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When a friend electric bill for his small house was more than the four-story office building next door he excepted the power company’s explanation. When a friend of mine was gone for a month and defrosted the refrigerator before leaving and turned off all electric appliances, waiting upon return was the highest electric bill for the year. The electric company kindly explained to that using no electricity gets you the highest monthly bill of the year. However, my friends didn’t believe the electric company. How much of electric bills are for usage and how much are padding by the company?

. Walmart of Pikeville has shoplifting problem. The judges all get upset with these petty thieves. However, the Walmart at Pikeville is also notorious for not putting all of your stuff in the buggy. Last week my wife shopped at Walmart there and had a bunch of stuff when she got home that didn’t belong to her. I told her that if they had checked her after she went out the door she would have been in trouble. The store seems unaware there is a problem with the bagging system.

. When will the people on the Cumberland side of Pine Mountain wake up? You keep sending your tax dollars to Letcher County and what do you get out it? Do you have water to drink or are you buying it at the store as I am? Was the new recreation center built on this side of the mountain? No, and your tax dollars may end up helping to pay for it. We elect a magistrate from Cumberland River and we get nothing. We elect a magistrate from the Whitesburg side if the mountain and get nothing. The remedy we need is for someone with some knowledge of how to approach it to contact Harlan County officials about becoming a part of Harlan County. I have two grandchildren that go to Cumberland Elementary School and it is a great school with great teachers. There is a water line ran to the Harlan and Letcher County line. Sure you keep getting promises from across the hill but no action. How long do you want this to continue?

. To a certain person: You are my angel and I love you. You are very special to me. Merry Christmas.

. Rest In Peace, Jimmy Ray Woods Jr. I love you and miss you everyday. From McKenna Johnson.

(Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We visited the web site Reverbnation.com, searched for Kevin Looney and found ‘Man For Hire!’ The song is at the top of ReverbNation’s local chart and it does sound good, as do many of the others there by local artists.)

. To a certain woman in Neon: You have done a dirty deed in this community’s eyes. You need to go back where you came from. In this town God brings judgment on someone like you for interfering in a family’s life. My church will be praying for you for being such a Jezebel like you are. Please leave.

. Some people have not learned that politicians usually speak from script. When they speak naturally, many times they contradict what their speechwriter scripted for them. Most politicians are a product of the media.

. Just wondering why The Mountain Eagle hasn’t given Kevin Looney from Burdine a shout out for his accomplishments on Reverbnation.com. He holds the local No. 1 chart position, the No. 132 national country position, and No. 152 globally.

. This is to a stupid man who drives a silver Chevy: You don’t know how lucky you are to have a woman stand by you the way yours has. I sure wish my brother had a woman who has been as to him as your has been to you. Are you really going to throw it away? Think about it.

. To a certain person: Your heart is always filled with love. There is no angel more loved that you.

. I like to say stuff about my ex-wife. It gives my sister in-law a reason to get on the telephone and talk about it.

. A certain law-enforcement officer needs to keep his unwanted hands off a certain woman who is his ex-wife now. Keep it upm old boy, and we will show you how it looks on the inside of that jail cell. One call is all it takes. Even if you have that little badge there are people that will listen. Maybe a grand jury?

. People on the draw are complaining about the measly raise they are getting on their check. Well, it’s better to get a measly raise on your check and not do anything than to be working and not get a raise at all. Most working people aren’t getting raises anymore. Some of us haven’t gotten raises in years, yet we have to listen to the people complain about the small raise they got this year from President Obama and the raise they didn’t get last year from Obama. Well, Obama and nobody else gave me a raise. I have to work it out. I don’t mean that mean, but it seems like workers should be paid more than people who complain.

. I’d like to make a comment about the Santa truck train, which is a very

good thing that is coming to Letcher County: I am wondering why Eolia and Cumberland River aren’t included. We probably will lose our school and post office and have been promised clean drinking water for 10 years. It seems like we don’t get much on this side of the mountain except for election time.

. To the man in a white truck: I guess your wife doesn’t care about you seeing your girlfriend, but I care about you leaving your grandkids unattended. If your wife doesn’t care, I think the social workers might. I need me a man, but I am not going to leave my grandkids to do it. From a concerned citizen. (You’re a grandmother and the man you’re addressing your comment to is a grandfather. Might we ask in both cases what the children’s parents are doing while the grandparents are left to take care of their kids?)

. This is to the person who has the problem with the woman driving the Jeep: Maybe you should know all of the facts before you go running your mouth. And if you have such a problem with her, confront her instead of hiding behind a telephone, coward.

. Did you ever think it was the families that let her down?

. You call it Speak Your Piece but when your political buddies get jabbed you always wise off. Doesn’t take much guts, does it, to do it from a hiding place? Why don’t you write about some of those crooks sometimes? (I like the next comment much better than yours.)

. The editor of The Mountain Eagle makes the newspaper worth reading, especially when he comments on

the stupidity of others. It’s called freedom of speech. Everyone comments in his or her own minds even if he doesn’t.

. I’d like to comment on the jerk who booed the Letcher Elementary School cheerleaders at the ballgame. You need to grow up and quit acting like a moron. We try to get our children not to bully and make fun of children, and then you act like that. You need to grow up.

. Dear Cameron Brunty: You are the hottest guy at LCC.

. I was reading the newspaper and saw the ad for the Letcher County Recreation Center and was surprised to see it is being called a safe, family-friendly place to be when I witnessed a young boy come off the basketball court with two black eyes and a swollen face. Where were the Letcher County Rangers while this was happening? I think the ad should be changed to ‘enter at your own risk.’ ( You didn’t say what caused the two black eyes and swollen face. Could it have been an unintentional elbow to the face? That can happen in pickup basketball games.)

. You are still loved and thought of every day of my life.

. Politicians can’t see past their noses. They know that pills got out of hand when UNITE was started. Doctors were taking care of their patients when they had proof of what they prescribed pills for. UNITE stepped in and a lot of local doctor businesses went out the door. Pills started coming in from out of state and meth labs started and are at an all-time high. Rep. Greg Stumbo is talking about going after Kentucky doctors again. This will make a lot of out-of-state pills and meth labs even worse. Politicians, take a good look at this and don’t just try to get a vote. You may just get voted out.

. If you are considering renting a space at a vendors mall, you better not rent one at the one on the mountain where Paradise Pizza was located or your stuff will be taken. It’s big stuff valued at $50 or more. When you ask about it they act like you are crazy. I quit, but I hear it is going on. You better be careful. I am just warning you. If you don’t believe this, ask anyone who has had a booth over there and then quit.

. As a graduate of Jenkins High School, I am wondering if Councilman Terry Braddock, also a graduate of JHS, has any school spirit or pride for the Big Green. When we were in school — and you were there when I was, only two years later — we would have been fighting mad if someone erase or, in your case, painted over our mascot. Since we are both old men I ask gentlemanlike for you to apologize to the school and community in this paper either through Speak Your Piece or by purchasing ad space. Several people have been in contact with me and you are not going to like the results we are planning for you if you do not replace the Big

Green Cavalier. Man up, Mr. Councilman, and show us that you really care what your people want. Just wondering if you know a flashing sign can be rented and placed on every entrance on the City of Jenkins with a message telling of someone being mean enough to paint over a school mascot. For now I will sign this as a member of the committee to replace the Big Green Man.

. I was just wondering anyone else thinks that these vendors malls around here are too expensive. I used to love going and looking in those shops, but they are way too expensive. People, don’t even waste your time going in these places.

. I was wondering if the drug dealer from Slemp knows that if she keeps going to court with everybody in the country, everybody across the state is going to know her life history and everything about her and what she has done.

. I want you bunch of politicians out there to know us voters appreciate the little things you all do. There is a lot to be done. You all came

by my house. I had a private driveway and needed about 50 pounds of pavement and you all did it. I want you all to know I appreciate that. The little things go a long way.

. To whoever placed the rst comment in Speak Your Piece last week: Number one, there are plenty of us able to work, yes, but most of us can’t get jobs because of all of your high class, payroll salary b.s. Number two, if a woman has to resort to being an escort or sugar baby, what makes you think they are getting child support? Number three, call it prostitution if you want. Just remember God said He and He alone will judge us all, not you or anyone else who behave the way you hypocritical, uneducated, backwoods hillbillies act. You are the ones who are going to be standing right there with the rest of us accounting for your personal sins just as well as we are. Number four, and the next time you feel like calling these hard-life women trash, before you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean. I quoted that from Bob Marley. You think you can do that?

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