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To a certain person: You need to be up here working on putting my refrigerator in instead of going outside and blowing leaves all over the parking lot and getting cars all dirty. You need to be inside working on stuff.

. I can remember when my well had clear water instead of black water. I can remember when fish didn’t have mercury. A mining truck is turning in my drive way and has made it just abut impassable. Where is that fierce government regulation and the EPA when these things come to pass?

. Does anyone fail to think that their job is for everybody? If all these good jobs are around, where are they? When you get a guy in Mexico to work for 64 cents a day, how can an American worker compete? As you drive down the road, some places you see Mexicans picking up the trash and some places not. Do the Mexicans get paid as much as the other people who pick up the trash? When the Mexicans live 16 to an apartment, are their housing costs less than an American’s? Are we turning into a Third World nation?

. To the board of education: When does a secretary or a counselor have the right to suspend a child from school? I thought only principals could do this.

. It’s a shame how Letcher County Central High School has to have all the big shots from Whitesburg to play on the basketball team. Newsfl ash, your boys’ basketball team really sucks.

. Mr. President, you visited North Carolina recently and you came right up U.S. 321. You didn’t even slow down in the county where I live, Caldwell County, but that is alright because we know there is nothing you can promise us or do for us anyway. Even the illegal immigrants don’t stop here anymore because there are no jobs. You remind me of hot air. As a matter of fact there is nothing you could have said to encourage us, because nothing has been done about work and it is a shame. You are just hot air blowing in the wind. Have a nice day, sir, and God bless America.

. It’s getting pretty bad when you have to sleep with somebody’s kid to get a job.

. Well, everyone knows Grandma taught her little, young boyfriend in Sunday School and I guess now she is teaching him sex education.

. When my granddaughter got old enough to see the difference between her and her twin brother she told her mother that she wanted to use the bathroom the same way her twin brother did.

. Is the City of Jenkins collecting any taxes off of the American Legion’s poker machine? Since everybody has to pay such a big water and sewer bill and high taxes to live here, I do not know why they let the American

Legion get away tax-free. I wonder if they have enough money there to get somebody to mop those floors. I’m in there all of the time, but I am getting ready to quit.

. Today I saw how the social workers really are in Letcher County, and also how the district judge is. The social workers stand in the court and tell lie after lie. The judge says he hasn’t reached a decision yet when the court has had almost three years to reach a decision. The social worker tells my daughter everything will be fine, then the social worker tells lie after lie. One grandfather is moving to some other state where the judges aren’t marked by people with money they get from the children they keep.

. Last year I tried to tell everyone who would listen to me that the American middle class was fed up with the bankers on Wall Street getting $100,000 bonuses when the people who really worked 40 hours or more a week didn’t get any bonuses. Speak Your Piece wouldn’t print my earlier comment when I said the fat cats would get their dues. America was late for a revolution, but no one would print it. Everyone knows by now that the people don’t elect the government. Big businesses do. They get corporate welfare and the lobbyists are paid with taxpayer money. The big corporations run the government, not the President, Senators or Congress. From one fedup American.

. In Letcher County, if you are on drugs or leave your children in a hot car like the one who was charged with shoplifting this past summer the court will give you your child back to you. That baby almost died. The children were removed by social workers. If you don’t keep a spotless house you don’t get your children back. My daughter has done everything the social worker has asked her to do plus more. She has passed every drug test. She keeps the house clean. She goes to college and works. What more do they want?

. I think the government should drug test all the people on Medicaid and food stamps, because I know so many of them get their food stamps and sell them. They sell their food stamps or they go get pop with their food stamps and then sell the pop cheap so they can use the money to buy drugs. They don’t take care of their kids. If the government would drug test them, that is one way they could be saving a lot of money. A lot of them on SSI are doing it, too. I think the government should start drug testing the ones on SSI, the young ones especially. A lot of them, and I know quite a few, take their food stamps to these little mom and pop stores and trade them for cigarettes instead of buying food with them. They also take them and sell them for drugs.

. If you don’t know the

real purpose of rain and snow, go to your Bible and read Isaiah 55:10 and it will explain to you all about rain and snow. Let’s not bicker about rain and snow because God gave us that for our living. Let’s enjoy each day whether it consists of rain, snow or sunshine.

. I was born and raised in Jenkins, but I watch the Government Channel sometimes. Terry Braddock is just a joke with his behavior. He needs to get off the council and let somebody else take over. It’s embarrassing to watch some clown like that talk nonsense on the Government Channel.

. I have talked to some offi cials in the courthouse and they said if you all would bring all your receipts down there they would make that landlord repay all of your money. Please don’t rent those apartments. Take my word for it.

. Hey beautiful. I just want you to hang in there and know what you mean to me. I think you are a wonderful mother and the best partner I ever had. You sure changed my mind about love. You got my heart and as long as you will have me I will be there forever. I just want to let you know, Tonya, that I love you and I love the children. I know we don’t get to see each other a lot, but things will change and you won’t regret it. I love you, baby. Stay thirsty.

. I just want to speak to the person who said the Lord will bless whoever ran over the black bear. I hope you were being sarcastic, because a bear is one of the Lord’s creatures and they were here long before people were in these hills. And 80 percent of the problems bears cause are people’s fault. It was an accident.

. Everyone here is on dope — the worker, the lawyer, the cop, the doctor, the counselors. Everyone from the milkman to the daggone civil servant to the postmaster to the fry cook to the street sweeper is a drug addict. You are all on dope. So I want to quit hearing about getting these people off drugs. You are all on drugs. You love drugs. Quit trying to deny it.

. To a certain person: Continue to threaten me over that woman. Truth is I am very scared. I am sitting next to my window and my friend is scared, too. I got Scooby Doo here and he is ready to solve a mystery. The thing is when he gets scared he spits fire about six times every four seconds. So just give me an excuse to light these hills up. Truth is I have been waiting for somebody like you all my life. I read a lot of Stephen King and I have insomnia so I’m up late. Whatever.

. If the rich people think this is class warfare, just wait. They will think the French Revolution was a class picnic.

. I was just wondering if they are ever going to do anything about the woman who that keeps bringing all the drugs from Perry County to Letcher County. She just sits up in Blair Branch all of the time selling them and the police won’t do anything about it.

. I saw in the newspaper where it is time for absentee ballots. That’s something that some of our officials know all about, isn’t it guys? Proof has been given. Proof has been given to show all the types of cover-ups you all can do. You all aren’t going to be able to hide it even though it has been awhile. It is going to take some time. A stop is going to be put to all of that and the time is coming soon.

. When are they going to try these AT&T copper thieves?

. I’m calling again to remind the people of Dunham to keep a close eye on their children when they are outside because the convicted child molester is still in town and he is walking up and down the roads. So be careful and look after your children.

. I’m just another concerned citizen of Letcher County. I read in this week’s paper about another UNITE worker getting busted for drugs. I wonder where those drugs are coming from. I think the citizens of Letcher County need to get together and get rid of this UNITE program.

. People, I am not surprised about this lady from UNITE selling all those oxycodone pills. She had many a cop that supported her in this. She did not do all of this by herself.

. If UK’s Joker Phillips is a college football coach, I’m a Boeing 747 pilot. It is just that simple.

. These people who teach and preach need to read their Bibles. Revelation 3:5 tells us He who overcomes will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the book of life, but will acknowledge his name before my Father and His angels.

. Judge Wright, tell us what you think about your former drug court aid going to Hazard to get a package containing 1,000 oxycodone pills. Curious minds want to know.

. Yes, I do agree since we are going into the American Legion, just like we talked about, that we need to get rid of the poker machines or either just stop going there. Or they need to go ahead and do it legally and pay the taxes so they won’t come in and be dragging us out.

. I would like for whoever put the piece in the paper to the Attorney General to please put it back in the paper for me and some of the other residents in the City of Jenkins. I think we need to turn in these water bills and see why people have to pay $1,200 a year to have water in their house. We need to quit paying for all of their leaks. This city needs to be checked into. It is one of the highest in any county to live in and the most run down, drunken places. And they call this a city? A Dollar Store, a Family Dollar, a Hardee’s, a little museum and a library isn’t a city. They just think it is.

. I am calling about the Golden Years Rest Home employees. I think they need to get their money for the time they have worked. I have also heard of two gentlemen living in the home rent free, with free water and free TV. Anything they

wanted was free. If they can do this, why can’t someone step in and pay the employees?

. All of the good nurses are quitting Letcher Manor because they are getting accused of things they didn’t do. I think somebody should do something about that.

. If you want another eight years like we had under the Bush administration, go ahead and vote for those lame Republicans.

. I don’t think the county officials thanked the taxpayers for the new recreation center even though they are the ones who had it built.

. A certain woman should be ashamed to have her name on Facebook.

. Hey Danny Webb, when are your deputies going to do something about the drugs in Whitco? It’s not

safe to drive or walk across Whitco Bridge, especially for the school children. Why don’t you check the cars, vans, SUVs and trucks parked around the bridge when they leave? They are buying, selling or stealing. They’re high when they leave, or high when they stay. They steal anything they can get their eyes or hands on. They come from Perry County, Letcher County, Knott County and Michigan. Do something for the children who have to walk from the school bus. Help make them safe. They can’t all have prescriptions for all they get.

. A late happy birthday to our aunt, Arnie Hall, over at Thornton. Also, Kendall Boggs, a longtime friend, on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Happy anniversary to Charlie and Amanda, the same day. Amanda is our niece. Webb is their last name.

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