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I just want to say that all this stuff people put on the Internet about others is a bunch of garbage. People show how stupid, dumb and ignorant they really are when they use Topix. And to beat it all, it’s not just a few people reading it, it’s everybody. The comments on there are not too good. I think it is the worst thing that ever happened. People get on there and trash people when they don’t know what they are really talking about.

. I think that the Whitesburg Police Department, the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department and Operation UNITE are afraid of the drug dealers in Letcher County.

. I would like to know why some women throw their children away and turn their back on them and walk away from them for drugs and a man who cheats, lies, steal and beats them. Who is going to take care of you when you are old?

. My name is Paul Stevens and I would like to clarify a statement I made Nov. 28 at the Letcher County School Board meeting. I made a statement saying I would not send a dog to Letcher Elementary School. I was not referring to the teachers and the children over there. I was referring to the principal, because she does not control the students in that school and she does have favorites she plays to over there. So I would like everybody to know that I was not referring to the teachers, the students or the school itself. I was making my statement directly at the principal.

. When people come to visit people who live in the new subdivision near the golf course at Jenkins the first thing they run into is an ‘old McDonald’ farm and trash on the hill. Goats, chickens, ponies and horses are there, plus a bumpy road with holes in it. This is supposed to be a nice subdivision. Someone needs to come and check it out.

. To G. L. Blower/ Gary: know more information about your family. You can get in touch with me at 707- 429-0254. Everett Vanover.

. As a Jenkins native and former resident, I am happy that the city will be 100 years old on Jan. 1, 2012. The city in which I now live was 200 in 1999. I hear that there were many smaller celebrations throughout the year as well as a large celebration in July. I hope Jenkins will have many celebrations, too. Probably most of us won’t be around for the 200th celebration so now is our chance to come and celebrate. Please put dates on the website for those of us in other places. Happy early birthday, Jenkins.

. To the woman drives the red car: I know you are helping to supply drugs to my husband. If this continues, your day is coming.

. I found a woman’s purse in the Walmart parking lot. There is a large amount of money in the purse. If you can call and describe the purse to me so I know it is yours, I will get the purse and money back to you. Call me at 633-8909. (Thank you for being an honest person and doing the right thing. Here’s hoping you get the call and you’re able to make Christmas a little bit better for the person who lost the purse.)

. I thank God that a certain woman divorced her husband. He seems like such a nice guy.

. A certain woman will always be in my heart and I will always love her. We were together too many years for me to not love her, even though she hates me.

. To the blonde who drives Jeep: I never thought you would throw your family down for a man. I thought you were a better person than that.

. If Obama is shutting down the coal industry, as some say, how come there are more miners working in Floyd County now than at anytime since 1992? There are more coal miners working in Floyd County now than there were two years ago. And they shut down the coal industry? That doesn’t make any sense. (Coal mining employment is now at a 14-year high in eastern Kentucky and central Appalachia.)

. Could you tell me why citizens of Letcher County have to pay alcohol tax on food they buy in restaurants when they do not buy the alcohol product? (The tax you’re speaking of applies only to Whitesburg and affects only those restaurants that sell alcohol by the drink.)

. To the person in Whitco who keeps whining about the drug dealing there: I appreciate you as a voter. I am sure we all are. Don’t be a curtain jerker. Mind your own business.

. Hey meth man. Saw you at your condemned trailer the other day. Looks like you got your way out of jail again. I’ve got a feeling that your luck is just about to run

out because a lot of people are fed up with you, buddy. Have a good one.

. I am looking for a television special that CBS newman Charles Kuralt made in 1964 called ‘Christmas in Appalachia.’ I have searched the Internet over and can’t find anything but a cut-up version by someone named Cheryl Shuman. It used to be on Appalshop’s website, but it isn’t there anymore. If

anyone could tell me how I could get a copy of this, I would very much appreciate it.

. I’d like to thank the New Beginnings Church in Jenkins for the Thanksgiving dinner they cooked and delivered. It was delicious. This took a lot of effort. This is what it means to be a Christian, not just warming a pew on Sunday morning.

. This goes out to a certain woman: I don’t know if you know what your husband does, but all he does is leave his grandkids for hours at a time and goes and sees his girlfriend. There he goes right now on the hill to her house.

. This goes out to the socalled Christian solider: I think you missed your calling. You need a soapbox or something. I don’t know who you are. You very well might be a servant of God, but you seem very selfrighteous to me and you are missing the whole point. Drugs are just one of many sins that plague our land, and a lot of people act like just because they don’t do drugs and go to church they are guiltless. And all these people who sit around and are nosy and watch all these drug deals go on, you all need to get deputized and join law enforcement. If you don’t want to do drugs, just simply don’t do them. Keep your nose out of other people’s business and let the police do their job.

. I think it is real strange that Letcher County School Supt. Anna Craft now insists on children attending schools in their boundaries … ( It’s really not cool to bring children into disagreements involving adults. That said, the parents of the child you speak of in the part of your comment that was deleted have for many years owned a residence in Whitesburg.)

. Jesus is the reason for the season. The word of Almighty God, St. Luke Ch. 7, Vs. 22- 23. Then Jesus answering said unto them, go your way and tell John what things ye have seen and heard; how that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the gospel is preached. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

. Does the name of Jesus offend you? If the name of Jesus offends you then you are not blessed. You are not on your way to God’s heaven if you are offended by the name of Jesus, for all God’s people love Jesus and if you don’t love Jesus then you are of your father the devil. For you are either serving Jesus or you are serving the devil. The only people that are offended by the name of Jesus are the ones that serve the devil. I am not politically correct as our society calls it, but I will tell you the truth. If you die without Jesus in your heart, then you will open your eyes in eternal hell where this is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. There will be no happy holidays in hell. Our sick society wants people to say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas because it may offend some heathen religion. They better be more worried about offending God. Jesus is my God.

. This is Luann looking for Kathy Thomas, sister of Darnell, Gordon and Kelly. It is important that you contact me. I am back at Mom’s house. Something has happened and you need to know what is going on. Give me a call. Love you.

. There are so many people out there today who put their own needs way before the needs of their children. What is wrong with people today? They have all lost their morals. (Two words: Drug addiction.)

. We in America have gotten to be so shallow in our thinking that all we need to do to show our patriotism is buy a pair of Wrangler jeans at Walmart. Yes, the same Wrangler jeans that are now made in Mexico and Indonesia and the same Walmart that shut down Main Street and introduced cheap Chinese goods to the United States.

. To the lady who wrote the letter to the editor about Calvary campus: My husband said you should contact the Southern Baptist Convention. That is who controls it. The Letcher fire chief has the phone number you need to call.

. To the person who ran on about speakers at the fiscal court meeting ‘flunking out’: First, what is your ‘compelling evidence’ that ‘ tweaking’ is necessary? Second, how will screwing up the middle schools prepare kids for leadership positions when they’re going to be fighting tooth and nail to even be seen? How are 30- 35 students per classroom preferable to 20? The students will have less one-on-one time with their teachers. Some children will fade into the background and not get the help they need. This is supposed to help them get a better education? Seriously? Aside from all the educational repercussions, there’s a world of negative that could come from this. I read the article on last week’s front page about the boundary policy being enforced and it touched on the subject. I read how Dr. Quillen and Terry Cornett go to ball games and functions. Do you all realize how many kids are going to be ousted from their extracurricular activities simply because there aren’t going to be enough spots on the teams? How many ball games will you be able to attend when they’ll have to go outside the county just to find a team to play? Combining these schools is a bad idea. ‘Cutting operating

. To a certain person: I saw you parked there on Ernestine’s lot. You were thinking about stealing my stuff weren’t you, boy? You better take that loud Mustang and park it.

. We wanted to wish Gavin Tyler Guthrie a happy second birthday on Dec. 2. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and Bubby, Mamaw and Papaw, Auntie and Uncle.

. December 7, 1996. It seems like a lifetime ago, I pulled my little car upon that hill in Isom. You snuck out in high spirits, looking amazing as always. That was only the start to a long, wonderfully adventurous relationship that I, for one, will never forget. Sometimes I wonder where would we be if drugs hadn’t taken such a hold on me. Our daughter is a blessing I’m sure you see, growing to be beautiful as you used to be. But, for right now, until I become free I just wanted to tell you, happy anniversary.

. Well, I visited property I own in the City of Neon on Thanksgiving weekend and the garbage pile is still on East Potter Road. It is much bigger than the last time I wrote when

I visited. I really thought the council or the mayor would have this cleaned up by now, but I guess this is Neon. I think a council member passes this daily, as does the garbage truck on Mondays or Tuesdays. I got a copy of The Mountain Eagle and read where the city is turning the street lights out to save money. So why not clean up the city? Most of the trash can be recycled, but burning metal, rubber, plastics or trash is against the law. The city wants to attract business people, but why would they come to Neon? They have this beauty program, they put flowerboxes on Main Street, which looks good, but 50 feet off Main Street is a garbage pile. So why clean up at all if not the whole city? Does the whole neighborhood pile all this together or is it one or two people? All I read in The Mountain Eagle was the council wanted Elm Building to clean up or they would be fined, and an ugly trash pile is directly behind the building. Shame on the council and the mayor.

costs’ translates to firing good teachers, and putting too many students in a classroom. If the school board would’ve enforced the ‘boundary policy’ it’s so loving towards lately, Arlie Boggs and Beckham Bates might not have such a problem with test scores or their number of students. But they didn’t. This whole situation is getting crazy. I might not like the decision handed down from on high, but just make it already. If my child’s final year of middle school is going to be ruined, we’d like to know for sure, and at which school is will be ruined. P.S. To the editor: Some people think you shouldn’t chime in on comments people make, but I think most of the time

you hit the nail on the head. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to Speak Your Piece as well? ( That is one fine P. S. Thank you.)

. December 15 make 39 years since God called you home. Your life was love for your family. You will forever be remembered by your family for your sweet nature, support and the happy home you created for your children. You devoted your life to the church and caring for your children. We miss you, Mommy, and think of you everyday. Until we meet again. In memory of Juanita Webb Holbrook from her daughter Trulia.

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