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To a certain girl: I hope you are a firm believer in karma, because it will come back on you.

. I was at the hospital for three days this month and my room only got cleaned one time. Every time the trash got taken out the nurses had to do it. I feel sorry for the nurses at the Whitesburg hospital, because evidently they have to do housekeeping work as well as nursing duties.

. Phone lady needs to quit being a mockingbird and telling everything she hears me say on the telephone.

. I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.

. The Board of Education truant officer needs to do a better job. There is a family that sends their kids to school maybe one or two days a week. Check on this please. This is our tax money in progress.

. I wanted to tell a certain preacher in Jenkins to back off and be cool there.

. We would like to wish our mother a happy birthday. We love you, Mom. From your daughters Megan, Destiny and Skylar.

. To the people who put your noses in other people’s business: Mind your own business and keep your nose to yourself. Quit calling and reporting people.

. I’m 65 years old and I can get a job anytime I want it back in the coal mines. I look all around me at all the construction going on in Whitesburg and Neon. If there is any unemployment it is because the people choose not to get a job and go to work. Don’t blame Obama. These people lying around here wanting food stamps and welfare, that is not Obama’s fault. And by the way, I am white.

. Hey punk. You’d learn within about 10 seconds of jerking out the butcher knife that you don’t bring a butcher knife to a gunfight.

. To a man who lives on a hill and drives a Jeep: I love you very much and I wish you would contact me. I love you.

. I think the game warden ought to get over here on Franks Creek at Eolia and check out this certain little fellow that is killing too many deer and just dumping them on Black Mountain. I saw him dump a deer on my way home from work the other day.

. I am a retired coal miner. I am 76 years old, and people

talk about us misusing funds. I draw Social Security and I draw my retirement. I worked 50-some years in the coal mines. I see these people who draw SSI and from programs funded by our tax dollars while my kids are working in the mines and paying their bills. I have seen people cutting grass at cemeteries and they still are able to draw a disability check. They are making more money than what is in my retirement. What is breaking our country is people who are defrauding SSI and are working every day. This needs to be looked into.

. I think it is a shame that you can’t take your child to the park in Whitesburg because the grass is so high you are afraid a mountain lion will jump out of the brush and attack your child. Isn’t that what the jailbirds for? Get someone down there to mow that grass. It is making our city look bad.

. Brother, I hope how soon you get to come home because I want you to do a big favor. I am sure you will want to do it once you hear about it.

. Are mother and daughter dating the same man?

. Guess who was driving Grandma’s Jeep the other day?

. All I have to say is it really takes a year to plan this Mountain Heritage Festival? (You could volunteer to help and see for yourself.)

. I would like to wish Tracy Deaton a happy birthday on Friday, September 23. I love you, Tracy.

. If you haven’t read the story on the internet about Scott Howard, a coal miner who stands up for what’s right, then you should. Mr. Howard is a man’s man, and this county needs more like him and fewer company sucks. If The Mountain Eagle will print it, here’s the link to the story: www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/14/ charles-scott-howardwhistleblower_n_960180. html.

. To the people at Slick Rock who burn items every day: I’m going in the house right now to call the EPA to see what we can get done about this. I’m sick of it.

. If the Lord sent you an angel like He did me, you wouldn’t be worried and you wouldn’t be calling.

. I won’t dignify your little shove it message with a response, but if I did it would be shove it where? Up yours? Is that perfectly clear? Have a nice day.

To a certain person: How does it feel to know you’re the one to cause a child to quit school?

. After reading the account of the City of Whitesburg’s financial problems with Veolia, it is apparent that the usual sources of rescue — state and federal government — are out of the game. So the solution is apparent. It is time the current restaurant only status of Whitesburg be revised to allow the sale of liquor in package and beer and wine in grocery stores. The benefits already realized from alcohol sales in restaurants have been good for the city, but we need more and there are few alternatives. You know you’re behind the times when you can buy a six-pack of beer in Manchester but not in Whitesburg.

. Over and over and over they have shown those Twin Towers going down. Can you imagine what that does to the families of those people whose loved ones were in those towers when they still will not show the picture of Osama bin Laden being killed? I think they ought to show it every day for the next six months for the people whose loved ones were killed. Show it.

. Water has been running across the road on the hill on the Little Colley side on Sandlick Gap all summer whether it is wet or dry. The state road department needs to fix it before winter. If you guys don’t get out of your trucks and do some work, your jobs will be contracted out like all others and you will not be working, but lying around for less money. You need to get that water off those roads before it causes a lot of wrecks.

. A religious person should go with the fruits of the spirit wherever they go. Some of the fruits of the spirit are longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, temperance, etc., as in Galatians Chapter 5. It is evident that these fruits are left hanging outside like an old worn out overcoat when certain religious leaders gather yearly for a group of church business meetings. It seems that these leaders have forgotten the fruits and the entire reason for going to church as well.

. This is to a guy from Harlan County who did work in Virginia: You won’t be living in that house where you are residing when your wife figures it out that everyone is talking about you using your company truck and company time to meet your girlfriends.

. I have ridden in many small towns such as Evarts and have ridden on city, county and state roadways in several states without having any problems, because these places were ATV friendly. Apparently the difference between friendly and legal is not comprehensible to some folks. No one would suggest that Neon move to make it legal to ride an ATV on state highways. No one asks that it be legal to ride an ATV on city streets. All we ask is for you folks to be friendly. What is so hard about this? Could it be that some have been unfriendly for so long they cannot change? During Neon Days many ATVs were in town, on city streets and state roads with no problems. So why not see things this way when it is not Neon Days? As far as ATVs at night, Council Member Furby is correct, they should have lights visible in front and back for everyone’s safety. Those are not ATV riders, however, those are people just riding on a four-wheeler and they should be stopped and the situation addressed then. A lot of us enjoy riding our ATVs on the trails, but at times it is necessary to come into town for gas, food or other supplies. If a person is intentionally riding in a reckless manner such as speeding or just plain acting stupid, then I agree they should be stopped. Why would it be so difficult for the city government to just be friendly? It is that simple. No need for an ordinance; just less ignorance. We have become the most disliked area in eastern Kentucky only because our city has police officers that are just downright rude, have a chip on their shoulder, or are jealous of ATV owners. Has this country gotten so bad that we need to pass laws to just be friendly?

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