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To all of you tailgating drivers: Your tailgating tactics do not intimidate everyone. In fact, in my case the closer to my truck you get, the slower we will go. Remember, if I am in my truck I am being paid by the hour. Get out the door earlier. It only takes a split second to kill someone with your vehicle.

. I’m just a caller wondering why the girl in Jenkins that robbed Baker’s Scrap Metal in Thornton still doesn’t have a court date. Something is awful fishy.

. To a certain woman: Why don’t you really tell whom the baby you are carrying belongs to and quit lying to your husband? Listen here. I don’t know who you are and I really don’t care. There are plenty of good people in Letcher County who would love to take care of that baby. I’m taking care of one right now that doesn’t belong to me any more than it does you, but I wouldn’t take everything from here to the Portals of Glory for it. It doesn’t get any better than little children.

. To a certain person: Do you really love me or is it just for a big show?

. Mountain Eagle, I am pleased to report that I am responsible for an increase in the circulation of your paper. I know of at least 13 families who buy The Eagle for no other reason than to check Speak Your Piece to see if I have called anything in. One couple heads down the road before daylight, waits for The Eagle to scream, then returns to sit on the porch and diligently search Speak Your Piece. One can see the disappointment on their faces if they don’t see anything called in by yours truly. While my discussion of backstabbers, backbiters, cutthroat, Sadducees, Pharisees, evildoers and miscreants has upset some people, it has also made them think and take personal inventory probably in the first time in their lives. I take this opportunity to say hello to Emma Lou of Ohio, formerly of Indian Creek. Your weekly column brings joy to our hearts. I trust this will not be construed as ego-tripping, which is something I would never do. I am the M.P. and I authorize and approve this little soliloquy. Over and out.

. Please help me save a kitten at the Whitesburg hospital. There were three babies and one disappeared. Somebody was kind enough to take one home, and now the one left there is in really bad shape. It is going to die is someone doesn’t do something about it. Thank you to anybody and everybody for helping me spread the word to those who may help me save this baby kitten. It is living with its mommy who is sick too in the buildings beside the hospital.

. To a certain woman: You filthy, dirty rotten thing. You are not fit to be around your grandson. Shaking your leg at truck drivers to get them to blow their horn at you in front of your grandson. You don’t even need to be around him.

. I’d like to know how Cowan Elementary School can practice kids for football until 9 p.m.? How are they supposed to eat their supper, do their homework and rest for the next day? They practice in thunder and lightning and rainstorms. I think this is ridiculous and something needs to be done about it. Anna Craft, you need to put a stop to it.

. To a certain woman: You fought high and mighty to get your home on the hill. What good will your home do you now? You thought you were really doing something. You will pay every day for the rest of your life for what you have done. You split your marriage up and now everything is just falling apart for you. And I hope you suffer the rest of your life for what you have done.

. There is peace in the valley when I am with my angel. And I love you.


It never fails that someplace else gets the goodies. Paintsville is getting a new ATV, bike and horse-riding trail that will be promoted as a tourist attraction by the state. It will be a rail-to-trail project and is expected to draw a lot of people to the area. We could promote our trails as tourist attractions for horse riding and bike trails along with ATV’s as long as we make it clear in the ads to stay out of the City of Fleming-Neon. The ATVanator does not want you in his town, and it’s OK with the mayor and her council. Whatever the ATVanator does is fine with them. This town doesn’t want to grow. The present administration and most of the past administrations have been more ‘I’ and ‘me’ than ‘you’ and ‘us.’ They worry over streetlights that have been burning for years and what little it costs the city, yet let some city vehicles be used as personal vehicles with the city buying the gas and paying the maintenance. Yep here we sit, twiddling our thumbs, settling for whatever, complaining about everything and doing nothing. Every city and town around us is growing, even in these tough economic times. People working together for a common cause can achieve success. There is money available for cities with the leadership and public services to assist in economic development even in these hard times, but once again we come up short in both areas.

. This is Diddle at the state highway wanting to wish his little honey that works at the racetrack from Oklahoma a happy birthday August 26.

. I used to live in Letcher County. I moved out of state. I was just curious where I could find a map of Letcher County. If anyone out there knows, please let me know in next week’s paper.

. I’m just wondering if there is a new rule at Mc- Donald’s that keeps people who hand the food out, a certain blonde in particular, from smiling or saying good morning or anything like that. Is there some kind of new policy that requires some to have a sour look on their face and throw their food at you? Don’t take your anger out on us. We’re just trying to get a bite to eat.

. This is to a friend I went to school with: How could you choose that lying cheating man that you have chosen over your kids? The girl I went to school with I wouldn’t have thought would have done this. Honey, it is only a matter of time until he wrecks that car you are letting him drive when he gets high on his drugs and whatever else he puts on his body. You are very lucky you get to see your kids at all.

. Hey you sexy dark-headed man that drives the dark blue four-door 2000 model car. I am ready for you. Come by any night.

. To all the coal miners: When you start losing your jobs, don’t blame Obama. It’s the power companies cutting their coal use and burning more natural gas. Read your Mountain Eagle. There was a good article about this on the front page of the August 10 issue. So all you family members that are letting the gas companies cross your land and letting them set wells, remember what you are doing to your sons and daughters. The people back in the 1800s signed with an “x”. We should be smarter than that today, but now they come in here and give you a few dollars and you go running down the road with your tongue hanging out and you spend every little bit of what you get at Walmart. So don’t blame Obama. Let’s blame ourselves, because we are at fault for letting the gas companies cross us for a nickel or a dime. I hate to see this come because I made my living many years in the coal mines. You can’t blame the power companies for crossing over to natural gas. Heck, it’s cleaner. Even cars are going to start running on it. Everybody have a nice day.

. To a judge in Dickenson County, Virginia: I am so appreciative of you. I know you probably won’t read this or hear about it, but you made a good decision. You said that child is in a good home and you aren’t going to waste the court’s time to question it. You, sir, are a wise and good man.


I saw a comment in last week’s paper about Pikeville RV. I bought an RV from them in March of this year only to find they will not back up the warranty like I believe they should. I recently had a problem with a hot water heater and I could not get them to fix the problem although they were aware of the problem. I recently got the problem fixed, but not by them. I had previously bought three RVs from Lexington dealers ho had no problems with repairs. I bought this RV in good faith, but their promises apparently meant nothing when it came to dealing with me.

. Everybody knows that grandma looks out for number one and she doesn’t care about anyone else, who she hurts or what she does as long as she has a man. I hope she has found herself another sucker and she will be happy with him. And everybody knows she is man crazy.

. To the person who commented in Speak Your Piece about the pretty redhead who works at Barker’s Grocery: She is already taken, so it would be best to just leave it alone.

. So the stepbrother and the stepsister celebrated a wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary.

. Hey punk. Instead of hiding in the house like the little girl that you are, come out and say to my face something you have to say and we’ll see how it goes. And you’ll find out what kind of shape I am still in.

. How is your leg today? I just would like to say I am a real close neighbor of yours in Eolia. I was wondering if you would let me borrow your cane so I could get around and pull me some fake jokes and get a lot of money that I’m not due. I know your secret and I was just wondering if you know what you are going to do when the people you sued find out there is nothing wrong with you. How does that make you feel? Rich? Don’t your conscience hurt you? Like the old saying goes, like mother, like daughter. I know your trick and I am going to spread the word.

. The ‘John Boy and Billy Show’ on the radio is ignorant. That is the most ridiculous bunch of bull I have ever heard in my life. How can people listen to that pure trash? There is not one thing funny about that. Who is paying these people to put this trash on the airwaves? I don’t know how someone could sponsor that. That is the most ridiculous, ignorant, crappy trash I have ever heard in my life. Maybe it is just me, but honestly I think that crap needs to go and never come back. I would have to be plastered to laugh at that trash.

. Everybody knows grandma chose sex instead of going to heaven. I guess it was better.

. Your thyroid runs on amino acids and iodine. Your stomach has to have hydrochloric acid to digest food. Hydrochloric acid has to be made from amino acids. What happens when your body doesn’t have enough amino acids? Your thyroid malfunctions. You get chromes disease, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis. I see these in more women than I do men. Men for the most part are bigger meat eaters than women. I hope I have made it abundantly clear. You have to have amino acids from complete protein. Peanut butter and beans are incomplete. The men I have seen with these diseases have the same diet as the women. I hope this helps.

. Here are some good super foods and nutrient dense foods that you need to eat several times a week: any of the berries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Nuts are also a good food to eat. Almonds are the highest nutrient dense nuts. The latest study shows coffee drastically reduces diseases in he body. Just don’t over do it. Chocolate is also good to eat, which is great news. The dark chocolate is better. Don’t go for all the sweets with all the sugar. The sweet potato is one of the highest-nutrient dense vegetables. The Idaho potato takes a bad wrap but it still has a lot of nutrients.

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