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I see a certain maintenance man is at it again. He is out in the parking lot blowing leaves around instead of being inside the apartments working. I just wanted to tell you the next time you go around blowing leaves around and are playing, I want you to knock on all of the doors and tell me when you do this so I can move my car out of your way. If not, you are going to be written up. My window was knocked out of my car and when I got inside my car it was covered with leaves and dust. I thank you for getting the inside of my car dirty.

. You will never make a gentleman’s wife if he finds out what you have done. He will never have you.

. Do you lowlife people know that you can call animal control just as easily as I have to when you set out your animals? I love animals and it breaks my heart to have to have them picked up. All my animals are strays that I have given a home to. At this time I have all the animals I can care for. Here is a number to have the animals picked up on your own. It is 633-7583.

. Please give the initials of the woman that had seven men one night and was pregnant while she was 18. Where is she from? Don’t give her name, just initials. We don’t want to hurt her. We just want to see if she’s the one we know.

It’s so nice to see something positive on television for a change. I like all the great music they have been playing on the Letcher County Government Channel. I’d like to thank Rick Hall and whoever is responsible for that.

. My name is Ken. I’m trying to get an address for a man I used to go to church with at Colson years ago. His name is Melvin Taylor. His wife was Mildred. He had left here years ago, but I recently found out that he has moved back. I would like to get hold of him. Please respond in next week’s Speak Your Piece with an address.

. I just watched a soccer game on the school channel. Those kids apparently might need a field to play soccer on, because by the time those kids got done it looked like they had been playing football in the mud. These poor kids might need some help with their field. Also, I am still looking for that girls’ high school softball field. Where is that money going?

. I’m calling about people living in the housing project at Whitesburg. Even though a number of city cops and other police live there, they still have people living in the project who deal and take drugs. People that are homeless cannot get into the housing project. I don’t see why they are letting people live like that. It’s a dirty rotten shame that it is supposed to be for the low

income and now it is for the high income. This needs to be checked into.

. Old Red and Kentucky Girl are the best parents in the world. I hope to get down there to see you soon. I miss my Kentucky family very much. God bless and keep you all safe until I see you again. All my love from PA. Meemer

. The latest Gallup poll shows that just 13 percent of us Americans approve of the job our Congress is doing. The question I want answered is who are the idiots who make up that 13 percent? Wonder how much of a role Kentucky’s two Senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, play in the negative rating? After all, McConnell is one of the most unpopular senators in the country. People outside of Kentucky think we’re all fools for electing men like McConnell. It’s hard to argue their point.

. You know you’re getting old when TV’s ‘That Girl’ (Marlo Thomas) turns 74. Heck, even former ‘Knots Landing’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ heartthrob Nicolette Sheridan is 48. Where has the time gone?

. I’m calling about drugs up and down Smoot Creek. Law enforcement needs to check into that bunch over there.

. To that sister of mine: That prison you call a home, I would knock the windows out and break out.

. When people who claim to be Christians lie about their income and cheat in other ways to get food stamps, welfare, and other assistance, it is wrong. For those who are dishonest and are always lying, they are the ones who always

have it rough — a vehicle breaking down, always running to the doctor and always tell people how poor they are and how rough they have it. Look at their homes and how they dress and act. Do they honestly believe God would bless people who are liars? Maybe that is why they don’t have much. If they would start telling the truth and be thankful for what they do have and not be dishonest, God probably would bless them and their family.

. Letcher Fire and Rescue will be having a Christmas auction on Dec. 7 at the Blackey Senior Citizens building. All proceeds will go to help the kids in the Letcher County area get toys and treats for Christmas.

. I’m just really wondering why the City of Fleming-Neon can’t do anything about the big hole in the middle of Main Street. It is a real traffic hazard. You either have to put on your brakes and stop until you can go around it in the other lane or you have to dodge the hole or hit the hole. What other city has a big hole in the middle of Main Street virtually in front of city hall? It has been that way for years and they won’t fix it. They talk about everything else under the sun during their city council meetings, but they never address the white elephant in the room, which is the big, damn hole in the middle of Main Street. It’s a real traffic hazard. It is a pain in the behind and it is really getting on people’s nerves. And I wish that they would fix it.

. Hey Speak Your Piece. How come we didn’t see the Letcher County vote on the governor’s race and the other races? I was told not this election but the one before that some votes for Gatewood Galbraith were not counted. Here in Letcher County I can’t imagine that the people of Letcher County voted for Steve Beshear knowing with proof he was the reason our power bills went up. He is in again and guess what? Our power bills are getting ready to go up again. So all you people who voted for Beshear, I hope your power bill triples.

. I would like to know how the school board is going to make parents take their kids to a different school with this redistricting mess without being in violation of the No Child Left Behind law. How can the school board make my child go to a school that has next to the worst test scores in the county from a school that has the third highest test scores in the county without being in violation of the NCLB law? This law was designed to hold schools more accountable and notify parents when schools are failing. Here are some steps that parents can take to make the law work for your child. No. 1 Find out how well your school is performing. You can find this out by reading a school’s profile on greatschools.com or visit the Kentucky Board of Education’s website. If a school is failing, a thorough investigation of your option for tutoring help or transfer can be done. No. 2 What is a school board doing to attract, keep and train well-qualified teachers? The Letcher County Board of Education does nothing. The only thing they are trying to do is shut down two schools to try to save money so they can build or consolidate a county-wide middle school that Anna Craft can put her name on. How conceited is that? No. 3 Ask about your state’s unsafe school choice option and whether state officials have certified in writing to the U.S. Secretary of Education that your state and county is in compliance of this provision as a condition of receiving funds under the NCLB law. Our school board states all the time that they want what is best for our children. If this is true, then stop trying to punish our kids in what is obviously lacking in certain schools across the county in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, you have some wonderful students in all of our schools. The problem is

you also have some teachers who are not so great. Why don’t you try to focus more on the ones who are more qualified and keep them and get rid of the ones who are bad and replace them with good teachers? And quit trying to punish our kids. Find teachers that are more interested in working with parents and want to provide a great education for our children. Stop trying to punish our children by sending them to schools they have never been to before. All that is doing is being more damaging to our children. It’s not right to make our kids suffer for what our school board is lacking, which is doing their jobs. And if this redistricting mess goes on, we need new school board members and a new superintendent. And the only thing Anna Craft is going to be known for is being the worst superintendent this county has ever had.

. I understand they are getting ready to put new meters in the Jenkins area. They are supposed to be tamper-proof so that you can’t take the top of them off. That way the City of Jenkins will be making a whole lot more money. The people who take the tops of the meters off and let it run down will now be paying their fair share of this water. They will be coming up with a lot more money in the city.

. I was happy to read the article about the Jenkins police having to leave their cruisers in Jenkins. The City of Jenkins has few people in it, but for years they have had to take care of all of Letcher County. They have had to go to Blackey, Whitesburg and Cumberland. They are wearing out the cruisers and paying your alls police’s prices that they shouldn’t and I appreciate them for bringing that out in the paper. Rural Letcher County has a whole lot more money than the little town of Jenkins. And I don’t think the little town of Jenkins ought to be spending their money and wearing their cars out for the rest of Letcher County. Let our officials cut the rest of us enough taxes to hire our own policemen and buy our own police cars so the City of Jenkins doesn’t have to wear their cruisers out taking care of everyone else. It is not right.

. To my dad who moved to Missouri: We just wanted to let you know how much we love and miss you. We can’t wait to see you.

. It’s time to start doing drug testing on the students in my opinion.

. This is to correct something that I called in last week for Speak Your Piece. Instead of “The Beauty of All Nations,” it is called “The Beauty of Pollination” and it is an amazing little film.

. I read in The Mountain Eagle where Letcher County Attorney Jamie Hatton had said he was going to beef up child support and make all of these people pay up who are behind. Looks like they would go ahead and make them pay and not wait until they are $1,000 in debt. That just hurts the child or the mother who is struggling to keep them up. That puts them behind. I think they need to start charging interest and penalties and make them keep up month to month.

. My husband went to Mountain Comp the other day to see his doctor and was told he could not see him anymore as a walk-in without having an appointment. How do you know ahead of time that you are going to get sick to call in and get an appointment? That is just crazy.

. This is to the Letcher County judge/executive: I would like to commend you on the excellent job you are doing for the Senior Citizens Program. I live in another county and I am 84 years old. We are losing our senior meals, and I personally blame it on our fiscal court. I have heard nothing but good things about your Senior Citizen Program. Even in Frankfort at one of our meetings for seniors, I heard the compliments made about your senior program. I just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done.

. 1 Peter, Chapter 5: 7. Give drugs up. Cast all your cares upon Him because He cares about you. You love drugs, but drugs don’t

love you. Imagine the freedom and energy you gain. Stop all the horror. Letcher County, address the problems. What problems do we have? What do you think? Recruit Christian soldiers. Isaiah Chapter 35 v. 54: God is coming with a vengeance. God will come and save you, us, from the drug illegal activities. Then the eyes of a blind man shall be opened and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. God knows they’re going out and they’re coming in. Isaiah Chapter 37 v. 28, you may have great bitterness; need delivered from the pit of corruption (drugs and more drugs). Parents, teachers, school administrators, board members and our community, also the Attorney General Office, Capitol Ave., Frankfort, KY 40601-3449, fax: 502-564-2894. Educate our children on the side effect of drugs. Mind trapped is a sad and dangerous condition. Scream for help, stop being on the sideline. Scream for strength and more law enforcement. Scream for stricter laws. It’s going to take all of our war to send them to the smokehouse or the woodshed. Not blowing hot air. The big man, God and the Attorney General. Our words let be like Isaiah Chapter 40 v. 8: The grass withereth, the flowers fadeth; but the word of our God shall stand forever. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles, our Mountain Eagle to open the blind eyes to bring out the prisoners from the prison and them that sit in darkness out of prison house, also off the sideline. Get anger, fury, strength for the battle against illegal activities, and we will win. Pray, pray for God’s help. Isaiah Chapter 45:2, Look unto me and be ye saved. All the earth for I am God and there is none else. John 3:16. It is time to declare war. Onward Christian soldiers. It’s time Frankfort heard from Letcher County, you and me, us. A community focus on a drug-free rec center. Inside and outside. Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ. All it takes is the faith of a grain of mustard seed, will save you. Life is not hell on earth or drugs. Let God hear from you. Okay, and the community. Recruit Christian soldiers for prayer. Love is God. God love you and yours.

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