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I have been watching the Jenkins City Council meeting on the Letcher County Government Channel. It looks to me like someone left the gate unlocked at the funny farm and one of their deranged clients escaped.

. I want to wish my nephew, Jimmy Lee Blair of Chavies, a big happy birthday. We call him Bo Bo.

. I’m calling Speak Your Piece to talk about the Letcher County Central football team. I’m very disappointed in our coach and the way the program is being run. I feel that these boys are being let down. I feel there are changes that need to be made to ensure this program is a success. The administration and board of education of Letcher County need to get together and get a coach in here who really cares for these young men. We have boys who are quitting every other week because they do not want to play for this coach. I think LCC needs to be brought back to the way Hillard Howard left it.

. When a certain woman made her bed with seven men when she was pregnant she should have had to lie in it.

. Everybody knows why Grandma is selling her home and why she has to go by her middle name.

. As a citizen of Jenkins, I would just like to let the rest of Letcher County know that Terry Braddock does not represent us well. We’re not happy with him. He will not be re-elected. He is really putting a black eye on our council, and I would pray that he would just go ahead and recuse himself from being a council member.

Why in the world would the people of eastern and southeastern Kentucky vote for Steve Beshear for governor? He is a direct cause of your power bills going up. Vote for Gatewood Galbraith.

. My wife caught me in a lie about another woman and I lied to her about lying and convinced her of it. What do you all think about that? I’m good, aren’t I?

. The citizens of Letcher County build a recreation center with their taxes. If they want to use it, they have to pay. Seems like if they paid for having it built through taxes they would be able to use it without a fee. Something isn’t working right here. I believe I am about to blow a fuse trying to figure this one out. It may have something to do with greed or dirty politics.

. There is nothing wrong with having a new car, but it shouldn’t make you stuck up toward your friends.

. To a certain person: You are the sunshine of my life. You are in my heart forever. I love you and you are my angel.

. Friday night was magical. My husband and I were driving home from visiting Nashville, Tennessee and got WSM 6.50 AM on the radio. It was reruns of the Grand Ole Opry. Ernest Tubb sang ‘Let’s Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello,’ Roy Acuff sang, ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,’ and Floyd Kramer played ‘Last Date’ on the piano. We also listened to the comedy duo Minnie Pearl and Rod Brassfield. Many more songs played until we got home. For an older couple, this night was simply glorious.

. Some people never have time to return your phone calls, but they are most always on Facebook.

. To a certain person: I need you now.

. Everybody is wondering who the mystery angel is. This is getting as exciting as who shot J.R. Could you please help us solve this mystery?

. To a certain man: Are you the stupidest man in Letcher County? You took those little girls to court for trespassing on your property. They were looking for ghosts and then ran into the devil himself. I hope you sleep well at night. And Letcher District Judge Kevin Mullins, you are an idiot also. Talk about a lack of judgment.

. The bartender at the Whitesburg American Legion should be commander since she runs and knows everything. I know I won’t be back.

. I want to wish everybody a safe and happy Halloween. I can’t wait for the new recreation center to open in Whitesburg. It is going to be so nice, so beautiful and so pretty. It is so nice to see it coming along.

. Hey J.B., how’s life been treating you lately? Yeah, it’s rough being confined. Now imagine that. Have yourself a long, happy life pal. You’re right where you belong. Me, I think I’ll go take my little nephews fishing today, drink myself a good, cold beer, smoke one, do some grilling out, a couple of t-bones maybe some jumbo shrimp on the side. But I don’t guess you’ll ever see the good things in life again, and rightfully so. They ought to give you a moist piece of feces pie every day, topped off with a hot glass of decaffeinated urine, take your toothbrush away and let you smell like the work of art you are. I wish you could climb in the ring with me for a just about two minutes, punk. You are about the most disgusting human being that I have ever encountered. If I shed one more tear over the thought of little T.J., I will commit a felony just so I can come and dog-walk you buy the neck. Now there’s a fantastic thought for the day. I’ve got a couple of associated brothers headed into the Kentucky prison system, and they’re on a mission when it comes to a slug like you. When you walk you leave a slimy trail of scum behind you. Just so you’ll know, my friend, no one has forgotten and they will never. Keep an eye on those prison buses; you’ll have company one day and you can discuss this slight problem you have. I want to see you play killer around certain men. You don’t even have a clue. From the top of the ridge, the Kentucky Ridgerunner, A.B.

. According to a recent New York Times poll, 84 percent on Americans believe that 9/11 was a cover up. I spent hours researching this and 1,500 architects and engineers are challenging the U.S. government for a new investigation. Also, look at ‘Loose Change’ and ‘Last Man Out’. They are very thought provoking. Draw your own conclusion.

. Not too long ago families stuck together no matter what. When people call themselves a Christian they need to live up to the label to the best of their ability. Now people don’t care who they hurt, but later ask for forgiveness. Pay your own family attention. Maybe if you would you wouldn’t be a mamaw now because of your 15-year-old. Just leave other families alone. Be a mother to your own child and not someone else’s.

. This is in response to the comment concerning the pastor and/or chaplain. First, I am not a pastor or a chaplain. I am a child of God that knows comments such as this are not of God. And whoever submitted this comment should repent and ask for forgiveness. The Bible says do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin, instead give yourselves completely to God. You were dead but now you have new life. We should support all pastors and our city chaplains. They are an important part of our county and God’s plan. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Have a blessed day.

. I looked up the word paranoia’ in the dictionary and it says, 1. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason. 2. Extreme, irrational distrust of others. Doesn’t that define the behavior of Jenkins City Councilman Terry Braddock?

. Is everybody associated with the Jenkins city government a bunch of devious, manipulative, conniving rogues and councilman Terry Braddock is a pretty bird?

. I’m calling to James the Chicken Man who calls the Dave Hammond Show every Thursday night. I really enjoy listening to you over the radio and I really enjoy the quotes you make. Keep it up, Chicken Man.

. Christian people have no business patronizing places that serve strong drink. You have to override your conscience in order to do this. You are fearing the wrong spirit. Christian people must set themselves

. To my ex-boyfriend who lives in Knott County: A year has passed since we have talked and I miss you more every day. I want my best friend back. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart. Please contact me. Love, Dew.

. Another week has passed without us seeing each other. I feel like my heart is about to explode with all the love I have for you? I can’t stand not touching your hand or kissing your face; it makes me sad without you close. I know we aren’t together because of our circumstances, but it is certainly hard to take. I never knew how much I could love, until I loved you. Let’s get this fixed as soon as we can so we can start our lives over together and never look back. I do love you Shorty. You’re my bookend.

. To my girls in LCJ, Apt. 109: I love and miss you all. Just a little something to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Love, B.

. To Alpha: We would like to know how you are going to stop the behavior of one of your bosses is meeting his girlfriends in the company truck and on company time. This guy also did this for the past five years with the other companies he worked for.

. As a parent and taxpayer in this county I would like to know why the school board meetings are not televised. All fiscal court meetings are televised on the county’s Government Channel for all the people to see, but not the

almighty school board. My family obligations prevent me from attending school board meetings, but I would truly like to know what goes on. I do not understand how they can air some of the programs they do and not their own meetings. Maybe they don’t want the public to know what they are doing or are about to do. It appears to me that there has to be some sort of under the table deals going on at these meetings because there is never any controversy of any kind. I read about their meetings in the paper and have noticed for several years that everything goes so smooth you would think they are following a script, unlike the fiscal court meetings where there seems to be constant disagreement, which is voiced during their meetings. I am sure the county’s Government Channel would be glad to air these meetings. One or the other should since everyone’s tax money is paying for both.

. Hey Letcher County, if you’re in the business of drugs, smile, you are on Candid Camera. Letcher County, do you have drug selling in or on your property or in phone calls to your family or your neighbor’s child? Well get mad. We have help in a high, high place, our Attorney General. Write those letters to: Office of the Attorney General, Capitol Suite 118, 700 Capitol Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601-3449, or fax: 502-564- 2897. Please, please, please fight for our children. Get those letters going. Thank you, and may God bless you and yours.

. Revival starting at Haymond, Monday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. each night. Pastor Freddie Bryant’s church. In charge, Paul Murphy. There will be several preachers there. Everyone is welcome. Do come? Please print this? Thank you, Stanley Pack.

. Would someone please contact the Fleming-Neon City Council and mayor and tell them to smile, that it doesn’t hurt and won’t cost them any money? There will be no need to contact either police officer with such a request, as their face would break. Seems the robber knew better than to ride an ATV through town as he would surely have been caught. In no way have the location of the city police been mentioned or if they are a part of the ongoing investigation. This city is so far behind it will never catch up. Think about this: On Main Street in downtown Fleming-Neon there is nowhere to buy a cup of coffee, no place to go inside to buy a soft drink or any type of snack, but we have ‘ATVinator’ on watch. The streets were thought to be destroyed and needed replaced. Guess what? They were only covered over with filth, and not one of this city’s administrators took the time to look. I once heard you sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. Yesterday has come and gone, and there is no tomorrow without today.

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