kisses to you. I love you. Just like it used to be.

Isn’t it something that they make an issue out of a man killing dogs, yet we have 4,500 abortions a day in the United States? Are human beings – little babies – not worth more than dogs? Saddam Hussein will be sitting on the right side of Jesus Christ before the people here in these United States. Have a nice day.

To the idiot who calls in about the yard sales on Railroad Street: They don’t even make OxyContin in 100-milligram tablets, you idiot. This shows how much you know. You need to quit writing and wasting people’s time.

I’m calling in about the comment about the overcrowded conditions in the jail being inhumane: I’m a witness to that. I was in there because of a prior DUI. I did not take the test because I was not drunk. They still put me in jail, and where I’m from out of state they put me down as a flight risk. They held me in there 17 days before they took me to court. They held me in a small room for three days. There are people in there who act like little kids. They throw matches on your blankets and things like that. The inmates think they run the jail. A lot of them said they liked being in jail because they didn’t have to pay bills.

I’m calling to brag on the current police force in Jenkins. Jim Stephens is running things right. People are no longer being harassed like they were.

I’m calling about the football game last Friday night. I’m from West Virginia, and I’ve been to many games there and in Ohio. For such a small place as Letcher County, I have never seen so many people come out and support their team. They looked good, too. No. 7 and No. 12 are really good. If No. 7 would start lowering his head a little and delivering hits he would be a dominant player. He has some wheels on him. I wish the best for Letcher County Central and its fans.

To a woman who used to be in my family: I knew you were a hypocrite, but you’ve got a black heart, too. Your ex-husband is happy. He doesn’t want you back. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

Why isn’t the church store open in Neon anymore? We miss it. Thank you.

To the person who said they made promises they couldn’t keep: You are not the first one this person has made promises to. This person is a habitual liar and sociopath. People like this are dangerous. Just a good warning to you.

Why would anyone want to put their girls out there for men to look at? Why put that makeup on them and dress them so they look bigger than what they are just for men to stare at?

I would like to speak my piece about the ballgame that Whitesburg puts on. Why don’t they put the games they lose on so people can see something? These games they won are burning the TV up every night. We don’t see anything else on this channel. My goodness, they are not professionals. Let somebody else get on there and play a game. We don’t need Whitesburg on there every hour. Play the games they lost.

Sporting News writes about the philosophy of new UK basketball coach Billy Gillispie and what his expectations are for the basketball program in Lexington this year. It’s kind of exciting, considering what we’ve had under Mr. Smith. Not to say Mr. Smith was a bad coach, but Mr. Gillispie’s philosophy on recruiting is rather shocking compared to what we’ve seen in the past. Gillispie says you must recruit the absolute best guys you can no matter how good your roster already is. You must always try to get better players than you already have. He says an entertaining style of play attracts great players, and that great players create an entertaining style.

If you’re a fan of the L&N Railroad you will appreciate this: On the front cover of the 2008 calendar is a photograph of Blackey, Kentucky. That’s a real tribute considering everything that’s been said about Blackey.

To a certain woman: We know that you choose your boyfriend over your kids, and that you choose the drugs and drinking over your kids. That shows. It looks like you would step up and be a better mother and a better person. People like you give mothers a bad name.

It’s kind of shocking that the University of Kentucky would destroy something as pristine as the Robinson Forest in the name of science when they could have half of southeastern Kentucky to do the same thing with. Mr. Robinson would be rolling over in his grave.

To whom it may concern: That is it, lady. I never want you back around me again. I don’t ever want you or any of my family around me. I am tired of being treated like trash. You are the trash.

To all the good people: If you ask somebody to do something for you to make it cheaper than what it would cost if you did it right and you have a complaint, please take it to the person you got to do the favor for you. If everything is on the up-and-up when you ask, don’t run your lips on the man after the fact. This is a man who had it happen to him. Lips are running and he does not like it.

I would like to make a comment about the Letcher County Board of Education’s school bus garage: For anybody who has a decent vehicle, don’t park it in a school area. If it gets hit by a school bus, the school bus insurance won’t pay for your car to be fixed. It will leave you with no way to give your kids a ride to school. They can sit and drive their big vehicles and leave you stranded. The school board needs to find better bus drivers to handle these buses before one of our children gets killed. They let the buses run into cars and then don’t pay for the damage to the cars. I’ll bet if this lady’s kids were in sports they would have a car provided to get them there. They’re not in sports so they are leaving them stranded.

I think it is a disgrace when there is a scare with scabies and the Letcher County Board of Education won’t close the school to keep the kids from spreading such a nasty disease.

I don’t understand what anyone could have against voter registration unless they feel endangered by it. This hits at the very heart of our democratic process and should be condemned by everyone who believes in our system of government. This is the type of action that one expects to happen in China or North Korea.

I am a registered nurse (RN) who is on strike at the Whitesburg hospital. I first want to say that this strike is not about an increase in pay, as so many people think. ARH wants you to think that. They say that quality patient care is their concern, but if you have been a patient at Whitesburg then you know that we are short-staffed. Your quality care comes from these nurses, and those that were on strike in the spring. We want more nursing staff, not more management staff. Do you see supervisors providing you care? Only in some situations are they there to help. Nurses are left to answer phones, because some departments don’t even have a clerk. The phones, door beepers (as on OB department, ICU, and ER) ring almost constantly. If you’re starting an IV, giving medications, bathing someone, helping someone to the bathroom, or find yourself in the middle of any situation you can think of that a nurse must do, we have to either let the phone ring or stop what we are doing to answer these phones, call bells, door bells, etc. Even the operator at the front desk is overwhelmed, because not only is answering the main hospital phone her job, but she must register all patients, including outpatient labs, x-rays, and such. How long have you had to wait at registration to get to see the doctor in the ER? Now does this short-staffing reflect ‘quality patient care’? No. Also, they want to do away with our seniority when it comes to job placement. What are we working for? No one who works for a company for many years wants a newcomer to come in and be able to take a job position over someone that has been there many years. I hope that the nurses crossing the picket line have good reasons to cross. I have bills to pay and children to feed also. I know that some of you have two jobs and husbands with jobs that pay well. You drive fine vehicles, take nice vacations, and own fine things. Maintaining your lifestyle is not a reason to cross the picket line. I know personally that some of you would not starve. Some of you still live at home or on the same property as your parents. I would never let my child starve, and neither would they. All the ‘sickness’ you have suffered over the past week is not your ‘worrying’ over what to do, it is your conscience telling you that you are doing the wrong thing. You are sick because you know you are doing something you shouldn’t. You all have buckled under the pressure of an evil authority who is trying to control your lives. If a man can cause you to do this over your job, then where will you stand when near the end of times you are forced to take the mark of the beast instead of standing up for Jesus and what is right? I think we are seeing a taste of that right now. Think about it.

I think it not only odd, but disgusting and unpatriotic, that our county judge, or any politician, would be against a sincere honest non-partisan effort to register voters. Isn’t voting our most sacred American privilege? Are we in Iraq to bring them democracy? If it’s like our county’s, who’d blame them for not wanting it? I would think a politician would be proud to support encouraging citizens to register to vote. Aren’t the senior centers public property? Designated for the good of the citizens and paid for by taxpayers? How can he say a legitimate non-partisan effort to register voters can not be held at our senior centers? Are they not public property? Is Jim Ward the king? Speaking of kings, we can’t have non-partisan registration of voters at senior centers but Judge Ward lets a big party take place at our county’s only real park, Fishpond Lake. Isn’t that odd?

I’ve come to realize through experience that no one is perfect, and not placing expectations upon them and not placing them on a pedestal leaves no room for resentment. People just have to be accepted as they are. The same applies to places and situations. Until acceptance is met within me then I can have no peace of mind – no serenity – and the way I live can hopefully be an example to others in areas where changes need to be made in their lives. It has been said that we point out what is wrong with other people when really we are pointing to the exact character defects of ourselves. So really, the old saying that when one points the finger there are three pointing back rings loud and true.

Testing, testing.

In regard to the news article about the Jenkins Board of Education last week I would like to add a few comments: First and foremost, the superior administration in that school district (superintendent and board members) are looking for nothing better than to be people pleasers. It is a sad day when officials of such high power can’t even stand up to students to tell them that black is not a school color, or that officials can’t seem to find enough gumption within to be able to tell someone no. I have always thought that in an administration position you must have some sort of backbone. To my knowledge, all that the Jenkins School Board enjoys doing is taking all of their individual responsibilities and passing them down the chain to those who are lower on the totem pole. It is a shame that the few people who are actually trying to make a difference in the school are those getting fingers pointed at them and dirty looks thrown their way. It is also a shame that the superintendent sat during the last board meeting and let people bad-mouth his principal and athletic director for not being there. I am sure they are sorry that the untimely death and severe injuries of two of their relatives were inconvenient for you.

There have been vague rumblings and rumors of running Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) out of town. The lock to their office was filled with glue. Now they have been barred from using senior centers for voter registration. It appears that we have advanced, in less than a year, to where we were twenty years ago. It may be well to review how that played out.

A lot of the crime in this area could probably be classified as racketeering and fall under federal jurisdiction. It only takes a defined group of people and repetitions. Having it recognized as such has advantages. It would be prosecuted federally in another area. Drug sales, thoroughly investigated, would almost certainly qualify. Utility theft, timber theft, and contractor fraud are also likely candidates. Anyone who has suffered from these or other crimes they think may qualify should contact a U.S. Attorney or the FBI.

This for the man who is messing around with his friend’s wife: You are a low-life piece of trash – nothing but pure scum. And as for the wife, you are nothing but a nasty low-life slut.

The Letcher County judicial system is a failure by any standard. The ratio of violations and arrests to convictions shows our system is not performing to the standard to which it should be. Why doesn’t the state or federal government – whichever is responsible – step in and combine these functions with a more effective county? These courts were set up in horse-and-buggy days anyway, when travel was difficult, and there are far too many across the state for current conditions.

‘Bambi’s Dream.’ A large strong buck was told of a deer slayer who stalked innocent deer on Doty Creek. It was said that the cruel and heartless human killed his prey for no reason other than his trophy antlers. One night this brave and fearless buck suddenly appeared out of the darkness, his nostrils flaring, and stamping his mighty hooves, he frightened the bad man of Doty Creek away. The slayer had lost his pistol, as he fell from his fourwheeler, and the buck thought of trampling his would-be victim. He simply could not kill the helpless man, but because of his fright the man never returned to taunt the innocent animals again. The brave buck made his way home. He gave serious thought as to what he could have taken from the man, had he killed him, as an appropriate trophy. Hmmmm.

The corruption and disgrace of politicians is spread from Florida to Alaska. This cloud covers the entire spectrum of socalled public servants, from recycling supervisor to U.S. senators, and a range of violations from stealing and bribery to sexual deviancy. In a recent Letcher County case the violation was compounded when the judicial system let the violating official off with a wrist slap. One can only hope that this situation will hit bottom when public citizens begin to understand that our way of life cannot be sustained under these conditions, and that this deplorable situation must be reversed.

To Dirty: I heard you’re back in the Letcher County Jail, and I just wanted you to know I miss you and I will always love you more then the stars in the sky.

County government officials have violated the law and the democratic process by barring voter registration. The state and federal government should be investigating.

The Jenkins school system focusing on school colors and an 8th grade graduation clearly points to the diminished quality of education children can get in the Jenkins Independent system. There is no competition between the Jenkins system and that of the Letcher County system. The quality of education a child can get at LCCHS is vastly superior to that one can get at JHS. If the Jenkins system spent as much time educating as they do on preparing children for state testing, one area where Jenkins does seem to have a leg up on the county system, things would be considerably different. Incompetence, apathetic attitudes are not unique to the Jenkins system. However, if a child ‘wants’ a good education, and sadly these days a child and his or her parents’ desire is the premise to getting a good education, then the Letcher County system offers many more opportunities for children than Jenkins. The best thing that could happen would be to incorporate the children of Jenkins into the county system. That day is much closer than many think. This is not to dignify the quality of teachers at LCCHS. Those educators are fundamentally as apathetic and unprepared as those in the Jenkins system. It is ridiculous how easy it is to get a degree in one of the most important professions in our society. Weak college and university preparation, tenure and salary are three of the most glaring reasons irresponsible education is what barely moves the primary and fundamental education of our children in today’s schools.

Yo, Deer Slayer. You are some piece of work. How despicable you must appear as you ride on your four-wheeler drinking your beer and totin’ that pistol just so you can enjoy your sport. How exhilarating you must feel as you shine that blinding light into those big brown innocent eyes. The denizens of Doty Creek would like you to move away and never have to look at you again. Shame on you.

What is Letcher Manor going to do now that nurses are being run off? Understaffing only hurts the residents who deserve so much more. The staff is the only family some of them have.

To KJL: Missing you in Kentucky. Hope you come visit soon. MAW

In regard to last week’s comment on the quality of water, I would like to know who is responsible for this and who to complain to. I am very concerned about this situation and the effect it is likely to have on our children, but like so many other things in the county it doesn’t appear there is anyone in charge or anywhere to turn. If anyone knows anything about this situation, please put it in next week’s paper.

The Letcher Fiscal Court’s approval of $300,000 for an animal center is one of the most foolish and irresponsible thing ever done by a fiscal court in this county. It rivals the pouring of money into the old Jenkins school bottomless hole. There is no need going into details. Any lucid citizen of the county could come up with numerous better ways to use that money. Such acts by government make one despair for the future of the county.

To Bambi Slayer: We have a lot in common. When I go hunting I like to take a four-wheeler, use a spotlight, pistol and I like to take a little hacksaw with me, too. That’s in case I find a hunter who has an antler on him I can saw it off and leave the carcass lying. So when you say you’ll go deer hunting wherever you want to go, well, that shadow passing your spotlight might be another Bambi you weren’t expecting. Have a happy and safe hunting season.

To my favorite lady: You mean so much to me. I think of you all of the time. I miss you every day. I think of the good times we spent together. You painted some good pictures. I would like to paint some with you sometime in the future.

To the lady that goes to all the outings: Please don’t take all the food everywhere you go. Other people don’t get to eat after you take everything that is brought in.

To S.G.: I wasn’t looking for love when I first met you, but the smile on my children’s face made me keep you. I didn’t know that I was bringing my worst nightmare into my own home. You have not only destroyed my life, but you have made life unbearable for many others. You took my best friend away from her children. You took me away from my family and freedom. I would not wish the things that I went through and saw on that day on anybody. You are going to pay for what you have done one day. You are going to live the life of hell and turmoil you so rightfully deserve. I don’t see how you can peacefully sleep at night and smile and carry on normal through the day.

To my Chavez: Words cannot express the love and devotion that I have for you. I am going to stick by you through this struggle and we will be together. You have been the only man that I will ever love. A year will soon pass and I will be able to hold you in my arms again. I love looking into your gorgeous brown eyes every day. Keep smiling and hold your head high. Dream about me at night and think about me all day. Remember that I love you to the stars and back. I love and adore you. Blue Eyes (135).

To my baby girl: I love you very much and always will
hope that one day you will forgive me for everything I have done. I never meant
to hurt you. I have turned my life over to God. I hope we are together again one
day. I’m always going to be thinking of you. One day I hope we’re together again
so that you can see my change. I’m sorry for everything. My heart is yours
forever and always.

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