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To Letcher County Central High School: I think that it’s bad when you buy a yearbook expecting to see your children in it and they are not. I know for a fact their picture was taken and still didn’t get in the yearbook. What memories are my child is going to have of going to school? How would you feel? They did print the names of the kids who weren’t there. Wow! How’s that going to help with the memories? My kid was deeply hurt because now one cared enough to put a picture in the book. Hope you are happy.

. How many of you caught onto how Knott County used coal severance tax money to hold a campaign for the GOP and how quickly our judge showed up to back them? None of us are against coal mining — only on how some of them go about doing it. They are filling our streams up and cutting our trees and leaving them to fill the streams. Aren’t you wondering what happened to Letcher County’s wells where we got our water to drink? Could it be mining, gas wells and timbering that have no rules to follow but their own? We had good water all of our lives, as did our parents before us. Now we are offered water from the City of Whitesburg. They don’t let people know when they have boil water notices. People at City Hall won’t even drink the water that is piped in to them. Do you really think the judge wants it to be known what he said about some of his fellow citizens in Letcher County, the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in particular? I don’t think so. Watch the government channel and watch ‘Stop the War on Coal.’ You will learn a lot.

. I just heard we are getting new store across from Lee’s Chicken. From what I hear everyone will benefit from it, especially you hunters, fishermen, hikers and those who just want to look cool. It’s what we have needed for a long time. I’m not sure when it opens, hopefully before Christmas. Also, I hear the new building coming up on Whitco Hill is going to be a new Dollar General Store. That will be great. I only worry about getting in and out of traffic without a light up there. Good luck to both of you.

. Just would like to say that I think the LCCHS staff should be ashamed. They had senior day without even having most of the parents there, and they didn’t even include the band. The band had to do theirs at halftime, and then while they were honoring our seniors. They tried to rush them off the field just so the dance team could go out and dance. The band always gets put off even though they have won more awards this year than the football team or the dance team combined. I think it’s a shame the staff allows this. Our band deserves better. I’m not against the football team or dance team, but shouldn’t all seniors be considered the same?

. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is to be admired for being honest and adhering to his principles during his

campaign for president of the United States. It’s too bad his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, doesn’t command the same respect. Just goes to show that sometimes the leaf really does fall far from the tree.

. I’m speaking as clearly and to the point as I can. This is to the little low-life S.O.B. that stole the gas out of our truck twice now and stole the tags off of it: The next time we hear anything or think we hear something we are going to shoot your hind-end loose from your body. Take this as a promise not a threat.

. In this week’s Speak Your Piece it said, ‘To a certain person: My heart still aches with love for you and my secret tears still flow.’ Can you be more specific with that? Tell me where you are from.

. Did anybody hear about a certain person from Jenkins getting arrested this past weekend over in Virginia for being with a 16 year old girl? Has he gone after any of our young girls?

. How can Grandma go to church when everybody knows what she has done and the reason she divorced her husband is because she went out on him. Everybody knows who Grandma is.

. I’ve never felt so loved by the one who is so beautiful and pure. God gave me an angel to guard over me. And I love you and you are my angel.

. This is the wife of the devil himself. No he’s not the stupidest man in Letcher County. From the look of it, you as parents of the little girls didn’t do your jobs. You didn’t teach them to read a no trespassing sign on the home of the devil himself nor did you teach them not call his mom the ghost bitch and party in the devil’s home. You need to teach them it’s illegal to do these things. So now you have to pay the devil himself for damages done to the devil’s home. Yes, he does sleep very well, thank you. Hope you never have to go in front of Judge Kevin Mullins after calling him an idiot. Wouldn’t you feel like the idiot then?

. I’m getting sick and tired of parents objecting to every little thing that might be done to make our school system stronger and better for our children. People, we no longer have the population to support so many elementary schools, so yes some of them must be consolidated. If some of you parents who complain the loudest cared as much about what your child was learning as you care about how much trouble it might take you to get that child to school we would be turning out many more geniuses in Letcher County than we would illprepared kids who can’t make it through their first year of college. Leave the superintendent and school board alone and let them do their jobs.

. I would like to say that the Wilders had another good hog roast this year. It was very enjoyable. I would like

to thank them all and tell them I love them. I’d also like to thank Doug Stamper. He was helpful. I hope we can have another one next year if we are all alive. From their sister in Tennessee.

. We would like to wish our mom, Lola Wilder, a happy 70th birthday on November 23. From her eight kids. We love you, Mom. Hope you have many more.

. You don’t hold a part of my heart. You have my whole heart. You are my angel and I love you.

. I like to go over to Eolia and visit the ECCO shop, but this time I was disappointed. They had raised prices on their clothes. For some people, that is the only way they clothe their families. I don’t think they should do that since the clothes are given to them.

. I am a person who is calling from Pratt Branch. A couple of weeks ago I tried to get home phone service from the Old Mill Vendors Mall near Isom. They said it would take two or three days to get phone service. Well, that was a month ago. I was just wondering when this is going to happen. I just figured I would express my opinion and let everyone know they might not get phone service if they go there.

. Jenkins is 100 years old. We only had one mayor in our life. Why do we have to have three mayors? We need some answers to this question.

. There have been some speculations that Becky Terrell is running for mayor of Jenkins. Is she trying to be mayor now?

. Terry Braddock, you need to be the mayor. You are the only one who stands up for the people of Jenkins.

. Todd DePriest, who elected you as mayor?

. If the actions of one of our school board ladies in waiting at central office was any indication of how much attention was paid about our schools closing and what parents had to say at the board meeting, we are in serious trouble. Instead addition to paying little attention to what was said texting back and forth to another employee in a secret meeting outside, she has no idea what went on at this board meeting.

. All of you need to quit butting your noses in my business, because it is nothing to you what I do. And from what I have heard about all of you, all you need to worry about what is going on in your own lives instead of mine. Because believe me, I couldn’t care less about you people. And you need to worry about your own business and live your pitiful lives.

. We taxpayers of the City of Jenkins should go to the next city council meeting and ask the council if they know two men are staying at Golden Years Rest Home rent-free — free water, free television and a free vehicle, all at the expense of the taxpayer. We should let Mayor Kincer know about this.

. So far during his first term in office, President Barack Obama has saved the American automobile industry, assembled a team that was

finally able to capture and kill Osama bin Laden, directed a United States military operation that took out Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, and is now in the process of bringing all troops home from the misguided war in Iraq. In addition, Mr. Obama has taken necessary, if unpopular, steps to help keep our country from plunging into the worst depression ever after we were losing 750,000 jobs every three months at the end of the Bush administration. Strong on defense and working to save our economy. If Mr. Obama was a white man and a member of the Republican Party, the same members of Congress who try to block everything he does would be hailing him as being a great president. Even Fox News would be singing in praise of Obama if he were a Republican.

. This is for the Letcher County court system and the Letcher County lawyers. I wonder why when you are accused of something the judges and lawyers do not make the accuser bring in proof, but instead they will let it drag on so they can get more money. There are more decisions and backups in the courtroom. If a person who has been accused of something is proven innocent, they should be able to come back and sue their accuser for destroying their character, their job, their health and everything else they have had to put up with. If anybody in Letcher County has a case that has been dragging on, they need to get it out of Letcher County.

. To the person who made the comment about blowing leaves: You are real cute. Only you could have thought of such a brilliant comment.

. Not to be insulting, but why are there so many big women in Letcher County? All of us good-looking guys don’t always prefer big women.

. Why don’t people who are putting comments in Speak Your Piece about the traffic down at Whitco Bottom talk about the traffic that goes down that dirt road? That is where all the drugs are. I think Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb is doing a pretty good job. It is hard for him to reach all of them. I would vote for him again. Talking about children crossing the bridge, it is more dangerous for people who are flying in and out of Whitco like a zigzag when the kids are coming across the bridge than when people are parked at people’s houses. I think whoever put this in there ought to mind their own business. God knows what people do. You are not the judge. And I thank God you are not the judge. The Bible says that God will judge you, not man. That is great. I am so glad people ain’t my judge. I am glad God is my judge because I know what I do and what I don’t do. People, please leave people alone that don’t bother you. They are old people and why don’t you leave them alone?

. My 14-year-old friend who had a baby. I think mothers should pay more attention to their daughters and get them on birth control when they know they are sexually active. This child is now raising her own child because her mother works. It is a shame because her mother was more worried about finding a man instead of raising her daughters. I can’t understand how this could happen. The family acts like this is normal. No, it’s not normal for a 14-year-old to get pregnant and be 15 when she has the baby. Her life is pretty much ruined, because her mother is not the type to take the baby in. She wants the daughter to raise the baby. The daughter is still a child herself. This situation has made me take a closer look at my daughter and realize what a great teenager I have. We just need to be more open with our teenagers instead of assuming what they are doing. We need to pay more attention to them.

. Is a certain parole officer letting certain drug addicts get away and warning them when they are going to be drug tested? One individual broke his parole when he got arrested in Hazard. Isn’t that a violation? The individual

got his medication and sold the pills to buy a car. The parole officer needs to do his job.

. To the person who commented about drugs being sold in Whitco: They don’t sell drugs. Older people take them for their pain. Duh. If it is such a big deal about your kids walking to the bus stop, then drive them. Little kids shouldn’t be walking alone anyway. About the stealing anything they put their eyes on, that isn’t true. They pay everything they have. They also have prescriptions for their medications.

. I watched a show on the History Channel and they were talking about rural Kentucky. What is rural Kentucky and where is it?

. I’d like to respond to a comment that was in last week’s Speak Your Piece. To begin with, my parents are very ill and therefore a lot of family do visit them. Some are from Whitesburg and some are from out of town. Where do you get off saying this is all because of drugs? There is a business when you first turn into Whitco with so many cars that you can’t see what is coming up the road to turn left. At the mailboxes there are so many cars parked that you can’t stop to get the mail. Does this mean they are selling drugs at these two places as well? If you don’t know what is going on, why do you speculate and always bring up drugs? Don’t get into someone’s trash unless you check your own trashcan first.

. To my husband that is in LaGrange from your wife: I love you so much and I miss you. I think about you every day. Please come home to me soon.

. To all the workers in the kitchen at a certain restaurant: I think all of you old women need to stop your bickering and arguing before you get fired.

. On Saturday I was sitting in a parking lot near a grocery store at Isom and couldn’t believe the dope deals that I saw go down. The buyers would then go to a stall at the carwash to suck their pills up their nose and then pull out and leave. It is pitiful what is going on in that parking lot.

. To the pretty, curlyhaired, dark-headed girl on Campbranch: Please don’t take him back. He is no good for you. Stick with the guy from Jenkins. He seems like a real good guy. From a concerned friend.

. To my husband, L.C.H.: love you so much and I miss you. And we will be together soon. No one will come between us when you come home. You are mine and mine forever. And I love you so much. From your wife, A.M.H.

. I want to wish my stepdaughter, Brooke, a happy birthday. It was October 26. Baby, Daddy and I love you.

. A certain nurse at a facility in Whitesburg has returned to work in the same bossy way as before she left. She doesn’t do anything but run her mouth and make patients that are not her

favorites miserable. She has said before that she cares about her patients, but that is not correct. What a world we live in.

. To a certain person: You are the love of my life. I love you with all of my heart and you are my angel.

. To a certain person: We know who you are. It isn’t any of your business what we do. You’re the one who should be ashamed to say you’re a Christian and lie and say I tried to get you back. You wouldn’t be worth it. I didn’t want you back, and I sure don’t want you back now. We’ve been divorced for years and the only person I’ve ever truly loved is who I’m with now. You don’t have anything special. I don’t want you. Move on and stay out of our business.

. Hey Mr. Kenny Terry, detective with the Appalachian High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. Since Mr. Danny Webb, sheriff of Letcher County, cannot stop the drug trafficking at the Whitco Bridge could you please stop it? The black car, red car, an SUV with a headlight busted out and others need to be stopped. Can you help? This bridge is not safe to cross for the drug addicts high while driving and keeping the road blocked. Everyone in Whitco knows what goes on at or beside the bridge. Please help.

. The little white car zipping from Mayking to LCCHS last Friday is going to get someone killed. It was a little past 8 a.m., so apparently the driver was late for school. When the lane closed and the sign tells you to ‘merge right,’ the driver of the white car floored it and got around everyone on the left, then, going more than 80 miles and hour (I’d bet money on it), it continued. When a car pulled out from Exxon, this little white car crossed over to the left into oncoming traffic and pulled around the car. If it was a student driving, I hope the parents read this. If it was a teacher or worker at the school, you’d better slow down before you’re reported. I did manage to get the tag number and call it in to the state police. They said they would file a report and keep the tag number on file. Slow down.

. As a conservative Republican, I am really disappointed in our candidates running for president, especially since it now appears one of the biggest flip-floppers in history is going to be our candidate against Obama. How can the Republicans elect a liberal like Mitt Romney instead of a man like Rick Perry, who stands by his conservative beliefs? The Obama people must be relishing the chance to run against Romney. A flip-flopper can never be elected president. Just ask John Kerry.

. I wish the coal industry continued success if for no other reason than we need the jobs, but I have to laugh when I see these ads for clean coal all over my TV. The natural gas industry puts out the same baloney. Have you noticed how they never film their clean coal and clean gas commercials in the mountains where the production actually occurs? Wonder why?

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