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Congratulations to the superintendent and members of the Jenkins Independent Board of Education for meeting seven of 10 No Child Left Behind goals. Also, congratulations for being the seventh-lowest performing district in the state.

. Does anyone have any information about what a house renter’s rights are? I need some information about whether the landowner needs to supply heat, air, water, etc. If anyone has any information, please reply in next week’s Speak Your Piece.

. We have several good fast food restaurants to eat in around here. I wish twe could also get some good local restaurants where you go in and sit down and have nice meals in the evening. I went to one local restaurant to place an order recently and they were out of corn and mashed potatoes, and that was only for the roast beef split. I went a few days later and they were still out of corn. We need better restaurants to eat in, because sometimes you don’t just want to go to the fast food places. If we had some sit down restaurants we would be in good shape. Maybe if they put a mall in at Jenkins we would get some good restaurants. Letcher County needs that.

. I’m a citizen of Letcher County who is concerned about our football program at Letcher. … Why do we keep hanging on to a coach who has not won anything since he has been here? … He hasn’t won anything and it seems like we are going backward. …

. I don’t know if I want to join that Cabbage Patch club that meets at the McRoberts Community Center and play cards with them or not. They call them the Cabbage Patch boys. To me, that is where the stalk won’t hold the head. I just don’t want to join them. They meet on Friday nights. Cabbage boys, I wish you good luck.

. I just returned to Ohio after spending about a month with family in Jenkins. I went to a couple of Jenkins High School football games and I just wonder why some of the players don’t get recognized. I went to a couple of games and he blows the other teams away with all of those touchdowns. I hope you can print this. I’d like to know why there is no coverage in The Mountain Eagle about it or I don’t hear anything about it. What’s up with that?

. Does it bother Grandma that everyone knows she is robbing the cradle with a married man?

. I just pulled out of the drive-thru of a certain pharmacy. I am amazed every time I go there. They are very quick on getting your medicine, but the people in front of me were so inconsiderate. This woman was out of her vehicle in the drive-thru pharmacy getting her medicine through the window and put her medicine in

her car in the back seat after she stood there and read the label on it. Then she proceeded to answer her cell phone and then got in her car and proceeded to pull out. Really, we are adults. Can you please be a little bit more respectful when you use the drive-thru pharmacy or the drive-thru anywhere for that matter?

. First, I would like to thank you to Speak Your Piece for printing my controversial statement, but the fact is I don’t have enough time on here. Sixty seconds doesn’t allow me much time to give you enough information to change your mind. The fact is I love America, but like all governments eventually do it is becoming very corrupt. And there are heaps and heaps of evidence to support what I am talking about to anybody who wants to look hard enough. Anybody who believes that America successfully defended itself for over 20 years against the Soviet Union from terrorist attacks and then four dirty people with box cutters can get through and do that kind of damage on 9/11/01 is just not looking at all of the evidence. There is also the structural evidence; the way building was made it simply would not have fallen like that with the planes hitting it. There were other devices placed inside. And there are many other reasons, but I am running out of time. Thank you for Speak Your Piece. There is tons of evidence to support that Osama bin Laden’s kidneys were failing throughout much of his life and they were about gone. There is no way to keep the machines and the stuff necessary to keep your kidneys going when you are hiding in a cave. Osama bin Laden was dead long ago and our government is telling us lies. People should not be puppets and believe everything they are told. ( With all due respect, couldn’t it also be said that people also shouldn’t believe every conspiracy theory that appears on the Internet?)

. The administration of the Jenkins Schools needs to quit skewing their test results and trying to convince people that the district has had tremendous academic growth. In reality, the district has failed to make Average Yearly Progress for two years. During the six previous years, the district made AYP.

. Everyone always complains about the drug addicts and the drunks and kids riding their four-wheelers when there is nothing else to do. I wish this county would put some money up and build stuff for young people to do like movie theaters, game rooms, etc., and maybe we wouldn’t have this much partying going on.

. If you live in the City of Whitesburg and you feel like your life is in danger and need help, call state police and they will tell you they’ll call the city police for you because you live in the city limits. If you call the sheriff ’s department, they will tell

you they will call the city police for you because you live in city limits. All we have down here in the city police are little, skinny, frail, sickly looking girls and little, tiny boys. They are a bunch of children. So if you feel like your life is in danger and you have an emergency, all I know to tell you to do is keep your gun loaded because, brother, we are on our own.

. To a certain person: I don’t know why you won’t call me. I guess you think I am still with him, but I am not. That only lasted a couple of days after you first found out about it. I want to see you. I want to be with you. I love you. You said always and forever. Remember because I remember. Contact me. I love you.

. I hear Bill Meade’s wife has had a couple strokes lately. Sorry to hear that. I read in The Mountain Eagle that Dorothy Miles on Big Cowan had a heart attack recently. Also was told Darrell Banks, Town Hill Road, had to have an operation. That’s all very serious happenings. I do hope you all have a speedy recovery and get well soon. I also hope only the best results for Hazel Rayburn. Please print this, okay? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. This is the person who called in asking why they didn’t show pictures of Osama bin Laden being killed. I got a response from a supposedly intelligent reader saying bin Laden had been killed years ago. I don’t believe that. I would answer you back, but Speak Your Piece gave you such a good rebuttal on asking you about your source that I won’t insult myself by even answering you. Thank you, Speak Your Piece.

. If you live in Letcher County and are going to purchase carpet or vinyl floor covering, I suggest you go somewhere where they have professionally trained and bonded installers. Otherwise you could end up paying a lot of money. I learned my lesson the hard way.

. If Jesus were out there walking on the side of the road, would you go on past him too?

. What’s the latest on the proposed school closings in Letcher County? Has anybody heard for sure which elementary schools will be closed?

. Check out the Internet blog by the dude who calls himself The Thoughtful Coal Miner. It’s at www.thethoughtfulcoalminer.com. This dude knows what he’s talking about.

. Hey, bikers. Don’t forget that Bike Night will be held on Main Street in Whitesburg this coming Saturday night (October 8) from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Let’s all get out and support this family-friendly event. Thank you.

. I just want to let everyone know I am a football mom to the heart and I miss Hillard Howard.

. To a certain person: What’s up, bro? I agree with you 100 percent about Jerome Boggs. I think they should lock him up and throw away the key, just like they should to anyone else that hurts a young child. But you need to man up and tell everybody what is up with you and how many years you spent in prison and all of the crimes you committed. Man up, bro.

. To a certain person: Just because you are chaplain for the City does not make you chief of police. But keep trying, pastor, keep trying. I saw you trying to squeeze into a picture in the newspaper. Keep trying. Maybe one of these days you will make the front page.

. My sister’s god is money. That is all she thinks about. If she doesn’t stop calling me and aggravating me and raising my blood pressure I am going to call her son and tell him what an old biddy she has become. She is becoming our mother. So, sister, lay off. I don’t want to hear from you any more.

. A few months ago I said to remember the name Herman Cain. Well, he just beat out Ron Paul and Rick Perry in the recent Florida straw poll. He is not a politician. He is great in finances. And I don’t care if he is black. He is a black conservative. I don’t care if he is black, white, green, yellow or polka dotted. We need someone to get us out of this mess America is in.

. I am just curious to know how a woman can run a child over with her vehicle, leave the scene and not even get in trouble for it. She got out of jail scot-free.

. Hey Shorty. I told you better days were coming, didn’t I? Well, how about the weekend? This is just a snapshot of what our life together will be in a very short time. If there was any doubt in your mind, I bet it’s gone now. You know I love you; I’ve told you a hundred times already. So put on that old T-shirt and those shorts and let’s drink some apple juice and watch the moon shine. Going once, going twice … sold to a good man!

. To a certain person: My heart is full of love for you always. You are my angel.

. If you are smart you won’t work for Linda C. I did a big job for her and she has yet to pay her bill.

. I read where a coal operator said that coal miners shouldn’t be blamed for accidents. He’s right. Coal companies should be blamed. When I worked in the mines I was given no choice but to take chances. A mining inspector one time tried to bet me if I kept on doing what I was doing I would get hurt. Many times the company openly violated good since safety practices. I often didn’t sleep well because I had nightmares of near injury situations. The section foreman would often have us do things that scared us.

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