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Welcome to Letcher County, Kentucky, where three-fourths of the people are always high on something but never happy.

. To a certain person: I still enjoy playing your filthy messages that you left on my phone that you said I was too stupid to play for everybody. Everybody has heard them and everybody knows what you are anyway. I hope you will be happy now.

. Every company in Letcher County should be testing their employees who drive large trucks.

. I would like to get in contact with Everett Vanover. I noticed in his October 26 column that he mentions his mother was a Short. My maternal grandmother was Susan Short and my maternal great grandfather was Tilden Short. I am also related to the Adams, Craft, and Polly families of Letcher County. Please share my email address with Everett. Thanks, Gary. My address is: glblower@insightbb.com.

. To a certain person: How can you walk around that courthouse and hold your head up knowing what you did to get that job?

. To a certain person: You can thank your good friend in the two-tone Bronco for the lights that will stay on day and night.

. I was just wanting to wish late happy Thanksgiving to a good friend I haven’t seen in awhile. I hope you had great food this year and weren’t left to enjoy an RC Cola and a honey bun.

. So my old buddy wanted me to deed him some property so he could come back later and sue me, so he said. What do you think about that, Mr. H? You never thought word would get out, did you?

. Does anyone where Revelation Ranch has moved their ministry to and why they had to leave the old Stuart Robinson campus?

. I never forget a face. I never forget a tag number. If I catch you around my cars again you are going to be sorry. And as far as the people making the noise, don’t think I don’t know. There is only one camera you can see. There are two more and I know who is making the noise.

. This message is to Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb from a voter: I live up on Whitco Hill, close to Whitesburg. I have been in and out of my house three times today, and every time I have gone out I have seen a drug deal go on at a certain house. People in a car from another county have been doing the drug deals. This has been reported to the sheriff ’s department several times and still they keep doing it. So voters of Letcher County, do we still want a sheriff who lets all of this go on? When it is reported they think it is a big joke. Little kids go down there to catch a school bus. I’ve seen this in Speak Your Piece before, and all that has been said is absolutely true. So Sheriff Danny Webb, if you don’t do something about it the voters will. We will get rid of you. (Here’s betting that when you called the sheriff ’s office

you were told an arrest can’t be made just because you or someone else alleges that criminal activity is going on at a particular location. They tell you that because it’s true. Based on the sheriff ’s record to date, if illegal drug activity is going on where you say it is, it’s a safe bet he will eventually catch them.)

. I have not figured out why the Letcher County Board of Education doesn’t want the Government Channel 98 to show the meetings to the public when the meetings are already open to the public to attend. A lot of people have to work. They deserve to see what the board has to say at these meetings. ( The Letcher County Board of Education never said it did not want its meetings aired on the county government’s cable television channel nor did it ever try to prevent the county channel from covering a meeting. The school board has its own channel, but had chosen until now not to air its own meetings on cable. Both the ‘school channel’ and the ‘government channel’ did film Monday night’s November meeting of the school board.)

. I’d like to voice my comment about the American Legion at Neon. They put about 20 cameras up and said it is for security reasons, but the only reason they put the cameras up is because they want to see who is approaching the building.

. My name is Gennieve Allen and I’m mad as hell. Our family name was stolen and there will be indictments. I don’t look the other way. I will not refrain my lips. Drugs are no one’s friend. O Lord, hear my cry and my prayers. Give me strength to stand on a mountain, shouting to Frankfort. The person who stole my family’s name destroys everything they touch. Proverbs 22: a good name is chosen rather than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. To the person who stole my name: When you are indicted I will get that land you are so proud of at Payne Gap. Your name and mine will be in Frankfort. See you in court.

. Since all these Friends of Coal and Faces of Coal shirts and decals and license tags are getting to be old and worn, a new phrase must be coined. How about ‘I Blow Coal’?

. To a certain woman: You are one of the most incredible, beautiful angels. And you are mine. I love you.

. All hail our glorious elected officials in Washington, or should I say go to hell all our glorious elected officials in Washington? Cheat on your taxes. Don’t be a fool. If they don’t pay them, why should you? I had two diabetic comas yesterday because I can’t buy my medicine and you all are worried about paying a little tax. Hell, we are worried about dying, you dumb S.O.B.’s. Go to hell.

. I’m a retired coal miner who is 76 years old. You know, they talk about us misusing our funds and things. I draw Social Security and retirement after working more than 50 years in the coal mines. I look out today and I see these people drawing SSI and other funds from our tax dollars versus my kids who are working in the mines to pay their bills. I see people who are drawing SSI out cutting grass at cemeteries and doing other things even though they say they are too disabled to work. They are making more money than what I make from retirement. What is breaking our country is people defrauding SSI and working every day. I think that needs to be looked into.

. Well, well preacher. I see you have moved over to Jenkins from Seco. I guess Seco wasn’t good enough for you. Keep trying, pastor. Maybe one of these days you might make the news or the paper or at least get that big church you are after.

. To a certain person: I know it has been several months since we have seen

each other, but I still think about you every day. Just hang in there.

. To the bleached blonde: We tried to tell everybody he couldn’t turn your kind into a housewife, and you proved us right. But who are you really hurting by wanting that money?

. Today. This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it, or use it for good. What I do today is important, because I’m exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. Leaving in its place something I have traded for it. I want it to be again, not lost, good, not evil, success, not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it. Be happy, think happy, speak happy. After all, we’re here for a short while. If you ruin today grieving about yesterday, or worrying about tomorrow, you’ve lost a day. And today is all we really have. Keeper of the Stars.

. I, Charles A. Hammonds, was cowardly beaten and robbed on Scuttle Hole Gap Road on Big Cowan on August 14, 2010 by a man and his son after a property dispute. I am a 1960 graduate of Whitesburg High School and a graduate of the University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and finance. I am also qualified to teach any business courses at the secondary school level. I have never started any trouble or had any dealings with the law or been in any kind of fight in my entire life. Neither have I been afraid of any individual. I worked 28 years for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. I had many duties and responsibilities there including several management positions and as a financial analyst. The last 10 years I worked as a company troubleshooter and solving problems for the corporation. In August of 2010, we went to Big Cowan to landscape property we own with the intent of building a cabin or to place a doublewide on it. When we started on our access road, a man came out and stopped us twice, thus forcing us farther away from his house. We finally had to get permission to build a road across two other property owners. While dozer work was being done, this man came out of his house and fired several rounds from some kind of weapon. The dozer man stopped and asked my wife if he was shooting at us. As an Army veteran, I could not tell if he was firing over our heads or not. As the landscaping progressed, this neighbor watched every move anybody made. I talked to him a couple times and he didn’t seem to have anything against me, but when I told him others might be living there he really went off on that idea, stating they would not be living there because they were drug dealers. Where he got such an idea is totally baseless. If they were selling drugs why were they always broke? Throughout all the landscaping I took photos of the whole process to show people how you can turn raw land into something beautiful. Meanwhile, this man kept up his bullying of people. Next week I will describe the senseless sucker punching beating.

. Well, Fleming-Neon has made the news again. They don’t have a sewer operator. We have never been blessed with a very smart bunch to run this town, but it seems things have gone downhill faster than in the past. We have come to terms that ATV’s are not welcome, and that we can’t buy coffee in town or a sandwich for lunch. This is the town that doesn’t want street lights for the public safety because might cost a few bucks a year, but doesn’t mind paying city employees to be late for work. Our police department is as close to nothing as one can get. We would be a step ahead to just hire SWAT Security. At least we would have a night watchman. Everyone needs to watch the comedy show that comes on the Letcher County Government Channel. The name of it is ‘Neon City

Government Monthly.’ No one on the program knows what is going on. The men stick together, but let the women rule the show. This is the first political show that I have seen where the minority rules. I’m proud to be a Neonian. But really folks, are they going to ration our toilet time?

. Have you ever noticed that the thinner a woman gets by making herself throw up the more makeup she uses to fill wrinkles and hide age spots? Beauty is not how you look on the outside; it is how people see you on the inside. Acting like you’re better than others and acting like you have more than you do is not showing beauty, but shows ugly greed and self-serving. Why act like you are something you know you are not? Why act like you have more than you do? My opinion is that you are not happy with yourself. People you think you have fooled know what you are, a blowhard. These people are not laughing with you. They are laughing at you.

. Letcher County has to be stronger and better for all of us. Every parking lot has two and two dope deals going down. Onward Christian solders, remember who we are. Drugs are making zombies of our people, walking dead in hell. You violate our laws, you must pay the price for your stupidity. You’ll be singing ‘Jailhouse Rock.’ There are consequences. God provides, so pray. Children help fight this war. With God all things are possible. Matthew 19: 26 says you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Be another working for an important goal. Make a new beginning. Zombies don’t care. Are you a zombie? Thank God, I’m not. You don’t have to be one.

. I just witnessed a fiscal court meeting that clearly demonstrated the most compelling evidence for the need of some kind of tweaking or change in our school district, for if those speaking against consolidation were educated in the Letcher County System, our system definitely needs to do a better job preparing our youth for leadership positions. Those speakers certainly ‘flunked out’ with any sane or rational discussion of the true issue of better educating and preparing ‘all’ of our kids for the 21st century.

. Mountain Eagle, everyone enjoys Relon Hampton’s funny farm.

. Be scared of drugs. They control the minds of addicts simply because they allow them to.

. It is a sad time in America. There is a lying organization called the ACLU, which stand for the American Civil Liberties Union, but there is nothing civil about this organization, as they discriminate against Christians. The American people should take all of their children out of public schools and let our senators and our elected politicians know that our people are not going to let our children go to a school system that discriminates against them. We Christians can pray anywhere we please and there is no power or organization that can stop us.

. The Church of God had a free Thanksgiving Dinner at Boone Fork Community Center in Fleming-Neon. It was scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. I went at 1:30 and they had already served

53 people. To the cooks, dishwasher, etc., and the Church of God: Thank you so much for the food. Everyone had a great dinner and a good time visiting with each other. It was great. Thank you so much. Everyone was welcome.

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