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Tell us what’s on your mind. No need to give your name.
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I do not want to inhale your cigarette smoke. This year’s cram-packed Mountain Heritage Festival was miserably unenjoyable for those of us who do not practice this disgusting habit. As an adult, I can physically remove myself from the gross contaminated stink. However, this is not the case for children. I watch adults smoke in their homes, vehicles and other places in the presence of innocent children. I have witnessed persons with a child in one hand and a cigarette in the other. These children cannot remove themselves from the danger that lurks around them, and should not have to. The windows of a smoker’s home and vehicle are covered with a yellow film of poison. This is the same poison that collects on the walls of our lungs when we have to be near your cigarette. According to the surgeon general, the risks of second hand smoke to a child is low birth weight, SIDS, asthma, respiratory infections, coughing, wheezing, dental cavities, nose and eye irritation, and ear infections. In fact, it is estimated that there are around 250 cancer-causing toxins in secondhand smoke. If a child is in a smoke filled room for one hour, they could possibly inhale toxins equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. Children are developing and are the most vulnerable to secondhand smoke. Stop contaminating everyone around you. There is no risk-free level of secondhand smoke exposure. It is time for everyone, especially our children, to be protected and provided with smoke-free air to breathe.

This I need to put into Speak Your Piece: A man named Eddie from Cumberland came into my kitchen and stole more than $2,500 from me. He also got a Colt .25 pistol and two pairs of scissors my man got while he was in the Army. He also stole a generator, a saw, and more things. He let on like he wanted to use the bathroom, and I was good enough to let him because he was working for me. So please, anybody who knows anything about any of this, he lives in Cumberland. Please call the police at 606-589-2314. He had a buddy with him, and they are two very bad characters.

Does riding down the road and sticking your finger up in the air at me make you feel like a big man? You better grow up, little boy.

Here’s a quote from Dear Abby: Show me a troubled, rebellious child and I’ll show you a home that is riddled with discord. And here’s a quote from John Bunyon: You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. No one should be treated in a manner which affects his dignity, his worth, or his security.

There should be a law against this person stacking up all of these tires in Neon. This causes a mosquito hazard.

To the person who owns all the junk across from the Mayking Post Office: Please clean the mess up. The previous owners kept it neat as a pin. The new owner hasn’t even mowed the grass once. It’s a disgrace to our community and big eyesore.

Everybody better watch out for the witch at Sandlick Gap.

To Ulis Adams III: We hope you get better. God is with you and we hope you get better soon. We love you very much. Your family.

There is one word in response to a headline on the front page of last week’s Mountain Eagle: Justice. From the Claw.

I want to say a big thank you to Ike Adams and his wife for the help they gave me to unclog sinks with baking soda and vinegar. It works so well I don’t want to be without it. Thanks again.

I have been treated rudely by two deputies in the sheriff’s office when I have called about important business. I don’t know who they are, but they act rude. When I ask for assistance they won’t give it to me because they know who I’m calling about. Well I’ve got news for them. Sooner or later the federal boys will take care of the drug peddlers if they won’t.

To a certain football player: Have you told your new girlfriend about us yet? I was just wondering.

Two smart-mouth people who live in Doty Creek like to peddle pills. When certain people go around them they act like their neighbor sent them to their house to buy pills from them. I don’t know who their neighbor is, but I don’t like buying my goodies from smart-mouth people like them. That’s why I decided to go to Sexton’s Branch or to Harlan or Carbon Glow to get my stash. You sell to everybody else but me.

To a guy on Camp Branch: You have a beautiful wife, but you need to straighten up and try to help her and get her something decent to drive. If not, you need to step aside and let somebody else do it. You need to be on your knees thanking God you’ve got her.

I thank God the rumor that two of our police officers had been shot and killed was false. I love what these police officers have done for Letcher County, and I hope they never leave. They are in my prayers.

My mother is currently standing on the picket line across from the hospital. I want to say that I fully support the nurses for what they are doing and why. Many people most likely don’t know the reasons why. Some may think it’s for monetary gain, but it isn’t. It’s for the patients they care for and treat daily. It’s for those who are reading this article right now. It’s for you. So I think the people of this community should show those nurses what they truly deserve – respect. Those standing on the line have had things thrown at them, been spit at, cursed, and even threatened by one man. So show your support, Letcher County, for the ones who help you daily. As for the man who threatened those women: What kind of man are you to threaten a group of women who are standing up for their rights? What a man you must truly be.

To a certain woman: I see you have a new car and a new boyfriend. Who’s going to help you pay for your car, your old boyfriend or your new one?

To a certain woman: You conned me once again into thinking you loved me and missed me. The conning is over with. It’s coming to an end. You will never con me again.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, a certain woman is looking at us all, smiling at our brilliant faces through her shiny golden braces. Should we wave or do we dare? Watch out, her broom is in the air.

There are numerous stories ricocheting around the county about political corruption and misbehavior by government officials. It would be good if these could be investigated and reported in local newspapers. It is hard in these cases for people to separate fact from speculation. There are so many stories there must be some substance, but it should be sorted out and reported in a manner that would either substantiate the stories or put them to rest. This is the responsibility of the fourth estate.

The police need to worry more about the drug dealing going on in McRoberts than the boys on four-wheelers trying to have some fun. There is nothing to do in Letcher County but ride four-wheelers. At least the boys are staying out of trouble and off drugs. As long as they are wearing their helmets and riding safely, what is the big deal about it? Come on, let them ride.

I am a registered nurse at Whitesburg ARH, and I would like the people in my community to know that this strike doesn’t have anything to do with wage increases or health care benefits. This is about giving quality patient care, and staffing issues. I went to nursing school not for monetary reasons, but because I wanted to make a difference in my community and work at a local hospital where I could give the best care that I can give, where everyone knows someone, where everyone is family. I want to work in an atmosphere that is caring and you have the time to spend an extra five minutes talking with your patient and his or her family. I consider my role as a patient care advocate very important. ARH has forgotten that. Their mission statement is to improve health and provide wellbeing of the people in central Appalachia in partnership with our communities. You as a patient deserve the best care I can give, and that is impossible if the nursing staff isn’t large enough to give that care. ARH is misleading the community when it says there is no mandatory overtime. Well there is when your work schedule is posted and you are working five to six 12-hour shifts in a row, or when you get to work you are there for a 16-hour day. I do not enjoy standing on the picket line. I would rather be in the hospital taking care of my patients. I think it takes more courage to stand out there and give a voice for my patients than it does to just suck it up and cross over a picket line and work. Most of those who have crossed have two-job families. They are greedy. People in Letcher County need to know there is nursing shortage, and that quality patient care is no longer being given because there are not enough nurses.

Little Miss Felon, pregnant and yellin’. Three months is all you got for selling us out. So what? Didn’t even serve that time, because you were squealing from the county line. Once you pop that baby, watch your back. Maybe you’ll get what you deserve, you rat from the curve.

Here is a little song I wrote. You might want to sing it notefor note. Don’t worry, be happy. We know you didn’t pay for your crime. And we know the reasons line for line. Don’t worry, be happy. The new year comes and we can’t wait, and don’t sit back and hesitate. Don’t worry, be happy. We are just biding our days so we can finally have our say. Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry, be happy now.

I am writing about head lice in the schools. I think they need to check all the kids in West Whitesburg Elementary School once a week, because my child who goes there has caught it three times already this year. I talked to the school nurse about it. She told me to get all the lice I can off my child’s head and send my child back to school so my child can get a half-day in and not miss school. I thought that if a child had head lice the parents had to keep him or her out until we got rid of the lice. So I kept my child out until I got my child’s head clear of lice and then I sent my child back. They don’t want to check on the lice because they know many of these kids will have it, and if they do they will have to stay at home and the school would lose a lot of money. I think that is a shame, because some of those kids with head lice can’t get rid of it because their parents are too sorry to treat their heads and too sorry to clean their homes. Like me and some other parents, our kids are the ones who suffer from all of this. So I think whoever is in charge of this school should get in gear and take control of this matter.

She’s a stringy little blonde and a drug-addicted creep who sells her soul for one more pill in the mountains and on the streets. She has treated her mother badly, hit her, and also her father. But her father is where the problem lies, because he is one sick brother. Abused by him for years and watching all of his ways makes her what she has become – a tramp in every way. So parents, I warn you to watch for all the signs. And fathers don’t hurt your daughters, ’cause it makes you no better than swine.

To that dirty egg-sucking dog: You finally got to meet her, so you know what she looks like and you know who she is now. So whenever you’re around me and you make those little comments about her, that makes you just as nasty as she is.

Seventh-graders shouldn’t be playing on high school volleyball teams when sophomores, juniors and seniors who are just as good or even better are sitting on the bench.

To a certain guy who attracts nocturnal creatures: We have decided to give you a nickname. Hope you like it, Batboy. We sent out your super hero costume. The shirt has a big ‘B’ on it. It should arrive there in time for Halloween. Love, Hawk and Bambi.

I hope whoever Judge Ward is for loses the election by one vote – the vote that didn’t get registered because he dictatorially said KFTC could not encourage unregistered voters to register at Letcher County’s senior centers. That was un-American and un-patriotic and shameful.

Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What we mean by Divine Trinity is there are three separate and distinct persons in the godhead, each one having his own personal spiritual body, spiritual soul and personal spirit. I hope they are your best friend. If they are not, guess who is? Jesus Christ loves you. Amen.

Striking nurses are not allowed to say anything to the nurses crossing the picket line. So, ARH, please tell your registered nurses to quit calling us at the picket line to see how things are going. And yes, they are doing this on ARH time. Your doctors can be heard in the background making remarks about how we won’t be getting our jobs back. If they say they are still our friends, then the best thing they can do is keep their mouths shut. If they want to know how things are going, they should be over here standing strong for what is right. The patients and public need to know that one of the reasons we are striking is because of staffing issues. There are not enough nurses and too many patients to care for. So, nurses that are crossing the picket line, ARH would not be happy knowing you are calling us from the hospital – on your work time – to see how things are going. Be loyal to the decision you made. Straddling the fence will get you in trouble.

In a recent issue of The Mountain Eagle, the Jenkins Homecoming Days Committee published its financial report. Where is the Jenkins Days at River Park Festival Committee’s financial report? Where is the accountability for that festival?

Why did they paint over the names on the ‘Wall of Shame’ that was built by the striking nurses on the bypass? I really enjoyed reading the names of those nurses who are low enough to abandon their union and cross a picket line. If these nurses are low enough to cross a picket line then why shouldn’t the public be allowed to know who they are? Any woman who would turn her back on her co-workers and union is lower than a scab, and a scab is one of the very lowest forms of life. I had rather my girlfriend or wife be a pill prostitute instead of a scab.

There has been another blatant timber theft in Letcher County. These things fall off every time someone is caught, but a lot of loggers can’t for long resist straying to get a black walnut or red oak or white oak off somebody else’s land. The battle against these thieves is being carried on by just a few people and that isn’t right. Every property owner should be concerned and should feel responsible for helping to stop one of the most common and most expensive crimes in the county. Anyone who is a victim should contact Sheriff Danny Webb and ask him to start a felony investigation. The sheriff is more knowledgeable about the process than most attorneys and, more important, he is interested in bringing criminals to justice.

It’s a shame that you two nasty fornicators can’t be run out of this county.

If I was ARH I would tell these spoiled know-it-all nurses to return to work immediately or never step foot on ARH property again. They’re making between $45,000 and $60,000 and think they deserve more? These nurses should be thanking ARH for giving them a job in the first place. If it wasn’t for ARH they wouldn’t even have a job.

People of Letcher County, be sure to run in and pay your taxes in November so they can have that big Christmas party they have up there every year. They want to make sure they get that money so they can have that party.

(What party? Who’s throwing it?)

Many of the crimes that are committed in Letcher County, such as repeated forgery, theft by deception, and like offenses, could well be considered racketeering. Our officials are dealing with these criminals on the cheap by letting them off with small fines, house arrest, and even dismissals when they could have been prosecuted federally and have gotten serious federal sentences. Our officials should consider crimes against RICO standards and call in the FBI when appropriate.

To my convict: We will be together again one day. It may not be as soon as we would like, but it will happen. I promise to take care of your heart until that day comes. I think about you always. I’m sorry for leaving you but I will be back, I promise. Hopefully it will be soon, because we miss you so much. My heart still belongs to you and I hope that you mean what you write in your letters, because I take every word to heart. We love you more than anything. Always and forever yours, 1-4-3. Your baby girl.

To the nurses crossing the picket line: As stated by Ben Franklin, ‘Those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

I want to thank the Jenkins School Board for having backbone. They are elected officials who are standing up for what the taxpayers think and want. Right now the school is being run by a site-based council that has two parents on it and the same few teachers every year. The parents who are elected basically get outvoted by the hum drum teachers on the council. These people have way too much power, and believe me, they let it go to their heads. Thank you, Superintendent Shook, and school board for listening to the parents and students. Why in the world should the five people on the site-based council make every decision about that school? These people even hire the new teachers every year. I do not think the community understands how much power these people have over our school. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening to the community, Jenkins School Board. We appreciate you.

Once again, the Letcher Fiscal Court has made another decision that is ridiculous. The proposed animal shelter apparently will be a mansion for the animals. I’m sure the land is already free. Come on, magistrates. Reduce this amount of $300,000 to one that is reasonable. A home built at a cost of a third-of-a-million dollars is awesome. There are more important things to spend this money on. Do the right thing and amend this amount. There will be a lot of money wasted if action isn’t taken now. We put you in there and we can put you out.

I cannot believe some of the things people will sit and gripe about. I for one commend the Letcher Fiscal Court for getting some funds for an animal shelter to be built here. It should have been done many years ago. People do not understand the cost of such a building. Three-hundred thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket. I am sure the same people who do not have anything better to do than gripe about things our county is trying to help build are the same ones that gripe about the stray animals running around. Good Lord, people, get a life. Someone is trying to do good for our county.

Chickens are evil.

I really do not understand why you people whine and cry about people taking pain pills. Yes, people take them. Some people really do need them and the rest are just looking to feel better. Just be happy you don’t have people smoking methamphetamine. I would much rather be around people who take pain pills than lying, stealing, cheating meth addicts.

Copper man, I wish to goodness that you would hush your mouth about 500 pounds of copper. If that’s all you ever lost, my friend, you are a very fortunate person. So hush about it.

The separation of religion and government may be proper, but religion still provides good guidelines. UNITE’s image should be squeaky clean. Someone breaking the laws of God should not be allowed to work for UNITE.

To a certain lady who works in a certain dental office: No, everyone doesn’t like ‘I Love Lucy’, and that was the most rude thing that’s ever happened to me or anyone else who was sitting in that waiting room that day. Thank you.

To a certain woman who walks around with her head so high in the air: Lady, you need to drop your head down to your knees so people won’t know who you are. A woman who would have little twin girls and give them away is very low. At least your son thought enough of his sisters to locate them and go visit them. By the way, they look just like you. Shame on you.

There was what seemed to be a well-founded report going around about improper interference with a grand jury, includ- ing the replacement of one of the members. Does anyone know what, if anything, was done about that?

I am writing about the CATS testing results just released for the schools. I cannot believe Jenkins Independent was listed in the Lexington Herald-Leader as one of the bottom ten schools in Kentucky. Jenkins used to be one of the best schools around. The kids need and deserve a good education. There definitely is something wrong, and changes need to be made for our children. I also checked the kentucky.com web site to see how Letcher County schools scored. Letcher County Central High School did not pass, either. The only school in Letcher County that scored good was Martha Jane Potter, and if you checked the surrounding county schools on the web site several schools scored higher than Martha Jane Potter.

Last night I stayed all night with a family member who was very sick at the Whitesburg hospital. I am a diabetic. This morning I needed some breakfast as my sugar was giving me problems. I went to the hospital cafe to get something to eat. I saw several workers with trays of food. When I went to get something to eat I was told breakfast was not for visitors. They told me they were only feeding the nurses who came in to work from out of town replacing the RN’s on strike. I explained I was a diabetic, but was told the rule was they could only feed the nurses. I didn’t have a car to go out to any of the restaurants. One of the other women I knew had worked there a long time told me the visitors and employees could not get breakfast – not even if they wanted to buy it – but the out of town workers were being fed free. I think it is a shame they treat these out of town people better than the employees and visitors. Another worker told me later on today they were told if they stopped at the picket line they would be fired. They even said they were told they could not put a sticker supporting the strikers on their personal vehicle without getting fired. I used to want to work there because I know they pay well, but it doesn’t seem fair that they can tell you what to do when you are not working or what you can do with a truck or car you paid for yourself. I thought we lived in a free country. Since when can an employer tell you what to do after you leave work as long as you are not breaking the law? I didn’t understand until talking to some of the workers there today why they had a strike in the spring and why the other union of nurses is on strike now. Spend one day there and see how the employees are treated and you will also understand.

When it comes to mining – deep mining or strip mining – there have always been elements that can cause accidents, from rock slides to mud slides to water contamination. The list could go on and on. It seems the folks at Frazier Creek in Perry County on Route 1146 have wanted to take Frazier Creek Coal, which is owned by Trinity Coal Partners of Milton, West Virginia, to task. They say they have had enough of the water truck bringing debris onto the highway and running the truck down the middle of the road. The folks have taken this to the grand jury and gotten an indictment. Has there ever been a time when a coal company has been taken on by a grand jury in Letcher County?


The picture of the coal train and bridge near Kite was very nice. What was even nicer was the fact I had to get out and take some notes on that. I went over and got out my eastern Kentucky coal video which has Kite in it. I put it in the VCR and looked through it and saw the picture of the old building there. They have not done much with that building in the last 16 years. That’s why it still looks that way, I guess. Shame on the folks at Kite. That is a beautiful place to take pictures, and that building should be cleaned up.

To a certain woman: You haven’t listened well, huh? We are watching and taking notes. We are learning more every day. You took your children away from their home – uprooted them from everything they know – all because someone paid some attention to you. You went back and forth between your men trying to decide which one does you better, ignoring the fact that you are being used and talked about like a sleaze. That probably does make you a sleaze. You sacrificed your children’s home for a new thrill. Which is more stupid, you or those married and taken men? But, I guess it is a fun game. It will come back to haunt you. You can take that to the bank.

When the fiscal court promised to give ARH $100,000, the ARH administrator talked about how fine they were going to treat their employees. Now that the nurses are on strike because ARH won’t offer them a fair contract, ARH is feeding their scab workers free while they make the USW workers pay for their meals. They have advertised for permanent scab workers to replace nurses who have dedicated years of their lives to the hospital. Is this what they mean by good treatment? Is this what they mean by fair? I hope the court hasn’t given the money to ARH yet so the magistrates and county judge can rethink their decision. Obviously ARH never meant to treat their employees well when they treat their scabs better. Scabs are the lowest form of humanity, except for a union member who voluntarily crosses a picket line to scab. The court does not have to deliver the $100,000 to ARH.

In reference to a recent comment about RICO in Speak Your Piece: Anyone wishing precise information on this subject should go to Internet site http:// www.gambling-law-us.com/ Federal-Laws/rico.htm. RICO has been used before in this county with considerable success.

In watching the political ads and political scandals on the news, it occurs that the life of a crooked politician must not be a very satisfactory one. They have very little control of their fate. They may get through life without getting caught but probably never have any peace of mind. They have to know that even if they aren’t caught and exposed that any of their many crooked associates may be caught, and that the next step in that process is deal-making and fingerpointing, and that the fingers will probably be pointing at them. There is truly no honor among thieves. Another factor that probably weighs heavily on the minds of these criminals is that they likely know a tremendous amount about their misdeeds that causes them to have to constantly review what others may know and what is likely to be uncovered. There is also the consideration of social disgrace that is a certainty if they are exposed. In the last big political scandal in Letcher County I do not remember that anyone was imprisoned, but I think they all came to tragic ends. Political office does not seem to be a real wise choice for crooks because of the fishbowl existence and the much greater chance of criminal discovery.

This comment is in response to the person who made the comment about how irresponsible the fiscal court is for giving money to build an animal shelter: The irresponsible people are the people of the county who don’t have their animals fixed or give them proper medical care. For decades Letcher County has been paying Perry County $15,000 a year to kill the animals that are picked up on the side of the road. The county has put the responsibility on other counties, animal rescue groups, and former residents to handle the out-of-control animal population. It is about time we have a fiscal court that has acknowledged the county’s problem and has made a step in the right direction. We have a responsibility to take care of things that cannot take care of themselves. Our children have nice county schools, government housing, welfare and Medicaid. The elderly have Medicare, senior citizen centers, nursing homes and health care. Ask yourself what animals have in Letcher County? Having a shelter will cut down on people shooting the dogs, cutting their throats, and leaving them on the roadside. They will be able to drop off the animals at an animal shelter instead of abusing them. Animals that are abandoned on the road end up starving to death, getting hit, or getting shot because they end up on someone’s property. These animals also form packs in the mountains and become a health threat to our other animals and livestock. They carry diseases and can infect healthy animals and get them pregnant, creating even more animals born to die. If Letcher County wants to be a place for tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, then it needs to clean up the garbage starting with the poor animals littered all over the county. Nobody wants to go listen to music on the top of a mountain only to hear the cries of homeless dogs in the background. Nobody wants to come take pictures of the beautiful trees and fall foliage to look down and see a pregnant female dog eating garbage on the side of the road. Everyone wants to turn the other cheek and pretend they don’t see what their neighbors are doing in fear of causing trouble. Ask yourself what Jesus would do if He saw a poor animal starving and tied up. Would He turn the other cheek and not help what he created? Studies show that people who abuse and neglect animals abuse and neglect people as well. And believe me, I am speaking from experience. That’s why I cut the chain and ran as far away as I could go. I only wish I could give that same freedom to all the animals living there chained up their entire lives. It is the first responsible decision for the animals the county government has made, so stand up as a community and support what you get and quit complaining about it.

To a guy in Jenkins: Did you know you’re the fourth man to be done the way your wife has done you? You are the fourth man she has done this to. I don’t see what you’ve seen in her from the start. If you ever take her back you’re stupid. Quit moping around like you care about her. She’s not worth two cents.

The state and the Letcher County Fiscal Court have put a huge amount of money into the old Jenkins High School, and there is apparently a lot more needed. People who are knowledgeable about a government, industrial, or business siting say that there will never be more than a small fraction of this money recovered after the project is completed. There is very little parking, and it is in an unattractive area. Anyone wanting to move into this area would choose the industrial park instead. The fiscal court has also provided a large amount of money to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital, and is also promoting and funding an amphitheater. Anyone familiar with this type of production or entertainment knows that it no longer has any appeal to the general public. The most famous amphitheaters and outdoor dramas were closed 40 or 50 years ago, at the same time as drive-in theaters. Television made them obsolete. Largescreen TVs with professionally produced programs, along with venues like the Mountain Arts Center or the Pikeville Expo Center, provide more than enough opportunity for entertainment. It’s unlikely that the amphitheater we’re putting county money into will produce enough income to pay for its utilities and maintenance, much less make a profit. The fiscal court also is also funding a $300,000 animal center in an area in which most of the residents don’t have sewer or water service, and there are urgent health needs. The fiscal court members apparently just entertain these requests from the audience and then vote on them with no consideration of research or expert opinions. We need long-term planning about where to put our scarce money to get the best outcome, and citizens are going to have to force more responsibility on our government and require them, when they are ignorant of a subject, to get some expert advice rather than voting on a whim.

Well if you ask me, Kentucky is as good as gone. We have one governor candidate that is asking for failure by approving casinos and the other is a crook. I just won’t vote.

Concerning the strike at Whitesburg and all the other ARH facilities: From my experience, 90 percent of your primary care comes from your LPN’s. The RN’s do most of the paperwork. LPN’s don’t make close to what the RN’s make. an increase in pay. And I don’t feel sorry for the RN’s. Like I said, the LPN’s do the majority of the work. Just ask any patient who has been in a hospital.

To a certain girl who lives in the housing project in Whitesburg: I have never said anything to your face that would hurt your feelings. I don’t even know you that well. I just thought you should know that your boyfriend is calling his ex-girlfriend behind your back. He’s doing the same thing to you that he did to her. Just thought you should know.

Well excuse me. You need to get a sense of humor.

To someone who is depressed and actually having a hard time in life: I told you before that I am tired of picking up on your distress signals. You’re not happy. Your life is not fulfilled. You are not going to be happy until you find it. There are a million ways to find it, but until you can fulfill yourself you are never going to be happy. You can horde up your money, but I don’t think you can take it with you. There are a million ways you can do good without going broke. One way is if you find a church that gets involved with its youth. You can buy stuff for them. You can buy stuff and take it to the old-folks’ home. A lot of those people have no one who cares. You can take gifts to the hospital. You can do a lot without even spending money if money means that much to you. And it does. Make peace with some people you have angered. You know who they are.

The nurses are on strike again at the hospital. Here they are again standing beside the road waving and smiling. When they were on strike before I would wave back at them and blow my horn. But when my child got sick and the night clinic was shut down I really got angry. You know what? Nobody knows why you all are striking again this time? Why don’t you buy an advertisment in the paper and tell everybody why you are striking? The hospital is one of the most important parts of our community. Our community is what holds us together. I don’t want you to have a bad impression of me, but I think you need to get your behinds back to work unless ARH is really doing you wrong. From what I understand, you have really good health care and other benefits. People are sick and they have to have care and attention. This is not a game. I’m not cheering you on this time. People’s lives are at stake.

(The nurses who are now striking against Appalachian Regional Healthcare are registered nurses who belong to the Kentucky Nurses Association. They work under a different contract – which expired on October 1 – than do the licensed practical nurses (LPN’s) and other hospital employees who were on strike for three weeks last spring. The employees who were picketing in April belong to the United Steelworkers union.)

I hate that stupid beeper at the end of the minute, but I guess you have to get our mouths shut somehow.

Dear Appalachian citizens: I am not a nurse, but I’m married to one. First of all, when ARH says patient care is their top priority they are not being truthful.

Patient money and their insurance

~ Therefore, I think the RN’s deserve a pay cut or the
LPN’s deserve
is their top priority. I’ve seen my wife come home after Las Penas working 14 to 16 hours straight. If
patient care were a priority they wouldn’t allow someone that tired to be in
charge of patients and medications. I don’t want someone like that taking care
of me and my family. They’re overworked and understaffed. ARH wants to make it
even worse. They want them to take care of even more patients per nurse and hold
them responsible for any bedsores they may get. So no one could sue ARH; it
would be a nurse sued. Sometimes a patient may have many nurses before their
release. Which one would get sued? They also want to take away their seniority.
And let me tell you about that ‘free’ health care they claim to give them. It’s
taken out of each payday and they plan to take out even more. Also, there’s the
‘free’ co-payment. Well, we still get medical bills, only now they call it a
deductible. Does that sound ‘free’ to you people? Oh yeah, there’s the need to
cut back because of high costs and ‘things’ are hard. What about cutting back on
the high salaries paid to the ARH officials? Then there’s the New York law firm
they hired about two years ago when they decided they were going to break their
contract then, and the cost of the ‘scabs’ they are now paying at $50 an hour,
some probably more than that. They’re offering a two- or three-percent pay
increase and that ‘free’ health care goes up right along with it. These are the
people who are going to decide on your families’ health care if this union falls
and that is what they are really after. The big joke is they offered the nurses
$500 each if they would sign their contract when they still owe some of them, my
wife included, $4,000 from two years ago when they broke their contract then.
They’ve been ordered to pay it back three different times and ARH just ‘thumbs’
their noses at the judge and the court system. It means nothing to them. What is
really the most despicable thing about ARH is their absolute disrespect for
their RN’s and other medical staff. Without the RN’s and medical personnel,
there wouldn’t even be an ARH. They must think the people here in the
Appalachian Mountains are complete blubbering idiots. So, support the RN’s and don’t let another big corporation win.

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