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To the owner of the black pickup in Haymond: Please give the air horn a rest. That is the most resounding bit of ignorance that I have ever had to tolerate in my entire life. Can we please stop with the air horn?

. I don’t know why teachers give homework on the weekends. Students get enough through the week. No wonder kids quit school. All they do is work with no time off. Teachers need to work like the kids and work on the weekends too.

. I am just looking through this month’s ‘Kentucky Game and Fish’ magazine and I see that Letcher County had one deer killed in 2009 that scored high enough to be listed with the Boone and Crockett Club. Does anybody have any information? Who killed it and where was it killed? (According to the Montana based Boone and Crockett Club, which maintains records of big game native to North America, the whitetail deer had a 5×5 rack of antlers and a green gross score of 175-4/8. It was killed by Jason Back on a reclaimed mine site.)

. After seeing the picture of the kids marching on Main Street to try to save their schools, I couldn’t help but wonder if the parents who put them in the parade would be willing to pay higher taxes to keep these dying schools up and running. While I may find it somewhat sad that the schools I attended, Whitesburg Elementary and Whitesburg High, are no longer here I completely understand their closings were for the good on education in Letcher County. Changes happen. It’s not 1950 anymore.

. Why is it that the only place I have ever seen taxes placed on the price of a newspaper is Letcher County? The taxes are included in the price. You don’t pay taxes on the papers you get from Lexington. This town just sucks. (Blame the law, not the stores. Under Kentucky state law, retail outlets are required to charge tax on newspapers sold over the counter.)

. This goes out to the mother who has a daughter who has a friend who had a baby at 14 years old. Woman, why are you so upset that this child is now raising her own child because her mother works? How many lives does this child get to destroy with this excuse? The 14 year old knew the facts of life — that if you have sex you have a 99 percent chance of getting pregnant. The child was not ignorant to that information.

Saying the poor child is raising her own child, so what? It is her child. She rode the roller coaster, but she doesn’t want to pay for the ticket. She doesn’t want the ticket stub in her pocket, obviously. The mother should not be ashamed. If her mother wants to find a man, let her. Her daughter has already become an adult. She needs to raise her own child. She needs to grow up and be somebody.

. This goes out to Mountain Eagle, and I would really like an answer on this. How much smaller can you make the Newsday crossword puzzle? I challenge any of you against me to fill in those boxes with a regular pencil — not a mechanical pencil — and let’s see which one of us can do it. It’s very hard for me to do, but then again I am used to writing insurance claims and paying them being a medical insurance specialist that I am. Can you all match me or can you put me to shame and prove to me that this is big enough to write in? Let’s go head to head. If you can’t do it then how do you expect the rest of us to do it? I challenge all of you. Let’s see who can make the letters the smallest to put them in the boxes. I don’t just have to wear my bifocals, I have to take out a magnifying glass. But I can pretty much do it. I want to see if you all can. I am above average with a 167 IQ. Not bragging, something God gave me. I know this is wrong. How can we enjoy this? I’d like to see you sit down with me and see who can keep their letters inside the boxes. If you would like to challenge step up in Speak Your Piece and let me know where to meet you, the time and I will call you with my name, information and to confirm the date. Are you up for it? Come on this way.

. My husband and I took a road trip over to Whitesburg today and I was amazed at how it has changed since living there for a brief time when I was a teenager in the mid-fifties. We lived in the then-John Gose apartments that have since burned down. I remember meeting a young man who had just returned from service whose last name was Sexton. I lost contact with a lot of friends after moving back to our home in Virginia but will always have fond memories of Letcher County, it being the birthplace of my dear deceased mother.

. I wish everybody who wants to privatize Social Security would get that for themselves. I have a private pension plan that includes a promise of a check on the first day of the month. Today I called and was told they just

hadn’t had the time to do my check yet. And with a private pension plan you can’t do anything about it. Also, if the company goes broke your check goes down the river.

. Has everyone about Grandma? She has oil and gas on her property. She’ll get all the men she wants. (Whoever Grandma is, she sure does make you jealous.)

. I just wanted to tell Jessica at Sandlick Gap that I love her and I hope she is thinking of me.

. Streetside in Whitesburg has some beautiful waitresses, especially the one with dark hair.

. I live on Straight Row at Dunham and I want to have a community cleanup. I’m not talking about picking pop cans and papers up beside the road. I’m talking about these people who do drug dealing and partying all night long. I know there are quite a few other people who are getting tired of it, too. If anybody is interested, give me a ‘hell yeah’ in next week’s paper and let me know so we can start cleaning up and have a nice hollow. If anybody is interested in other hollows you can join in, too.

. I want to know how a person can get on Suboxone, a drug that is supposed to help you get off other drugs, and slur so bad that no one can understand what she is saying. I just don’t understand this. Maybe it is a cure, but it sure doesn’t look like it. It looks like she is getting worse and worse. I fear for her every day. I really do. (According to drug manufacturer Reckitt-Benckiser, Suboxone blocks the high addicts get from the narcotics such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and heroin, but does not block the effects of alcohol or anti-anxiety drugs (Xanax, Valium, etc.). Perhaps the person you speak of is buzzed on something besides pain medicine.)

. To the person who thinks he is too good to get a job and lets his wife work: Believe me, if she wanted to leave you, I would take her in a heartbeat and raise her child just like he was mine anytime. Lady, if you want to meet me just reply back in Speak Your Piece and use the initial J. Please reply back.

. Warning: This is a warning to anyone traveling on Highway US 23 going to Wise or Norton, Va., especially Kentuckians. The town of Pound, Va. has established a speed trap from the foot of Pound/Jenkins Mountain to the red light at Indian Creek. This is a voice of experience speaking. (This is a voice of experience speaking, too. Pound isn’t the only southwest Virginia town along US 23 that loves to nail Kentucky drivers for speeding. Norton has speed traps also, especially during the winter shopping period. You should also beware of the stretch of road leading into Gate City, where it is possible to get a ticket for driving 60 in a 55.)

. How does a certain woman say that she ever loved one man after she did what she did with seven men one night when she was 18 and pregnant?

. Hello. I am an avid reader of The Mountain Eagle. I do like the paper and also Speak Your Piece, but they should name this section ‘The Crying About’ or ‘Trailer Park Heroes.’ People, can’t you put anything smart in there? (Maybe if you’ll phone in or e-mail something you consider smart, others will follow suit.)

. This is to the woman who once told me not to mess with her: Looks like you are getting ready to have three to five years to think about how wrong you were.

. To the love of my life: I miss you. I think about you every day. I still have my rings. I still have yours. I want you to know I will love you always and forever.

. I want to send this message to someone whose nickname is Big Benny. If you think you are afraid of that woman you are with, just wait because I am about to put the fear of God in you.

. Concerning comments about taking kids 30 minutes twice a day to another school because that school is more successful. They should check all kids’ attendance and tardiness records. The school hinted at as not being successful is Letcher Elementary School. They have graduated doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentists, engineers, educators, politicians and great business people. Isn’t this success? Areas where LES isn’t a success concerns a lot of parents. They don’t send their kids to school regularly and are tardy a lot. They don’t help with

homework. They think it is the teacher’s responsibility.

. I turned on the six o’clock news and was so proud to see these kids and their families marching in front of the courthouse trying to save their schools from closing. These schools are the only thing they have left. It would be a ghost town at Eolia. These people that are doing this, do you have a heart or do you only care about yourselves? Is it about money? Don’t you know that good friends are worth more than money? Leave these schools alone. There are more places in Letcher County than Whitesburg. Remember on Election Day you will have to ask all these people for their votes. Payback is hell.

. To the people who eat and drink when they drive: Please think before you throw out your garbage. Someone has to pick up the garbage you throw out.

. I read the letter to the editor in The Mountain Eagle about a woman at Joe’s Branch not being pleased with the road and it only lacked eight feet of blacktop. I went down and looked at that road and it looks perfect to me. The road that was not blacktopped doesn’t have any marks in it so I think she was just being greedy. And furthermore, I live in McRoberts and the roads are perfect. Thank you, Wayne Fleming.

. I would like to know how Miss Gallion got waterlines laid in Joe’s Branch. Did she vote on it during a Letcher Fiscal Court meeting? Did she give them the money to do it? I don’t see how Miss Gallion got that done. Why don’t you explain that to us, Miss Gallion?

. Isn’t it wonderful how our Sen. Mitch McConnell and his buddies are keeping our bad government from ever raising taxes, except ‘no new taxes’ is code for protect the tax breaks and give-aways from big oil, mining, drug companies, etc. Meanwhile we working stiffs and our kids are thrown under the bus. But we’ll cheer and re- elect Mitch and company because, hey, they are against raising taxes aren’t they? Somehow we never ask whose taxes. You’ve got to admire anyone who can sucker us over and over again. How do they do it?

. There is a great little film on the internet called ‘The Beauty of All Nations.’ It is amazing.

. The rich people around Pikeville often hire Mexicans to work on their homes. Some rich people from the backside of the county got the idea to hire Mexicans for cheap wages to work on their house. Unlike the Pikeville people, they didn’t pay the Mexicans their cheap wages when they were finished. The Mexicans returned and burned their house down.

. We’d like to hear from parents of students who attend other schools in Letcher County to see how you feel about the consolidation of schools. Do you as parents want children of other schools coming into your child’s school? It would increase the number in classes. It will cause discipline problems. How will teachers and staff handle more students? Come on, parents. Do you want this problem in our schools? Let’s speak out. I’m sure you will be affected in this. Do you want your kids on long, dangerous bus rides? For every school your child goes to he will be affected one way or another. Think about it. Let’s do something

about it now.

. I would just like to wish my friend, Heather Back, a late happy birthday on Nov. 6. I am so sorry for forgetting. I love you very much. I will definitely remember next year. Happy birthday, Heather.

. If the police want to catch someone snorting pills or shooting them up they should check the stalls at a certain carwash?

. I lost a brown leather coat wallet either in the Neon or Whitesburg areas and it contains a driver’s license in the name of Crystal Sexton and legal documents and Social Security cards. No cash was in the wallet. If anyone finds the wallet, please call me at 855-4056. There will be a reward given. Thank you.

. Amanda, I know this is coming late, but I just found out about Vernon. He was a good man. My heart goes out to you and your family. Your friend, T. Potter.

. This is to my girl A. in the LCJ. I love you more than life itself. They can’t keep us apart forever. I love and miss you like crazy. T.

. Parents should teach their children to quit bragging all the time. When a person is confident of himself or herself, no one has to brag. I suppose it is monkey see, monkey do. The parents must be braggers too, which explains why they aren’t teaching their children any differently.

. Just because a person serves on the Schools Consolidation Committee does not mean they are in favor of the consolidation. Just because a person is a board member, doesn’t mean he or she is for the consolidation. People are quick to criticize in this world without getting all their facts. The board members have a tough job

ahead of them with huge decisions to make. Instead of criticizing so much, people should volunteer all this free time they have gossiping for a better cause.

. This is to the coal miner who came into the Whitesburg Post Office next to the Pine Mountain Grill and stood next to me at the table: I was interested, I’m just shy. Some other people were with you. Drop me a letter at: Box 311, Neon, KY 41840, and we’ll meet and go out. Okay? I will be ready for a date next time. I’m 5’6’, auburn hair, average build, widowed, and I would very much like to get to know you. T.M.

. To Jennifer: It’s been a long time. I hope things are going well with you. From an old friend.

. Onward, Christian soldier. Raising recruits. 1. Christian solider. 2. Bible. A pillar of strength, a fount of wisdom, our churches, prayer. Help. We have the biggest plague of misery and terror called drugs. Drugs steal, destroy, and kill like a thief in the night and day. Drugs have very serious consequences, loss of hope, dreams, wealth, your name. Proverbs Chapter 22, A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and love for or rather than silver and gold. God has a plan for your life. Jer. Chapter 29 VH. Remember who ye are and don’t talking nothing off no one. Rebuke the devil of drugs. Their action is insulting. They think they are so clever. Baggage, varmint, slick, business of misery. They are not living on an island but in Letcher County. We are aware, suspicions, insult, clever. We hear and see your secrets. The wicked shall be cut off from the earth and the transgressions shall be rotted out of it. All it takes if the faith of as a grain of mustard seed. Luke Chapter 17. A ray of hope. God’s words. Prayers.

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