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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my Mountain Eagle and saw that long list of deadbeat dads and deadbeat mothers that owe a total of about $ 4.5 million in overdue child support. Thank you, County Attorney Jamie Hatton, for bringing this to our attention. This is one of the best things that has ever been put in the paper so the public can see what is going on. Keep up the good work, Mr. Hatton, and please let us know through The Eagle when you actually do ‘turn up the heat’ on these sorry deadbeat pieces of scum who would rob their own children. I just don’t understand how these filthy scumbags have gotten by with owing so much money for so long.

. To the person at Colson that is making changes to property, including adding a fence on September 18 to property they have not proven they own: You do realize it is against Kentucky law to make any changes to property that is in dispute, don’t you? Photos have been taken and a security camera has been added to watch the property and its visitors.

. Kentucky Power is not a good corporate citizen. Beware of a huge increase in your electric bill. The Lords of Kilowatt are making claims of needed monies to convert their plants to natural gas. Therefore, coal miners will lose their source of income while the AEP fat cats of Columbus, Ohio enjoy large salary increases. Our county judges, along with the county attorneys, can fight the greedy Lords of Watt by legal means. If they don’t vehemently protest the increase, they should be removed from office. Kentucky Power says pay us first, and if there is anything left in your pension or wages you can purchase food. The power company is comparable to the absentee coal owners of years ago. Now the coal companies are good neighbors that care about their workers and citizens. The power company has taken a back seat in being a good corporate citizen and a front seat in a declaration of war upon its rate payers. And they don’t give a damn if you eat.

. The law of no health services has stood the test of time. Now people want to change the law to make it more like New York’s. People who can’t psychotropic medicine would be forcibly medicated. This would be the result of lack of money for quality mental health services. People who can afford to pay would be denied services and then

when the mental illness gets bad would be subject to forced treatment against their will. It’s kind of like a cart without a horse.

. I noticed that the lights in the parking lot at Whitesburg Plaza Shopping Center were not on the other night. I think they are asking for trouble by not turning them on.

. Everybody knows that Grandma has only one friend, and that is her young lover. He won’t be her friend when his wife finds out what is going on between the two of them.

. Dear Mitch Barnhart: Thanks for turning the University of Kentucky into a Joker of a football team. Things haven’t been this bad since John Ray was coach and the Wildcats were getting beat regularly by such powerhouses as Ohio University.

. To the people who left the church because of the homosexuality issue: You should be concerned about all the promiscuous sex in the church. Scripture says non-virgin brides should be stoned to death.

. Now I can see why everyone sends their kids to Whitesburg and Letcher to play sports instead of Jenkins. I can’t blame them much. At least at Letcher you have certified coaches. I am not saying certified makes them better, but at least these people do work for the school system. Congrats to Letcher for at least hiring teachers to be coaches also.

. To the person who wants to see pictures of Osama bin Laden being killed: Fact is, it never really happened. There is inside information that he died years ago of kidney failure and he wasn’t really responsible for 9/11. Our own government was. Wake up. (That’s a wild statement to be making. Care to share the source of your information with the rest of us?)

. I notice the pothole in Highway 119 at Ermine just keeps getting bigger. Are there any plans to fix it before winter? After all, it’s less than a mile from the state highway garage. Another one that needs fixed is the even deeper pothole on the road beside the monument place at Mayking.

. I’d like to say hello to a friend of mine in Ashland. I love you, baby.

. I’m sending this to Speak Your Piece as a tip of the cap to Whitesburg’s

new police chief, Tyrone Fields, and his fellow police officers for the great job they did during the Mountain Heritage Festival. Thanks guys.

. To a certain woman: When are you going to figure out it is your husband they are talking about meeting his girlfriends in the company truck. You are supposed to be good with figures.

. The guy who owns a fancy jewelry store shouldn’t hang up fancy mounted butterflies if he isn’t going to sell them, especially the blue morpho.

. To the woman who stopped at my yard sale: If you let me know what the item was that you paid for and left at the yard sale, I will deliver it to you.

. To a certain woman: Everyone knows you are telling lies on your ex-husband and people are getting tired of it. Most people know you are bi-polar.

. Google the article ‘Super sports medicine.’ It has a lot of good information, especially check out trans normal magnesium therapy. Of course, this isn’t just for sports, but the information on here is right for male and female athletes. Dr. Mark Circus has a lot of good information. Go to his blog. Just Google that.

. Betty L. Baker, how do you live with yourself knowing that you are cheating your children and the taxpayers out of $38,359 in delinquent child support? I don’t even know you, but I read your name on that list in The Mountain Eagle and can’t believe a woman could owe that much money in back child support. What happened that you aren’t raising those kids in your home and having a man pay your child support? This same question goes for all you other women whose names are on this list. How do women just throw their children to the side and then refuse to help pay to support them? I hope the county attorney’s office lists addresses with the names they next time they run this list. For instance, I see that David B. Baker owes $30,358. Is he related to Betty L. Baker? How has someone by the name of Rufus Fields been allowed to build up to where he owes more than $99,000 in back child support? It’s about time the public is learning what’s going on in our county. Keep up the good work, Jamie Hatton. We all back you in your efforts

to collect this money. I am shocked by the names and amounts I saw on that list.

. I would just like to thank ANA Baits for putting on the fishing tournament. My children had a great time. I just wanted to thank you all for doing that. The kids really did have a great time. Thanks for the prizes. He won one. Again, thank you.

. To the person who called in about the ATV riders in Neon: As long as you have a mayor who approves of their rudeness, cockiness and the chips they carry on their shoulders, there will be no change. Councilman Furby and Mayor Polis back them even when they know they are wrong. I’ve seen it before and, trust me, this will come back to bite the City of Neon. Karma will come back to bite you in the end.

. This is to Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward: My wife and I have driven twice to a senior citizens center this week that has been closed. You thought you had put better down there. We want our center back. As far as that main building goes, clean it out and this county would be better off.

. To the nice lady that I met in the Food City parking lot the other day and we talked some: You said you liked my old car. I was just wondering if you are married.

. You will be forever in my heart. I love you, and you are my angel.

. I would like to know when Alpha is going to put its name and number of the side of its white Ford truck so the guy would not be using it for meeting his girlfriends and for his personal uses. Could somebody give me a number to call or an address so I can send them pictures of the guy who is doing it? This is the only way that this kind of behavior is going to stop. Whoever his boss is in Virginia or Cumberland must not know it is going on or just doesn’t care.

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