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To all citizens of the Burdine area: The U.S. Postal Service is considering closing the Burdine Post Office. The post office is on the review list to be closed. They are going to inform us at the community meeting that we will be able to receive our mail by route or by obtaining a post office box at the Jenkins Post Office. First of all, I absolutely do not trust receiving my mail on the route, and I do not want to rent a box at Jenkins. They are not handicapped- accessible, and I am elderly and cannot climb the stairs. The Burdine Post Office is very easy to access, and the employees are always very efficient and courteous. I always receive that personal touch that you can only get from a small post office in a rural area. You know that you’re going to get a smile and always get asked, ‘ How are you today?’ and the question is sincere. They listen to your answer and care. So please come and help save our post office. The meeting will be held Monday, October 240000000` at 7 p.m. at the Burdine Elementary School. A concerned citizen.

. Last week’s Mountain Eagle reported on two criminal cases involving theft. In one case, a man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for stealing $553 from a local motel. In the other case, a man plea-bargained to charges of stealing several hundred thousand dollars, some of it through government checks for disabled and mentally handicapped people. His acts resulted in 20-some people being relocated from a building that he allowed to become derelict. For his crimes, he was sentenced to two years and two days in prison. Lady Justice must be sobbing.

. I would like to comment about certain apartments. I used to be the maintenance man there. I would advise people not to rent them because they have mold all through them. He also charges $650 a month. Beware and take this warning.

. All I can say is that if you don’t want your mail being delivered from the Jenkins Post Office, you’d better go to the community meeting October 24 and stand up for our post office at Burdine. I have had a post office box for 30 years there, and do not want my mail being delivered on the route.

. To a certain person: My heart still aches with love for you and my secret tears still flow. No one will ever know. You are my angel and I love you.

. I think there should be law and order in all of Jenkins, not just on Lakeside where all the rich people live. Let’s have law and order for all parts of Jenkins.

. I just think it is a shame how the board of education gets on television and has to talk about how low grade our schools are. Well, news flash, I think it comes from you first and then it should go to the teachers. You talk about how no child is left behind. Hello. It’s your all’s fault our children

are very uneducated, because all you all want to do is stay on the cell phone and talk and text all day long. So take a very good look at yourself before you point fingers at the students being uneducated, because it starts with you first.

. To Shorty: What a wonderful weekend I had. It was so good to see you. I don’t have the words to describe how good I feel when I am with you. Who knew someone could reach into my heart and fix all that was ever wrong within me. You did it; you alone are responsible for all the warmth in me. My heart was cold until I met you. I was worth nothing to me or anyone else, and now I am smiling all the time. The renewal of my soul is all because of you, and your love. If God ever made a decision to help someone, it was I when He sent you. Let me just say that there will never be a moment that you won’t come first in my life, because you have changed this life into one that will be spent cherishing you and the love we share. I will love you always, my LLC.

. All of you people who are upset over losing your small post office might want to remember that your very own Congressman Hal Rogers could have stopped the closings and still can in some cases. Mr. Rogers is chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, which has major control over the U.S. Postal Service. When he speaks, the Postal Service listens. Let Mr. Rogers know how you feel. Write to The Honorable Harold Rogers, U. S. House of Representatives, Committee on Appropriations, H-307, The Capitol, Washington, DC 20515.

. I want to tell you something about oysters. I am 56 and I have eaten oysters my whole life, just barely steamed. The safest way to prepare oysters to eat is to put them on a grill and steam them just a bit. They are still raw and they are still good. If the shell does not open, don’t eat it. It means it is bad. This is a really good safety tip on oysters.

. In Patch Work last week you had an audio review with Merle Haggard. Everything is great with it except one little mistake. It says check out this track on the ballad “Sometimes I Dream.” Then it gets to the last line on the page and he counters the depression with a chorus that says coma and that is it. Could someone tell me if it is in the paper or could you finish it because it gets to the good part and stops. (The rest of the sentence is located at the top of the third column of the article above the photo of the album cover. It says, but he counters the depression with a chorus that says, ‘every once in a while, he fantasizes that somehow he could love again.’’)

. Grandma says seven guys threw her party when she was 18. I wonder if she still brags about it.

. Congratulations to Shane and Olivia on their wedding date. They have told everyone

that they truly love each other so very much. I know she loves him and he loves her. Congratulations to you guys and the best wishes. See you on your wedding day.

. As a citizen of Jenkins I would like to let everyone know that Terry Braddock is one of the better council members that we have on Jenkins. He has served several terms elected by the people of Jenkins. I think he needs to run for mayor of Jenkins. I think he would win.

. When Halloween gets here you will be able to tell where to trick-or-treat. You’ll see all the pumpkins, flowers and cornstalks on porches coming up Goose Creek. You won’t get treated though; you’ll have to buy your treats.

. To a certain person: Thanks for the gourd. Sorry, I missed you. I was just over the hill at my brother’s house. I wish you would have looked over there and seen me. Try again.

. Ridgerunner, we know you don’t like Jerome Boggs. We understand that, but you said something about getting in the ring with him. Well, Jerome Boggs is only about five feet, three inches tall and weighs about 100 pounds. That would be a mismatch, wouldn’t it? My point is we are asking you to man up. We want you to tell people how many years you spent in prison. Was it 20 or 25 years? And how many different crimes was it that you committed. Was it 10 or 15? Come on, bro. Man up. We need to know.

. I’d like to thank the man who kept me from having a bad fall in Food City a couple of weeks ago. Would you please leave your name and number at the store office? Also, thanks to the Food City employees for their kindness.

. To a certain girl in Neon who has been trying to fight me in front of my children and making terroristic threats against me: I’m not the one saying you have a disease. Your brother is the one that says you have the disease so take it up with him as soon as you can. Anyway, I believe in karma and you should, too. What goes around comes around. And karma is going to come around and bite you right on your big, fat behind. And baby, believe me it is coming soon and I don’t make threats.

. To last week’s caller: No, I don’t know everything. And no, I don’t want to be commander of this club, because I can’t be the commander. The only problem with some of you people is this place has been run wide open for so long. You came and went when you pleased. You did what you pleased. You never paid your dues. And there are other things some of you all have done. I put you out and I don’t regret it. So evidently I am doing my job. And no, I don’t know everything, but there are certain things I do not allow. I don’t care whether you come back or not. I pretty well know who put this in here. You are nothing but trouble. That’s all you are. You have a lot of problems and you need to deal with them. You are not going to deal with them up here.

Hey, Operation UNITE, I’d like to know when and if you are going to ever send people in to clean up the whole Eolia area from the drug dealers. It is horrible and something needs to be done soon.

. Congratulations to Black Mountain Resources for being number one in the nation in the mine rescue competition in Columbus, Ohio.

. A big thank you for the person who put the attorney general’s address, phone number and fax number in The Mountain Eagle. I’m sure they would love to see what I’ve got.

. The latest study about vitamins and minerals causing premature death is mind boggling. Every part of your body is controlled by vitamins and minerals. Every disease is immunodeficiency. The American people’s diet is so processed and so bombarded with chemicals. How can these be bad? I know how I feel with or without them. I can’t walk around without my vitamin and mineral supplements. Is there an agenda here? Yeah, they are trying to take our supplements and put them under the pharmacists’ control where you have to have a prescription. If you are too healthy, cut the profits.

. I applied for a job and I think it is a shame I was told I was red flagged because I answered questions how I truly feel. I was being honest. What do you want us to do, be crooked like the rest of them down there?

. I don’t know who ran over that black bear and killed it, but thank you. The Lord will bless you for that.

. I remember when my dad would go down to the post office at Burdine. He got his mail in a mailbox at home on the route at Jenkins. He wasn’t able to go up those steps in the front of the Jenkins Post Office. They told him he could go around back and up the ramp, but he wasn’t able. Dad was proud and liked doing his own business. He really enjoyed going to the Burdine Post Office. He could park and go straight in and get his money orders. The postmaster always filled them out for him, and he would wait and talk. Dad passed away a few months ago, and we miss him so much. But I will always be grateful to the ladies at Burdine for being so kind and considerate. It breaks my heart to think they might close the office now.

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